GoldenYak/Patch X.4 - City of the Old Gods
“City of the Old Gods”
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Release date June
Initial version
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Highlights & notes
  • New daily quest zone - Ny'alotha, City of the Old Gods
  • New raid zone available on Ny'alotha - Temple of N'Zoth
  • New world bosses - Argozax, Tendril of N'Zoth and Neptulon, Vengeance of the Tides.
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City of the Old Gods is the fourth and final patch for the Reign of Azshara Expansion Concept.

Patch X.4 - City of the Old Gods

Patch X.4 - City of the Old Gods.

General Overview

  • New daily quest zone - Ny'alotha, City of the Old Gods.
  • New raid zone available on Ny'alotha - Temple of N'Zoth.
  • New world bosses - Neptulon, Vengeance of the Tides and Argozax, Tendril of N'Zoth.
  • New Legendary Warship Questchain concludes - gather your strength, sail into Abyssal Maw itself, and destroy Neputlon the Tidehunter once and for all.

The Story So Far...

The heroes of Azeroth have weathered the storm of Zin-Azshari's rise, and defeated grave threats to the world unleashed by Azshara's machinations. However, Azshara has located that which she raised the sunken lands to find - Ny'alotha, the hidden city of the Old Gods. Within lies N'Zoth, slumbering and dreaming, gathering strength. The last of Azshara's forces have fortified Ny'alotha, and innumerable eldritch horrors that serve N'Zoth have reinforced them. The Alliance and the Horde must war against madness itself to reach the Temple of N'Zoth, where the Old Gods lays, and stop Azshara from awakening him.

The Abyssal Maw Awaits - Legendary Warship Questchain Conclusion

Neptulon's plans to destroy Azeroth has failed. Now, the Tidehunter is vulnerable. With your Warship enhanced by the powers of Noagan and his followers, you can now sail into the Abyssal Maw - the elemental plane of water itself. Here, Neptulon waits, more dangerous than ever. Use all of your power to destroy him once and for all.

Ny'alotha - City of the Old Gods

Ny'alotha has risen.

The hideous cyclopean city of N'Zoth. In ancient times, N'Zoth directed his forces from this nightmarish place, first against his fellow Old Gods and then against the Titans. The stone legions of the Titans broke upon the walls of Ny'alotha time and time again, and even the Titans themseles could not capture N'Zoth as they did the other Old Gods. Ultimately, the Titans elected to contain N'Zoth within his own stronghold, setting wards and bindings around the twisted city and sinking it beneath the surface of Azeroth. Trapped within his city, N'Zoth descended into hibernation, awaiting the right time to awaken.

In his slumber, N'Zoth's dark will reached out into the world, corrupting everything his sleeping gaze fell upon. The defensive systems put in place by the Titans. The Emerald Dream, the pure soul of the world that contained the Titans' perfect design. The night elf highborn were twisted into the naga by his will, and designs that would unfold over the course of 10,000 years were woven.

N'Zoth has fed on the misery and death of the wars he has wrought. The Cataclysm failed to break the world, but it left Azeroth vulnerable. The wars carried out by Azshara, Pluton, and the Legion Ex Machina were all engineered by N'Zoth, and he has grown fat on the anguish of those who lost their lives to his pawns. N'Zoth is ready to awaken. He merely needs his herald, Azshara, to shatter the seal on his tomb, and he will awaken and plunge the world into unending nightmare...

Ny'alotha Storyline Event

The Alliance and the Horde fleets arrive at Ny'alotha to find the city swarming with the servants of the Old Gods. Legions of naga battle alongside countless horrors wrought by the diabolical deities - faceless ones, the shapeless, beasts and monsters torn from the womb of the Void... even the colossal forgotten ones have burrowed up from the depths to menace the defenders of sanity. The Temple of N'Zoth stands open - Azshara and her forces have already breached the ancient binding wards the Titans placed on it. Whatever Azshara's goals were in raising the lands of the deep ocean, they are about to come to fruition.

  • Part I - The City of Nightmares - Battle the forces of Azshara and the legions of N'Zoth in the mind-wrenching, non-euclidean city of the Old Gods.
  • Part II - The Fane of Strange Aeons - Faceless ones are calling forth horrors from the deepest void. Destroy their leader, the black priest N'Azraez
  • Part III - Synagog of the Outer Spheres - The shapeless pour forth from the most blighted quarter of Ny'alotha - find the source of these monsters and destroy it.
  • Part IV - The Tomb of Argozax - N'Zoth's greatest general, Argozax the Destructor, Argozax the Sorrow-Eater, still slumbers in his tomb. Stop Azshara's forces from awakening him, or all may be lost.

While the Temple of N'Zoth stands ready to be assaulted, Azshara's forces must also be dealt with all across the hideous city. Completeing the storyline event will unlock reputation rewards and allow access to the world boss Argozax.

The Temple of N'Zoth is the the Tier RoA-3 raid, containing the greatest challenges of the expansion.

Argozax - Tendril of N'Zoth

When the deadliest regions of the Temple of N'Zoth are unlocked, the vile Argozax, N'Zoth's strongest general, will be unleashed upon Ny'alotha. Argozax is the mightiest world boss in the expansion, and ranks in difficulty on par with the strongest bosses in the Temple of N'Zoth. Defeating him is the mark of a truly powerful hero.

New Creatures

A host of new creatures can be found.

  • Nightmare Naga - From night elves to naga, and from naga to... The power on N'Zoth unleashes a new breed of monster upon Azeroth.
  • Nightmare Hydra - One of N'Zoth's favored pets. These hideous monstrosities are more vicious and dangerous than typical hydra.
  • Cyclopean - Monstrous giants, born in an age before the coming of the Titans, and ancient servants of N'Zoth. Many of them were imprisoned in Ny'alotha by the Titans.