World of Warcraft: The Spider Kingdom
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The Spider Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub

World of Warcraft - The Spider Kingdom

The Spider Kingdom


The ancient kingdom of Azjol-Nerub flourished for millennia beneath the frozen land of Northrend. The evil Lich King and his Scourge ended the reign of the nerubians, and seized their dead to bolster his fledgling army. The Spider Kingdom is dead... but many powerful forces still battle over its remains.

When the Cataclysm tore apart Azeroth, the devastation reached even the distant roof of the world. Armies of nerubians began to rise from Azeroth's underworld, laying waste to the surface. For years the nerubian race had been teetering on the edge of extinction, but this new army is vast and innumerable, made up of a new generation of living nerubians. Dedicated to the worship of the Old Gods and to sweeping away the races of the surface world, the nerubians are a deadly power that has erupted back into the world and threaten all living things.

World of Warcraft: The Spider Kingdom will take adventurers into the dark underworld of Azeroth, exploring the hidden depths of the ancient kingdom of Azjol-Nerub... and more. Dread forces have been unleashed by Deathwing's Cataclysm, and primordial horrors from Azeroth's past are on the rise. The Spider Kingdom will be the battleground that these enemies must be fought and defeated on, less they swarm forth and overwhelm the world.

Spider Kingdom Expansion Changes and Updates

  • The Spider Kingdom Revealed: New content zones have been added - The Upper Kingdom, the Shadow Web Caverns, and Ahn'Saron - the Inner Kingdom. These zones are accessed through the Pit of Narjun in Dragonblight. A fourth zone, the Wound of the World, acts as the center of the Spider Kingdom and a natural barrier separating the leveling zones, but contains no leveling content.
  • New zone content is level 90+.
  • The Path of War - new leveling system for 90+ content.
  • The Art of War - a 4th spec for all classes.
  • Level cap is set at 93. Advancing from one level to the next will involve using the new Path of War progression system. Level cap will rise with content patches.
  • The Cataclysm has rent Northrend asunder, altering many of it's regions. The fall of Arthas and the rise of a new Lich King has also brought about a drastic change in the balance of power all across the continent.
  • New dungeons and raid instances have been discovered throughout the new Spider Kingdom zones, as well as the newly reshaped Northrend zones.
  • New battlegrounds and many new arenas are available.


There are three major content patches for the Spider Kingdom expansion.

The Art of War - Fourth Specializations for all Classes

The world is filled with enemies more dangerous than mortal minds can truly understand. Distant lands thought lost to time have been found. New worlds have been discovered. Powers ancient and unfathomable have been harnessed. The mortal defenders of Azeroth are prepared to unlock new skills and new ways to wage war.

All classes in the Spider Kingdom have been granted 4 specializations, allowing players to unlock their character's full potential and take them into battle in never-before-seen ways.

The Path of War - Unique New Leveling System

Players will no longer grow by simply by acquiring experience points to advance one level at a time. Players will be able to customize their character progression using the Path of War.

New Zones

The Spider Kingdom's new high level zones are accessed in Dragonblight, where the Pit of Narjun has become a massive sinkhole, leading deep beneath the surface of Azeroth.

Regions of the Spider Kingdom

  • Neutral The Upper Kingdom: The first region of the Spider Kingdom, accessible through the Pit of Narjun. This vast cavern encompasses underground portions of Dragonblight and beyond. Baelgun Flamebeard and his surviving forces maintain the fortress of Doorward, keeping a close watch on the horrors that lurk in Azeroth's underworld.
  • Neutral Shadow Web Caverns: A vast zone flourishing with the life of Azeroth's underworld. Forests of giant mushrooms blanketed in spider webbing, swamps of phosphorescent plants, and the ever-present temple cities of the nerubians all await exploration.
  • Neutral Ahn'Saron, the Inner Kingdom: The heart of the Spider Kingdom. The temples and palaces of the nerubians stretch as far as the eye can see, and tower far overhead to touch the distant cavern ceiling. The forces of the nerubians and the servants of the Old Gods hold full dominion here.
  • Neutral Wound of the World: Ringed by the other regions of the Spider Kingdom, this great chasm in Azeroth's underworld stretches down into impenetrable darkness. Nerubian structures are built all along the jagged cliffs, and mad whisperings can be heard by any who attempt to fly across.

Other Realms in Azeroth's Underworld

Other Realms Beyond Azeroth

  • Neutral The Lunar Vale: The Lunar Vale is a mysterious valley located on Azeroth's second moon, the Blue Child. Many strange and unusual creatures can be found there, as well as ancient structures built by the Titans. This region is made available with Patch X.3.

