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Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior.png Titanforged
Titanforged stonewrought.png
Favored by

Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron dwarf
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Highmountain taurenHighmountain tauren Highmountain tauren
HumanHuman Human
Lightforged draeneiLightforged draenei Lightforged draenei
Mag'har orcMag'har orc Mag'har orc
Night elfNight elf Night elf
OrcOrc Orc
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
TaurenTauren Tauren
TrollTroll Troll

Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
Role(s) Tank, Damage dealer, Healer
Specializations Stormborn (DPS)
Cursewracked (healing)
Stonewrought (tank)
Resource(s) Primary: Energy
Secondary: Varies with Spec
Primary attribute Strength or Intellect
Weapon proficiency Fist weapons, Polearms, One-handed and Two-handed Swords, Axes and Maces
Armor proficiency Plate
Skill(s) Runesmite, Brand of Mazj, Grip of Stone, Reconstruct, Overcharge, Magnetize
"And they shall be my children, my instruments of justice, and in them shall live the hope of this world. Theirs will be the strength to endure all travails, to lay low the forces of wickedness, in the light of day or the blackest of nights. When victory seems unattainable, when doom throttles all hope, they shall overcome. They are my Titanforged. And they will make war."
Odyn, Prime Designate of Azeroth

The Titanforged are beings of living stone and metal, forged by the servants of the Titans for the defense of Azeroth. Titanforged wield the powers of the Titans themselves - runes of order and creation, the unbreakable fortitude of living stone, and the thunderous living lightning that energizes all the Titans' children. Some Titanforged even dare to embrace the Curse of Flesh, the great contagion of the Old Gods that turns living stone and metal to flesh and blood, that they may turn the powers of corruption back against their wicked masters.

Class overview

The Titanforged, Azeroth's most ancient defenders, reborn into a new age of war.

Titanforged are beings created by Odyn, who was created to be the supreme protector of Azeroth by the Titans themselves. Odyn has imbued his creations with a portion of the Titans' own cosmic might, gifting them the endurance of mountains and the durability of iron and stone. They can weather immense damage, overcoming the most lethal and belligerent of foes through sheer hardiness and determination. When they strike, it is with the force of a thunderstorm, laying waste to the foe in a cataclysmic burst of Titanic fury. Those Titanforged who unleash the power of the Curse of Flesh add the cancerous tenacity of the Old Gods to their already durable forms, granting them powers of regeneration and evolution as well.


After his liberation from the Halls of Valor, Odyn the All-Father returned to the great Titanforged city of Ulduar. There, he was at long last reunited with his fellow keepers, learning of all that had befallen the world during his long absence.

Knowing that Azeroth will face even greater perils in the future, Odyn ordered the reactivation of the Forge of Wills, the mighty creation engine of Ulduar used to bring life to earth, stone, and metal, so that new defenders might be created to aid in the defense of the world.

From the Forge of Wills have come a new generation of Titanforged - beings of living stone and metal created to be Azeroth's greatest protectors. Having been impressed by the valor of the mortals he encountered in the Broken Isles, Odyn decreed that the new Titanforged be wrought in their image.


A Titanforged wrought in the image of the dwarven race.

By Odyn's decree, Titanforged can be made in the image of the following races:

HumanHuman Human
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
Night elfNight elf Night elf
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron dwarf
OrcOrc Orc
TaurenTauren Tauren
TrollTroll Troll
Mag'har orcMag'har orc Mag'har orc
Highmountain taurenHighmountain tauren Highmountain tauren
Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll

Due to the various mystical energies at play within the Forsaken, Worgen, and Lightforged Draenei, it is not possible to create Titanforged in their image.

Also, Odyn considers the races of blood elves, nightborne, void elves, goblins, gnomes, vulpera, and mechagnomes to be 'too thin and puny' to warrant the creation of Titanforged in their image. His words, not mine.


A human Titanforged, ready for war.

While the Titanforged reflect the image of many of the mortal races of Azeroth, they are not truly members of that race, but an entire new race unto themselves. Their bodies are made of living stone and metal, with skin made of craggy rock or plates of polished iron, and crystalline growths or sharp metal shards for hair. Runes of titanic power are carved into their skin that glow with barely restrained energy. Titanforged may use the energy within their rune-carved bodies to alter their aspect, transmuting themselves from stone to metal and back again depending on the situation.

Titanforged who accept the Curse of Flesh are greatly changed in appearance, as the dark power of the Old Gods corrupts their form. A great degree of resistance was wrought into the Titanforged so the Curse of Flesh may be kept under their control, granting them the ability to call it forth for use in battle or banished into remission at will. While active, the Curse of Flesh afflicts Titanforged with hideous flesh-growths, pustules, and other unpleasant deformities that softens their otherwise durable hides.

Starting experience

The Forge of Wills, birthplace of the Titanforged

Titanforged all emerge from the Forge of Wills in Ulduar, brought into existence by the great creation engines within the city, where they are tested by the Keepers of Ulduar. Their trials include training under the keen watch of Hodir and Thorim, interacting with the various creations of Freya and Mimiron, and delving into the deepest darkness beneath Ulduar to battle the lingering corruption of the Old God Yogg-Saron and the hideous eldritch horrors that are drawn to the fiend's prison. The Titanforged may even discover that they are capable of channeling the Old God's power in the form of the Curse of Flesh, turning this dire contagion into a new weapon to wield against those who would threaten the world.

