The Serpentforge
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The Serpentforge
Location The Serpentforge, Viruganis Seamount
End boss Lord Arietis
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 108
Player limit 5

The Serpentforge is the great naga war foundry of the Viruganis Seamount. Here, many of their weapons are crated by the wicked Lord Arietis using slave labor.


Before the rise of Zin-Azshari, the region that became the Viruganis Seasmount was known as the Boiling Terrace. Innumerable volcanic vents filled the seas with scalding heat and mineral plumes of superheated water. Many deep sea lifeforms inhabited the area, adapted to the heat and gorging on the mineral-rich silt. The power of elemental fire was strong in this region, and the forces of elemental fire and water were in a constant state of flux.

Azshara heedlessly tore the region free from the seafloor, casting it up to the surface to form the Viruganis Seamount. The power of elemental flame was allowed to run wild, increasing the thermal activity of the land and triggering numerous volcanoes to erupt. The entire region has become a conflagration, with vast banks of soot and smoke blocking the sun overhead. The naga have harnessed the unfettered elemental powers of the land to fuel their war industry, epitomized in the great Serpentforge, the largest of their foundry-volcanoes.

Dungeon Journal

At the blazing heart of the Viruganis Seamount, the menacing Serpentforge rises up to blot out the sun. This colossal volcanic seavent has been carved into a foundry of war by the naga, who use slave labor to mine and smelt their weapons. The sinister naga lord Arietis rules here, having learned the secrets of forging elementium from the sinister faceless ones who have allied themselves with Azshara.


Gengiz Searshell

One of the normally gentle torra, Searshell has been driven mad by his captors, becoming a sadistic monster. His folk adapted well to the volcanic regions of the Viruganis Seamount, and he has developed the ability to channel flame through his body. Wracked with constant pain from the burning energy, Searshell is immune to any discomfort the heroes might bring to bear against him.

Flame Witch Cendris

A naga witch who channels the powers of elemental flame, tapping the strength from captured elementals from the Firelands.

Ysmalt the Volcanic

The elemental plane of fire, already an unstable realm, has been in utter chaos since the fall of Ragnaros. Many fire elementals are vying to become the new lord of flame, and some have begun to seek renown in Azeroth, laying waste to whatever they can find. Ysmalt the Volcanic was bound by the naga when he attacked Viruganis, and the attack on the Serpentforge has set him free.

Lord Arietis

The mastersmith of the night elf civilization, Arietis has been perfecting his craft for over 10,000 years. The many weapons at his disposal have been imbued with the power of elemental flame.