Dungeons and Raids

Map of the Upper Kingdom.

Below are some of the new dungeon and raid instances to be found:

New Dungeons found in Spider Kingdom Zones

  • Doorward Underhalls - A dungeon contained in the dwarven stronghold of Doorward. Baelgun Flamebeard and his forces are struggling to keep the monstrous creatures from Azeroth's dark underworld contained.
  • Naz'Amun, the Crawling City - In the heart of the Upper Kingdom is the Crawling City, a stronghold of the new generation of nerubians seeking to conquer the surface world.
  • Vault of the Titans - A portion of the Vault of Archavon that reaches deep underground. The true treasure of the Vault is sealed inside, and the forces of the Twilight Hammer want it.
  • Hanging Tower of Naz'Zuraq - A massive nerubian tower stretching high above Shadow Web forest.
  • Ahn'Vekir, the First City - One of the oldest portions of Azjol-Nerub, dating back to the arrival of the nerubians' mysterious ancestors, the aqir.
  • Terrormaw Hold - Beneath the roots of the failed world tree, Vordrassil, the furbolg of the Terrormaw tribe are preparing to release an unspeakable evil...
  • Halls of Flame - A substructure of Ulduar, which powers the entire complex. Watcher Mimiron has uncovered dire peril to all of Storm Peaks here.
  • Halls of Horror - Yogg-Saron was not the only ancient monster that the Titans imprisoned deep within Ulduar. Other horrors yet remain to face.
  • Altar of the Old Gods - In the Inner Kingdom, the Altar of the Old Gods stands. Inscribed on the black obelisks that form its center are the names of the five Old Gods...

New Dungeons found in Northrend Zones

Level 94 Dungeons

Level 95 Dungeons

  • Twilight City - A portion of Dreadstorm City given over to the forces of the Twilight Scourge.
  • Thunderfury Ramparts - A mighty fortress that protects the Dreadforge, the very seat of power in Dreadstorm City.
  • Karazhan: The Depths - Beneath Karazhan lies a bizarre, inverted reflection of the tower. The forces of the Malevolence have gathered here.

Level 95 Elite Dungeons

  • Malykriss, the Vile Hold - The floating fortress of the Twilight Scourge.
  • Algalon's Observatory - Algalon's sanctum, where he watches over Azeroth. The Twilight Scourge have invaded here, and Xarosan is attempting to assassinate Algalon.
  • Burning Nexus - A mystical conduit that leads from the Twisting Nether to Azeroth. The Burning Legion is preparing to come through it to invade again.

New Raids

Tier X.0 Raids

  • The Necropolis of Nerub - An ancient structure holding the nerubian dead of thousands of years. The remnants of the undead Scourge seek to raise an unstoppable army here.
  • Nidhogg's Lair - A titanic proto-dragon has made a home amongst the roots of Vordrassil in Shadow Web Caverns. Only the bravest of adventurers dare face the beast in it's lair.
  • Palace of the Spider Queen - The last stronghold of the nerubians. Deep within the Royal Quarter is the queen of the entire sinister race, a creature of terrible power who hates all that dwell in the light.

Tier X.1 Raids

  • Twilight of Dalaran - The Twilight Scourge assaults Dalaran. Their dread necropolis, Malykriss, darkens the sky overhead, and an even deadlier secret weapon lies within.
  • Nameless Citadel: Orrery of C'Thun - In C'Thun's ancient citadel, a diabolical machine designed and built by the Old God grinds to life...
  • Degaton's Vault - The deepest chamber of the Vault of Archavon, containing a servant of the titans imprisoned long ago.

Tier X.2 Raids

  • Utgarde Catacombs - Angerboda seeks to unlock the ancient Stoneforge, the Titan artifact that created the first earthen and vrykul. With the power of life and death in her hands, she will be unstoppable.
  • The Dreadforge - The dread iron dwarves are laboring to repair Malykriss for the Twilight Scourge. Their leader is a former champion of Azeroth, turned to darkness by Yogg-Saron.
  • Karazhan: The Malevolence Rift - The Malevolence has fully awoken, and is preparing to rise from the depths of Karazhan to unmake the world.

Tier X.3 Raids

  • Caverns of Time: March of the Titans - The Infinite Dragonflight is attempting to alter the earliest event in Azeroth's history - the war between the Old Gods and the titans.
  • The Shattered Sanctums - The eredar lord Sama'el has invaded Azeroth in the wake of the Malevolence's assault on the blue dragonflight.
  • The Undying God - The King of Darkness has risen, and his rise will herald the coming of an even greater power - the Unspoken.

