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The Green Crusade is active in end-game content, & is among the leading Horde guilds on the server Scarlet Crusade.
The Green Crusade has a video collection that can be found here:
The Green Crusade is recruiting! Apply here:
The Green Crusade was first seen by WoW Census([1]) on August 20th, 2005.


  • Lobo (Guild Leader)
  • Agoriss (2nd in Command)
  • Bezier (2nd in Command)
  • Cthobo (2nd in Command)
  • Fenres (2nd in Command)
  • Giroux (2nd in Command)
  • Gunderstand (2nd in Command)
  • Henta (2nd in Command)

Guild Website

Official Guild Website:
On WoW Armory: