Level: 101 - 102
Map sailgrave.png
Location Zin-Azshari

Related to Reign of Azshara Expansion Concept

Sailgrave is a zone located to in southern Zin-Azshari. The sunken wrecks of ships gathered here for 10,000 years, and can be seen far and wide forming vast plains of shattered hulls, decks, and sails. Hostile races inhabit the zone, the waters beneath swarm with kraken and other ferocious sea-beasts. Undead born of drowned sailors infest the northern regions.


The formation of the Maelstrom 10,000 years ago rendered the seas between the continents a hazard for any who sailed it. Countless ships were consumed by the storms born of the Maelstrom's chaotic energies. Taken down into the depths by underwater currents, these ships littered the ocean floor for miles. These vast undersea ship graveyards were torn free from the ocean floor and formed into a single land when Azshara created Zin-Azshari - this region is now known as Sailgrave.


Sailgrave is a land of rolling plains, silty and dotted with sparse ocean flora. The most prominent features of the landscape are the countless shipwrecks - every hill and crag is clustered with foundered hulks, every crevasse and crater stuffed with broken wreckage. Many pits and tunnels dot the landscape, leading deep beneath Sailgrave into the open ocean. Sea life is plentiful, with countless predators nesting in these sinkholes. Great kraken prowl the deeps, reaching up through tunnels and past wrecked ships to snatch prey with their great tentacles. The great father of the kraken, Ozumat himself, can be found hunting in this region.

Vicious tribes of mako dwell in this area, constantly on the search for food. Undead stygians infest the regions to the north, while other types of non-intelligent or spectral undead can be found in large concentrations of sunken ships. The greatest mass of shipwrecks can be found in the south-west, known as the Gravegyre.


Instance portal purple.png - The Gravegyre - A great mass of shipwrecks, amalgamated into a single structure. Mako and stygian war for control within.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
102-104 5 30 - 45 min


Heroes will strive in Sailgrave to find a passageway to the west to attack Azshara's stronghold in Nazjatar. Instead, they will uncover a threat equally as dire as the naga.

Sailgrave is a great expanse of broken ships and hulks, filled with many enemies. Dealing with hostile mako, shredders, murlocs, naga patrols, and marauding undead with keep the Alliance and the Horde busy. They may also find allies in the friendlier inhabitants of Zin-Azshari. In time, heroes will come under greater and greater attack by intelligent undead from the north, known as stygians. These attacks culminate in a clash at the Gravegyre, where it becomes clear that the stygians are massing for an all-out assault on the living.

Ozumat, the great patriarch of all kraken, prowls the coast of Sailgrave. It will take a mighty force to defeat this malevolent fiend.


  • Salvage Operations - Resources aplenty can be found in the foundered wrecks in the area. Some of them are more well guarded than others, however.
  • Blood in the Water - The ferocious mako people are an overwhelming presence in the region, and they're hungry.
  • The Lost and the Damned - Undead horrors infest the darker regions of Sailgrave. Put them to rest before they threaten your faction.
  • Tendrils of Ozumat - The father of kraken prowls the sea beneath Sailgrave. Stay out of his clutches and you may get a chance to put this creature down once and for all.
  • The Stygian Menace - From the north come an army of the undead, no mere mindless wretches but intelligent and hateful. Hold the line before they overwhelm you.
  • The Gravegyre - The great fortress-settlement of the mako in Sailgrave. The stygians are assaulting it, and giving you an opening to deal a blow to your enemies in the region.