Factions and organizations

Map of the Shadow Web Caverns.

  • Horde Nightmare Soldiers - The new Horde offensive that has vowed to stop the terrors of Azeroth's underworld.
  • Alliance Deep Savers - The new Alliance battleforce that has been gathered to end the threat of the Twilight Scourge.
  • Neutral Doorward Defenders - The secret protectors of Azeroth, the Doorward Defenders stands against the growing darkness in the depths of the world. A subfaction of the Warders of the Dark.
  • Neutral The Sundered Monolith - A force of nerubians opposed to the maniacal plotting of the Newbreed empire. Gaining their trust will not be an easy task.
  • Neutral Doorward Vanguard - The forces of Doorward devoted to seeking out and destroying the terrors of the underworld before they rise. A subfaction of the Warders of the Dark.
  • Horde Tomb Reavers - A Horde faction seeking to plunder the treasures of the Spider Kingdom. A subfaction of the Bronzebeard Undertaking.
  • Alliance Relic Seekers - An Alliance group working to uncover the secrets hidden in Azjol-Nerub. A subfaction of the Bronzebeard Undertaking.
  • Neutral The Bronzebeard Undertaking - Brann Bronzebeard has returned to Northrend to root out the last secrets of the Titans, hidden deep beneath the earth.
  • Neutral The Obsidian Scythe - Tol'vir once corrupted by the nerubians, seeking revenge against the Spider Kingdom.
  • Neutral Quartzclaw Clan - The duggum are a peaceful race of mole-like humanoids who have survived hidden in the underworld for millennia. They know many secrets of the stone.
  • Neutral Doorward Spearhead - An army of brave souls from the surface world, poised to invade the very heart of the Spider Kingdom. A subfaction of the Warders of the Dark.
  • Neutral Warders of the Dark - The combined agencies of Doorward, united together against the threats of the underworld.


Click here for an overview of new creatures encountered in the darkness of Azeroth's underworld.

Northrend Zones affected by the Cataclysm

Under Construction

  • Howling Fjord: The Cataclysm has rent apart the southern cliffs, destroying New Agamand. Underground portions of Utgarde Keep have been exposed. Iron Dwarves have disappeared, and the Twilight Hammer has occupied their holdings. The vrykul are led by queen Angerboda, who has become undead. Scourge forces have largely been replaced by Angerboda's followers and the Cult of the Damned. Nerubians have overrun Fort Wildervar.
  • Borean Tundra: The Nexus War has come to an end. The blue dragonflight and the Kirin Tor have joined forces to stop the Twilight Hammer from exploiting Azeroth's damaged ley lines. Portions of Azjol-Nerub have been exposed by the Cataclysm.
  • Dragonblight: The Pit of Narjun has opened wider, and now leads down to the underground zones of the Spider Kingdom! The death of the Lich King and Deathwing's Cataclysm have wrought many changes in the balance of power in this region.
  • Grizzly Hills: The Alliance and the Horde have begun developing this region, but the corruption of Vordrassil has continued to spread despite Yogg-Saron's defeat.
  • Zul'Drak: With their gods destroyed, the Drakkari trolls have turned to the worship of new deities, and the Twilight's Hammer are all too eager to spread their gospel to new believers.
  • Sholazar Basin: The Cataclysm has flooded Sholazar Basin, forcing the inhabitants to adapt in order to survive. Naga have invaded the flooded regions while Twilight's Hammer forces have captured the great pillars.
  • Crystalsong Forest: The Twilight's Hammer have arrived in force, and joined together with the rising nerubian menace. Their target: Dalaran.
  • Storm Peaks: The Earthen have retaken Ulduar, but have come under siege on two fronts - the Twilight's Hammer above, and the nerubians from below. The Keepers of Ulduar battle on the front lines to stem the tide of darkness.
  • Icecrown: The Twilight's Hammer and the Ashen Verdict clash over the war torn glacier. The Cataclysm has caused portions of Azjol-Nerub to breach the surface of Icecrown, releasing nerubians from the frozen depths.
  • Wintergrasp: Undying Tendrils are slithering up from the depths of Wintergrasp's lakes, and dark whispers can be heard in the Vault of Archavon.

The Frozen Halls

After assaulting Icecrown Citadel, the Twilight's Hammer managed to secure the Frozen Halls. The Hammer seeks something hidden deep within Icecrown Citadel, and have moved their strongest troops and most powerful leaders to the three regions of the Frozen Halls in order to find it.

