World of Warcraft: Reign of Azshara
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Reign of Azshara

The queen of the naga, Azshara, has spent 10,000 years at the bottom of the ocean, dreaming of the kingdom she once ruled under the light of the stars. For 10,000 years, the whispers of the Old Gods have fed her hatred, her ego, and her power, transforming her into a monster with a lust for domination that is never ending. The power of the Old Gods call to her, and tell her that it is time...

Using the stolen power at her disposal, Azshara has wrenched the sunken kingdoms of the deep free from the ocean floor and raised them to the surface, creating a vast new land at the very nexus of the world. Azshara is searching for something that has been lost for an eternity - and with it, she will plunge all of Azeroth into unending horror.

World of Warcraft - Reign of Azshara

Reign of Azshara

Introduction - Into the Maelstrom

Ten thousand years ago, Azshara, queen of the night elves, held absolute dominion over ancient Kalimdor, the realm of eternal starlight. Beloved by her people, basking in the power of the great Well of Eternity, Azshara dreamed of an everlasting rule under the stars. Her lust for power and veneration would be the doom of her kingdom as her reckless use of the Well's magical energy drew the Burning Legion to Kalimdor. The demon hordes ravaged her people while Azshara herself was twisted further into darkness by the influence of the Burning Legion's leader, the dark titan Sargeras.

Ultimately Azshara's mad ambitions were thwarted, and the world was pulled back from the brink of destruction by the actions of her own defiant former subjects - Tyrande Whisperwind, priestess of Elune, and the Stormrage brothers Malfurion and Illidan. By the actions of these companions, the Burning Legion were cast from the world and the Well of Eternity destroyed. Azshara's dreams crumbled along with her kingdom as the land was sundered by the collapse of the Well.

Swallowed by the sea, Azshara and her followers hovered on the edge of death. But while Sargeras and his demons had been banished, another evil stirred in the deepest depths of the ocean. Faced with certain death or the embrace of a profound and terrible darkness, Azshara made her choice - she and her court were transformed into the monstrous naga and made agents of the Old Gods, the malefic beings imprisoned an eternity ago in the darkest corners of the world.

For 10,000 years, the monstrous Azshara and her naga servants have been hidden in the depths of the sea, dwelling in the underwater kingdom of Nazjatar far from the light of the stars. For 10,000 years, Azshara's anger, hatred, and lust for power have been fed by the whispers of the Old Gods. Now, at long last, they tell her that her time has come. She will again rule all lands beneath the light of the stars.

The Cataclysm and the Breaking of Neptulon

When the madness of Deathwing tore apart Azeroth, the elementals of the world ran wild, pouring out of their dimensional prison and invading the material realm. The lord of elemental water, Neptulon the Tidehunter, emerged from the Abyssal Maw to wage war upon the mortal races. Seizing an opportunity to increase her personal power, Azshara dispatched her naga legions to provoke and draw out the elemental lord. With blessings and allies granted to her by the Old Gods, Azshara successfully captured Neptulon and brought him in shackles to Nazjatar.

Turning all of her diabolical power to the task, Azshara began slowly prying free all of the secrets the elemental lord had to keep. Pillaging the elemental plane of water, Azshara's legions brought her the Tidehunter's greatest treasure - the trident Nergalis, a colossal weapon forged of an unnatural metal with the power to control all the seas of the world. With Nergalis in her possession, Azshara soon took control of the elemental plane of water, enslaving the water elementals to her will. Even as the rest of the world weathered the defeat of Deathwing and fought back from the brink of oblivion, Azshara began the final phase of her plan.

The Glory of Azshara

Marshalling all of the stolen power at her disposal, Azshara sent forth her will into the oceans of Azeroth, tearing loose the kingdoms of the deep sea, the sunken fragments of ancient Kalimdor swallowed by the Sundering. Wrenching them free from the ocean floor, Azshara raised the landmasses to the surface, drawing them around the Maelstrom into a terrible new land born of her own insane imagining. The city of Nazjatar became the crown of her creation, placed by her will overlooking the still-raging Maelstrom, as her former palace in ancient Kalimdor had overlooked the Well of Eternity. Azshara looked out across her new dominion, and named her creation Zin-Azshari, 'the Glory of Azshara', as her former people had once named the capitol city of her kingdom.

