NeutralKul Tiras
Level: 98-100
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Location Eastern Kingdoms

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Kul Tiras is a zone located to the east of Zin-Azshari. The island nation came under assault from Azshara's naga forces shortly after the rise of Zin-Azshari, and the people of Kul Tiras welcomed arriving Alliance forces to bolster their defense. Kul Tiras serves as the Alliance's main base of operations for the campaign against Azshara and the naga, and ships from all across Azeroth have gathered there.


The island nation of Kul Tiras suffered greatly throughout the Third War, losing much of its fleet and its beloved lord Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore in battle against the Horde. When the Cataclysm struck Azeroth, seismic activity shifted the location of Kul Tiras farther out to sea, disrupting its long-established shipping lanes and cutting off trade with other nations and Kul Tiras' own land-based colonies. The governing nobles squabbled constantly amongst themselves, each seeking to have their families succeed the Proudmoore line as rulers of the nation, while fighting to hoard the nation's resources for their own personal gain. Finally, the nation's military had had enough - the admirals of the Royal Navy of Kul Tiras, having spent years on the front-lines of battle and using their vessels to transport relief goods to the beleaguered people, were disgusted with the nobility's irresponsible actions and overthrew the government in a swift and relatively bloodless coup.

Forming a military council to oversee the running of Kul Tias, the admirals quickly redrew maps and re-established trade and contact with other nations. Resources were diverted to relief efforts for the people and the restoring of Kul Tiras' navy. The nobility, seeing their personal power greatly reduced, began encouraging their younger members to join the Kul Tiras navy in the hopes that they would rise through the ranks and secure power again through military influence. This in turn cause a marked enlistment increase across all social classes, as even the lowest born saw the opportunities for distinction through service. The ranks of Kul Tiras' navy soon swelled with the influx of fresh recruits.

With newly established shipping lanes in place, wealth began to flow into the coffers of Kul Tiras. The admiralty ensured the riches were well spent, pouring it back into the nation to restore and improve infrastructure. Harbors were packed with trade ships as immigrants flooded into Kul Tiras, seeking opportunity. Shipwrights turned out vessels at an astonishing rate, and soon Kul Tiras' military force was stronger than it had ever been.

When Zin'Azshari rose from the depths, Kul Tiras weathered the storm well. The legions of naga that swarmed to invade the kingdom were met with greater resistance than they could have ever anticipated. Bolstered by reinforcements from other Alliance nations, Kul Tiras soon became a seemingly impregnable bastion against the forces of Queen Azshara. Now, it is the base of operations for the Alliance campaign to stop the mad queen's destructive ambitions. The admiralty have selected their most promising officer, Admiral Faulken Highcrest, to lead the offensive against the forces of Zin-Azshari. Granting him the distinguished rank of Fleet Admiral for the duration of the campaign, the navy of Kul Tiras is backing their leader to the hilt.


Kul Tiras is a large island, filled with fertile farmland and evergreen forests, as well as rich in mineral wealth. Kul Tiras' greatest wealth has always come from the sea however, and its largest settlements can be found along its coastlines. The island is often beset by storms and great winds.


The rise of Azshara's kingdom sent great waves crashing into Kul Tiras. The island nation has been no stranger to rough weather over its existence, and endured the storm well. However, no sooner did the waves die down and the rebuilding start then the naga swarmed up out of the sea, in numbers far greater than the people of Kul Tiras had ever seen before. The military mobilized rapidly using their new strength to combat the naga hordes, slowly turning the tide and driving them from the island. The admiralty recognized that the naga were now a threat to the entire nation, and sent out the call for all out war.

The Royal Navy of Kul Tiras has rallied against the naga, and welcomed the arrival of the other Alliance forces to their homeland. The Alliance heroes arrive just as the naga begin a second assault, bolstered by great hydras and dragon turtles and other monsters from the deep sea. Heroes will arrive with Jarod Shadowsong, Genn Greymane, and Varian Wrynn as they arrive by ship to support Kul Tiras, and will meet the leader of the Kul Tiras forces, Admiral Faulken Highcrest.

Once the naga have been defeated, the capitol city of Boralus will become the main Alliance city hub for the campaign against Zin-Azshari's dangers. From here players will have access to the other Alliance capitols, as well as Zin-Azshari itself.

Notable characters

  • Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Faulken Highcrest - Assigned the rank of Fleet Admiral, granting him command of the entirety of Kul Tiras' navy. Faulken is the one of the youngest men ever to be granted the rank of admiral, yet is recognized as the most capable tactician and skilled fighter that the nation of Kul Tiras has produced in generations.
  • Alliance  Jaina Proudmoore - Daughter of the late Daelin Proudmoore, last great lord of Kul Tiras. Though many are glad to see the daughter of their beloved former lord return, others see her long absence as a slight against the nation. Jaina has no patience for any who would distract her from the defense of her homeland.
  • Alliance IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Jarod Shadowsong - Commander of the night elf fleet. Jarod has arrived in Kul Tiras with his forces to lend support to the beleaguered people. He and Faulken Highcrest become fast friends, with Jarod deferring to Faulken's experience in ocean fighting and Faulken relying on Jarod's 10,000 years of experience in land combat and knowledge of Azshara.
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Samuel Kain - Admiral of the Kul Tiras navy. Though a senior admiral to Faulken, Faulken's promotion to Fleet Admiral gives him authority over Kain. Kain solemnly accepted this military decision, though secretly he is glad that Faulken was chosen to bear the weight of command. Kain acts as one of the Fleet Admiral's most capable battle commanders.
  • Alliance  Genn Greymane - King of Gilneas. Greymane and his worgen forces have accompanied the night elves, in the interests of renewing relations between the people of Gilneas and Kul Tiras.
  • Alliance  Varian Wrynn - King of Stormwind. Varian and his forces have arrived to support Kul Tiras and strengthen their bonds with the Alliance.


  • The Naga Onslaught - Heroes arrive and battle against the Naga forces and their hideous warbeasts. Secure settlements across Kul Tiras alonside great Alliance champions.
  • Pirate Troubles - Pirates have taken advantage of the chaos to loot distant settlements. Put an end to their greed once and for all.
  • Hydromancy - Water elementals are running wild across southern Kul Tiras, driven into a frenzy by the rise of Zin-Azshari. Join Kul Tiras Hydromancers in bringing them under control to fight the naga.
  • The Flooded Mine - Seismic activity has caused flooding in central Kul Tiras precious mines. Troggs and other monsters have been driven up from the deeps, and are threatening surrounding settlements.
  • Scourge of the Sea - Marauding undead seem to be emerging from the depths of the ocean to prey upon the beleaguered people of Kul Tiras. Destroy these stygian horrors.
  • Drive Them Into The Sea - The capitol of Boralus is under major attack. Join Admiral Faulken Highcrest and put an end to the naga invasion. Battle against a mighty kraken unleashed by Azshara.
  • Defense of the Nation - Faulken Highcrest is promoted to Fleet Admiral and supreme commander of Kul Tiras' forces. It's time to take it to Azshara.