The Prison of Yogg-Saron, where the Curse of Flesh was created, and where it may be harnessed...

Ultimately, the Titanforged will stand before Prime Designate Odyn himself to receive his blessing and venture out into the world beyond Ulduar to battle an outbreak of the forces of the Old God, lingering monstrosities that have risen up in the Dragonblight under the banner of the Shath'Yari. Ever since the Cataclysm, the vile followers of the Old God N'Zoth have lain in dormancy, and the recent release of their master has stirred the Shath'Yari once again into a frenzy.

The forces of N'Zoth arise once again in the Dragonblight

The Titanforged battle the Old God manifestations alongside heroes of the Alliance and Horde, who each have fortified encampments in the region. The Alliance and Horde forces have been infiltrated by the mortal followers of N'Zoth, and have spread corruption and mistrust in an effort to turn the factions against one-another. The Alliance and Horde are poised to launch an attack on one-another due to the manipulations of the Shath'Yari, and only the intervention of the Titanforged is able to root out the corruptive influence and put an end the Shath'Yari's dark schemes.

Rallying the Alliance and Horde forces to set aside their differences and unite against the true enemy, the Titanforged lead the factions in an all-out assault upon the eldritch hordes of N'Zoth. In the end, the Shath'Yari are vanquished, the outbreak of the Old Gods is purged from Dragonblight, and the uneasy peace is maintained between Alliance and Horde. News soon comes to the gathered defenders of Azeroth that N'Zoth himself has been vanquished, prompting great celebration and revelry.

Odyn congratulates the Titanforged on their victory, and declares that the Titanforged must return to the outside world to better understand how to defend it. Both the Alliance and the Horde are filled with valorous souls, but they are also vulnerable to corruption and infighting. Each Titanforged must choose to devote themselves to one of the two factions, to protect them and help them protect the world, and to steer them always towards feats of justice and valor when they stray from the righteous path.


Runes blazing, a Stonewrought tauren Titanforged battles with unconquerable might.

Like most classes, Titanforged have 3 specializations, referred to by the Titanforged as 'aspects': Stonewrought, their tanking aspect, Cursewracked, their healing aspect, and Stormborn, their damage-dealing aspect.

Stonewrought (TANK)

Born of the earth and stone of Mother Azeroth herself. Stonewrought Titanforged are stalwart and resilient warriors, holding the line against any foe.

Cursewracked (HEAL)

Infested with the Void-born pollution of the Old Gods, the Curse of Flesh is harnessed into an instrument of regeneration, supporting the allies of the Titanforged in battle.

Stormborn (DPS)

Forged of living metal to contain the furious power of Titanic Vita, the element of storms that brings life to lifeless metal and furious death to the Titanforged's enemies.

Titan Energy and Secondary Resources

A metal-skinned Stormborn Titanforged.

The primary resources for the Titanforged is Titan Energy, which takes on different forms depending on their current specialization. While functionally similar, these various types of energy all reflect the current aspect the Titanforged has chosen for themselves.

  • Stonewrought Titan Energy is called Terra. It is the power of the enduring earth, the vigor that animates the Earthen races and creatures of living stone.
  • Stormborn Titan Energy is called Vita. It is the power of the raging storm, the lightning that animates the Iron races and creatures of living metal.
  • Cursewracked Titan Energy is called Anima. Is is the power of flesh and blood and bone, the tenacity that animates all the organic creatures of the world.

Secondary Resources

Through the use of Titan Energy, a Titanforged may build up a secondary resources depending on their aspect.

  • Stonewrought utilize Titan Runes as a secondary resource. Titan Runes fuel and enhance certain powerful abilities of the Stornborn, depending on the number that are active.
  • Stormborn utilize Heat as a secondary resource. Heat is a resource that must be managed carefully to prevent a Stormborn from destroying themselves with their own power.
  • Cursewracked utilize Curse Pustules as a secondary resource. These blisters of contagion can enhance a Cursewracked's abilities to epidemic levels.


All Titanforged share the following abilities. The names and visuals of some abilities may change depending on specialization, but they remain functionally the same.

Ability Description
Warrior talent icon singlemindedfury.png  Odyn's Hand Slows the target. If re-cast on a target already afflicted with Odyn's Hand, causes the target to become stunned and increases this ability's cooldown significantly.

Becomes Ability paladin judgementofthewise.png  Thorim's Grasp when in Stormborn aspect and Ability creature poison 04.png  Clutching Tendril when in Cursewracked aspect.

Ability faultline.png  Born of Earth Fully replenishes the Titanforged's health over a short period of time. Cannot be used while in combat.

Becomes Warrior talent icon thunderstruck.png  Born of Storms when in the Cursewracked aspect and Ability animusdraw.png  Born of Blood when in the Cursewracked aspect.

Ability accretion.png  Indomitable (Passive) Reduces the duration of other crowd-control abilities. Grants the Titanforged resistance to movement speed impairing abilities.
Ability druid giftoftheearthmother.png  Freya's Gift Restores a slain ally to life. Cannot be used while in combat.