  • Forge of Souls: Amal'thazad and the last of the Scourge Remnants who have allied themselves with the Twilight's Hammer control the Forge of Souls.
  • Pit of Saron: The lieutenants of the Twilight's Hammer have occupied the Pit of Saron to exploit the saronite reserves there.
  • Halls of Reflection: Twilight Master Velius himself awaits all comers in the Shadow Throne.

Devouring Weapons

Map of Ahn'Saron, the Inner Kingdom.

Certain weapons will not have upgrade options, but will instead gain experience as players make use of them. Uncommon quality or higher items can be 'fed' to Devouring Weapons to increase their experience. When a weapon levels up, they gain a bonus to all attributes, and the weapon has a chance to gain an attribute that it does not currently possess. These attributes, called Devoured Traits, are drawn from the weapons that are devoured.

  • For example, an axe with Devouring Weapon is 'fed' a sword that has the Critical Strike attribute and a staff that has the Mastery attribute, neither of which the axe currently possesses. When the axe levels up, it can choose to obtain either the Critical Strike or the Mastery attribute.

Devouring Weapons can be leveled up multiple times, and some weapons can have between one and three slots of Devoured Traits.

Legendary Weapons

Many new and powerful legendary weapons await discovery in the darkness of Azeroth's underworld.

Archaeology in the Spider Kingdom

Players will be able to uncover numerous new nerubian and vrykul archaeology projects only available to those over level 90. They can also rarely discover aqir artifact fragments that will shed more light on the mysterious ancient civilization, and provide players with numerous powerful artifacts and items.

Those who make a point of progressing in archaeology will frequently cross paths with Brann Bronzebeard, who has come to the Spider Kingdom to complete his archaeological survey of Northrend and uncover the ancient history of the lost empire of Azj'Aqir. Brann acts as the leader of a faction known as the Bronzebeard Undertaking, which consists of both freelance treasure seekers and subfactions of the Horde and Alliance, called the Tomb Reavers and Relic Seekers respectively.

Players can locate pages of Brann's journals when searching for artifact fragments, which act like the Lore Objects from Pandaria. These completed journals and treatises can be viewed at the Sundered Monolith, where Brann operates most heavily. Recovering them will not only raise a player's standing with the Bronzebeard Undertaking, but reveal many secrets about the history of the Spider Kingdom.

Brawler's Guild in the Spider Kingdom

New rankings have been added to the Brawler's Guild. These new battles can be fought at the new arena in Doorward.

Rank Z

Rank Y

  • Katha'Nok - A mysterious, lizard-like humanoid.
  • Grag Darksunder - One of the iron dwarves that has somehow been reanimated. He contains tremendous amounts of electrical energy.
  • Xemnan the Enigmatic - An ethereal who's out to make a little money.
  • Anthrothraxx, the Faded Prince - This mighty, insect-like monster has reached the top of the guild without suffering a single loss.

Rank X

Added in Patch X.1 - The Shattered Empire

  • The Razer - A mantid warrior who was exiled from the ranks of the paragons.
  • Atl the Cool - A couatl from the south seas. What is it doing here? Who knows...?
  • Thoon the Prognosticator - One of the endless ones. It is cleverly collecting combat data for some diabolical scheme.
  • Archavon the Stonewatcher - Archavon needs a vacation from the Vault of the Titans, especially now that Degaton has woken up...

Rank X2

Added in Patch X.2 - Malevolence Rising

  • Umgarmr the Headtaker - This vrykul warrior fell in battle centuries ago, but has been reanimated as a hideous undead.
  • Gorgon - A colossal iron dwarf construct, resembling a mechanical bull - literally, a machine built to resemble an actual bull. Don't get knocked off!
  • Wychlord Kaldrigos - An ancient blue wyrm that has been revived by the influence of the dread Malevolence. Just what does it want from the Brawlers?
  • Big 'Un - A great big gross ooze that's bubbled up from the depths of Azeroth's Underworld.

Rank X3

Added in Patch X.3 - King of Darkness

  • Golibologulis, Mentarch of the Blue Vale - A nilbog from the Lunar Vale, who has come to see what all the fuss is about.
  • Jurei Ironbark, Ancient of Brawl - A mighty treant ancient from the forests of Kalimdor, wise in the ways of head-busting.
  • Anub'arak the Immortal - One-time king of Azjol-Nerub and champion of the Lich King, the thirst for battle has called him back from the grave yet again.
  • Oron, Champion of the Golden Flame - A mighty champion of the yaungol, a yak-man with fur of shining gold. His power is supreme beyond all others, the greatest crafter of war in Azeroth.


Map of the Fire Sea, a sub-zone of the Inner Kingdom.

New Battlegrounds

  • The Hanging Ruins
  • Mimiron's Armory

New Arenas

Many new arenas and locations to do battle in are available, some familiar, some never before seen.

