World of Warcraft: Into The Void
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Into The Void

The discovery of a Titan well of power in the Eastern Kingdoms unleashes a cataclysmic peril upon Azeroth, and begins an adventure that will call for the world's mightiest defenders to venture... Into The Void.

World of Warcraft - Into The Void

Into The Void


The defenders of Azeroth have protected their home from evils without and within. The marauding Iron Horde, the malefic Old Gods, and the all-consuming Burning Legion have all been driven from the world. Azeroth entered a period of brief peace.

Watching from the Twisting Nether, the ethereals of the lost world of K'aresh observed a building calamity - the dark power of the Void was growing in strength, rising up from the depths of reality to engulf countless worlds. Within its blackest fathoms the Void Lords lay, hungrily devouring all light and life and dragging all things down into oblivion for their own twisted amusement. The ethereals recalled how their homeworld of K'aresh was devoured by the Void and its dark masters, and watched with anguish as more worlds were threatened with the same fate. Gathering together the scattered factions of their people, the ethereals pooled all their knowledge and resources to determine how to halt this latest expansion of the Void.

The Voice in the Void

Darkbreach, gateway to the Voidlands.

The ethereals used sorcery and arcane technology to peer into the black heart of the Void. Within its depths they perceived a great and terrible power - a Void entity of unprecedented scope and power was beginning to manifest itself. As the being grew, the Void seethed and churned with its power, flowing up from the cosmic depths to threaten the realms of light. The ethereals determined that if the growth of the Void went unchecked, then all worlds would be engulfed by it, and all reality would collapse into non-existence.

There was only one course of action - a mighty force would have to be raised and venture into the Void itself to disperse the great entity before it could fully emerge. The ethereals lacked the numbers to execute their plan alone - they would need allies. The ethereals turned their gaze towards one singular world that had come to their attention, filled with heroes who had bested the greatest evils in the universe time and again. They would turn to Azeroth and her defenders for the army they needed, to the Alliance and the Horde and their many champions.

Incursion at the Twilight Highlands

The people of Azeroth had not remained ignorant of the danger of the growing darkness. Tendrils of the Void had begun to approach Azeroth, causing manifestations of the Void to occur more and more frequently across the world. Shadows grew deeper. Unquiet spirits wailed in despair, sensing the approaching darkness. Voidwalkers slipped their leashes and turned upon their summoners. In lands where the veil between the material universe and the realms beyond was thin, darkness seeped into the world, loosing entities of the Void upon Azeroth. Orders of magi and cabals of shaman sought the answer, and their gaze was drawn to the Eastern Kingdoms, to the Twilight Highlands, where the forces of the Old Gods had once gathered and the skin of reality was worn thin.

In the northern mountains of the Highlands, a roiling hurricane of darkness raged, spilling out the power of the Void. As the forces of the Alliance and the Horde drew close, glimmering craft slipped out of arcane portals bearing ethereals to the field. Joining the gathered forces of Azeroth, the ethereals offered their military strength, their arcane power, and their knowledge of the Void and its denizens. To spare the universe from eternal darkness, they would lead the heroes of Azeroth into the Void...

Into The Void Features

  • The Voidlands: New content zones have been added - The chaotic depths of the Void, the most enigmatic plane of the universe, are composed of the broken remnants of all the worlds that the Void has devoured. These Voidlands contain many creatures from many worlds, all clinging to existence in the broken fragments of their homes, struggling to survive the all-devouring hunger of the Void. The Voidlands contains 6 levelling content zones, a PvP zone, and a starting zone for the new playable race: Ethereals.
  • New Playable Race: Ethereals, playable by both Alliance and Horde. Players will choose which faction they will join at the end of the Ethereal starting zone content. Choose which Ethereal faction to align with - Guide the White Nova Ethereals into a union with the Alliance, or lead the Ebony Maw Ethereals to seek their destiny with the Horde.
  • New Dungeons - Fight the armies of the Void, the marauding reavers of the Burning Legion, servants of the Old Gods, and insidious new threats from worlds across the cosmos in nine new dungeons.
  • New Raids - Venture to the demon world of Xoroth to face Mephistroth, leader of the nathrezim, and his demonic forces in the Dreadlords Citadel. Then, battle the leader of the Void's armies, Ahriman the Void Primarch, in the fortress of Darkvault.
  • Void Incursions - Dynamic World Events. Battle the forces of the Void as they rise up to consume the Voidlands.
  • Gornoth - New PvP zone - The Horde and the Alliance are drawn into inevitable conflict upon the volcanic worldshard of Gornoth.
  • The Path of War - new levelling system for players to advance with.
  • The Art of War - a 4th spec for all classes.