Becomes Shaman pvp thundercharge.png  Thorim's Call when in Stormborn aspect and Ability deathwing bloodcorruption death.png  Yogg-Saron's Whisper when in Cursewracked aspect.

Spell fire rune.png  Brand of Mazj Burns the potent Rune of Mazj into the enemy, taunting them and increasing all threat generated against them for a time.

Becomes Ability warlock soulswap.png  Putrid Bondage when in Cursewracked aspect. When used in PvP, forces the enemy to become target-locked on the Titanforged for a short time.

70 inscription vantus rune tomb.png  Invoke the Runes Consumes Titan Energy to generate the Titanforged's secondary resource.

Becomes Spell mage runeofpower.png  Ignite when in Stormborn aspect and Ability xavius blackened.png  Curse of Flesh when in Cursewracked aspect.

Ability earthen pillar.png  Earthglide Grants increased movement speed for a short time. Friendly targets the Titanforged moves through while using Earthglide will gain increased movement speed for a short time, while enemies will be pushed away slightly.

Becomes Shaman pvp leaderclan.png  Stormwalk when in Stormborn aspect and Ability xavius nightmareblades.png  Fleshcrawl while in Cursewracked aspect.

Spell shadow rune.png  Rune of Spellshatter Brands the target with the Spellshatter Rune, disrupting their ability to focus magical energy. Interrupts the target's current spell-casting and locks them out of that spell school for a short time.

Becomes Ability warlock eradication.png  Withertongue when in Cursewracked aspect.

70 inscription vantus rune suramar.png  Rune of Stasis Places a large rune on the ground that pacifies all enemies in its area of effect, causing them to become non-hostile. Damage will break this effect on all nearby enemies.

Becomes Ability warlock jinx.png  Maddening Vision when in Cursewracked aspect and enemies will rave madly in Shath'Yar while under its effects.

Achievement dungeon blackrockcaverns.png  Gift of the Forge (Passive) Increases the Titanforged's primary attribute while wearing plate in all armor slots.
Achievement zone twilighthighlands.png  Worldsense Grants the Titanforged tracking of elemental, mechanical, and aberration-type enemies.
70 inscription vantus rune nightmare.png  Rune of Binding Grants the Titanforged control over an elemental, mechanical, or aberration-type enemy as a temporary minion.

Becomes Inv inscription 81 vantusrune seapriest.png  Curse of Binding when in Cursewracked aspect.

Spell shadow unholystrength.png  Durable (Passive) Grants the Titanforged increased health and reduced falling damage.

Stonewrought Titanforged

A Titanforged of the Stonewrought aspect.
Titanforged stonewrought.png

Born of the earth and stone of Azeroth, empowered for war by Prime Keeper Odyn. Stonewrought Titanforged are stalwart and resilient warriors, holding the line against any foe.

  • Primary Resource: Terra (Titan Energy)
  • Secondary Resource: Titan Runes

Stonewrought use a form of Titan Energy called Terra to cast many of their abilities. Terra is consumed when used but will regenerate over time. Whenever a certain amount of Terra is consumed or when certain abilities are used, Titan Runes become active as a secondary resource, which are used to fuel some of the Stonewrought's most powerful abilities. A Stonewrought can have a maximum of four Titan Runes active. Titan Runes can be activated outside of combat through certain abilities, but will fall dormant over time if not utilized.

  • Stonewrought Titanforged Abilities
    Ability Description
    70 inscription vantus rune odyn.png  Runesmite Damages the target, generating threat and stacks of Runewarding.
    70 inscription vantus rune suramar.png  Runewarding Reduces the damage taken by the Stonewrought. Consumed when damaged. Generates Terra when consumed. Runewarding stacks cannot be consumed at a rate of more than 1 every 3 seconds.
    Spell azerite essence12.png  Azeroth's Wrath A mighty blow that strikes the primary target and one additional nearby target. Deals additional damage to targets afflicted with a Flame Rune. Activates a Titan Rune.
    Inv inscription 80 vantusrune uldir.png  Rune of War Brands the earth underfoot with the mighty Rune of War. While standing on the Rune of War, the Stonewrought gains increased armor and takes reduced damage from all sources. Generates threat against all enemies also standing on the Rune of War.
    Spell shaman stormearthfire.png  Rune of the Forge (Talent) Brands each nearby enemy with a Flame Rune, causing them to take damage over time. Generates threat. While on cooldown, becomes the ability Ignite Runes.
    Spell fire selfdestruct.png  Ignite Runes (Talent) When activated, all targets afflicted with a Flame Rune take a burst of damage and the duration of Flame Rune is reset. If a Rune of War is active it also ignites, dealing periodic damage to enemies standing on it. Requires Titan Runes.
    Ability golemthunderclap.png  Grip of Stone (Talent) Causes a giant stone fist to erupt from the earth and crush the target in its grasp, stunning them for a short time.
    Spell fire masterofelements.png  Tol'vir's Spellskin Removes any Magic or Curse based debuffs on the Stonewrought. Restores Terra for every debuff removed. Can only be used on self.
    Ability warrior bloodnova.png  Spelleater Rune Wards the Stonewrought with a potent rune that reduces magical damage taken for a short time. Requires a Titan Rune. Enough magical damage taken will activate a Titan Rune.
    Spell nature skinofearth.png  Adamant Skin Greatly increases the Stonewrought's armor and reduces the damage they take for a short time.
    Spell holy empowerchampion.png  Fortitude Reduces the Stonewrought's damage taken while active. Requires a Titan Rune to activate. Can be re-cast while on cooldown to refresh duration at the cost of additional Titan Runes.
    Achievement boss argus aggramar.png  Avatar of Kronn (Ultimate / Talent) Transforms the Stonewrought into a mighty stone giant, filling them with the strength of Kronn. Greatly increases the Stonewrought's health and strength for a short time.
    Ability thunderking thunderstruck.png  Reorigination (Ultimate) The Stonewrought unleashes the power of the Titans' great Creation Forges, bathing the surrounding area in cosmic energy. The Stonewrought and their allies have their health slowly restored while within the field of Re-Origination and take reduced damage from all sources. Requires Titan Runes.

