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In the wake of the Cataclysm, new and terrible monsters have risen from the dark places beneath the surface of Azeroth.

Creatures of Azeroth's Underworld

Aqir Wraith

Aqir Wraith.

As dark and inhuman as the nerubians are, their ancient aqir ancestors were even moreso. Their unquiet phantoms still haunt the most ancient parts of the Spider Kingdom, temples and places of worship long sinced abandoned by the nerubians, even before their defeat by the Scourge. Bloated with ectoplasmic bulk, these ragged shades are surrounded by a cloud of swarming phantasmal flies. Glaring from within their heavy shrouds are a cluster of glowing eyes. Twisted by millennia of undeath, their spectral forms bear little to no resemblance of their previous living bodies.


A croojer.

A curious race of insectile humanoids, possibly a bizarre and distant offshoot of the aqir. Slightly smaller than the average dwarf, they are adept tunnelers and scavengers, and will construct cunning traps and pitfalls in order to discourage attackers and capture prey. Their four upper limbs are quite dextrous and they are capable of carrying out multiple tasks simultaneously. When exposed, they will often curl themselves into armored balls and bounce around at rapid speeds, relying on their thick shells to protect them and crush their enemies.

The majority of croojer are smaller than average humanoids, but occasionally truly gigantic specimens have been sighted, monstrosities with a dozen limbs and oversized armored shells. These giant individuals are the kings of their kind, and should their homes be threatened they will throw themselves furiously into combat, all of their upper limbs swinging crudely made or stolen weaponry. If they are slain, the rest of the croojer will immediately retreat. In time, a single croojer will undergo a metamorphosis and replace the fallen monarch as a new croojer king.



Mole-like humanoids who have survived the underworld of Northrend for centuries. They were born from the shed blood of a mighty mole ancient who fought against the Burning Legion 10,000 years ago. The ancient slew many demons before it was finally slain in turn, and its blood flowed into the caverns and tunnels of the land that would become Northrend. There it gave rise to the duggum, who formed a close-knit society of many clan-families that has survived since the time of the Sundering. Small and clever, they avoided conflict with all the other races that shelter in the underworld. They are cautious to approach other races, but those who earn their trust can learn a great deal about Azeroth's underworld, and will find in them a people prepared to stand against the dark threats that rise from further below. The duggum have a vast knowledge of farming and gathering in subterranean environments, and their sages and spell-casters know a great deal of lore about the tending of life in the deep earth.

The duggum are nearly sightless, and sense their environment through smell, sound, and detecting the vibrations of the world around them. They dwell mainly in deep darkness, as the light of day is harmful to them, and any illumination brighter than the faintest glow of shimmer moss or glowstone is uncomfortable. Because of this trait, they have had some difficulty in communicating their ideals to those who follow the Holy Light of Creation. While the duggum honor its power, their name for it is different - they call it the Guardian Dark. The duggum believe that light blinds, while in the darkness, eyes open wider. The darkness they call upon with their spell-casting is nothing like the spells of shadow and negative energy that warlocks and shadow-priests use - rather, it is a dark radiance that brings comfort and healing, not unlike the soothing balm of sleep. This phenomenon has perplexed the priests and paladins who have come to study under this curious people.


Eidolon of Air.

Before the Old Gods were banished, they held the elements in their thrall. Earth, air, fire, and water warred ceaseless for the amusement of their evil masters. When the Titans finally came to liberate Azeroth from chaos, many elemental beings had been so corrupted by the Old Gods that the Titans deemed them too dangerous to lock away with their fellows in the elemental plane. These beings were instead imprisoned inside Titan-forged obelisks and monoliths, and buried with the Old Gods deep beneath the earth. The elementals inside these tombs became known as eidolons. The Twilight's Hammer has unearthed and destroyed many of these ancient prisons, freeing the creatures within - elemental monstrosities warped by the dark power of the Old Gods and driven insane by untold millennia of imprisonment.