There are two major and two minor content patches for Into The Void. X.1 and X.3 will contain quest content. X.2 and X.4 will contain raid tier content.

The Art of War - Fourth Specializations for all Classes

The universe is filled with enemies more dangerous than mortal minds can truly understand. Distant lands thought lost to time have been found. New worlds have been discovered. Powers ancient and unfathomable have been harnessed. The mortal defenders of Azeroth are prepared to unlock new skills and new ways to wage war.

All classes have been granted 4 specializations, allowing players to unlock their character's full potential and take them into battle in never-before-seen ways.

The Path of War - Unique New Levelling System

Players will no longer grow by simply by acquiring experience points to advance one level at a time. Players will be able to customize their character progression using the Path of War.

New Continent - The Voidlands

Map of the Voidlands.

The Void's new high level zones are accessed from Darkbreach in the Twilight Highlands. Formerly a Titan well of power like Sholazar Basin and Un'Goro Crater, the region was buried during the Sundering and the Titan systems overseeing it were badly damaged. The power of the Void is leaking through in the area, turning it into a sinkhole of darkness. After helping the Alliance and the Horde to defeat the Void manifestations in the region, the ethereals use their arcane technology to create a stable portal into the Void - the Voidgate. The Voidgate leads to the K'aresh Remnants, a region in the Voidlands under the control of the ethereals.

The Voidlands are a realm within the Void itself, composed of numerous worldshards - the broken remnants of worlds devoured by the Void's hunger. These worldshards have been moulded together into a single patchwork realm by the unknowable currents of the Void. The Voidlands are used as a mustering ground for the Void's legions, allowing them to build up their forces before attacking worlds in the material realm. The Void's latest campaign of destruction must be halted at its source within the Voidlands, or Azeroth and countless other worlds will be devoured by the darkness.

  • Neutral M'kossei Province (Starter Zone) - A fragment of the ethereal homeworld of K'aresh, used by the ethereals as a home base.
  • Neutral K'aresh Remnants - This fragment of K'aresh contains the ethereal capitol city of Or'Damaz. It's gleaming spires are surrounded by forested lands whose beauty yet endures the Void's ravages.
  • Neutral The Algol Expanse - This howling wasteland of floating glaciers and chaotic ice planes holds terrible secrets in the depths of its frozen crevasses.
  • Neutral Rakari - The bleak forested peaks of this realm are battered by constant gales and storms due to elemental instability. Murky lowland canyons are infested with hives of the vile myrmec race, who worship an evil power in their subterranean lairs.
  • Neutral The Netherglades - A verdant, swampy jungle-realm, with rainbow-shimmering foliage and darkly beautiful inner regions. The realm's abundant life energy holds back the devouring entrophy of the Void.
  • Neutral Nachitar - Formerly a mountainous world of beautiful golden forests and striking darkstone peaks, the presence of the Burning Legion threatens to finally destroy it.
  • Neutral Vegathis - A strange and frightful desert region of blood red dunes and ancient ruins, where crumbling, eternally burning undead scheme.
  • Neutral Bysmault - Manifestations of the deepest Void walk freely here in this storm wracked nightmare realm. Much of this realm is locked away behind the massive Void fortress of Darkvault.
  • Neutral Gornoth (PvP) - This black canyon blisters with Void volcanoes, spilling out blazing energies amidst the ancient ruins of a forgotten race. The Alliance and the Horde clash over who will control the untapped powers of the region.

The K'aresh Remnants zone is primarily occupied by the city of Or'Damaz, which acts as the neutral capitol in the Voidlands with portals to the other faction capitols. Leveling content takes place in the Algol Expanse, Rakari, the Netherglades, Nachitar, and Vegathis. The majority of Bysmault is locked away by a massive Void fortress that contains the Fortress Nox dungeon and the Darkvault raid. The rest of Bysmault will be unlocked in a later patch.

Dungeons and Raids

Below are some of the new dungeon and raid instances to be found in the Voidlands:

Instanced content

New dungeons Raids
  • The Siege at Darkbreach
  • Frostgulf Crevasse
  • The Dark Hive
  • The Netherhollow
  • Burning Quarry
  • The Wreck
  • Temple of the Black Sun
  • The Whisperfane
  • Fortress Nox
  • Halls of Silence
  • The Umbral Depths
  • Voidstorm Ascent
  • Zenith of Oblivion
  • The Dreadlords Citadel
  • Darkvault
  • Temple of the Hundred Hands
  • The Ebon Throne
  • World Bosses


  • The Siege at Darkbreach - The Voidgate leading to Azeroth located on the western archipelago of K'aresh has come under attack by the forces of the Void Primarch Ahriman. The armies of the Void hunger to capture it and spill their darkness into Azeroth. The heroes of the Alliance and the Horde join the ethereal defenders of the Voidgate in the defense of Azeroth, standing against the unending legions of shadow.

  • Frostgulf Crevasse - In the bleak and howling wastelands of the Algol Expanse is the Frostgulf Crevasse, the most treacherous of the many chasms that make the frozen world so dangerous. A dark force has taken root in the depths of the crevasse, feeding off the elemental and arcane energies contained there. The Alliance and the Horde must contend with not only this mysterious and growing danger, but also the destructive machinations of the undead beings known as the Ashen.

  • The Dark Hive - In the deep canyons of Rakari, the myrmec race has built their sprawling hive-clusters, seeking to spread their insectoid influence across the Voidlands. The myrmec will not be stopped by diplomacy - only overwhelming force will blunt their spread. Within their greatest hive, Chozek'Myr, their matriarch directs the hosts of the myrmec swarm. The Alliance and the Horde must strike down the very heart of the swarm to spare the Voidlands from the myrmec's destructive spread.

  • The Netherhollow - With the heart of the Netherglades is a nexus of primal nature energies, the Netherhollow. This fountain of life has been responsible for preserving the ecosystem of the glades and the inhabitants of the broken world, holding back the devouring entropy of the Void. But now the nexus' power is beginning to fade, leached away by an unknown enemy. Deep within the Netherhollow, adventurers must discover the cause of the fading energy and stop it before the land is consumed by darkness.

  • Burning Quarry - The fiery grip of the Burning Legion has taken hold in the blasted wilds of Nachitar. The Legion covets the vast deposits of void-saturated minerals in the region, material that they use to craft powerful Infernals for their eternal crusade against the universe. All the Voidlands are but resources for the Legion to exploit and destroy - halting their efforts in Burning Quarry would be a blow against the Legion's demonic war industry.

  • The Wreck - An immense, technologically advanced craft that has crashed into the canyons of Nachitar. Mechanical constructs have spilled forth from the vessel and have been warring amongst themselves ceaselessly. Ethereal agents warn that the vessel could soon explode if it is not shut down, dealing untold devastation to the region. But the machines within are hiding a fantastic secret that may determine the fate of all the Voidlands.

  • Temple of the Black Sun - The desert realm of Vegathis is the domain of the Ashen, zealous undead who see living flesh as a sickness that must be purged with flame. At the Temple of the Black Sun, the Ashen faithful conduct their rituals and sacrifices, praying to the elemental beings they worship as deities. The heroes of the Alliance and the Horde must rescue captives of the Ashen from a fiery fate, and combat the demented priesthood that presides over the Ashen's campaign of destruction.

  • The Whisperfane - In the southern regions of Vegathis, a sprawling corruption is flowing into the Voidlands, changing the very nature of reality around it. Stone becomes flesh, sand becomes blood, and both spread corruption and madness. Only the Ashen stand against this spreading sickness, but these undead fiends would burn out every living thing in all worlds to halt the corruption. Perhaps by venturing into the Ashen temple that still survives in the midst of the spreading contagion, the true nature of this flesh plague can be discovered.

  • Fortress Nox - A foreboding stronghold formed by the Void, the Fortress of Nox lies in the shattered nightmare-realm of Bysmault, where the Void holds full sway. The Void's hordes fill the walls of this bastion and flow into the Voidlands, seeking to unmake the last holdout of reality in the heart of endless darkness. The master of the Void's armies, Void Primarch Ahriman, has stationed some of his mightiest servants at this fortress, making it the great shield of the Void in Bysmault.

Void Tier 02 Dungeons

  • Halls of Silence - Long ago, the world of Yuggol was a verdant world filled with life, populated by many sentient races. All are lost to time, devoured by the crawling chaos of the Void. The wicked abomination known as He Who Shapes fell upon Yuggol like a dreadful plague, spreading the Curse of Flesh until it devoured all native life forms, replacing them with the eldritch spawn of the Old God. This temple, once a place of worship devoted to benevolent cosmic powers, now serves as a focus for the dark power of He Who Shapes, enabling him to spread his corruption beyond Yuggol to the rest of the Voidlands.