    Cursewracked Titanforged

    Titanforged cursewracked.png
    A Titanforged of the Cursewracked aspect.

    Infested with the Void-born pollution of the Old Gods, the Curse of Flesh is harnessed into an instrument of regeneration, supporting the allies of the Titanforged in battle.

    • Primary Resource: Anima (Titan Energy)
    • Secondary Resource: Curse Pustules

    Cursewracked Titanforged fuel their abilities with Anima, the energy used by the Pantheon to create living beings of organic matter. Cursewracked naturally generated Anima over time. Whenever a Cursewracked consumes a certain amount of Anima through their abilities, they generate between 1-3 Curse Pustules, up to a maximum of 8. Curse Pustules allow the Cursewracked to enhance their Anima-based abilities, rapidly restore Anima, and use certain powerful abilities. Upon exiting combat, any Curse Pustules they have will burst, each one restoring 4% of their total health.

    Key Abilities


    Using Rupture causes up to 3 Curse Pustules to burst, consuming the pustules to heal nearby allies and restore Anima to the Cursewracked. It will also grant the Cursewracked stacks of Empowered Anima, a buff that enhances the effect of their next healing ability, based on the number of pustules consumed in this way. Cursewracked may use Rupture multiple times to grant many stacks of Empowered Anima. Certain abilities will gain additional effects when empowered by a high enough number of stacks.


    The Cursewracked has two self-buffing abilities called Aggressive Mutation and Incubating Mutation. They also have a related ability called Splice Mutations, which allows them to merge one mutation of each type together into a third type, called Compound Mutations. Cursewracked may have one Aggressive Mutation buff and one Incubating Mutation buff active at the same time, as well as up to three Compound Mutations.

    However, every time Cursewracked give themselves a Compound Mutation with Splice Mutations, they have an increasing chance to be afflicted with Malignant Mutation, a debuff type that removes all other types of mutations and prevents the Cursewracked from getting new ones for a short time. Malignant Mutations may also have additional effects. The chance to be afflicted with Malignant Mutations increases 10% every time Splice Mutation, up to a maximum of 50%. This chance persists throughout combat and is reset whenever the Cursewracked gains a Malignant Mutation.

