I'm a huge fan of WoWpedia! My contributions are few because they are rarely necessary, due to the awesomeness of the WoWpedia community :) Though they're now growing again - perhaps y'all have gotten less awesome (unlikely), or maybe I've just gotten more bold. Also because of the many changes Cata and MoP have brought, I suppose.

I used to have a bad habit of playing alts up to level 25 or so and getting bored. I've somewhat improved on that - I have 2 80s and a several in the high 40s now! But I'll always come back to my two mains, a Forsaken Rogue on Hyjal (formerly Silvermoon with a brief stop in Arathor) and Draenei Priest on Stormrage (formerly Smolderthorn, may it rest in peace).

I despise grinding and repetition, prefer questing and exploration to PvP, have been to one BlizzCon, and was disappointed Blizzard tossed out every classic zone with Cataclysm. Because there were a lot of great quests there! You'd think with the Bronze Dragonflight around doing their thing, we could just walk through a Caverns of Time portal and not lose all that great content. Alas...

Lately, I've been working on some addons, or at least some WeakAuras scripts :) A programmer by training, I hope to produce some nice clean useful stuff and contribute to the documentation here.

(My username is lowercase. I forget why. In any case, if anyone can tell me how to make the site treat my account name as lowercase, such as in the top right where it says "Welcome, Jerodast!", that would rock. Until then, I'll have to consider the DISPLAYTITLE on this page as a victory.)

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