NeutralViruganis Seamount
Level: 104 - 106
Map viruganis.png
Location Zin-Azshari

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Viruganis Seamount is a zone located in eastern Zin-Azshari. It is a realm wracked with volcanic activity, having once been an undersea chain of volcanoes. Azshara's magical creation of Zin-Azshari has preserved the volcanic chaos of the region, and the naga use the elemental energies of flame here to forge their weapons, armor, and engines of war.


The Sundering long ago triggered a series of violent seaquakes in the sunken regions about the then newly-formed Maelstrom. The seismic activity opened hundreds of thermal vents in the ocean floor, and activated many underwater volcanoes. The seas became impassable for many centuries, the boiling waters too hot for any but the most hardy of sea beasts to tolerate. Giant tubeworms flourished in the area, growing to colossal size on the nutrient rich mineral streams bubbling up from underground. Great caverns were formed in the deep, sea-caves colonized by gargantuan kraken and other giant beasts of the deep.

All of this was torn free by the formation of Zin-Azshari, and formed into the Viruganis region, a mountainous land where volcanoes blaze, their activity sustained by the unnatural magical energy used in their formation. The naga were quick to move and secure their region after the rise of Zin-Azshari, harnessing the power of elemental flame in the volcanoes to power their industry - countless forges were built, to produce their arms and armamenets in far greater quantities than the underwater volcano vents they had been limited to in earlier ages.

The mightiest seat of naga power in the region is the great Serpentforge, the largest site of naga war industry. Magma flows from the carved mountains, forming a sea of molten lava to protect the forge. The naga Lord Arietis is the forge-master of the naga, and oversees the production from within the Serpentforge itself.


Virguanis is a vast and scalded land, stained red from centuries of thermal activity raining acids and minerals upon the stones. Mountainous and rugged, thermal pillars and volcanoes can be seen far and wide. Deep caverns riddle the region, inhabited by all manner of hardy ocean life. Naga fortress are carved into the very stone of volcanoes, and within forges blaze and slaves toil to produce weapons of war for Azshara's forces. Some regions teem with ocean life, great forests of giant tubeworms and hardy coral growths tower ovehead, while mineral-rich water forms silty swamplands underfoot.


Fighting through the naga defensive lines in Delassar, the Alliance and the Horde find the blasted region of Viruganis. Wracked with volcanic actvivity, the land itself forms a formidable barrier bewteen Azshara and those who would end her mad ambitions.

The region swarms with hostile enemies - vicious sea-life adapted to the volcanic heat, rampaging elementals, and the ever-present forces of the naga. The heroes find unlikely allies in the race known as the merrow, distant relatives of the naga but uttertly devoted to their destruction. Though mistrustful and paranoid by nature, the gradual efforts of the heroes can win these reserved creatures over and open up new avenues of attack upon the naga.

The massive Serpentforge dominates the region, and it becomes the primary target for the Alliance and the Horde - the destruction of the forge will bring an end to a major supply of weapons and armaments to the naga.


Instance portal purple.png - Serpentforge - The great forgeworks of the naga, where their finest weapons and armor are produced. Ruled by the forgemaster Lord Arietis, the Serpentforge is a key element of naga power on Zin-Azshari.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
102-104 5 45 min - 1 hour


  • Naga Forges - The heart of naga industry, Virguanis is a vital target in the war against Azshara.
  • Fire Elementals - Portals to the elemental plane of fire yawn wide the depths of volcanoes, spilling out the servants of fire into Azeroth.
  • Beasts of Viruganis - Giant crabs, hydra, snap dragons, and many other beasts infest the region. Carnivorous and fierce, they are a deadly danger to any who travel the lands.
  • Serpent Giants - The lands of Virguganis are home to the serpent giants, colossal beings who are allied with the naga. The heroes must contend with their presence.
  • The Boiling Terrace - This region is shrouded in dense fog, spewed up from underground by thermal vents. Sea-plants grow well in the area, but it is prowled by hostile beasts as well.
  • The Merrow - Distant relations of the naga, the merrow turned against them millennia ago and seek their destruction. If they can be won as allies, they may reveal many secrets about Zin-Azshari.
  • Slave Uprising - The forges of the naga are worked by countless slaves, stolen from ships and coastal settlements all across Azeroth. It would not take much for these ill-abused people to turn on their captors.
  • Forgemaster Arietis - The leader of the naga of Viruganis and master of the Serpentforge. Arietis was a genius mastersmith of the night elves who lived in Kalimdor 10,000 years ago. His dark vision has birthed countless omnious devices used by the naga to wage war.