    • Aggressive Mutation grants a random buff that increases the Cursewracked's abilities in some manner.
    • Incubating Mutation grants a random buff that affects the Cursewracked's resource generating in some manner.
    • Splice Mutations merges an Aggressive Mutation and an Incubating Mutation together, removing the two and granting a single Compound Mutation. This buff will grant them the combined affects of the Aggressive and Incubating mutations that were used to generate it.
  • Cursewracked Titanforged Abilities
    Ability Description
    Ability warrior bloodbath.png  Rupture Consumes a Curse Pustule to restore Anima. Heals nearby allies. Grants stacks of Empowered Anima, which augment other abilities.
    Spell shadow felmending.png  Reconstruct Restores a moderate amount of health to a single ally. Empowered (2) - Grants bonus healing based on the health of the ally. The lower their health, the greater the bonus healing.
    Spell priest voidshift.png  Benign Pathogen Grants a burst of healing and then generates health over time to a single ally. Grants a second burst of healing upon expiration.
    Spell druid wildmushroom frenzy.png  Ballistospore Heals multiple allies in an area of effect. Empowered (4) - Reduces damage they take while in the area of effect by a moderate amount.
    Inv artifact corruptedbloodofzakajz.png  Plague of Plenty Heals all allies in the Cursewracked's party for a moderate amount.
    Ability ironmaidens bloodritual.png  Cancerous Vitality Grants a massive amount of healing to a single ally. Empowered (4) - That ally cannot be reduced to lower than 10% of their total health for several seconds after being the recipient of this spell.
    Inv beholderwarlock.png  Call of the Old Gods Heals all allies in the Cursewracked's party for a large amount and grants them healing over time.
    Spell deathknight bloodboil.png  Metastasize Rapidly generates 4 Curse Pustules over a short period of time.
    Achievement nazmir boss ghuun.png  Vilespawn (Talent) Produces a swarm of hideous Vilespawn creatures that will attack nearby enemies, slowing them with the stacking debuff Incubating Vilespawn. Any time Incubating Vilespawn reaches 4 stacks, it will deal a burst of damage and be removed, producing an additional Vilespawn. While on cooldown this ability can be re-cast to absorb all Vilespawn, granting Curse Pustules for each one absorbed. Vilespawn all expire when this ability's cooldown is reset.
    Spell yorsahj bloodboil green.png  Aggressive Mutation Grants the Cursewracked a random Aggressive Mutation (see Mutation table below). Limit: 1. New Aggressive Mutations will replace older ones.
    Spell yorsahj bloodboil yellow.png  Incubating Mutation Grants the Cursewracked a random Incubating Mutation (see Mutation table below). Limit: 1. New Incubating Mutations will replace older ones.
    Ability creature amber 02.png  Splice Mutations Merges one Aggressive and one Incubating mutation into a single Compound Mutation, which grants the combined affects of the two merged mutations. Limit: 3. New Compound Mutations will replace older ones. Has an increasing chance to afflict the Cursewracked with Maligant Mutation (see Mutation table below).
    Ability deathknight necroticaura.png  Catalyst (Ultimate) Increases the haste of all allies by 30% for 40 seconds. Allies will be unable to benefit from similar abilities again for a short time.
    Ability shawaterelemental swirl.png  Crawling Chaos (Ultimate / Talent) Infuses the Curse of Flesh into the earth itself. Creates a region of writhing organic chaos, snapping jaws, and lashing tendrils underfoot that regenerates allies and damages enemies as long as they are standing in it.
    Ability warlock improvedsoulleech.png  Feast of Yogg-Saron (Ultimate) Turns an ally into a maw of Yogg-Saron, granting them Feast Upon Flesh, which allows them to heal all allies for a percentage of the damage they deal. Has 3 charges. Empowered (4) - Grants the ally Empowered Feast Upon Flesh. The Cursewracked gains increased healing power for every ally with Empowered Feast of Flesh.
    Ability creature cursed 03.png  They Do Not Die (Passive / Talent) When a Cursewracked is reduced to 0 health, they will not die normally. Instead, they immediately gain full Curse Pustules and full Anima and the debuff They Do Not Die. This debuff prevents them from regenerating Anima normally, though they can still gain Anima from Curse Pustules using Rupture, and their Anima will steadily decrease every second even if they do not use any abilities. They also require twice as much Anima expenditure as normal to generate new Curse Pustules. If their Anima drops to 0, they will die.
  • Cursewracked Mutations
    Ability Description
    Ability creature poison 06.png  Eldritch Fluids Aggressive Mutation. Increases the Titanforged's healing power.
    Ability creature poison 06.png  Metabolic Boost Aggressive Mutation. Increases the Titanforged's casting speed.
    Ability creature poison 06.png  Venomous Blood Aggressive Mutation. Reduces cooldown of the Titanforged's healing abilities.
    Ability creature poison 06.png  Vorpal Touch Aggressive Mutation. Increases the Titanforged's critical heal chance.
    Ability creature poison 06.png  Potent Infection Aggressive Mutation. The Titanforged's single-target heals have a chance to heal for double.
    Ability creature amber 02.png  Infested Flesh Incubating Mutation. Increases the Titanforged's Anima regeneration.
    Ability creature amber 02.png  Regenerative Pustules Incubating Mutation. Rupturing a Curse Pustule has a chance to refund it.
    Ability creature amber 02.png  Monstrous Vitality Incubating Mutation. Increases the rate at which Curse Pustules are generated.
    Ability creature amber 02.png  Blood of Yogg-Saron Incubating Mutation. Using an ability has a chance to refund some of the Anima cost.
    Ability creature amber 02.png  Progressive Condition Incubating Mutation. Increases the maximum number of possible Curse Pustules by 1.
    Ability deathwing bloodcorruption earth.png  Tortured Flesh Malignant Mutation. Heals the Titanforged for a percentage of their maximum health but then causes twice the amount healed in damage over time.
    Ability deathwing bloodcorruption earth.png  Bone Spurs Malignant Mutation. Increases the Titanforged's healing power but also increases their damage taken.
    Ability deathwing bloodcorruption earth.png  Parasitic Flesh Malignant Mutation. Increases the Titanforged's Anima regeneration but causes them to take periodic damage over time.

    Stormborn Titanforged

    Titanforged stormborn.png
    A Titanforged of the Stormborn aspect.

    Forged of living metal to contain the furious power of Titanic Vita, the element of thunder and lightning that an bring life to lifeless metal and furious death to the enemies of the Titanforged.

    • Primary Resource: Vita (Titan Energy)
    • Secondary Resource: Heat

    A Stormborn Titanforged fuels their abilities with Vita, an energy that their body naturally generates. Whenever a Stormborn consumes Vita to use an ability, they will generate Heat, a secondary resource.

    The more Heat a Titanforged has, the higher the damage they deal due to their passive ability Heated. However, if a Titanforged remains at maximum Heat for too long, they will become Overheated, which disables their Vita-fueled abilities for several seconds and drains their Heat. Titanforged can manage their Heat by using specific abilities that reduce it. Some powerful abilities require high amounts of Heat to use.