Void Tier 03 Dungeons

  • The Umbral Depths - Beneath the twisted city of Ang'Manyu is an ancient system of aqueducts and tunnels, built to service the city during its existence on lost K'aresh. Now it is a black, pollution choked cesspit that houses the ravenous, mutated results of Ahriman's reckless Void experiments.

  • Voidstorm Ascent - The Ebon Throne is protected by a secondary Void fortress known as Fortress Erebus. With the path through the Umbral Depths secure, the Dawnbreak Concordance forces can now advance through Fortress Erebus itself, launching an attack on the Voidstorm Ascent, the surrounding ramparts of the fortress. If the Ascent can be taken, the inner keep of the fortress, the Zenith of Oblivion, will be exposed.

  • Zenith of Oblivion - After passing through the Umbral Depths and capturing the Voidstorm Ascent, all that remains is to ascend the Zenith of Oblivion and face the master of the fortress. An old enemy has been granted an opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of his masters, and he will meet all comers with the black fury of the Void.


Void Tier 01 Raids

  • The Dreadlords Citadel - Through the Xoroth Gate in Nachitar lies Xoroth, a world in the grip of the Burning Legion and ruled by the sinister nathrezim - the dreadlords. The dreadlords' leader, Mephistroth, rules his wicked kin from his throne in the heart of this fiery stronghold. Destroying Mephistroth would strike a grievous blow against the Legion's most diabolical servants, and might serve to finally drive them completely from the Voidlands.
  • Darkvault - The greatest stronghold of the Void located within Bysmault. Within Darkvault, Void Primarch Ahriman directs the armies of the Void, sending them out to conquer the Voidlands and drag all things down into oblivion. To drive the Void's armies from the Voidlands, the Darkvault must be conquered.

Void Tier 02 Raid

  • Temple of the Hundred Hands - The hideous cyclopean temple of the Old God known as He Who Shapes. Lying at the heart of the nightmarish worldshard of Yuggol, this eldritch fortress houses not only the twisted Old God himself, but the legions of mutant monsters that he commands. Only the aid of the enigmatic goddess of Vegathis, Zoma of the Starry Night, will give the defenders of Azeroth a chance to survive the non-euclidean halls of the temple and battle the horror at its heart.

Void Tier 03 Raid

  • The Ebon Throne - The fortress of Nigh, leader of the Void's forces in the Voidlands. Within this foreboding bastion of darkness, Nigh has begun a dark ritual that may spell doom for not only the Voidlands, but Azeroth as well.

World Bosses

Void Tier 01 World Bosses

  • Spinechill - The ferocious worm-hydras of Algol are some of the most savage predators in the universe. This is especially true of the great beast Spinechill, a colossal example of her kind.

  • Zasz the Immense - A colossal myrmec spawned from the brood-pits beneath Rakari. He prowls the canyons of the wind-swept zone, destroying everything that crosses his path.

  • Toxeem - A hulking elemental giant of mud and vines born from the swamps of the Netherglades, bristling with unfettered life energies. Some terrible poison at the creature's heart is driving it into a destructive rampage.

  • The Circle of Nine - A group of Ashen flame-casters atop the great Engine of Agnitus, a magical machine designed to gather elemental flame. The Engine of Agnitus currently patrols the sands of Vegathis, but the fiendish undead fire-worshipers will unleash devastation upon all the Voidlands if they aren't stopped.

Dynamic World Event: Void Incursions

Void Incursions are an ongoing World Event that takes place in the Voidlands. Each day, a random region in the Voidlands will become engulfed by the Void. Regions that are engulfed by the Void will suffer from Void Incursions every 2 hours, causing large numbers of high-level Void entities to spawn and assault specific regions throughout the zone. As adventurers destroy these entities, more powerful boss-level monsters will spawn. Ending a Void Incursion will yield rewards and benefits for every adventurer in the region, and the faction that accomplishes the most will gain additional bonuses.

Incursions are detailed here.

Featured Characters

Many new heroes and villains stand poised to clash with familiar champions in the darkness beneath the world.