New arenas include:

  • Ironforge Arena
  • Gadgetzan Arena
  • Blackrock Depths Stadium
  • Dire Maul Arena
  • The Outland Battle Rock
  • Azjol-Nerub Arachnodrome

Featured Characters

Many new heroes and villains stand poised to clash with familiar champions in the darkness beneath the world.

Heroic Figures

  • Vidar Ymironson - Leader of the vrykul that seek a future free from the shadow of the Lich King.
  • Madra - A blue dragon, devoted to stopping the Malevolence.

Diabolical Villains

Original Characters

  • Gytha Gloryhammer - Member of Doorward. A dwarven paladin who joined with her sister, Mudra Gloryhammer.
  • Turnip Snikkersnak - Member of Doorward. A decidedly blood-thirsty gnome rogue.
  • Nizza Shimmerbink - Member of Doorward. A gnome mage.
  • Wyl Bearclaw - Member of Doorward. Night elf warrior.
  • Valara Nightbrace - Member of Doorward. Night elf demon hunter. Visions of the future have shown her demons in Northrend. She is prepared to stand against them. Wields one of the warglaives of Azzinoth.
  • Baron Wasteland - Member of Doorward. A former death knight of the Scourge, now devoted to crushing the dark powers that fueled the Lich King's war machine.
  • Samantha Blastspark - Member of Doorward. A human mage raised by a curiously sympathetic goblin. Has a worrying talent for pyrotechnic-based magicks, to her adoptive father's great pride.
  • Bel'samsara - Member of Doorward. A draenei mage.
  • William Blackfell - Member of Doorward. Worgen warrior. Happily married to Cecily Blackfell.
  • Cecily Blackfell - Member of Doorward. Worgen hunter. Happily married to William Blackfell.
  • Derpus McHerpaderp - Member of Doorward. Dwarven chef. Chief potato picker of Doorward's forager squad.


  • Kerchak Stormhowl - Member of Doorward. Orc shaman.
  • Jianaku - A nether dragon disguised as an orc of the dragonmaw clan. She has come to Northrend to represent the netherflight in the Wyrmrest Accord.
  • Aurek Goldenhoof - Member of Doorward. Tauren paladin.
  • Penna Frostmane - Member of Doorward. Taunka shaman.
  • Volka'jin - Member of Doorward. Troll priest, once of the drakkari tribe.
  • Mathias Coorhagen - Member of Doorward. Forsaken rogue and former member of the Royal Apothecary Society.
  • Funerella - Member of Doorward. Forsaken mage.
  • Nuidala Sendivha'me - A blood elf archaeologist that represents the Reliquary. She has entered into an uneasy alliance with the Explorer's League and Brann Bronzebeard to explore the Spider Kingdom.
  • Wizzit Blastpsark - Member of Doorward. Goblin engineer. Adoptive father of Samantha Blastspark.
  • Trinket Drubtoe - Member of Doorward. Goblin alchemist.

Other Characters

  • Baelgun Flamebeard - A dwarven explorer who has vowed to contain the darkness of Azeroth's underworld. Leader of Doorward.
  • Brann Bronzebeard - The renowned archaeologist, he's come to Northrend to study the history of the Spider Kingdom.
  • Darkspeaker R'khem - Herald of Yogg-Saron. This faceless one has allied himself with the Newbreed and the Twilight Cult.
  • Kilix the Unraveler - A nerubian of the previous generation who stands against the Newbreed.
  • Watcher Mimiron - A watcher of Ulduar. In the aftermath of Yogg-Saron's defeat, he has begun rebuilding the damaged systems of the ancient titan city.
  • Watcher Thorim - A watcher of Ulduar. He fights to sweep away the last remnants of evil in Ulduar.
  • Bolvar Fordragon - The Lich King. He slumbers atop the Frozen Throne, guarded by the Knights of the Ebon Blade.
  • Darion Mograine - Leader of the Knights of the Ebon Blade and steward of Icecrown Citadel. He and his forces watch over the new Lich King.
  • Alexstrasza - The former life-binder has devoted herself to the new Wyrmrest Accord.
  • Tyrigosa - Representative of the blue dragonflight in the Wyrmrest Accord.
  • Jorad Mace - A former paladin, he has accompanied Tyrigosa to Wyrmrest Temple.
  • Neltharaku - Leader of the netherwing dragons. He has come to Azeroth to join the Wyrmrest Accord.
  • Sara - A vrykul woman who appeared during the great battle with Yogg-Saron. She wanders the Storm Peaks still...

Additional Material

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