Eidolons take as many varied forms as their fellow elementals, but generally coalesce into scarecrowish, humanoid shapes. There is an undeniable aura of menace that surrounds every eidolon, and even for elementals they are unsettling to watch - their spindly limbs twisting and reshaping themselves, natural forces bent in completely unnatural ways. Their bodies invariable incorporate fragments of their shattered prison monoliths, and their limbs are draped in the broken chains that once imprisoned them.

Eldritch Hound

Eldritch Hound.

When a creature dies, their body draws scavengers. This is true of even gods. The immense, rotting carcass of Yogg-Saron that festers beneath the surface of Northrend is not made of normal matter, and as it decays the unnatural aura it exudes resonates beyond the material plane. Following the scent are the Eldritch Hounds, creatures of a realm far removed from the mortal world. Slipping in and out of reality as easily as a wolf might run through the woods, these fearsome creatures are the ultimate stalkers.

Eldritch Hounds have pitch black hides and slavering jaws. Their head holds no eyes, but massive glaring orbs are clustered around their limbs. Long tentacles tipped with eerily glowing runes protrude from their shoulders, which they use to ensnare and paralyze their prey. They are frequently found preying on Undying Tendrils, and have been known to ambush forces of the Twilight's Hammer involved in mining operations, devouring any saronite ore that the miners have unearthed.



The immense gastrolith is a disgusting denizen of Azeroth's underworld. Resembling a slug the size of a kodobeast, these slimy beasts ooze their way through caves and tunnels, slurping up anything they can roll over. A gastrolith can be deceptively fast, and make almost no noise as the move, enabling them to overtake much faster prey by surprise. Anything engulfed by the slimy body of a gastrolith will soon find itself sucked into the fleshy beast's stomach and digested with potent acids. When threatened, the gastrolith can spray its digestive juices at a foe. When a gastrolith rears up to attack, it exposes its gaping mouth - a great black tunnel lined with row upon row of tiny, hook-like teeth.



A race of bat people who dwell in the caverns of Northrend's underworld. Many of their number were slain by the undead Scourge and turned into the monstrous, animalistic gargoyles. The survivors remain in hiding and are distrustful of outsiders. The hahn'tan share the gargoyles' natural ability to transform their hides into durable living stone. Their is much speculation regarding their origins, whether they are born from an animal demigod, or if they are a titan progenitor race.

Mole Bear

Mole Bear.

The mole bears are one of the deadliest creatures of the underworld. Fiercely territorial, they will attack intruders on sight, carving apart their enemy with their massive taloned paws, while absorbing damage with their durable, rock-like hide. Mole Bears are blind, but their sense of smell and hearing is keen and they have no trouble locating prey, or a threat. Their talons are extremely durable, allowing them to burrow through dirt, rock, and ice. Often these creatures will burrow partially into the wall or floor of a tunnel, covering themselves in a layer of detritus as a disguise, and bursting forth to attack when unwitting prey draws near.



Morloggs are a debased humanoid race that appears to have succumbed to the Curse of Flesh. They are possibly related to humans or vrykul. Their size and strength has increased, as have their cannibalistic tendencies. Strange plant-growths and fungus have taken root on their bodies, feeding on the twisted corruption and becoming unnaturally resilient.

Morloggs will attack virtually any other living creature, and will often turn on each other if no other target presents itself. Morloggs are likely the descendants of ancient stone-skinned vrykul who succumbed completely to the Curse of Flesh, in a manner similar to troggs.



These hideous creatures appear to be related, however distantly, to the murloc race. They dwell solely in underground lakes, swamps, and other subterranean water sources. They are completely blind, their over-large eyes having long ago ceased to function in the darkness of Azeroth's underworld. Their skin has become rough and rubbery, requiring less moisture than their sea-dwelling cousins. Their jaws are filled with needle-sharp teeth that grow so long they are incapable of fully closing their mouths. Their flabby hands are webbed and tipped with jagged claws, allowing them to dig their way through ice-flows. Mur'lurks lay eggs like murlocs, but rather than leaving them in underwater nests, mur'lurks glue them to their own backs with slimy mucous, carrying their brood around wherever they go.