Once again, Azshara rules a kingdom under starlight. But her great work has only just begun. Her legions, bearing 10,000 years of unfathomable hatred, are poised to smother the world. Her coils reach out from her palace of Nazjatar, to strangle the rekindled hope of Azeroth. And somewhere in the darkness beneath the waves, the voice that whispered to her so sweetly aeons ago is waiting, calling to her still, calling her to free it.

After 10,000 years, Azshara is queen of the world once again. Now, all she desires is a king...

Reign of Azshara Expansion New Features

  • Zin-Azshari, the Glory of Azshara: New content zones have been added - Azshara has raised the once sunken portions of ancient Kalimdor to the surface, creating a new continent surrounding the Maelstrom. This new continent, Zin-Azshari, contains 7 leveling zones, 1 max-level zone, 2 new faction city zones, and 1 PvP zone.
  • New content is level 100+.
  • 8 new dungeons can be found across Zin-Azshari.
  • Assemble a stalwart crew aboard your very own Warship, customize its appearance and armaments, and sail onwards to many new adventures.
  • New raids have been discovered. Battle the onslaught of the naga armies of Azshara and contend with other dangers that have risen from the deep.
  • New PvP zone - The island Tel Abim represents invaluable resources for whoever can hold it. Battle your enemy faction and prove your valor.
  • New Battleground - Clash on the Great Seas. Alliance and Horde fleets are locked in deadly combat - battle the enemy as you make your way from ship to ship to sink the enemy's flag-ship vessel.
  • The Path of War - new leveling system for players to advance with.
  • The Art of War - a 4th spec for all classes.
  • Breath of the Abyssal Maw - The power of the elemental plane of water saturates Zin-Azshari, granting unusual properties to all those who venture there in the form of Underwater Walking. While much of Zin-Azshari's lands rest above the ocean, there are also many sunken regions that still lie underwater. The Breath of the Abyssal Maw allows adventurers to freely explore the sunken secrets of Zin-Azshari.


There are two major and two minor content patches for the Reign of Azshara expansion. X.1 and X.3 will contain quest content. X.2 and X.4 will contain raid tier content.

The Art of War - Fourth Specializations for all Classes

The world is filled with enemies more dangerous than mortal minds can truly understand. Distant lands thought lost to time have been found. New worlds have been discovered. Powers ancient and unfathomable have been harnessed. The mortal defenders of Azeroth are prepared to unlock new skills and new ways to wage war.

All classes have been granted 4 specializations, allowing players to unlock their character's full potential and take them into battle in never-before-seen ways.

The Path of War - Unique New Leveling System

Players will no longer grow by simply by acquiring experience points to advance one level at a time. Players will be able to customize their character progression using the Path of War.

New Zones

Zin-Azshari - the Glory of Azshara.

Zin-Azshari is accessed from the harbors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Sail to new lands, new battles, and new conquests.

  • Alliance Kul Tiras (98-101) - The island nation is rediscovered, and ready to join the Alliance to fight against threats both new and old.
  • Horde Plunder Isle (98-101) - This pirate stronghold has plagued the high seas for long enough. It is time for the Horde to take what the Bloodsail once held.
  • Neutral Delassar Reef (100-102) - A vast and beautiful coral forest, torn free from the sea floor and thrust to the surface. Now the living creatures there struggle to survive.
  • Neutral Sailgrave (101-104) - This great ship graveyard contains the wreckage from over ten thousand years of ocean travel. Countless undead linger amidst the ruins.
  • Neutral Kezan (103-105) - The homeland of the goblins, Kezan was devastated during the Cataclysm. Now, many forces seek to claim the ravaged island for themselves.
  • Neutral Viruganis Seamount (104-107) - A chain of undersea volcanoes raised to the surface by Azshara. Elementals rampage amidst the active geysers and caldera.
  • Neutral Stygian Expanse (106-108) - Once a region of the ocean so deep light could not reach it, this undersea desert is the homeland of the Stygians, a race of intelligent undead.
  • Neutral The Broken Isle (107-109) - These lands were raised from the sea floor decades earlier by Gul'dan, who sought the Tomb of Sargeras. Undead orcs fight an eternal battle here.
  • Neutral Darkcoil Chasm (108-110) - The black heart of Zin-Azshari, this fortified undersea canyon is the seat of naga power.
  • Neutral Nazjatar (110+) - The city of the naga, built 10,000 years ago when they pledged their service to the Old Gods. Azshara reigns from her palace here.
  • Neutral Tel Abim (PvP) - An island well known for its primary export - bananas. The Alliance and the Horde fight ceaselessly to control this valuable food supply.