    Key Abilities

    Wrath and Storm (Combat Stances)

    Stormborn Titanforged are capable of switching between two combat stances, Wrath and Storm which alter their abilities depending on which one is active.

    • Wrath - The Titanforged's abilities will become short-ranged, largely single target, and deal increased damage.
    • Storm - The Titanforged's abilities will become long ranged and have increased area-of-effect capacity, enabling them to deal damage effectively to multiple targets when at a distance.
  • Stormborn Abilities
    Ability Description
    Spell fire immolation.png  Heated (Passive) As the Titanforged builds up Heat, they gain stacks of Heated, up to 5 stacks at maximum Heat. Heated increases the damage the Stormborn deals. If a Stormborn remains at maximum Heat for too long they will become afflicted with Overheated and rapidly lose all Heat, as well as being unable to gain stacks of Heated for a short time.
    Ability thunderking decapitate.png  Fusion Slash Deals a burst of damage to the target and generates Heat.
    • Wrath - The target is afflicted with Fusion Slash, which causes them to take increased damage from further Fusion Slash strikes.
    • Storm - Strikes an additional nearby target.
    Spell arcane blast.png  Lightning Wreathe Surrounds the target in a crackling field of lightning, dealing damage over time. Upon expiring, a one-time secondary effect will trigger. Generates Heat.
    • Wrath - Secondary Effect: After Lightning Wreathe expires, it will do a large burst of damage to the target and have its duration reset.
    • Storm - Secondary Effect: After Lightning Wreathe expires, it will attempt to leap to another nearby target and have its damage increased by 25%.
    Ability thunderking overcharge.png  Storm Crash Electrifies a target area, dealing damage to any enemies standing in it. Switching combat stances while a Storm Crash is active will also alter the current effect of the Storm Crash.
    • Wrath - Slows enemies within the Storm Crash field.
    • Storm - Increases the size of the Storm Crash field.
    Ability thunderking balllightning.png  Rolling Thunder Hurls an orb of lightning at the target, causing a burst of damage that strikes additional nearby targets. Generates Heat.
    • Wrath - Deals increased damage to the initial target.
    • Storm - Spawns additional small lightning orbs that fall in an area around the target and deal damage on impact.
    Ability thunderking lightningwhip.png  Lightning Whip (Talent) Lashes the area directly in front of the Titanforged with a crackling lightning bolt. Deals a burst of damage to all targets in the area of effect and causes them to take periodic damage over time. Affects up to 3 targets. Generates Heat.
    • Wrath - Greatly increases the damage dealt and splits it between all targets, including the damage over time effect.
    • Storm - Increases the number of targets affected to 5. Increases area of effect
    Spell nature lightningoverload.png  Electrify (Talent) Deal rapid periodic lightning damage to a nearby enemy, affecting up to 3 targets. This effect is amplified when standing near other Titanforged, using them as nodes to increase the range of this ability and the number of targets affected.
    Ability paladin lightoftheprotector.png  Emission Deals a burst of damage to the target. Reduces Heat. The more Heat a Stormborn has when casting this ability, the more damage it deals and the more Heat is consumed.
    Spell nature purge.png  Scorching Discharge (Talent) Deals periodic damage to all nearby targets while channeled. Periodically reduces Heat.
    Spell nature lightning.png  Diffusion Chain Strikes up to 3 targets with a crackling bolt of lightning. Cannot be used on close-ranged targets. Only useable with a high level of Heat. Reduces Heat.
    • Wrath - Reduces the number of targets that can be hit to 1, but summons a Ball Lightning at the target's location. Ball Lightnings deal periodic damage to the nearest enemy.
    • Storm - Causes all targets to be afflicted with Diffusion, which causes them to deal damage to other nearby enemies periodically.
    Spell arcane arcane04.png  Flicker The Stormborn instantly teleports to the targeted area in a bolt of lightning. The further away the targeted area, the longer the spell takes to cast. If the targeted area is within 15 yards, the cast is instant. The Stormborn deals damage to all enemies upon arrival. The longer the cast, the more damage is dealt. Reduces Heat.
    Spell nature lightningshield.png  Magnetize While channeling, all enemy targets are slowed and pulled towards the Stormborn.
    Spell mage frostbomb.png  Overload (Talent) Greatly increases the attack speed and damage of the Stormforged while active. Also continuously forces the generation of Heat and prevents the use of any abilities that reduce Heat. Removed when afflicted by Overheated.
    Ability thunderking thunderstruck.png  Call the Storm (Ultimate) Spawns 6 Ball Lightnings around the Stormborn. Ball Lightnings deal periodic damage to the nearest enemy. While this ability is on cooldown, it can be recast for different effects based on the Stormborn's stance. The spell effects all active Ball Lightnings, including those created by other abilities. Ball Lightnings will despawn after a short time. Their life duration can be slightly increased if they are affected by this ability's recast effect.
    • Wrath - Launches a Ball Lightning at the Stormborn's target, turning it into a projectile that causes a burst of damage and afflicts the target with Thunderwrath, increasing the damage they take from further Ball Lightning attacks of this kind. The Ball Lightning furthest from the target will be used as a projectile in this manner. Can be repeatedly cast for every active Ball Lightning. Consumes the Ball Lightning when used.
    • Storm - The Stormborn targets an area, causing all active Ball Lightnings to leap to that targeted area, spreading themselves evenly within the targeted area.
    Spell nature unrelentingstorm.png  Krolmir's Fury (Ultimate / Talent) Increases the damage and critical strike chance of the Stormborn for a short period of time and spawns a Ball Lightning at the location of the target of a critical hit. Ball Lightnings deal periodic damage to the nearest enemy.