Mur'lurks are far more savage and seemingly less intelligent then their sea-dwelling relatives. They speak barely-intelligible Nerglish and seem to venerate underground monsters the same way murlocs will worship powerful aquatic creatures. Tribes of mur'lurks have been driven closer to the surface by the increased infestation of Undying Tendrils in Azeroth's underworld.

Nerubian Newbreed

A previous generation nerubian and a nerubian Newbreed.

The recent uprising of nerubians in Northrend has provided disturbing new information to scholars of the Spider Kingdom. While at first glance the difference between one nerubian and another might not be apparent, there are some startling differences between the older nerubians cataloged and the newer creatures carrying out recent attacks. The more recently encountered nerubians are larger and more muscular, their carapace noticeably more durable. Their multiple eyes are arranged in a different configuration, giving them superior eyesight and visual acuity. Strangely, their brain-case is much smaller, meaning these nerubians are far less intelligent than specimens encountered in the past.

The most startling piece of information is perhaps the most troubling - the new nerubians launching attacks all across Northrend are only a few years old, far younger than should be possible given previous knowledge of nerubian maturation. If this new generation of nerubians are capable of reproducing and maturing with such frightening speed, the once near-extinct nerubian species may soon grow far greater in number than any other race on Azeroth.

Nerubian Infiltrator

Nerubian Infiltrator.

These frightening creatures are seemingly related to the nerubians of Azjol-Nerub. Although information about the nerubians and their various sub-species and servant creatures is scarce, even the most learned scholar of nerubian lore has never found mention of these beings anywhere in any records recovered from the Spider Kingdom. Infiltrators are roughly humanoid in proportion, with four more arachnoid-like limbs used for fighting. They are possessed of a nerubian's alien intelligence and, true to their name, are capable of great stealth, often disguising themselves with heavy robes to pass among humans or forsaken undetected.

When uncovered, Infiltrators will fight to the death, tearing at their enemies with their teeth and talons. To date, no Infiltrator has allowed itself to be taken alive. It is still a mystery as to what the Infiltrators hope to accomplish by sneaking into the cities of the surface world. Infiltrators have been sighted as far away as Valiance Keep and Blightbrace Point, and the Kirin Tor believe that a group of the creatures has infiltrated Dalaran itself.

Nerubian Spidermind

Nerubian Spidermind.

Despite the seemingly reduced intelligence of the new generation of nerubians, their assaults upon the surface world are being carried out with devastating precision, ingenious tactics, and ruthless efficiency. The Kirin Tor were at a loss to explain how this was possible given the nerubian Newbreed's primitive intellect, until the discovery of the nerubian creature dubbed a Spidermind. Spiderminds communicate psionically with less intelligent nerubians, coordinating their efforts in battle and directing them against the enemy. Despite their vestigial bodies, they are fearsome opponents when confronted directly, blasting the enemy with elemental magic and shredding their minds with their psionic powers.

Essentially an immense armored brain, the Spidermind's body is utterly useless, and it moves by using it's magical power to levitate itself. Spiderminds are blind, but can look through the eyes of any creature within the range of it's psionic powers. Their body structure is very similar to those of Nerubian Viziers, and while the Newbreed seem like a regression of the nerubian warrior form, the Spidermind may be an evolved form of the Vizier.

Nerubian Newbreed Spiderlord

Nerubian Spiderlord.

Wholly unlike the darkly noble Spiderlords of the lost ages of Azjol-Nerub, this newest generation of nerubian leaders epitomizes the debased savagery and brute power of the Newbreed. Possessing none of the keen intellect of their predecessors, the Newbreed Spiderlords are little more than living tanks - colossal creatures of armor and bladed limbs that tower over their smaller kin. Only when guided by the Spiderminds do these creatures display any kind of battlefield acumen or military tactics - without that direction, the Spiderlords charge heedlessly into combat, rending their victims asunder with berserker fury.

Spiderlords are covered in a heavy carapace, and this natural armor is further reinforced with plates of forged saronite, making them impervious to virtually any attack. They storm forwards on four massive legs, with one upper pair of limbs invariably clutching massive swords or axes. Their second pair of upper limbs are mantis-like talons, serrated and powerful enough to snap a fully armored humanoid in two.

