GoldenYak/Patch X.1 - On Darker Tides
“On Darker Tides”
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Release date March
Initial version
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Highlights & notes
  • New daily quest region in Kezan - The Forbidden Vault
  • New Warship adventures available against the stygians and the forces of the Abyssal Maw.
  • New World Boss - Warmonger LXM-13
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On Darker Tides is the first patch for the Reign of Azshara Expansion Concept.

Patch X.1 - On Darker Tides

Patch X.1 - On Darker Tides.

General Overview

  • New Warship adventures against the menaces of Zin-Azshari.
  • The Drowned still threaten the living - battle them across Zin-Azshari for rare rewards.
  • The Legendary Warship questchain continues - combat the forces of the evil Neptulon as he seeks revenge upon Azeroth.
  • New quest region unlocked in Kezan - the Forbidden Vault.
  • New World Boss - Warmonger LXM-13.

The Story So Far...

Azshara, having raised up the new land of Zin-Azshari with the stolen trident of Neptulon, sent her naga forces to attack the Alliance and the Horde. In response, the two factions raised great fleets and dispatched them to Zin-Azshari to bring an end to the threat of the naga and their queen.

Smashing through the naga defenses, the Alliance and the Horde laid siege to Azshara's palace, their strongest champions finally cornering the queen in her own throne-chamber overlooking the Maelstrom. At the height of the conflict, Azshara fled into the sea, abandoning her naga to the vengeance of the Alliance and the Horde.

The Alliance and the Horde have declared victory, occupying Azshara's palace and driving the naga from Nazjatar. But Azshara is still at large, her whereabouts unknown, and the heroes of Azeroth cannot shake the uneasy feeling that whatever her ultimate plan is, it still proceeds unabated.

Elsewhere, the goblins of Kezan have begun reclamation efforts on their homeland. While excavating a region of the island buried in solidified magma the goblins have discovered a mysterious structure, unmistakably of goblin origin but far more advanced than anything they are currently capable of, and pre-dating the ancient Sundering itself.


The Wrath of Neptulon - Legendary Warship Questchain

The ambitions of the evil Nodens have been thwarted with Neptulon's return to the Abyssal Maw. However, Neptulon is no friend to Azeroth, and has vowed revenge against all mortals for his tortures at Azshara's hands. Players will find themselves forced to fight against water elementals who were previously their allies.

Neptulon's son, the prince of waters Naogan, defies his father to stand with the beings who have striven to preserve the balance of the world. He offers his blessing, the power of elemental water, to those who prove themselves most worthy. Ultimately, he will bestow the legendary item Naogan's Clasp upon the player, which allows them to add an additional prismatic gem socket to their cloak.

The Forbidden Vault

The Forbidden Vault

During the excavation of Undermine, the goblins uncovered an ancient vault buried deep beneath their city. Guarding the great structure were mysterious machine beings, built thousands of years ago but far more advanced than anything the goblins are currently capable of. After breaching the vault, the goblins discovered more of the advanced machines deep within - scores were still operational, and many hundreds were inoperative but waiting to be re-activated.

The leader of these machines, a colossal mechanical monster calling itself King Galvanus, warns the people of Azeroth that he intends to conquer the world with his mechanical army, the Legion Ex Machina. The inferior organic races will perish, and the LXM will dominate.

The Legion Ex Machina Storyline Event

The Forbidden Vault is an underground region found beneath Kezan. It contains numerous new quests and challenges for players to explore, all as part of an expanding storyline that unfolds as the players progress through the area and reveal more of the ancient Vault's secrets. As part of the event, players will awaken the world boss Warmonger LXM-13, a new enemy on par with the greatest challenges of the Palace of Azshara.

  • Part I - The Ancients - Discover the history of the Forbidden Vault, built 20,000 years ago by the goblin ancients before their decline.
  • Part II - The Machine King - Confront King Galvanus as he delivers his ultimatum to the world of Azeroth and unleashes the Warmonger LXM-13 upon the Alliance and the Horde.
  • Part III - Take and Hold - Fortify your base against the Legion Ex Machina and their ever-increasing numbers. Thwart Galvanus' plan to poison the oceans of the world.
  • Part IV - Kajaro Undervault - Battle to the very door of Galvanus' fortress. It is only a matter of time before the walls are breached and the machine king confronted directly.

The event will ultimately culminate in the discovery of the entrance to the Kajaro Undervault, a new raid that will be unlocked in Patch X.2.0.

The primary threat in the Forbidden Vault is the Legion Ex Machina, an army of intelligent machines constructed by the goblin ancients before their superior intellect began to dwindle. As players progress through the region's storyline, they will uncover the lost history of the goblins and learn about their rise and fall.

Players can also access new Warship adventures involving battles with marauding Legion Ex Machina forces.

Legacy of the Black Fleet

Azshara's hurricane destroyed the remnants of the stygian armada, scattering the wreckage of their vessels across Zin-Azshari's coastlines. As a result, large packs of hostile stygian undead can now be encountered by max-level players in various regions of the land. Destroying these stygians may yield great rewards.

A quest-chain involving the stygians is also available. Through it, players will learn that Pluton, the stygian ruler, still lives and is plotting revenge. Players will also be approached by several agents of the zandalari trolls, who reveal that their devastated homeland was raised from the depths by Azshara, and is being threatened by remnants of the Black Fleet. Zandalar will be a region available for exploration in Patch X.2.0.

There will also be several new Warship adventures available that grant greater rewards (and present greater challenges) involving the remnants of the stygians.

New Creatures

LXM Legionnaire

A host of new creatures can be found.

  • Abyssal Maw Sorcerer - A water elemental being that has been attuned to arcane energies, granting them capabilities that others of their kind do not possess.
  • Abyssal Maw Iconarch - An ancient water elemental that has spent millennia in the service of Neptulon. They are some of the strongest beings that exist in the Abyssal Maw.
  • LXM-Warbringer - This brutal machine is equipped to unleash close-combat carnage upon the enemies of the Legion Ex Machina.
  • LXM-Warflyer - A highly mobile flying machine that provides devastating air support to the Legion Ex Machina.
  • Stygian Abomination - This bloated and drowned corpse, reanimated with dark magic, is capable of both absorbing and dealing out considerable punishment.