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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Falionna Shaderunner

HordeFalionna Shaderunner
Image of Falionna Shaderunner
Gender Female
Race Undead elf (Undead)
Class Dark Ranger
Affiliation(s) The Forsaken, Fornerly Quel'thalas
Status Undead
Alignment Chaotic neutral


Falionna grew up on the streets of Silvermoon. Living a questionable lifestyle. When she was old enought she escaped that lifestyle by joining the farstriders. After many years she gained the rank of ranger captain.

She survived the fall of quel'thalas and followed Kael'thas into battle in the Plaguelands as a blood elf in the new alliance commanded by Grand Marshal Garithos. She died in a suicide mission. In the mission she was captured and tortured until she died. then reanimated as a banshee.

Once she got free will she reclaimed her body and became a dark ranger and joined the forsaken rebellion. She renamed her surname to something more suited to her current cursed state.


Falionna wears a black ranger outfit with silver edging and decorations. Her cloak is a dark one with a hood over head that have similar decorations as the rest of her armor with holes for her ears and ponytail.

Her eyes are crimson and glowing, her hair is a withered white with locks tied a ponytail. Her skin is a sickly pale shade of gray. Her body is supple with some hard muscles and reaches the height of 175 centimeters, she has no scars as she regenerated away such marks on her body with life draining dark magic.

On her back is an old elven bow rippling with dark power. In her belt is a pair of daggers, the blade is lavender crystalline with a silver cross guard with black leather for the grip.

Ithalwen Azureweaver

AllianceIthalwen Azureweaver
Image of Ithalwen Azureweaver
Gender Female
Race High elf
Class Battle mage
Affiliation(s) Alliance
Occupation Adventuring Spellblade
Status Alive


Ithalwen Azureweaver is a Dreamer. The daughter of a elven ranger, as young Ithalwen found herself more intrested in the history of Azeroth than she did in Bowmanship or Swordmanship, although she was quite proficient in the latter as well, and was often found in the library poring over the ancient texts and manuscripts.

Magic came easy to her, and she spent much time studding the ancient runes while her friends were off engaging in contests of physical skill.

After the sunwell collapsed Ithalwen took her training in swordmanship seriously as she no longer had the infinitive mana of the sunwell. And when she left Quel'thalas she set out to explore and learn from this large and wondrous world.


Her eyes are as blue as the summer sky, her hair is long and dark as the night, her skin is pale not only because she is a elf but because the time spent reading indoors rather than outside. Her body is a six feet tall and supple with toned muscle from her training.

The high elf wears pants of black dyed elven silk and boots in silvery leystone with a winglike decoration going out of it in a elven fashion. On her torso she has a short sleeveless vest that's never buttoned, over her midsection is skintight cloth and on her chest is a piece of wing shaped leystone. At her waist is a waist cloak reaching down her ankles in the same lavender color as her vest. Her forearms is covered in a silken braces with leystone that have the same winglike patern. Her armor is enchanted and imbued with arcane and temporal power.

On her side she carries a elven spellblade. Forged long ago by Luminarian for Mavrana Mooncrest from a fallen meteorite. It was named the starblade. And It's appearance is as if it was made of violet arcane. the hilt of a darker metal and black leather for the grip.

Log'raka Cinderwolf

NeutralLog'raka Cinderwolf
No image available
Gender Female
Race Orc
Class Warrior Shaman
Affiliation(s) Blackrock Clan
Occupation Engineer
Status Alive


Since early age Log'raka has known she had the gift to speak and wield the spirit of fire. At the age of six she was taught how to battle with a weapon, but mostly she worked in the great forges of the Blackrock Foundry. Directing the flames to forge blackrock equipment.

When the Iron Horde was formed she began to work with the new iron horde technology. And Learn to wield a sword from a burning blade shaman that came to the Foundry. The way a burning blade shaman uses a blade. She even claimed the name Cinderwolf from these changes.


Under all the plate, Log'raka is a average orc of her clan. Grey skinned like a rock. Red hair like molten slag. And a bulky frame given by years of hard labor.

Her armor, a fully covering spiky suit of blackrock plate. It's shoulder-pads are miniature iron stars that powers fiery technology in the suit. A fury was bound to it as a power-source. Good thing the user is a shaman that can force it to be useful.

Log'rakas Burning Blade is a two handed sword forged in the Blackrock Foundry from Truesteel and the use of primal fire from the heart of the mountain to make it "burning".

Log'rakas Burning Blade


She commands the fury of fire to power her suit of armor. The suit makes it able to charge forwards with rocket boots or slow down a fall. Or she can use the flame throwers in her gloves to burn things in front of her.

Her belt usually has a few iron grenades.

And her swordsmanship uses the primal fire for burning blade strikes that sets the ground on fire. Best not to stand in it.

Liliana Redmoor

AllianceLiliana Redmoor
Image of Liliana Redmoor
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Duelist buccaneer
Affiliation(s) SI:7
Occupation Agent
Status Alive


Liliana grew up as a innkeepers daughter until her early teens when she was captured by pirates. On the ship she slowly adapted to the culture of the pirates and within a year she joined the raids and looting. The streets of booty bay became more familiar than her home town that began to fade from her memory. However it ended when the captain of her ship was killed in a raid. disorganized the crew was fractured and Liliana was forced to look for labor elsewhere.

After a few bounty hunts the SI:7 hired her to hunt her rival pirates. Something she gladly took.


Liliana stands at a average height of her kind. She has olive skin with hazel eyes. Her hair is cut just above her shoulders and is black. Her body is moderately athletic, somewhere between toned and skinny. Over her left eye is a scar from a sword cut.

Liliana tend to favor the lose clothing of a buccaneer. With a white shirt that hangs over her arms with the upper buttons most of the time opened. Over the shirt she have a leather vest that comes with a shoulder-pad over her right shoulder. She favors a bandanna and sash of red cloth. In her sash there is a pistol, cutlass and a compass.