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I've been lurking on wowwiki for a while, slowly becoming more active, though still generally in the spell-checking and formatting front. Currently helping out on the Warlock project, hopefully adding info in the "Demons I've Enslaved For No Reason" category.


I have way too many: at least one of each race & class (though not every possible combination).

Server Name Race Class Guild Level
Scarlet Crusade Cadarncoch Dwarf Hunter wishes you were brighter 80
Scarlet Crusade Herbert Human Mage wishes you were brighter 28
Scarlet Crusade Ciscoe Gnome Warlock wishes you were brighter 62
Scarlet Crusade Vingari Human Paladin wishes you were brighter 58
Scarlet Crusade Elaregnig Night elf Druid wishes you were brighter 74
Scarlet Crusade Luperca Night elf Priest none 27
Scarlet Crusade Ezgi Draenei Mage none 51
Scarlet Crusade Gethin Human Rogue none 41
Scarlet Crusade Lilikoi Draenei Hunter none 16
Lightbringer Pohaku Orc Shaman The Scarlet Union 49
Lightbringer Phaku Orc Shaman none 33
Lightbringer MacHeath Undead Rogue The Scarlet Union 65
Lightbringer Kharvig Blood elf Death knight The Scarlet Union (someday) 70
Kael'thas Benzaph Troll Priest Unified Origins 46
Kael'thas Atanarjuat Tauren Warrior none 40
Kael'thas Tessi Blood elf Death knight none 58
Kael'thas Chatelaine Blood elf Warlock none 32
Garithos Namarre Tauren Warrior none 40

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