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Shindun are the unknowned son of Alleria Windrunner he was the first high elf paladin and maybe the only paladin who still is a high elf .he says that the magic that the blood elf got from illidan is wrong and diabolical


the father to Shindun died in a battle against trolls several months before shindun was born.his mother Alleria Windrunner was afraid that the rumors would spread out ,so she gave him to a high elf family but she visited him daily.but her sister Veressa Windrunner died in the battle for Grim batol .so she went to the war at the orcs homeland draenor .but draenor collapsed and no one have heard about her after that.the other sister Sylvanas began to raise Shindun up becaus she lost her daoughter Siloren.and she dident want the windrunner family to collapse..she trained him in sword mastering and she teached him to read .but one day the scourge came .before the mass of undeads reached silvermoon she manage to smuggle him out of the city so he could survive .she gave him a dagger, some food and a cape.and then before his eyes he saw hordes of undeads and monsters breaking trough the gates .he began to run ,and he runned .and when the night came he reached Stratholme.Sylvanas told him about the city was the second biggest city in lordaron.he believed that he would find safety .but all hi found was a big ruin city. he wandered in the ruin where he found a old book .a armor just in his sice and a sword. he began to go out of the city when he saw some undeads .he attacked them without a breath.after this he sworned to avenge his aunt .he wandered for weeks .but one day he walked in to a camp of former high elfs also knowned as Blood Elfs .there he met Kael`thas sunstrider for the first time. he said that he was the son of Alleria Windrunner but Kael just laughed and asked if he would become a blood elf and fight against the undeads .Shindun said no but he would help them to kill undeads . every night he read the old book he found in stratholme and he realised that it was a book for paladins .so he started to train in the way if light .and inside him a hunger got satisfid.but the Blood Elfs looked weaker and more desperat. he made a group of other elves who refused to be blood elfs.and not after some weeks he and his group leaved the blood Elfs.he said to kael that they would meet again. he and his group traveled tothe place now knowned as the western plague lands and from there they used hit and run tactics against the scourge.but the enemy grow for each day. he had to get more soldiers .he said to his soldiers the he was going to look for high elf or other people who wanted to fight against the undeads.he found some high elfs and some humans.still looking for survivors who could help him in the fight against the undeads he wandered south and there he found siloren windrunner the daughter of sylvanas. shindun saw that she was a high elf and asked who she was .and if she would help him in his fight against the undeads.after hours and hours of talking.she said that she would but first he had to meet the mithrilbeard brothers. he said that they could all meet at his basecamp at western plaguelands .he gave her a map and said it was good to see family again.after this he traveled back to his camp. he said that he met the daoughter of sylvanas and she was coming here with some dwarf paladins and that they could help them.after a week Siloren finaly arrived with the mithrilbeard brothers kakim and Uthrin mithrilbeard. they had heard rumors about some undeads bolstering around the ruins of dalaran and that the ruins was defended by kael`thas sunstrider.Shindun said that it would be clever to go there and help kael`thas.they walked for days and when they was near the city ,some humans came for a visit at the middle of the night. their leader was the ignorant Garithos.he claimed that the blood elf was traitors and he wanted Shindun,Siloren and all the other high elfs for prisoners. Shindun said that they wasent blood elf and they had not do any treason against the alliance.But Garithos just laughed and said "do it looks like i care, just capture them all,you guys can kill those dwarfs to ,if they disobey" and the group had to fight their way out .the battle was hard but shindun,Siloren and the other was captured and broughted to the dungeons at Dalaran.while the Mithrilbeards brothers got beaten up.and dumped in a river.but they survived.When Shindun woke up he was at a cell.he saw that Siloren was at the cell next to him.