Titanforged Talents

  • Stonewrought Talents
    Level Talent Choices
    10 70 inscription vantus rune odyn.png  Runemastery Runesmite refunds a percentage of Terra expended from the previously used ability. Runewarding stacks cannot be consumed at a rate of more than 1 every 4 seconds.
    Spell azerite essence12.png  Wrath of the Titan Azeroth's Wrath strikes an additional target.
    Ability golemthunderclap.png  Grip of Stone Grants the ability Grip of Stone (see above for details).
    20 Inv inscription 80 vantusrune uldir.png  Call to War Increases effectiveness of Rune of War when it is first cast. This bonus progressively falls off over time until just before the Rune of War expires.
    Achievement dungeon blackrockcaverns.png  Rune of the Forge Brands each nearby enemy with a Flame Rune, causing them to take damage over time. Generates threat. While on cooldown, becomes the ability Ignite Runes (see above).
    Ability faultline.png  Freya's Blessing Allows Born of Earth to be used in combat. Reduces damage taken while using.
    30 Inv misc enggizmos 03.png  Mimiron's Insight Invoke the Runes consumes less Terra while granting the same value towards activating a Titan Rune.
    Spell nature earthquake.png  Surf the Turf Reduces the cooldown of Earthglide and grants the Titanforged immunity to movement reduction effects while it is active.
    Achievement halloween smiley 01.png  Thorim's Grit Reduces damage taken while at low health.
    40 Spell fire burnout.png  Explosive Rune While Rune of War is on cooldown, it may be cast again to detonate it, causing damage to all enemies standing on it and generating a great deal of threat.
    Sha ability rogue bloodyeye nightmare.png  Odyn's Intimidation Brand of Mazj reduces the damage you take from the target it afflicts for a short time.
    Spell nature earthbindtotem.png  Might of the Earth Whenever a Titan Rune activates, you take less damage for a short time.
    50 Inv misc monsterfang 02.png  Tol'vir's Hunger Replaces Tolvir's Spellskin. The Titanforged consumes all negative Magic of Curse debuffs from all allies in a targeted area. Regain Terra for every debuff consumed.
    Inv inscription 81 vantusrune zuldazar.png  Loken's Master Rune Spelleater Rune no longer requires a Titan Rune to activate.
    Achievement dungeon ulduarraid irondwarf 01.png  Adamant Will Adamant Skin gains 2 charges, but slightly increases the recharge time of each charge.
    60 Achievement dungeon ulduarraid titan 01.png  Breath of Eonar Any Titan Runes that were consumed during the duration of Fortitude will be re-activated by half the typical Terra expenditure.
    Achievement boss argus aggramar.png  Avatar of Kronn Grants the ability Avatar of Kronn (see above for details).
    Inv misc stormlordsfavor.png  Cleansing Purge Removes the healing aspect of Reorigination and deals damage to enemies instead.
  • Cursewracked Talents
    Level Talent Choices
    10 Spell priest psyfiend.png  Adaptive Mutation Reduces cooldown and Anima cost of Mutation-related abilities. Reduces chance for Malignant Mutations to occur.
    Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  Writhing Mire Replaces Clutching Tendril. Generates a mire of thrashing tendrils at the target area. The tendrils slow enemies and periodically pull them to the center of the area.
    Spell shadow skull.png  Death Begets Life All allies within range of the Titanforged periodically regenerate 2% of their max health.
    20 Spell shadow demonicempathy.png  Baleful Barrier After taking no damage in combat for a time, the Titanforged gains a shield that absorbs damage up to half of their max health or prevents 1 crowd-control effect.
    Achievement nazmir boss ghuun.png  Vilespawn Grants the ability Vilespawn (see above for details).
    Spell shadow curseoftounges.png  Gift of Flesh When gaining a Curse Pustule, the Titanforged gains increased healing power for their next ability.
    30 Inv misc enggizmos 03.png  Mimiron's Insight Curse of Flesh consumes less Anima while granting the same value towards activating Curse Pustules.
    Spell fire felflamering.png  Rotting Wake Fleshcrawl now leaves behind a lingering trail of slime that speeds up allies and slows enemies that step in it. No longer knocks back enemies.
    Spell shadow plaguecloud.png  Tainted Vitality Indomitable becomes an active ability, removing crowd control effects when used.
    40 Spell shadow seedofdestruction.png  Blistering Growth Every 3 Curse Pustules consumed spawns a Curse Blister at the Titanforged's location. Curse Blisters produce a patch of organic goo at their location that heal allies standing in it.
    Ability creature cursed 03.png  They Do Not Die Grants the ability They Do Not Die (see above for details).
    Inv misc volatileshadow.png  Vile Caress Every 3 Curse Pustules consumed spawns a Caressing Tentacle that channels healing on a nearby friendly target.