Heroes of the Alliance

  • Norrun Rahaad - Ethereal warrior and leader of the White Nova nexus.
  • Gytha Gloryhammer - Dwarven paladin and champion of Ironforge. Hardened by the horrors she faced in battle against the servants of the Old Gods, she seeks to restore peace and tranquillity to all worlds.
  • Turnip Snikkersnak - A decidedly blood-thirsty gnome rogue, on the search for a major pay-day.
  • Nizza Shimmerbink - Gnomish mage and champion of Gnomeragan.
  • Wyl Bearclaw - A night elf who has embraced the path of the druid.
  • Valara Nightbrace - Night elf demon hunter. Visions of the future have shown her threats to the safety of the world. She is prepared to stand against them. Carries one of the warglaives of Azzinoth.
  • William Blackfell - Worgen warrior. Happily married to Cecily Blackfell.
  • Cecily Blackfell - Worgen hunter. Happily married to William Blackfell.
  • Derpus McHerpaderp - Dwarven chef. Chief potato picker of the Alliance forces.

Champions of the Horde

  • Shaara Bahal - Ethereal mage and leader of the Ebon Maw nexus.
  • Kerchak Stormhowl - Orc elder shaman. The speaker to the spirits of Warchief of the Horde. He served the cause of the Horde to bring balance to Azeroth, and seeks to do the same in the Voidlands.
  • Aurek Goldenhoof - Tauren paladin and champion of Thunder Bluff.
  • Volka'jin - Troll priest, once of the Drakkari tribe.
  • Mathias Coorhagen - Forsaken rogue and former member of the Royal Apothecary Society.
  • Funerella - Forsaken mage.
  • Remiel Smoulderblood - A one-armed blood elf demon hunter who has chosen to follow the Horde and battle against demonic enemies for his own reasons. Wields one of the warglaives of Azzinoth.

Diabolical Villains

  • Nigh, Voice of the Void - An entity manifested from the blackest reaches of the Void.
  • Void Primarch Ahriman - Leader of the Void-Touched Ethereals and a servant of Nigh. He commands the armies of the Void in the Voidlands.
  • The Noctarchs - Ahriman's ethereal generals, chosen to lead the forces of the Void against the world of Azeroth. They are:
    • Solovun, Noctarch of Legions - Master of the innumerable legions of the Voidwalkers, and other Voidborn entities.
    • Dormin, Noctarch of Giants - Overseer over the mighty Void Giants, the largest and strongest manifestations of the Void.
    • Hakhan, Noctarch of Beasts - Hakhan shapes beasts and creatures from Void energies, creating armies of monsters.
    • Baaz, Noctarch of Dragons - Leader of the Voidflight, manifestations that take the form of dragons.
    • Haddema, Noctarch of Elementals - Ruler of the Void Elementals, beings created from tainting elemental energies with the Void.
    • Urahema, Noctarch of Machines - Master of machines, Urahema uses repurposed ethereal technology to spread the power of the Void.
  • Nox, Lord of the Night - Nigh's mightiest voidwalker servant in the Voidlands.
  • Mephistroth, Master of the Nethrezim - A sinister dreadlord and master of the Nathrezim Citadel on Xoroth.
  • High Priest Agnitus - Leader of the undead fire-worshippers known as the Ashen.
  • Re'gal Maligna, Matriach of the Myrmec Brood - Queen-mother of the insectoid myrmec, and a fanatical worshiper of the Old God known as He Who Shapes.

Other Characters

  • Nodensius - Watcher in the Void - One of the constellar, a servant of the Titans who watches over worlds. How he came to be in the Voidlands is a mystery. He leads the frightful race known as the ghanti.
  • Xemnan the Engimatic - This ethereal wanderer has been encountered in Azeroth before, as both friend and foe. He follows his own mysterious agenda, but for now opposes the forces of the Void.

Factions and organizations

Alliance The White Nova

  • Leader: Norrun Rahaad

The Ethereals of the White Nova Nexus have vowed to prevent any other worlds from falling into the black clutches of the Void. They act as guides and advisors for the Alliance task force that has entered the Voidlands to confront the growing darkness there. The White Nova Nexus was formed primarily by ethereals who once served with the Protectorate, those who were devoted to halting destruction wrought by others whom the Void had driven to the edge of madness. The time has come for them to take the battle to the Void itself.

