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Page last modified: 2018-04-28

Arisen is an Alliance guild on the Server:Doomhammer US server that was founded at WOW release.

Our background

Arisen's core foundation comes from an EQ raiding guild that started at level 40+ raiding Naggy/Vox and continuted to full Elemental Planes access and raiding. Most of the officers and many of the members come from this group and have been playing and raiding together for 6+ years now. We're very familiar with each other, we like each other, and we trust each other. Since joining WoW, we've added new members, some with EQ experience, some for which WoW is their first MMORPG. All, however, have become new friend, new family we can enjoy.

Our goal

The aim of the guild is to raid. We want to see end-game content eventually, and we want to raid upper-level content regularly.

Our values

We're here to have fun. The game should not feel like a job, it should feel like a game. We have structure, rules, and regulations, but those are to ensure fairness and fun for everyone. Above all, we value having a good time.

We'll never be first to do anything. We don't want to rush right to the endgame, we want to stop and smell the roses along the way. This game has a lot of cool things to see, do, and experience, and we'd feel cheated if we didn't make an effort to see it all.

We value our interdependance. We rely on one another. We need one another. No single guild member will take the guild into MC. It's going to take a guild effort to make that happen. Each person's success is the guild's success. Each time member gets a gear upgrade, that makes the whole guild stronger. Each time a member gets a new spell, we all get a new spell.