Dungeons and Raids

Below are the new dungeons and raids that can be found across Zin-Azshari.

Instanced content

New dungeons Raids


  • Galhara - An ancient kaldorei city overtaken by the naga. It contains many magical secrets of the lost night elf civilization.
  • Fall of Mak'aru - The capitol of the makrura people, it is being overrun by terrible threats.
  • The Gravegyre - A ruinous conglomerate of sunken ships. Vicious pirates, marauding undead, and other dangers can be found within.
  • Ruins of Undermine - The devastated city of the goblins of Kezan. Their efforts to excavate the ruins has uncovered an ancient and terrible secret.
  • The Serpentforge - War foundry of the naga legions. The naga have bent the power of elemental flame to their will here.
  • Stronghold of the Drowned - The great fortress of the undead of the deep sea. Here, the Drowned Legion prepares to invade the lands of the living.
  • Tomb of Sargeras - The infamous resting place of the great demon lord, Sargeras the Destroyer. What secrets still lie within...?
  • Venomtide Bastion - A mighty fortress built by the naga. It is the great shield of their captiol, the city of Nazjatar.


Tier RoA-1 Raids

Tier RoA-2 Raids

Tier RoA-3 Raids

  • World Boss - Neptulon the Tidehunter (added in Patch X.4)
  • The Temple of N'Zoth (added in Patch X.4)
  • World Boss - Argozax, the Tendril of N'Zoth (added in Patch X.4)

Factions and organizations

Alliance The Highcrest Offensive - The Royal Navy of Kul Tiras

  • Leader - Fleet Admiral Faulken Highcrest

The island nation of Kul Tiras, cut off from the Alliance during the Third War, has at last returned to the fields of war. Rejoining the Alliance and welcoming the long absent Jaina Proudmoore back to her homeland, Kul Tiras is the Alliance's first line of defense against the forces of Queen Azshara and her naga legions. Experts in naval warfare and possessing one of the most powerful fleets in the world, the Royal Navy of Kul Tiras has been dispatched in force to Zin-Azshari, carrying with them the ground troops of the Alliance. The Royal Navy is led by Fleet Admiral Faulken Highcrest, the most capable tactician and skilled fighter that the nation of Kul Tiras has produced in generations. With Jaina Proudmoore, daughter of the still much-beloved Daelin Proudmoore as his chief advisor, Faulken has secured absolute support from all quarters of the Alliance. He stands ready to bring their full military might to bear on Zin-Azshari.

Alliance The Shadow's Judgement - The Fleet of Darnassus

The night elves bear a grudge against Queen Azshara that spans 10,000 years. There are still many among them who were present during the War of the Ancients, who felt the horror of love betrayed, as their once-exalted monarch's true nature became known to them. With Azshara's return and corruption of the ancient night elf homelands into the abomination that is Zin-Azshari, she has re-opened the deep wounds she left in the hearts of the night elf people. Now, only the execution of their vile former monarch will allow the night elves to heal. Jarod Shadowsong, hero of the War of the Ancients, has vowed to ensure Azshara's demise.

Horde The Scarlet Tide - The Fleet of Silvermoon

The Horde holdings in Kalimdor, already ravaged by the recent civil war, became increasingly vulnerable in the wake of Zin-Azshari's formation. Further damaged by tidal waves caused by the rising new land, settlements fell prey to raids by pirates taking advantage of the chaos. The warchief Vol'jin made a swift and brutal declaration - Azshara was a threat to everything the Horde had worked for, and such threats were not to be tolerated. Calling upon one of his most unlikely but strongest supporters, Vol'jin made Lor'themar Theron commander of the Horde forces devoted to the destruction of the naga and their insane queen. Taking to the field of battle with relish, Lor'themar has assembled a vast war-fleet of blood elf vessels, supported by orc and troll destroyers. Lor'themar's first action was to conquer Plunder Isle, an island that has long-sheltered pirate crews in the South Seas. With the pirate holdings as a base of operations, Lor'themar now turns his eye toward Zin-Azshari.