Nerubian Swordlegs

Nerubian Swordlegs.

Nerubians are swarming to the surface in greater numbers, and are beginning to demonstrate great variety. These nerubians, nick-named Swordlegs, appear to have been selectively bred for speed and stealth, rather than brute strength like the other Newbreed. Their heads and limbs are plated in simple but durable saronite armor, enabling them to race forwards across any terrain and pierce their intended prey. Their body structure is similar to nerubian viziers, with four upper limbs and four lower. One pair of upper limbs and their lower forelimbs are nearly double the size of their other limbs - it is these limbs that the Swordlegs use to pierce and slash their enemies.


Nerubian Slave-Wretch.

These creatures are clearly derived from nerubian stock, but are significantly different from the nerubians launching attacks upon the surface. Slave-Wretches walk on four legs and have four grasping limbs, rather like the nerubian vizier-caste and unlike nerubian warriors. However, they appear severely limited in intelligence, far more even than the nerubian newbreed generation. Their cranial capacity is smaller and they don't appear to be capable of verbal speech. Nevertheless, Slave-Wretches have been observed carrying out complex tasks in large groups, acting in concert without any apparent communication or supervision.


An orc spider-slave and a nerubian Enslaver.

A spider-slave is the horrific result of a living humanoid infected by a nerubian Enslaver. This tiny, spider-like creatures are implanted in the bodies of those captured by the nerubians, where they rapidly grow to great size, gruesomely distorting the body of the hapless host. The Enslaver's legs burst forth from the host's back, becoming deadly spear-like talons. The Enslaver completely overtakes the host's body, turning them into a mindless zombie-like slave under the command of the nerubians. Spider-slaves operate as brute-labor and cannon-fodder for the nerubians, blindly obeying all of their commands, ignoring all injury and acting without fear.

Spider-slaves do not respond to anything other than the commands of a nerubian, so it is unclear if the Enslavers are able to act on their own. Thus far, every attempt to remove an Enslaver from a host has resulted in the host's death. If a host dies, an Enslavers will attempt to infest another immediately.

Undying Tendrils

Undying Tendrils.

Deep beneath the frozen surface of Northrend lies the Old God, Yogg-Saron, imprisoned an eternity ago by the titans. The dark entity attempted to break free of his chains at Ulduar, the ancient titan city, but his schemes were foiled by agents of the Alliance and the Horde, who fought their way into the prison of the Old God itself, and struck it down.

But Yogg-Saron's gigantic corpse is still a danger to the lands of Northrend. Without a mind to control its alien biology, the vast carcass has begun to grow and mutate even as it rots, sending decaying tendrils of unnatural flesh growing up through the earth like weeds. These Undying Tendrils breach the surface deep in caves and cold lakes, growing ever upwards towards the world that Yogg-Saron had sought to remade. The Tendrils are disgusting, rotting things, their withering skin bloated with blisters of foul, liquefied saronite, the Old God's poisonous black blood.

Voiceless One

Voiceless One

Spoken of in the legends and myths of the nerubians, and even then only in hushed voices and fearful prayers, are the monsters known as the Voiceless. Said to be servants of a terrible and ancient being, known to the nerubians as the Unspoken, the Voiceless Ones were sometimes summoned in dark rituals carried out by the nerubians in a part of the Spider Kingdom known as Ahn'Dirac, the Silent Temple. According to scrolls related to the Silent Temple, the rituals had to be carried out in complete silence, for the Voiceless Ones would become hostile and attack at the slightest sound.

Voiceless Ones resemble octopus-like creatures with massive fanged mouths that drift through the air. Their jaws constantly gnash and chatter, and at times it seems like they are trying to speak. However, no sound can be heard. In fact, Voiceless Ones make no sound of any sort, not the rustle of tentacles or the clashing of teeth, not the dripping of saliva or the pant of breath. It is as if their very presence swallows any noise, no matter how faint. They drift, hunt, and kill all in terrible, unnatural quiet.



