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The Order of the Rose is an Alliance guild, chartered by Stormwind, that is dedicated to defending Alliance lands through physical defense and humanitarian aid.

A Brief History

The Rose was started on December 3, 2004 by Lord Thornt, as a strict military organization. Early Roses were assigned patrols and focused heavily on keeping Allied cities safe from Horde attack.

In 2005, Thornt entrusted Jadefire "Himitsu" Talonstorm with leadership of the Rose, and left to pursue other endeavors, taking many of his comrades with him. Himitsu boldy reinvented the guild, filling its ranks with fresh faces and a new focus: providing a home, family, and new life for the outcasts of the Alliance. It was during this period that the Rose Academy, lead by Rhel, trained several classes of untried heroes.

In early 2006, Himitsu was forced to retire as leader of the Rose due to illness, and left it to Chelody Smallwing. Under her leadership, the Rose has continued as ever in its tradition of defense and family. On the guild's two year anniversary this past December 3rd, however, a new course was announced: administering humanitarian aid to the citizens and heroes of Azeroth.


For more information, please see the guild's current website. Guild Site