Alliance The Lords of Dawn

  • Leader: Gytha Gloryhammer, Champion of Ironforge

Led by veterans of wars against the Twilight's Hammer and the Burning Legion, the Lords of Dawn are well versed in the ways of fighting the forces of darkness. They are ready to stand against the forces of the Void and spare Azeroth the fate that has befallen so many other worlds. Many of the Lords of Dawn have taken the battle against the Burning Legion to Outland and other worlds from across the cosmos, so fighting on worlds far from their beloved homeworld is all in a day's work to them. They will bring the Light into the very heart of darkness and cast the Void from Azeroth.

Horde The Ebon Maw

  • Leader: Shaara Bahal

The Ethereals of the Ebon Maw Nexus are devoted to the utter destruction of the Void's denizens as vengeance for the loss of their homeworld. They have allied themselves with the Horde, and have taken it upon themselves to instruct their allies in the best way to wage war upon the armies of the Void. Many of the Ebon Maw ethereals once served the deranged ethereal ruling caste in the Ethereum, a faction who attempted to harness the power of the Void to take revenge on the Void entity Dimensius, and in doing so were nearly all transformed into slaves of the Void themselves. Many of these former Ethereum have stepped back from the brink of madness and are willing to take more moderate action and work with others, but still harbour a deep hatred for the Void and all its servants.

Horde The Stormbreakers

  • Leader: Kerchak Stormhowl, Speaker to the Elements

The Stormbreakers are Horde champions who have battle the Twilight's Hammer and the demons of the Twisting Nether. Devoted to the elemental spirits, the Stormbreakers have vowed to preserve their home from the annihilation that the Void intends to bring. Many of the Stormbreakers battled the malefic creatures of the Old Gods during the Cataclysm, and have hardened their soul against the powers of darkness.

Neutral Legions of the Void

Ahriman will not be denied.

  • Leader: Void Primarch Ahriman

The forces of the Void are manifestations of emptiness and oblivion, given form and purpose in opposition to the realms of life and light by the dreaded Void Lords. While even the Burning Legion has as their ultimate ambition the creation of a new universe once the old one has been burned away, the Void Lords dream of a universe of eternal darkness, where all things exist in torment and subjugation to their dark majesty. The armies of darkness in the Voidlands are directed in their campaign of annihilation by Void Primarch Ahriman and overseen by his personally selected servants, the Noctarch Conclave. Ahriman and his forces receive their orders through Nigh, Voice of the Void, the avatar of the Void Lords themselves.

  • The Voidtouched
    • Creatures of the material universe that have become saturated with the dark energies of the Void, and thereby transformed into loyal servants of it. Many Voidtouched are Ethereal survivors from K'aresh. The strongest of these Voidtouched Ethereals form Ahriman's Noctarch Conclave, the supreme leaders of the Void's forces in its dark crusade.
  • The Voidborn
    • Pure manifestations of the Void itself, the Voidborn form the rank and file of its armies. They take the form of creatures, beasts, and monsters, usually corrupted reflections of once living beings that were destroyed by the Void. The most frequently encountered form of Voidborn are creatures like Voidwalkers. Within the Voidlands, ever more varied form of Voidborn are capable of taking shape.
  • Order of Eternal Nightfall
    • With the rise of the Void, new revelations have come to certain remnants of the Twilight's Hammer cult in Azeroth. Even the Old Gods themselves are but the emanations of a greater power, the Void Lords, who have become the new focus of veneration for those who crave darkness and chaos. These mortal worshipers of darkness form the Order of Eternal Nightfall. Many of them crossed over into the Voidlands to serve the Void directly. A large number of followers can be found among the human nations.

Neutral The Ashen

  • Leader: High Priest Agnitus

Native to the world of Vegathis, the Ashen are a race of intelligent undead. The magic that animates their physical forms is born of corrupted elemental flame, and their cracked and charred flesh smoulders eternally, forever burning without consuming them. The Ashen embraced undeath in their distant past, and have existed in their current state for millennia. Once known as the vegathi, their history tells of an age when a terrible contagion afflicted their world, turning stone to flesh, sand to blood, and driving the living to madness. Only the cleansing flames called upon by their sun priests held back the spreading corruption. In their efforts to purge the contagion, the vegathi unleashed a massive spell of fire and doom upon their people, slaying countless millions and raising them as ever-burning undead.

Drawn by the massive release of death energy caused by the spell, the Void spilled out into the world and devoured everything. The last fragments of Vegathis remain in the Voidlands, still inhabited by the remaining Ashen, who remain eternally on guard against the possible return of the dreaded contagion, which they loathe even more than the Void that destroyed their world. All living beings are considered possible vectors for the sickness - thus, the Ashen regard all the living as their enemy.