Horde Operation: Under-MINE - The Bilgewater Cartel Salvage Flotilla

When the Cataclysm ravaged the island of Kezan, Trade Prince Gallywix and his Bilgewater Cartel were forced to flee their homeland. Now, his fortunes rebuilt and strengthened through his dealings with the Horde, Gallywix has decided that it is time to reclaim what he has lost. Having amassed a fleet of highly advanced (if still experimental) goblin-built ships, the Trade Prince is poised to return home in style. Backed by the might of the Horde, Gallywix will ensure that his goblins gets their piece of Kezan, and that it'll be a big one.

Neutral Armies of Nazjatar

  • Leader - Queen Azshara

Azshara's naga are legion, having spent 10,000 years preparing for war with the surface world. Her armies are split into numerous forces ruled over by elite naga nobles. All of them serve her unquestioningly and stand between her palace and the champions of the Alliance and the Horde.

  • Wrathfathom Forces - Leader - Lord Rith
    • The Wrathfathom naga led by Lord Rith dominate the Delassar Reef from their stronghold in the former night elf city of Galhara. They have been given the task of exterminating the makrura and other species dwelling in the Delassar region, with they have taken to with great relish.
  • Flamescale Forces - Leader - Lord Arietis
    • The Flamescale naga rule the Viruganis Seamount, where their duty is to oversee the produce of war materials to supply Azshara's legions. Led by Lord Arietis, the Flamescale naga watch over hordes of captive slaves who toil in the volanic foundries of the Serpentforge, producing the weapons and armor used to outfit the rest of Azshara's forces.
  • Darkcoil Forces - Leader - Lord Pythonis
    • The Darkcoil naga are Azshara's strongest army, and they are situated closest to the palace of Nazjatar, in the Darkcoil Chasm. Lord Pythonis is Azshara's mightiest general, and he dreams of conquering the world in Azshara's name. With such fanatical devotion to their monarch, the Darkcoil will be a nearly insurmountable obstacle to any who dare threaten Nazjatar.
  • Azshara's Royal Guard - Leader - Lady Nalareshe
    • The elite naga forces who operate within Nazjatar itself, the Royal Guard are those who are closest to Azshara. Selected to be the ultimate defense, they have made Nazjatar all but inviolable. Even the mightiest leaders of the naga shiver at the prospect of facing the Royal Guard in combat.

Neutral The Drowned Legion

  • Leader - Pluton, King of the Drowned

For ten thousand years, the Maelstrom claimed vessels lost at sea, dragging ship and crew down into the depths. Undersea currents brought the countless hulks and corpses to a vast underwater chasm, forming a ghoulish sunken graveyard where the unstable magical influence of the Maelstrom ensures that these lost souls would never find peace. Their writhing spirits chained to their ravaged flesh, these undead are known as stygians, and like the forsaken they retain their intelligence and personalities, though they are inevitably twisted with hatred and malice by their fate. With the recent upheavals unleashed upon the world by Deathwing and Azshara, the ranks of the stygians have swelled as many more ships are brought to the deep. When Azshara raised Zin-Azshari to the surface, the great drowned reaches of the deep sea have been merged into a vast expanse of death and decay. Freed from the crushing darkness of the deep sea, the stygians hordes, known as the Drowned, are now able to once again sail upon the seas and unleash their black hatred upon the living. The marauding Drowned are ruled by Pluton, an ancient vrykul sea-farer who perished thousands of years ago and whose thirst for blood has not been dulled in all that time.

