Image of Ozumat
Title <Fiend of the Dark Below>
Race Kraken (Beast)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sailgrave
Status Killable

Ozumat in the Abyssal Depths

Ozumat is the patriarch of all kraken. He was summoned by the forces of Queen Azshara to subdued the elemental lord Neptulon. After delivering the lord of water into the clutches of Azshara, Ozumat was released into the seas around the Maelstrom. After the rise of Zin-Azshari, he chose to lair near Sailgrave and prowls the region in search of victims.

Ozumat is not an ordinary beast of flesh and blood, but a malefic creation of the Old Gods, like the hydra and other ancient horrors of Azeroth's lost history. It will take a monumental force to destroy him.


Ozumat the kraken was summoned from his slumber to aid the dark designs of Queen Azshara. Ozumat is a favored pet of the Old God N'Zoth, the great schemer and patron deity of the naga. His might was enough to overcome even Neptulon, the lord of water, and in return for bringing her the elemental lord Azshara gave Ozumat free reign to prowl the coasts of Zin-Azshari. He has chosen Sailgrave as his primary hunting grounds.


  • Spell nature giftofthewaterspirit.png  Wrath of the Kraken Tank Alert — Ozumat's blight overwhelms and destroys his chosen target if there are no targets within melee range. Inflicts lethal Shadow damage and increases Shadow damage taken by the player by 10% for 10 sec.
  • Spell deathknight explode ghoul.png  Tentacle Attack Important — A massive tentacle bursts up through the shipwreck, knocking aside any targets struck. It then begins attacking, slamming in the direction of a random target every 3 seconds and dealing damage to anyone caught in its path. The tentacle can be attacked and destroyed.
  • Ability creature poison 04.png  Tentacle Grab Important — A tentacle bursts up through the shipwreck under a random target, coiling around them and squeezing the life from them. The grabbed target must be cut loose before they are crushed to death.

Stage One: Might of the Kraken

  • Ability rogue shadowdance.png  Murloc Swarm — Ozumat vomits forth a pack of Blightmuck Murloc who assault those attacking Ozumat in the hopes of feeding them to the kraken.
  • Spell shadow gathershadows.png  Blightspew — Ozumat spews forth plumes of Blight at several random targets. The blight deals a burst of Shadow damage to the target and causes periodic shadow damage over time. When the afflicted target is cleansed or the spell's effect ends, they spawn a Pool of Blight at their location, which deals shadow damage to anyone within it.
  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  The Blight of Ozumat — Ozumat steadily gathers Blight energy over the course of the battle.

Stage Two: Blight of the Kraken

Upon reaching 100 Blight, Ozumat casts Blightwave and summons three Blight Beasts.

  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  Blightwave Healer Alert — Deals a burst of shadow damage to all targets every second for three seconds.
  • Inv elemental mote shadow01.png  Blight Beasts Tank Alert — Blight Beasts are invulnerable monsters that pursue random targets, switching periodically. As they move they steadily gain movement speed. If a Blight Beast reaches a target, it rapidly deals lethal physical damage until it destroys them. If a Blight Beast passes over a Pool of Blight, it grows in size but loses movement speed. When a Blight Beast grows to a sufficient size, it loses its invulnerability and can be tanked and destroyed.


Ozumat is fought near a series of shipwrecks, and the heroes can safely move and fight on the decks of the wrecked vessels. Ozumat is a stationary target, and will not move.

The heroes must deal with the murlocs he spawns and avoid restricting their movement too much with Pools of Blight. When Ozumat summons Blight Beasts, they must be used to clear away the Pools of Blight so that they will become vulnerable.


  • Ozumat, Fiend of the Dark Below


Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: The Father of Krakens comes to feed!
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: Tremble, little worms! For Ozumat hungers!
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: The wrath of N'Zoth shall fall upon you!
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: Drag them down to death, Ozumat!
Spawn Murloc
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: Shred them, you wretches!
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: Prepare the kraken's meal!
Spawn Blight Beasts
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: Behold the fury of the dark below!
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: Drink in the darkness and perish!
Killing a player
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: A feast for Ozumat!
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: Your cause is lost!
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: Another dragged to death!
Naga Kraken-Watcher yells: It cannot be! Ozumat is vanquished!