Fall of Mak'aru
Gyak roa splash.png
Fall of Mak'aru
Location Fall of Mak'aru, Delassar Reef
End boss Beast Lord Kyphis
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 102
Player limit 5

The makrura city of Mak'aru, under assault from the naga.


The makrura, spawn of a great animal demigod long before the Sundering, spent generations dwelling in peace below the waves. Tenders of coral reefs, the makrura coaxed the coral to grow in fantastic ways, shaping their homes from the living substance.

The Sundering destroyed many of their most ancient and beloved coral gardens, earning the surface world their enmity. Night elven ruins plunged into the depths, crashing into reefs and spoiling the efforts of generations. The makrura continued with their way of life, and their efforts gradually saw the sunken ruins swallowed in ever growing coral. Many times they had to contend with hostile attacks by the naga and the creatures they enslaved to their will, but the makrura have always survived.

Their greatest settlement came to be known as Mak'aru, a sunken night elf city completely swallowed by coral growths. The makrura congregated there in greater numbers than anywhere else in the ocean. For centuries they weathered every threat - marauding murloc, hostile naga, ferocious sea creatures... none could breach the rolling coral battlements of Mak'aru.

The age when the makrura could dwell in peace and safety has come to an end, sadly. Azshara's creation of Zin-Azshari has wrought devastation upon Mak'aru, sending its walls tumbling down and exposing its citizens the full might of the naga war machine. Not only are the naga bearing down in greater numbers than ever, but another threat has arisen in the north-west - an army of the undead, marching upon Mak'aru, seeking to despoil it and raise its fallen citizens as undead monstters.

The makrura have no choice - they must abandon their ancient home and flee to safety to the far south. In their desperation, the makrura have called upon surface dwellers for aid, finding kindly souls amongst the Alliance and the Horde who are willing to stand between them and extinction.

Dungeon Journal

The Seascar makrura have been neither friend nor foe to either the Alliance of the Horde. But in their desperation, they have reached out to any who might aid them. Finding compassionate allies among the ranks of the surface dwellers, the makrura seek to evacuate their great city of Mak'aru, sending their eggs, young, and elderly to seek the safety of distant seas.

The makrura are holding the line at Mak'aru, against the naga from the east and the undead from the north-west. Both enemies will have to be dealt with to preserve the makrura people.


Cocytus, the Black Fathom

One of the undead stygians invading from the Stygian Expanse. As one of the dreaded Black Fathoms, he ranks among the mightiest of their spell-casters.


The reanimated husk of a giant makrura, brought to life by dark sorcerery to cover the retreat of Cocytus.

Beast Lord Kyphis

A naga beast master commanding many deadly war beasts. His most lethal is the great hydra Enkhyda. he has vowed to hunt down and eliminate all the makrura in Zin-Azshari.


The heroes must aid friendly makrura in the defense of their city until the non-combatants have been evacuated. First they must deal with an assault of undead stygians, before facing the overwhelming assault on the naga and their commander, Kyphis. The city will not stand, but there is a chance to preserve life and foster good will with one of the most reclusive races of Azeroth - an opportunity that is not to be taken lightly.