When Malygos fell, his control over the re-aligned ley lines of Northrend was lost. The Cataclysm only made matters worse, releasing tremendous arcane energy all across Northrend. The arcane storm caused by the ley line rupture tore apart the Nexus, slaying dozens of blue dragons with its fury. Ordinarily, arcane energy does not produce necromantic effects, but the blue dragonflight has a greater affinity for arcane magicks than any other creature on Azeroth. The arcane energy infused itself into their remains, replacing their natural life force. The blue dragons rose from their grave, animated by pure arcane energy, now known as wychwyrms. Resembling frost wyrms superficially, wychwyrms are surrounded in an aura of arcane power that resembles the living dragon they once were. This aura allows wychwyrms full function, even if their remains are damaged or incomplete.

Unlike undead dragons created by the Lich King, wychwyrms are not operating on animal instinct in the wake of his fall. They are aware, as they were in life, and under the control of a sinister, intelligent force that appears to have a direct connection with Azeroth's ley line network. This force is identified by the wychwyrms as the Malevolence. What this force wants, what designs it is directing the wychwyrms to carry out, is still a mystery.

Creatures of Azj'Aqir, the Shattered Empire

Cold One Xillard

Cold One Xillard.

The reptilian beings known as the cold ones are a primordial race that arose before the titans came to bring order to Azeroth, one of the few intelligent living species to evolve without nurturing from the ancient Makers. Arising under the baleful gaze of the Old Gods, the cold ones developed into a hateful and malicious race, their reptilian brains absent of conscience or empathy. The pact that they have made with the Old Gods predates the arrival of the titans, and the cold ones serve the will of their dark masters in unknowable ways, carving out altars and monuments to them in the darkness of Azeroth's underworld.

Cold one Xillards are the warriors of their kind. Their hulking bodies are heavily muscled and armored in scales as tough as any forged armor. They fight with raking talons and powerful jaws, and they carry weapons made of carved rock and bone. Their eyes are a frightening red, and they glare at their foes with an intellect as old as the stars and as cold as the darkness between them.

Cold One Formyr

Cold One Formyr.

Mutant cold ones that somewhat resemble naga, with serpentine lower bodies and humanoid upper torsos. Their single eye can hypnotize.

Cold One Dactyl

Cold One Dactyl.

Flight-capable cold ones with webbed wings. Though sleeker and less bulky than their ground-dwelling kin, their ability to attack from above with lightning speed makes them deadly foes.

Cold One Sluagh

Cold One Sluagh.

Toad-like cold ones, slow and bloated, but capable of exceptional magical feats. They are the priests of the cold ones.

Cold One Tarrask

Cold One Tarrask.

The towering Tarrask is a frightful creature apparently related to the evil cold ones. Whether they are a natural offshoot of the ancient race or some twisted creation of the Old Gods in unknown, but only a handful of these monstrosities exist, ceaselessly traveling across the sunken Black Sands of Zhun, deep in Azeroth's underworld. Heeding some eldritch call only they can hear, the Tarrasks never stop, never sleep or eat, never rest, but merely walk their endless path, taking years to complete a circuit of the desert and then beginning again.

Appearing as a massive reptilian humanoid, they are covered in thick scales that can deflect a ballista bolt, and their massive talons can cleave through armor, flesh, and bone with a single swipe. Tarrask tend to ignore everything unless something crosses their path or they are attacked directly - anything that seeks to bar their path is met with their titanic fury, and they have decimated entire legions in their rampages, before returning once more to their endless march.

Endless One

Endless One.

Arbiters of C'Thun's will, the endless ones have been called from their extra-dimensional exile by the prayers of the cold ones. They bring them with arcane and eldritch technology unlike anything Azeroth, and perhaps the universe beyond, has ever known.

An unnatural combination of alien flesh and eldritch artifice, these creatures tend to the Nameless Citadel of C'Thun. Within their veins flows chronoplasm, the blood of C'Thun itself.

Faceless One Mummy

Ancient faceless ones that served C'Thun, they mummified themselves when their master was defeated by the titans. Recently they have begun to awaken throughout Azj'Aqir.


