Gyak roa splash.png
Location Galhara, Delassar Reef
End boss Haskk, the Emerald Hammerx
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 100
Player limit 5

The emerald city of Galhara, once a part of the night elf civilization of ancient Kalimdor. It sank during the Sundering, and became a naga stronghold.


Galhara was once a great city, built to the south of the Well of Eternity. The city was a bastion of night elf power, its legendary Emerald Wall protecting it from magical attack - the enchanted emerald crystals lining its boundries produced a field that disrupted magical energies, making the city impervious to spell-casters. Its high strong walls kept it safe from more mundane threats.

Galhara came under assault from the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients. The Emerald Wall served the night elves well, enabling them to hold out against the demon hordes for some time. Ultimately though, the city could not stand against the energies unleashed by the unstable Well of Eternity, and like so much of the ancient night elf civilization it was swallowed by the sea during the Sundering.

Azshara's naga claimed the sunken city, harvesting the enchanted emeralds that survived the Sundering. Many remained within the city's walls, creating zones of anti-magic that the naga use to their advantage. The city become a stronghold in Azshara's underwater kingdom, and was raised to the surface along with the rest of Zin-Azshari to serve as the staging ground for naga power in the Delassar Reef.

Dungeon Journal

The fabled emerald city of Galhara, once a jewel of the ancient night elf civilization of Kalimdor, was thought consumed in the Sundering 10,000 years ago. Instead, it was claimed by the naga, and acts as their stronghold in the Delassar Reef. The city's legendary enchanted emeralds emit an anti-magic field, disrupting spell-casting - caution must be used when navigating its winding streets.

The Wrathfathom naga, command by the serpent lord Rith, occupy the city of Galhara in the name of Azshara. They will utilize the ancient secrets of the night elves to destroy any who seek to challenge their queen's rule.


Lord Rith

Lord Rith, master of the Wrathfathom naga, has made his lair within the city walls. The energies of the anti-magic emeralds have saturated his body, granting him strange and unusual abilities.


A ferocious naga war-hydra, Madcoil's many heads breathe both a deadly poison and concentrated shadow energy.

Sea Witch Nelorei

A naga spell-caster, the mightiest amongst the Wrathfathom naga. Only clever use of the anti-magic emeralds of the city will see her defeated.

Haskk, the Emerald Hammer

One of the terrible serpent giants, loyal devotees of Queen Azshara. Haskk has built a mighty hammer from anti-magic emerald, channeling its disruptive properties to grant him tremendous destructive power.