GoldenYak/Patch X.2 - The Shattered Kingdom
“The Shattered Kingdom”
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Release date April
Initial version
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Highlights & notes
  • New daily quest zone - Zandalar, the Shattered Kingdon
  • New raid zone available on Zandalar - Zuldazar, the Shattered City
  • New raid zone unlocked on Kezan - Kajaro Undervault
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The Shattered Kingdom is the second patch for the Reign of Azshara Expansion Concept.

Patch X.2 - The Shattered Kingdom

Patch X.2 - The Shattered Kingdom.

General Overview

The Story So Far...

The Alliance and the Horde continue to strengthen their presence in Zin-Azshari, hunting down the last remnants of Azshara's forces and dealing with the other challenges of the new land. Azshara herself remains at large, but in hiding.

No sooner have the Alliance and the Horde secured Zin-Azshari when an envoy arrives from the zandalari trolls, seeking aid. The troll homeland of Zandalar sank during the Cataclysm, but was raised back to the surface by Azshara. Now, a dark power threatens the homeland of the trolls, one which could spell doom for the Alliance and the Horde it is not opposed.

Meanwhile, deep beneath Kezan, an ancient evil that has been imprisoned for over 20,000 years begins to stir...

Vengeance of the Tidehunter - Legendary Warship Questchain

Neptulon has regained his strength within the depths of the Abyssal Maw, but still lacks his great trident Nergalis, which remains in the possession of Queen Azshara. Neptulon now intends the drain the very seas of Azeroth into the Abyssal Maw through the Maelstrom, devastating the world of mortals and swelling his own power to eclipse the other three elements combined.

The ancient powers of the Zandalari may hold the key to halting Neptulon's wicked plan, but that power lies within their shattered homeland of Zandalar. Brave the dangers of Zandalar to unlock the means to stop Neptulon.

The Shattered Kingdom


When the Cataclysm ravaged the world, the trolls ancient homeland of Zandalar sank beneath the waves, swallowing the trolls who remained there and scattering the few who managed to escape. But when Azshara raised her new land, the ravaged Zandalar was affected by the spell, and rose up from the depths. No life remained on the blighted island - all had perished in the Cataclysm, and the spirits of the countless dead trolls and the outraged loa demigods they worshipped writhed with fury and hatred at their fate.

No sooner did the Zandalari return to attempt to rebuild their shattered kingdom, then a dire new menace appeared - the black ships of the stygians washed ashore, the remnants of the great armada that had been scattered by Azshara's tempest.

The stygians, led by their king Pluton, found the ravaged Zandalar an immense wealth of resources - countless corpses to raise as more undead, innumerable spirits to use as fuel for dark magic, and ancient powers to defile and turn to Pluton's dark designs. The stygians must be stopped before they can tap into the fathomless power of the troll homeland, lest they become more powerful than ever.

Zuldazar Under Siege Storyline Event

King Pluton and his Drowned Legion are laying siege to the Zandalari capitol of Zuldazar. The dread loa that inhabit the city have begun raising the countless troll dead there to combat the encroaching stygians. It's an all-out battle between two armies of the undead. The Alliance and the Horde are caught between two diabolical enemies - whichever one triumphs will become immeasurably stronger by taking the strength of the defeated. The only hope is to stop Pluton from reaching the heart of Zuldazar and using his Lantern of Lost Souls to bind the spirits of the dead to him.

  • Part I - The Wilds of Zandalar - The outer regions of the broken island nation are crawling with undead horrors and heavily fortified by the stygians - even reaching the city of Zuldazar will take some doing.
  • Part II - The Outer Quarters - The outskirts of Zuldazar have been reached, but the city is in utter chaos - rampaging loa and undead zandalari clash with the forces of the stygians.
  • Part III - The Gates of Zuldazar - King Pluton and his strongest are assaulting the gates of Zuldazar - breach their lines and put an end to the king of the Drowned.

The event will culminate in the breaching of the gates of Zuldazar by King Pluton and his forces, who successfully enter the city. The Alliance and the Horde will need to enter the city themselves and stop Pluton from capturing the might of the Zandalari.

Zuldazar, the Shattered City is the first raid zone of the Tier RoA-2 raids.

The Undervault

In Kezan, the Forbidden Vault has been unlocked, and hidden within are the creations of the ancient goblin civilization that once flourished on Kezan. These machine-beings, the Legion Ex Machina, have been isolated for many millennia, and have developed a fierce hatred of all creatures of flesh and blood. Led by their king, Galvanus, the Legion Ex Machina plans to sweep out from Kezan and eradicate every living thing on Azeroth.

The Kajaro Undervault is the second raid zone of the Tier RoA-2 raids.

New Creatures

A host of new creatures can be found.

  • Dread Zandalari - An undead zandalari troll, reanimated by outraged loa spirits to battle against the encroaching stygians.
  • Dread Berserker - A dire troll that has been raised from the dead by the spirits of the loa.
  • Dread Direhorn - Even the beasts of the Shattered Kingdom are not safe from the dark resurrections being carried out by the dread loa.
  • Thundersaurus - A colossal beast of Zandalar's jungles, Zandalari survivors managed to preserve a small number of these war-beasts. They are the largest known species of Azerothian dinosaur.
  • Goblin Megamutant - These hideous abominations were trapped in the Undervault and transformed into their current state by Galvanus and his depraved experiments to unravel the secrets of flesh.
  • Forgeborn - Galvanus' elite machine super-soldiers. These highly advanced automatons will devastate Azeroth if they are allowed to rampage free from their prison.