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Horde Crest

The Ironsong Tribe is a medium to heavy Horde roleplaying guild on the Silver Hand server, which is one of the first RP realms. Our general goal is a guild is to foster a family-type and roleplaying environment for all characters, regardless of race and class. We usually have something going on every day of the week, and while we do raid, our primary focus is roleplaying.

The Tribe Leaders

Sreng is the Warlord (leader) of the Tribe. The Farseers consist of Kretol, Shillatae, Eveline, Fleethoof, Dispaya, Thurga and Akora. The Blademasters consist of Kosath, Rawne, and Merrina. (The only difference between the Farseer and Blademaster titles are whether the character's class is a spell-casting or melee-ish class)

Blood Bourne

At the launch of the Burning Crusade, the Ironsong Tribe created a temporary affiliate guild, called "Blood Bourne," for Blood Elf alts of current members. However, near the end of April, it was disbanded as its purpose had been served.

For More Information..

Please visit our tribal totem, located at

Potential applications are encouraged to attend a weekly moot, held on Thursdays at various locations around the world. Contact any member to find out where the current week's moot will be held.