NeutralShadow Web Caverns
Level: 90-93
Spider kingdom.jpg
Location Beneath Northrend

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The Shadow Web Caverns is a zone of the Spider Kingdom located beneath the surface of Northrend. Passing through the Shadow Web Gate from the Upper Kingdom is the safest route to entering the Shadow Web Caverns, although another entrance lies in the crumbling ruins of Drak'Tharon Keep.


The Spider Kingdom is vast, stretching across several regions, but there are still many areas that were never colonized fully by the nerubians. The Shadow Web Caverns is a vast underground wilderness, filled with the natural geography of Azeroth's underworld. Forests of giant mushrooms, underground swamps and seas, deep caverns and sprawling mountains all form the terrain of this region.

Many dangers lie within the wilderness of the Shadow Web Caverns. Aside from all of the natural threats, the forces of the arach'layn, the Twilight Scourge, and the dread servants of the Old Gods can be encountered.


Shadow Web Caverns map.

The outer regions of the zone are dark and cavernous, filled with twisting natural tunnels. Groves of giant mushrooms sprout along the banks of icy underground rivers, and walls of solid ice have sealed off many passages. The underground wilderness gradually gives way to the underground temple cities of Azjol-Nerub, which fill the western regions.


A more detailed overview of the Shadow Web Caverns' subzones can be read here.

Rare Mobs

  • Loronoak of the Third Blade - An arach'layn swordsman who wanders the underwoods, searching for worthy adversaries. The blade he wields was forged in the image of two other legendary blades.
  • Zith-Yig the Mind Flayer - A powerful Faceless One who can be found at the Edge of the Pit, attended by other lesser Faceless.
  • Drak'Urok, Hammer of Malakk - This frost troll berserker protects the underground portions of Zul-Drak' that extend into the Shadow Web Caverns.
  • Reinead the Canopy Weaver - An enormous spider whose webs form much of the Shadow Web Canopy, casting the cavern floor into utter darkness beneath thick veils of spider silk.
  • Fafnir, Spawn of Nidhogg - This giant protodragon prowls the caverns above the Roots of Vordrassil. For all its size and power, it is merely the offspring of the mighty Nidhogg.


Instance portal purple.png - Hanging Tower of Naz'Zuraq - This ancient nerubian sanctum has been claimed by the enigmatic Arach'layn.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
91 5 45 min - 1 hour

Instance portal purple.png - Ahn'Vekir, the First City - This ancient temple-complex dates back to the very founding of Azjol-Nerub.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
92 5 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours

Instance portal purple.png - Terrormaw Hold - Beneath the roots of the failed world tree, Vordrassil, the Terrormaw Furbolg plot to release an unspeakable evil.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
93 5 45 min - 1 hour

Instance portal green.png - Nidhogg's Lair - A colossal protodragon has made its lair in the twisted roots of the fallen world tree, Vordrassil.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
93 10-25 45 min - 1 hour

Quests and Storylines

The Shadow Web Caverns provides a wider range of quests for players to complete. Players arriving from the Upper Kingdom are likely to still be at level 90, but will soon find themselves at level 91, prepared to meet greater challenges. Lower level players will be restricted by the higher difficulty in some areas of the zone, but are free to return when at higher levels to complete the challenges.

The Shadow Web Caverns at Level 90

  • Into the Shadow Web Caverns - Past the Shadow Web Gate, players will find themselves in the hostile and alien wilderness of Azeroth's underworld. The wildlife is dangerous enough, but greater perils lurk in the dark forests of the Spider Kingdom.
  • The Arach'layn - The sinister spider-elves have risen up, and are after their piece of the surface world. These diabolical fiends will stop at nothing to secure their power for their inevitable campaign against the races of the world above.
  • The Hanging Tower of Naz'Zuraq - This imposing nerubian edifice has been conquered by the Arach'layn as their stronghold in the Shadow Web Caverns. Only by braving the dangerous of this alien structure can the Arach'layn be thwarted.
  • Heretics of the Spider Kingdom - Not all of the nerubians have pledged themselves to the banner of the Newbreed. Seek out aid in the unlikeliest of allies with the help of the renowned Brann Bronzebeard.

The Shadow Web Caverns at Level 91

  • The Sundered Monolith - The final stronghold of the nerubians who defy the Spider Queen, Nezar-Kali. Defend this outpost against the marauding Newbreed and their most monstrous warriors.
  • The Eye of Nerub - For millennia, the nerubians of the Sundered Monolith have hidden a fragment of the Eye of Nerub. The Newbreed have captured the relic, and wreaked havoc upon the nerubian rebels. If the Newbreed succeed in escaping with the eye fragment, it may spell doom for the future of Northrend.
  • Legacy of the Azj'Aqir - An eternity ago, the underworld of Northrend was settled by the insect race known as the Aqir. Some of their ruined cities still exist today, waiting to be explored. The Newbreed stand poised to exploit the remnants of their ancient heritage in a final bid to eliminate all opposition to their rule.
  • The First City - Ahn'Vekir - Explore the very first city of the nerubians, constructed by their ancient ancestors, the Aqir. Within these ruins lie the forgotten history of the seemingly extinct race. But though the Aqir are gone, the ruins still hold great power, and danger. Brann Bronzebeard and his Bronzebeard Undertaking forces have come to the city to recover the stolen fragment of the Eye of Nerub, and explore the history of the Aqir.
  • The Azj'Aqir Worldgate - This massive structure dominates the ruins of the First City. Brann Bronzebeard and his companions have determined that there is a connection between the Worldgate and the many Waygates constructed by the titans in ancient times. When the Newbreed attempt to activate the ancient magic of the Worldgate, Brann must make a seemingly ultimate sacrifice in order to stop them. Throwing the activated Worldgate into reverse, Brann causes all of the Newbreed forces to be sucked through the portal to an unknown location. However, Brann himself is drawn into the gate as well.
  • To The Inner Kingdom - The Bronzebeard Undertaking forces remain at Ahn'Vekir in an effort to find a way to rescue Brann. With the Newbreed forces removed, the path to the heart of the Spider Kingdom stands revealed. What horrors await in Ahn'Saron, the Inner Kingdom?

The Shadow Web Caverns at Level 92

At level 92, players will return to the Shadow Web Caverns and explore regions such as Scylagarde Keep, Skalagrim Cove, The Maw of Mists, and the Drak'Tharon Catacombs.

The Shadow Web Caverns at Level 93

At level 93, players will be up to challenge of exploring regions such as the Saron Crevasse and the Roots of Vordrassil. The deadliest dungeons of the Shadow Web Caverns will also be available.