    50 Spell nature insectswarm.png  Hive of Horror Critical heals spawn a Vilespawn that protects the Titanforged. When a Vilespawn expires, the Titanforged gains a Curse Pustule.
    Spell shadow mindflay.png  Malignant Growth Repeated heals on the same target increase the effectiveness of the Titanforged's healing on that target.
    Ability socererking arcanemines.png  Cursed Effigy Creates a duplicate of a friendly target linked to them by a life tether. The Cursed Effigy absorbs half of the damage they take. If the effigy dies it bursts and heals all nearby allies.
    60 Ability shawaterelemental swirl.png  Crawling Chaos Grants the ability Crawling Chaos (see above for details).
    Spell shadow painspike.png  G'huun's Bargain Conjures an area of power around the Titanforged that increases the damage and healing of allies standing in it, but also increases the damage they take.
    Spell shadow creepingplague.png  The Creep Causes a patch of organic matter to slowly spread underfoot as long as the Titanforged stands still. Allies standing on the creep regenerate health and gain increased movement speed.
  • Stormborn Talents
    Level Talent Choices
    10 Inv hammer 01.png  Thorim's Hammer When Thorim's Grasp has its stun effect triggered, the target detonates and stuns all nearby enemies as well.
    Spell nature wispsplode.png  Will o' Wisp Rolling Thunder spawns a Ball Lightning at the target's location. Ball Lightnings deal periodic damage to the nearest enemy.
    Spell arcane blink.png  Flashblind Flicker will deal damage at both the departure and arrival points. Enemies damaged by Flicker will be blinded, reducing their chance to hit for a short time.
    20 Spell fire sealoffire.png  Heat Resistant Doubles the time a Stormborn can remain at maximum Heat before being afflicted with Overheated.
    Spell nature groundingtotem.png  Mobile Magnetism The Titanforged can move while channeling Magnetize.
    Spell lightning lightningbolt01.png  Defibrillation Allows Thorim's Call to be used in-combat as a battle resurrection.
    30 Inv misc enggizmos 03.png  Mimiron's Insight Ignition consumes less Vita while generating the same amount of Heat.
    Spell nature eyeofthestorm.png  Surf the Storm Replaces Stormwalk. The Titanforged rushes forwards in the direction they are facing, briefly stunning any enemies and increasing the movement speed of any allies they pass through .
    Ability vehicle electrocharge.png  Electrostatic Field The current effect of Storm Crash will briefly carry over when changing stance. Ex.: When switching to Storm, the larger Storm Crash area will briefly have a slowing effect.
    40 Ability monk cracklingjadelightning.png  Electrify Grants the ability Electrify (see above for details).
    Inv misc stonetablet 05.png  Heat Capacitance Increases maximum heat capacity to 120%, allowing for up to 6 stacks of Heated. Reduces the duration of Overheated.
    Spell nature purge.png  Scorching Discharge Grants the ability Scorching Discharge (see above for details).
    50 Spell nature callstorm.png  Wrathful Storms When changing stances gain Wrath and Storm, which allows an overlap of the next abilty's stance effects. When an overlap is triggered, it cannot be triggered again for a short time.
    Ability thunderking lightningwhip.png  Lightning Whip Grants the ability Lightning Whip (see above for details).
    Spell fire incinerate.png  Superheated Allows the Titanforged to retain the bonuses granted by stacks of Heated for a short time even after they have reduced their Heat level.
    60 Spell nature unrelentingstorm.png  Krolmir's Fury Grants the ability Krolmir's Fury (see above for details).
    Spell shaman staticshock.png  Living Lightning The secondary effect of Lightning Wreathe occurs twice instead of once.
    Spell mage frostbomb.png  Overload Grants the ability Overload (see above for details).
Titanforged Talent Summary Table
Level Choices
10 Stonewrought Runemastery Wrath of the Titan Grip of Stone
Cursewracked Progressive Mutations Constricting Tendrils Death Begets Life
Stormborn Thorim's Hammer Will o' Wisp Flashblind
20 Stonewrought Call to War Rune of the Forge Freya's Blessing
Cursewracked Baleful Energies Vilespawn [Gift of Flesh]
Stormborn Heat Resistant Mobile Magnetism Defibrillation
30 Stonewrought Mimiron's Insight Surf the Turf Thorim's Grit
Cursewracked Rotting Wake Tainted Resilience
Stormborn Surf the Storm Electrostatic Field
40 Stonewrought Explosive Rune Odyn's Intimidation Might of the Earth
Cursewracked Blistering Growth They Do Not Die Caressing Tendrils
Stormborn Electrify Heat Capacitance Scorching Discharge
50 Stonewrought Tolvir's Hunger Loken's Master Rune Adamant Will
Cursewracked Hive of Horrors Malignant Growth Effigy of the Curse
Stormborn Wrathful Storms Lightning Whip Superheated
60 Stonewrought Breath of Eonar Avatar of Kronn Cleansing Purge
Cursewracked Crawling Chaos Baleful Bargain Creeping Plague
Stormborn Krolmir's Fury Living Lightning Overload