Neutral The Abyssal Sodality

  • Leader - Yodens, Prince of Dark Waters

The water elementals of the Abyssal Maw have made efforts to retrieve their master Neptulon ever since his capture by Azshara's forces. With the rise of Zin-Azshari and the resulting instability in the world's elemental powers, rifts to the Abyssal Maw have open wide all across the new land. Flowing forth in vast numbers are the denziens of the elemental plane of water, led by Neptulon's sons, the princes of the ocean. Mightiest among them is sinister Yodens, a depraved and sadistic being who takes pleasure in drowning his victims. The servants of Yodens make no distinction between the naga and the other races of Azeroth - all mortals will perish, crushed and gasping as their life is bled away.

Neutral The Red Corsairs

  • Leader - Pirate Admiral Dornkirg

In the wake of Zin-Azshari's rise and recent anti-piracy efforts by Kul Tiras and the Horde, numerous pirate crews have been decimated in recent times. Many of the survivors of brutal pirate purges have banded together for mutual survival, former a rag-tag fleet under the banner of the Red Corsairs. Led by the devious pirate Dornkirg, the Red Corsairs are gaining in strength and planning to plunder the ancient ruins of Zin-Azshari of whatever treasures the night elf people left behind. And if they can exact revenge on the Alliance, the Horde, and the naga while doing so, all the better.

Neutral The Kezan Reclamation Initiative

The goblins of Kezan were driven from their homeland by the ravages of the Cataclysm. Now, at last, the divided cartels have finally concluded their negotiations and have united to return and reclaim their lost homeland. Representatives from all the major cartels are present - Jastor Gallywix and the Bilgewater Cartel enjoy the backing of the Horde, but every group has resources they are prepared to bring to bear to enforce their claim on Kezan. Even the curiously progressive Hobgoblin Revolutionary Commitee, a growing faction demanding greater freedoms for the hobgoblin people, has a significant presence.

  • Steamwheedle Salvage Inc. - Leader - Gazlowe
  • Venture Co. Representatives - Leader - Drubbin Blastrock
  • The Hobgoblin Revolutionary Commitee - Leader - Commitee Chair-Hob Bork the Brilliant

Neutral The Seascar Makrura

The makrura have suffered grievously over the millennia from the predation of the naga. Now, with the naga at the height of their power, the entire makrura race teeters on the brink of extinction. The Seascar makrura of Mak'aru have called upon any who will aid them in their desperation. The makrura people may have knowledge of Nazjatar that could prove invaluable in the Alliance and Horde efforts to oppose Azshara and her insane schemes.


Click here for an overview of new creatures encountered in Zin'Azshari.


  • Undine
  • Torra
  • Calamarai
  • Merrow
  • Glublubs
  • Mako
  • Zandrill
  • Shredder
  • Shapeless


  • Deep Hydra
  • Sea Lion
  • Tigershark
  • Snapwyrm
  • Mantaspawn
  • Boneless One
  • Coatl
  • Snap dragon

Elementals and Undead

  • Abyssal Elemental
  • Stygian


  • Felwrack
  • Argus Hound
  • Pit Fiend


  • Deep Giant
  • Whelk Giant
  • Ophidian


Tel Abim


New Battleground - Battle on the Great Sea

A 'fleet at war' themed battleground, centered around the clashing between a Horde and Alliance fleet, with human warships engaged at close range with orc battleships. The terrain of the battlefield is a mass of colliding ships - players must move from deck to deck and through damaged or sinking hulks to reach the enemy flagship, ignite their ammunition supply, and send it to the bottom of the sea.

New Arenas

Many new arenas and locations to do battle in are available, some familiar, some never before seen.

New arenas include:

  • Ironforge
  • Blackrock Depths
  • Undermine
  • Dire Maul
  • Outland's Battle Rock
  • Azjol-Nerub's Arachnodrome

Featured Characters

Heroes and villains stand poised to clash on the raging sea...