A monstrous insectile creature resembling a gigantic mantis, manterrors are fearsome predators who dwell in the ruined underground lands of Azj'Aqir. Their tendency to creep up on the unsuspecting and tear them apart with their enormous fore-claws gives them their name. Thought to be related to the silithid race, manterrors are certainly larger than the average insect. However, they have been known to prey upon silithids as well.


These frightful creatures dwell within the deep glacier-chasms and underground ice ravines of the Plateau of Nerub. Utterly without constant shape and form, they resemble a living tide of black slime, tar-like and foul, with all manner of tentacles, limbs, eyes, and devouring maws continually forming out of the ooze before vanishing into shapelessness once again.

Nergaloths are not the mindless ooze-spawn that are encountered on the surface - they display a malign intelligence, ambushing hapless adventurers in the darkness and infesting their bodies with pieces of itself. The infected fall under the Nergaloth's control, their bodies moved like puppets, luring more and more victims into the clutches of their hideous master. When it no longer feels the need to conceal itself, a Nergaloth' will erupt out of the darkness in all its fury, sprouting chitinous claws and fanged mouths, while its slave thralls all spasm and die horribly, the pieces of the Nergaloth' within them bursting outwards to rejoin the primary beast.

Qiraji Nomad

With their utter defeat in the second War of the Shifting Sands, and the subsequent undoing of their patron deity, the Old God C'Thun, the qiraji abandoned their ages-old home of Ahn'Qiraj and fled through the secret World Gate. An ancient aqir structure, built with secrets stripped from fallen titan constructs, the World Gate had once transported aqir refugees from their ravaged underground kingdoms when they fell to the armies of the trolls.

The few qiraji survivors of the war now wandered the crumbling empire of Azj'Aqir, eking out a bare-bones existence among the relics of their once-mighty ancestors. Hateful of all those not of their race, the qiraji remnants will attack anyone they encounter.


Mighty feline beasts with enormous curving fangs, they are the apex predator of the jungle-like regions of Azj'Aqir.


When the great troll empires of pre-historic Azeroth shattered the might of the aqir, the trolls were utterly merciless in the rout of their foe. Many of trolls devoted themselves to hunting down and exterminating all of the insect people to prevent them from ever rising again to threaten the world. Entire armies outfitted themselves for continued war and ventured into the underground caverns beneath the surface, seeking out and destroying surviving aqir wherever they fled.

These great troll hosts spent years, decades, and finally entire generations deep underground, adapting to their environment with typical troll tenacity, developing into a distinct troll sub-type. Called Undertrolls, they are perfectly adapted to life underground. Long ago they constructed the permanent settlement of Zul'Ur in the ruins of what once was a major hive-nexus of the aqir, vowing to forever watch over the ruins of their ancient enemy. Like other troll empires, their temple-stronghold eventually fell to ruin, as troll society steadily reverted to tribal level. The Undertolls of Zul'Ur still dwell within their ancient temple-city, worshiping many strange and powerful underground Loa.

Creatures of Shadowcrown Glacier

Dread Iron Dwarf

A race created by the titanic watcher Tyr, who fell under the influence of the Old Gods shortly after his brother Loken also became corrupted. Tyr masterminded the design of the original iron dwarves and re-programmed the Forge of Wills in Ulduar to create them. Turning them over to his brother Loken, Tyr retreated deep into the underworld to experiment further with saronite. When Loken and his Old God puppet-master were defeated, the many iron dwarves still serving under him became inert, falling into slumber.

Returning some years after the defeat of his brother, Tyr used purified saronite to revive many of these slumbering iron dwarves, mutating them into hideous dread iron dwarves. Twisted and monstrous, their metallic bodies covered in spines and growths, dread iron dwarves are not the emotionless automatons that their predecessors were, but truly evil and cruel beings who seek to break down and unmake all creatures of flesh. They serve the corrupted Tyr and are the backbone of his new war efforts on the surface world.

Dread Iron Faceless One

After the corrupted watcher Tyr revived the dread iron dwarves, he used them to sculpt a great many weapons of war in the darkness of Azeroth's underworld. Many of the vile faceless were called up from the depths to be 'improved' by Tyr's metal servants. Plates of forged saronite were attached to the slimey hides of the faceless ones, augmenting their already unnatural bodies with the powerful metal.

