GoldenYak/Patch X.3 - The Demon's Tomb
“The Demon's Tomb”
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Release date May
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Highlights & notes
  • New daily quest region in the Broken Isles - The Terrace of Oblivion
  • New Warship adventures available against the forces of queen Azshara.
  • New World Boss - The Shattered Avatar of Sargeras
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The Demon's Tomb is the third patch for the Reign of Azshara Expansion Concept.

Patch X.3 - The Demon's Tomb

Patch X.3 - The Demon's Tomb.

General Overview

  • New Warship adventures against the menaces of Zin-Azshari.
  • The Legendary Warship questchain continues - combat the forces of Queen Azshara and her Old God master, and harness the power of the Tomb of Sargeras.
  • New quest region unlocked in the Broken Isles - the Terrace of Oblivion.
  • New World Boss - The Shattered Avatar of Sargeras

The Story So Far...

The Avatar of Sargeras

The Alliance and the Horde have triumphed against the greatest threats that Zin-Azshari has to offer. The stygians are no more, the raging spirits of Zandalar have been quieted, and the Legion Ex Machina has been dismantled.

However, magic-users throughout Zin-Azshari have recently detected disturbances emanating from the Tomb of Sargeras in the Broken Isles. Some dark power there is on the rise...

The Wrath of Neptulon - Legendary Warship Questchain

Neptulon's plans to destroy the seas of Azeroth have been thwarted, and the elemental lord has retreated to the Abyssal Maw to recuperate and plot his revenge. To prevent outside interference, Neptulon seals all rift portals to the Abyssal Maw with elemental ice. Naogan warns that his father will not stop until Azeroth is destroyed. He sends the heroes to the Tomb of Sargeras to acquire the power necessary to stop Neptulon - only the burning embers of the demon lord Sargeras can thaw the elemental ice and open the way to the Abyssal Maw to end Neptulon's threat once and for all.

The Demon's Tomb

The Demon's Tomb

Something sinister is on the rise in the Tomb of Sargeras. Perhaps stirred to waking by recent trespasses, the dark power within the tomb is beginning to awaken, driving the undead inhabitants of the Broken Isles into even greater rampages, and drawing in demons from the Twisting Nether. New regions have been made available around the Tomb for exploration and questing, and special events and quests culminate in the appearance of a new World Boss - the Shattered Avatar of Sargeras.

The Echo of Gul'dan Storyline Event

The echo of Gul'dan, a bodiless wraith created from the dead warlock's last memories and the ambient demonic energy of the Tomb, attempt to seize the last of Sargeras' faded power for itself. However, the Echo was instead consumed by the demon lord's lingering rage, devoured by the very power it sought. Now, the power of Sargeras' hatred has erupted from the tomb, blasting apart the surrounding structure and exposing the Terrace of Oblivion, where the ruined and broken Avatar of Sargeras holds court over an army of demons. The flame of Gul'dan's evil has reignited the avatar, which now seeks to regain all of its former power. If it succeeds, then the true Sargeras will be able to re-take it and at last walk upon the earth of Azeroth.

  • Part I - Echo of Hatred - The Echo of Gul'dan has reignited the burning heart of the Avatar of Sargeras. Its power is drawing demons to Azeroth - join the battle to halt a new demonic incursion.
  • Part II - The Sundered Skies - The power of the Avatar of Sargeras has rent asunder the skies themselves. New and terrible demonic monsters are pouring into Azeroth.
  • Part III - Darkness Incarnate - The Avatar of Sargeras rises from the tomb, its burning heart blazing with pure evil. Battle its servants and destroy this living incarnation of darkness.

The Shattered Avatar of Sargeras is a boss on par with the mightiest challenges of the Kajaro Undervault.

Call of the Old Gods

Throughout the seas around Zin-Azshari, naga activity is on the rise. Naga forces supported by the malevolent faceless ones have been reported attacking ships. The naga seem to be converging towards a location to the north of Zin-Azshari - it could be that whatever Azshara was seeking when she raised the sunken lands has finally been located.

Elite packs of naga and faceless ones can be found throughout Zin-Azshari's most remote locations. Defeating them will provide great rewards. Naga and faceless ones will also become frequent adversaries to be faced on Warship adventures.

New Creatures

A host of new creatures can be found.

  • Ophidian - Humanoid demons with snake-like lower bodies. They bear a resemblance to flamewakers, but are wholly creatures of the Twisting Nether.
  • Infernal Immolator - A never-before seen type of Infernal, constructed to be a walking artillery weapon. It can hurl boulders of molten fel energy great distances.
  • Devasti - Male shivarra. Smaller than their female counter-parts and having fewer limbs, the devasti are a lowly demon-breed and used as fodder in the demon armies.
  • Yaksura - Male shivarra, of a much larger breed than the smaller devasti. These colossal multi-armed demons are near mindless with a lust for killing, but wield their multiple weapons with skill.