Neutral The Shadow of Dread

Mephistroth, the Dreadlord.

  • Leader: Mephistroth

The Burning Legion, though native to the Twisting Nether, is familiar also with the mysterious geographies of the Void. Often have demons trespassed into the dark realm to steal its power and enslave its inhabitants, binding the power of the Void to the service of the Legion. The Voidlands are regarded as nothing more than resource to be exploited, all to further fuel the Legion's Burning Crusade.

The Shadow of Dread is a Legion force that has invaded the Voidlands at the command of the dreadlord Mephistroth, ruler of the nathrezim. The Shadow has carved out a massive strip-mining operation in the region of Nachitar to harvest voidstone, a mineral saturated with dark energies that can be used to create powerful Infernal constructs. If Mephistroth has his way, the entirety of the Voidlands will be consumed by the dark industry of the nathrezim.

Neutral The Myrmec Brood

  • Leader: Re'gal Maligna

The myrmec are a race of intelligent, hostile insectoids that infested the world of Rakari. Ruling uncontested for centuries in the hollow interiors of the world, the myrmec were led by numerous hive queens, with each queen reigning over a single hive and competing with the others in bloody wars for territory, resources, and to venerate the myrmec gods. The world of Rakari was consumed by a Void outbreak, caused by the myrmec drawing darker and darker powers into their world. The survivors in the Voidlands have congregated under the rule of a single queen, Re'gal Maligna, who leads her children in the worship of the god they believe delivered them from oblivion - an entity known only as He Who Shapes. The myrmec also acknowledge another deity of dreadful power, whom they also loathe and fear, referring to it only as the Unspoken.

Neutral The Mekkanoi

The Mekkanoi are mechanical constructs, built by an unknown race that was consumed by the Void. While their builders were ultimately totally destroyed by the Void, the Mekkanoi endured and still remain inhabiting the realm of Nachitar. The Mekkanoi exist in two distinct variant types - the Autons and the Omeganauts. Both were created to fight a war on behalf of their makers, but fell to warring amongst themselves after their creators disappeared. The Omeganauts hold themselves superior to other forms of intelligence and seek to dominate, while the Autons believe freedom is the right of every sentient being.

  • The Autons
    • Leader: Autonamus Primax
    • Created in the image of tall humanoid beings, this machine faction was built to be maneuverable and adaptable, trading raw destructive power for intellect.
  • The Omeganauts
    • Leader: Omegatronus
    • Built to resemble crustaceans and arachnids, the fearsome Omeganauts are blunt and unsubtle, possessing massive destructive capability and overwhelming strength.


Click here for an overview of new creatures encountered in the Voidlands.


  • Dengar
  • Zeezil
  • Rakai
  • Myrmec
  • Ghanti
  • Boggruk
  • Mekkanoi


  • Zhagoom
  • Greater Void Ray
  • Mnemophage
  • Kurokin
  • Voidflight Dragonkin

Elementals / Undead

  • Voidsent Elemental
  • The Ashen
  • Gladegrown
  • The Gog

Demons / Voidborn

  • Void Reaver
  • Void Hound
  • Vethrezim
  • Ered'draug
  • Hatelord
  • Anarchaon


  • Shapeless
  • Voiceless One
  • Faceless Hulk


  • Void Giant
  • Infernal Colossal




This realm of black canyons blisters with Void volcanoes, spilling out blazing energies amidst the ancient ruins of a forgotten race. The Alliance and the Horde clash over who will control the untapped powers of the region. Gornoth is a PvP zone akin to Ashran and Wintergrasp, but not terrible, and in fact is perfect and flawless and the best zone, somehow. Everything here is great, and the PvP is great. Maybe there's a raid you unlock if you win, or a faction exclusive world boss, or something, I don't know. Do I have to think of everything? Use your imagination.

New Arenas

Many new arenas and locations to do battle in are available, some familiar, some never before seen.

New arenas include:

  • Ironforge Arena
  • Gadgetzan Arena
  • Blackrock Depths Stadium
  • Dire Maul Arena
  • The Outland Battle Rock
  • Azjol-Nerub Arachnodrome

Additional Material

  • New Archaeology Races - Ethereal, Voidlands Denizens (dengar, zeezil, boggruk, various others), Nathrezim


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