These iron faceless became Tyr's elite guard. The saronite metal attached to their bodies more completely than any ordinary suit of armor - the blood of the Old God Yogg-Saron took root within the flesh of the faceless ones, making them one. As iron faceless grow larger and stronger over time, their iron armor grows as well to accommodate their bulk. In some of the mightiest specimens, the armor itself comes to life, growing and mutating ever more monstrous and powerful appearances.

Dread Iron War Machine

A mighty engine of destruction, built by the dread iron dwarves. Using a standard titan golem as a template, the dread iron dwarves have converted it into an even deadlier construct, attaching all manner of deadly weapons - cannons, flame-throwers, lightning projectors, and a vast array hammers, maces, axes, claws, and other cutting, bludgeoning, and crushing close-combat weaponry.

Unlike ordinary titan constructs, the War Machines appear to be instilled with some manner of sentient thought, making them more than mere tools - they show a brutal and sadistic streak, tormenting their enemies and prolonging their suffering.

Dread Iron Mutant

The refuse sludge produced by the war engines of the dread iron dwarves is suffused with particles of saronite, gifting it with a twisted life, not unlike an ooze. Composed of liquid saronite and partially metalized flesh, these mutant abominations lurk in the depths of the dread iron dwarf city of Dreadstorm.

Dread Iron Oroch

A construct of the dread iron dwarves, built in the shape of a great bull. Thick plates of armor make this construct virtually impervious to damage, and its sharp horns and crushing hooves can lay waste to its enemies. Dread iron dwarves often employ these living machines as mounts, or as beasts of burden to pull wagons and weapon emplacements.

Iron Bound Eidolon

Elementals twisted by the corrupting whispers of the Old Gods, they were freed from prison obelisks only to be shackled within armored shells of dread iron. The dread iron dwarves forged humanoid constructs from the dark metal to contain the power of the eidolon so that it could be used for their own ends. The fury of the imprisoned eidolon animates the construct, imbuing it with elemental power. Iron Bound Eidolons can be equipped with many different weapons, each one designed to focus and channel the elemental energies of its prisoner to employ different (but equally destructive) attacks.

Obsidian Tol'vir

The tol'vir are a servitor race created by the Titans to oversee the design and construction of their great cities. When the Titans departed Azeroth, the tol'vir remained behind, their stone-skin eventually softening to flesh and blood due to the Curse of Flesh inflicted upon them by the Old Gods. The tol'vir remained loyal to the Titans and fought against the corruption of the Old Gods for millennia.

Long ago, the nerubians captured many of the tol'vir and used them for countless immoral magical experiments. They learned to purge the tol'vir of the Curse of Flesh, and in doing so rob them of free will, transforming them into stone statues whose tremendous magical powers were used by the nerubians for their devious ends. A handful of tol'vir were strong willed enough to resist the manipulations of the nerubians, and escaped before they lost their souls to enslavement. Free of the Curse of Flesh and bearing hide as dark and hard as obsidian, these tol'vir shelter in the darkness of Azeroth's underworld, striking out against the minions of the Old Gods wherever they threaten the surface.


When an eidolon encounters an elemental from the Elemental Plane, it flies into an unnatural rage. Perhaps it senses a rival, perhaps it is reliving some moment of the ancient eternal elemental war from pre-history. Perhaps it simply recognizes in its foe something it has lost itself. Whatever the reason, the eidolon will ceaselessly attack the elemental and tear it apart, devouring its essence. Doing so empowers the eidolon, increasing its strength and deadliness.

When an eidolon has consumed enough elementals of all varieties, it undergoes a type of evolution, incorporating all elemental forces into itself. The resultant being is an Omnimental, an elemental being that contains all elemental forces within itself - earth, fire, air, and water, in a twisted equilibrium. Undergoing this transformation seems to grant the eidolon a measure of its former mental stability, reducing the madness that clouds their minds - at least for short periods of time.