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Page last modified: 2018-04-28

AllianceTemplar Kníghts
Server Mannoroth US
Levels 85
Type PvP / PvE
Accounts 30 +
Armory Templar Kníghts Armory

Guild Progress

*This is a PvP and PvE guild and both are required. We don't care that you know the PvE content; PvP is a must.

Guild History

  • Templar Knights has been around since WoW release, and we started raiding as a guild since Summer 2005. We are a guild that focuses on both PvP and PvE. Besides a 25-man raid we field a premier PvP group which specializes in BG kill groups, ganking, corpse camping, and griefing of the opposite faction.
  • Templar Knights guild was originally from Archimonde and transferred to Mug'thol at the server's creation. After Mug'thols population went downhill from server transfers, we moved to Mannoroth.

Weekly Raid Schedule

  • Tuesday, 9:00PM - 1:00AM Server
  • Wednesday, 9:00PM - 1:00AM Server
  • Thursday, 10:00PM - 1:00AM Server

What We Expect From You

  • To be familiar and comfortable with PvP. Our guild is well known for our PvP exploits, and as a member you will be expected to uphold that reputation. PvP is a requirement for joining the guild.
  • New recruits should be prepared to start raiding in 25 man content right away. Being prepared to raid means: having read strats and watched videos, brought consumables, understand your position in the raid, and having your gear properly gemmed and enchanted (very important as we can see your dedication right away).
  • To be able to communicate, whether it be why you screwed up or if you think something could be done differently.
  • To have high raid attendance. If for some reason you are unable to raid or will be late you MUST POST. If you cannot make it to a computer to post, text/call someone (preferably an officer) and let them know of the situation. Failure to do so may result in gremoval. If you ever need to quit the game, or anything else of that nature again, let us know, we are understanding and know IRL shit happens. Again, let us know so we can work with you.
  • You are expected to show up on time, every raiding day, with enough flasks and food to last you throughout the raid, as well as any pots you might need. We do not expect you to burn potions on easy farm content but on progression and more difficult fights you should have health potions, damage potions, and mana potions as needed/applicable.
  • In order to raid with us, you are required to have these tools:
    • Deadly Boss Mods
    • Omen Threat Meter
    • Ventrilo
    • A Microphone

Raiding Loot Rules

  • We use a basic /roll 100 loot system. Everyone who wants an item rolls, highest person with attendance wins. Every item is subject to god looting by the Master Looter.
  • Trials will not receive contested loot until they attend 2 weeks of raiding.
  • Members must have attended 3/4 previous raids to be eligible for contested loot.
  • Pulling a no post no show will result in your attendance dropping to 0 for the week right away. Meaning you have to start over again. Posting last minute will not count. There are phone numbers of several people in the guild. Text an officer if you will not make it (Include your name at first so he can add you to his contacts).

Full Raids

  • If you are sat, you are expected to remain available, or if its fairly certain you will not get back in you can ask Redblaze if you can go do something else. When we cut someone it is under the assumption that we can simply call them and get them back. If this becomes otherwise (you leave your house for example) you need to let us know so that we do not waste raid time trying to get a hold of you. We know getting cut sucks, but due to the inconsistent nature of attendance it is simply a part of raiding, if you have serious objections please feel free to inform Redblaze after the raid, or via PM on the forums. In the short term however you should simply respect our decision and let it go at that. We do try to see that everyone gets play time, and we try to get people in where they need loot.


Lothi (Lothy), Guildmaster
Redblaze, Raid Leader
Bonkie, Officer
Luminescence (Iridescence), Recruitment Officer
Kaotikdt, Officer - Healing Officer
Fatlas, Officer
Roq (Scarab Lord) Officer