Heroic Figures

  • Alliance IconSmall Tyrande.gif High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind - 10,000 years ago, Tyrande opposed the mad ambitions of her queen and saved all of Azeroth. Now, a battle begun an eternity ago will be concluded. "Elune-Adore."
  • Alliance IconSmall Broll.gif Jarod Shadowsong - The hero of the War of the Ancients, Jarod has watched over his people since that time. When called upon to battle the greatest traitor the night elf race has known, he did not hesitate.
  • Alliance IconSmall Malfurion.gif Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage - Alongside his brother Illidan and Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion was instrumental in defending the world from Azshara. Now, she once more threatens the balance of nature, and once more Malfurion stands against her.
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Fleet Admiral Faulken Highcrest - Proud son of Kul Tiras and leader of the Alliance forces opposing Queen Azshara and her naga. Faulken is recognized as the most capable tactician that the nation of Kul Tiras has produced in generations.
  • Alliance  Jaina Proudmoore - Welcomed back to her homeland of Kul Tiras after a long absence, Jaina has risen to the challenge of defending her people against the peril of the naga.
  • Horde  Lor'themar Theron - Commander of the Horde forces tasked with destroying Azshara. Lor'themar's lust for battle and glory has only grown since the Siege of Orgrimmar.
  • Horde IconSmall Liadrin.gif Lady Liadrin - Leader of the blood knights of Silvermoon, Liadrin stands ready to bring the judgement of the Light upon the naga. Though she supports her lord, Lor'themar's growing zest for battle is beginning to make her uneasy.
  • Horde IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Trade Prince Gallywix - Triumphantly returning home to Kezan, Gallywix plans to carve himself a big piece of whatever is left of the goblins' homeland. He may find far more than even he bargained for, however...

Diabolical Villains

  • Pluton, Lord of the Drowned - An ancient vrykul mariner who has become an undead, he rules the Drowned from his fortress in the Stygian Expanse. He is planning an invasion of the lands of the living.
  • Neptulon the Tidehunter - The elemental lord of water. He has been missing since he was captured by the naga in the Abyssal Maw. He is imprisoned somewhere in the palace of Azshara.
  • Yodens, Prince of Fathoms - Son of Neptulon. He will stop at nothing to free his father and destroy Azshara, but he is no ally to any mortal.
  • Lord Pythonis, Commander of Azshara's Legions - The strongest of Azshara's serpent lords, Pythonis oversees the naga war efforts from Darkcoil Chasm.
  • Lady Nalaresh, Chief Handmaiden of Azshara - Azshara's most powerful sea witch, second only to the queen herself in terms of magical power.
  • Azshara, Queen of the Naga - 10,000 years at the bottom of the sea has seen Azshara become an abomination with the powers of a god. If she is not stopped, the world will drown in her hatred.

Original Characters

  • Gytha Gloryhammer - Dwarven paladin and champion of Ironforge. Hardened by the horrors she faced in Northrend, she seeks to restore peace and tranquility to the world.
  • Turnip Snikkersnak - A decidedly blood-thirsty gnome rogue, on the search for a major pay-day.
  • Nizza Shimmerbink - Gnomish mage and champion of Gnomeragan.
  • Wyl Bearclaw - A night elf who has embraced the path of the druid and desires to restore balance to the world.
  • Valara Nightbrace - Night elf demon hunter. Visions of the future have shown her threats to the safety of Azeroth. She is prepared to stand against them. Wields one of the warglaives of Azzinoth.
  • Samantha Blastspark - A human mage raised by a curiously sympathetic goblin. She has a worrying talent for pyrotechnic-based magicks, to her adoptive father's great pride.
  • William Blackfell - Worgen warrior. Happily married to Cecily Blackfell.
  • Cecily Blackfell - Worgen hunter. Happily married to William Blackfell.
  • Derpus McHerpaderp - Dwarven chef. Chief potato picker of the Alliance.
  • Kerchak Stormhowl - Orc elder shaman. The speaker to the spirits of Warchief Vol'jin.
  • Aurek Goldenhoof - Tauren sunwalker and champion of Thunder Bluff.
  • Volka'jin - Troll priest, once of the drakkari tribe.
  • Mathias Coorhagen - Forsaken rogue and former member of the Royal Apothecary Society.
  • Funerella - Forsaken mage.
  • Wizzit Blastpsark - Goblin engineer. Adoptive father of Samantha Blastspark.

Other Characters

Additional Material

  • New Archaeology Races - Naga, Aquatic Races (murloc, undine, makrura, various others), Aquatic Fossils, Faceless


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