The Gravegyre
Gyak roa splash.png
Location The Gravegyre, Sailgrave
End boss Bawlgron Deepmaw
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 104
Player limit 5

The Gravegyre is a dungeon in western Sailgrave. Formed from many wrecked ships, the conglomerate structure is a stronghold for the vicious mako. It is currently under attack by the Drowned.


For 10,000 years, ships lost at sea were brought by deep ocean currents to rest in underwater valleys surrounding the Maelstrom. Thousands of wrecks litter the ocean floor, wreckage for many races and eras as far as the eye can see. When Azshara raised the ocean floor to form her new land of Zin-Azshari, many of these wrecked ship graveyards were brought to the surface as well, forming into the land of Sailgrave.

The mako, vicious shark-men who operate as pirates and raiders in the region, have colonized some of the more intact wrecks as lairs. The largest of these lairs is the Gravegyre, a conglomerate structure composed of multiple different ships, mashed together and fortified into a ramshackle but formidable stronghold.

Dungeon Journal

The mako stronghold of Gravegyre is the lair of the Deepmaw raiders, the largest and strongest of the mako tribes. Recently it has come under attack by the stygians, who seek to seize control of the Sailgrave for the vast resources it represents to an army of the undead. The Deepmaw mako are fighting back with everything they have, and thus far have succeeded in driving off the stygians attacking them.

With these two hostile enemy forces locked in combat, the time may be right to deal a decisive blow to both of them.


Gharkus the Hook

A vicious mako raider, feared for the great hooked harpoon he wields that he uses to disembowel his victims.

Phlegrethon, the Black Fathom

A stygian from the north, Phelgrethon is a member of the Order of the Black Fathoms, the strongest of the Drowned Legion's spell-casters.


This ancient golem was lost in a shipwreck centuries ago, and has steadily repaired its deteriorating body with salvaged wreckage. Now it is a walking shipwreck itself.

Bawlgron Deepmaw

Leader of the Deepmaw mako tribe that occupies the Gravegyre. Mako leaders maintain power by devouring whole any who challenge their authority. The heroes are nothing but another feast to him.