Venomtide Bastion
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Venomtide Bastion
Location Venomtide Bastion, Darkcoil Chasm
End boss Havok'kan
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 110
Player limit 5

Venomtide Bastion is a dungeon in northern Darkcoil Chasm. It is the stronghold of the Wrathfathom naga led by Lord Pythonis.


Built long ago in the depths of the ocean, Venomtide Bastion has long acted as a bulwark between the enemies of the naga and their prized capitol of Nazjatar. Overlooking winding sea-canyons, the bastion oversaw the only safe path to the naga capitol. It's status has not changed with the rise of Zin-Azshari - placed in accordance with Azshara's will, Venomtide Bastion is still the mighty shield of Nazjatar.

Dungeon Journal

Overlooking the twisting channels of Darkcoil Chasm, this stronghold of naga power is the last line of defense between the Alliance and the Horde and the naga city of Nazjatar. Lord Pythonis directs his forces from behind the imposing black walls of Venomtide Bastion, with a host of naga warriors and deadly war-beasts at his command. Rumors abound that an even greater horror than anything the world has yet seen lurks in the depths of the dungeons.


Mor'dreth the Hunter

A naga beastmaster. With his beloved hunting snap dragon Snappy, Mor'dreth never fails to bring down his chosen prey.

Duke Zhill, the Encarmine Hammer

A serpent giant whose scales are of bloody crimson coloring. Carrying a massive war-hammer, Zhill stands ready to defend Venomtide Bastion to the death.

The Grotesque

One of the enigmatic Shapeless. The Grotesque was captured centuries ago and imprisoned in the dungeons of Venomtide Bastion. The lurching monstrosity is regarded with fear by the naga, who whisper that it was created by the same malefic Old God who shaped the naga themselves from the night elves. Many naga fear what might become of them, should they displease the Grotesque's eldritch creator.

Lord Pythonis

Master of Venomtide Bastion and the mightiest of Azshara's serpent lords.


A terrifying war hydra of the naga, it's unnatural body bedecked in black, razor-lined armor. It is Pythonis' ultimate weapon, released in a final bid to destroy his enemies.


The heroes breach the walls of Venomtide Bastion after a concerted effort by their faction to overcome the naga defenses. Within, the heroes confront powerful naga monsters before being lured into a trap by Pythonis. Flung into the dungeons through a pit trap, the heroes must confront the Grotesque, a hideous shapeless born from the twisted mind of the Old God N'Zoth.

Escaping from the dungeons, the heroes confront Pythonis, only for him to flee before his defeat. Pythonis unleashes Havok'kan, a great armored hydra, to cover his escape. Pythonis flees back to Nazjatar, vowing to finish the heroes there.