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Goroscream Wars
Location Western Plaguelands, Hillsbrad Foothills, The Hinterlands, Arathi Highlands, Wetlands
Result Victory of the Alliance Counteroffensive. Almost complete decimation of the Goroscream Forces. The Relentless are founded.
  Goroscream Forces

Alliance Counteroffensive

  The Relentless (post-Goroscream Showdown)
Commanders and leaders

Goroscream Forces


Alliance Counteroffensive


The Relentless (post-Goroscream Showdown)

Casualties and losses

Goroscream Forces


Alliance Counteroffensive

  • Heavy
    • Lost all Horde members after the Rejection of Southshore

The Relentless (post-Goroscream Showdown)

  • None
    • Retreated to the shadows of the Western Plaguelands


The Goroscream Forces left Northrend after the Lich King's fall, Guénon went to the Echo Isles to help the Darkspear trolls against Zalazane, while Warlord Roggar went to Dun Morogh to aid the Gnomeregan Exiles in reclaiming their lost city.

Meanwhile, at the Western Plaguelands, the Goroscream -led by Kredo, Yoza and Kortoh Stripribs- dedicated themselves to help the Argent Crusade in destroying the remnants of the Scourge. Once Zalazane finally fell, Guénon returned with his pet raptor, Gorossauro, and took control of their operations. Simultaneously, Warlord Roggar returned with the Goroscream Furbolgs from Dun Morough.

Weeks later, Tirion Fordring returned from Northrend and reclaimed the town of Hearthglen for the Argent forces, with the imminent annihilation of the Scourge, the Goroscream stopped their activities to focus on a new objective: Guénon learned that the new Warchief of the Horde had expansionist plans to set into motion and that he was totally against the very existence of the Alliance. With a new Warchief, the Goroscream needed to prove themselves again so that he wouldn't interfere in their existence, for acting in the name of the Horde independent of the Warchief's will alongside a bunch of exotic races -for Horde standards- can be annoying without proof of good results. Thus, Guénon decided that the Goroscream would reduce the influence of the Alliance over the north of the Eastern Kingdoms, he hoped that success in doing so would grant them Garrosh's favor.

The Goroscream Advance

Days after the Cataclysm hit Azeroth, Guénon felt that the Goroscream Forces were finally ready to attack, for the forces of the Alliance were now distracted by the destruction caused by the Shattering. The troll hunter appointed the forest troll rogue Jo'ao as the leader of the Goroscream Forces during it's first assault.

Chill Wind

The Goroscream's first target was Chillwind Camp, since there were Argent Crusade members there, Jo'ao ordered the Shadow priests to [Mind Control] them and use the agents as reinforcements, having to fight a complete army with such small forces, the Alliance was quickly eliminated. With the battle done, the Argent members were sent to the middle of the Scourge-dominated Gahrron's Withering and freed from the priests' control, they couldn't remember any moment of the battle at Chillwind Camp, and had to leave this for later because a whole legion of zombies was about to strike them.

Guénon himself arrived from Goroscream Hold and ordered the rest of the army to advance with him to Hillsbrad Foothills, as a matter of security, Guénon left a contingent of rogues to take care of the camp, always stealthed, they would lure curious Alliance adventurers to the camp and then take them down with a surprise attack. Jo'ao became leader of the Goroscream Forces at Chillwind Camp and was in charge of maintaining the order and organization of the outpost.

Things are Bad at Hillsbrad

The Goroscream Forces were about to assault the town of Southshore, but they stopped when they saw a strange movement at Tarren Mill. Guénon and the army went to the mill and the troll hunter found out that the Forsaken were also going to attack Southshore, he offered himself and the whole of the Goroscream army to help in the attack, the Forsaken were reluctant for the huge variety of "exotic faces" that composed the army, but in the end they accepted it.

The Goroscream and Forsaken assembled into a single army and attacked Southshore, a huge skirmish ensued, because -coincidentally- there was a full raid group of Alliance adventurers located there -they were planning to assault Tarren Mill-, together, the Local Defense and the adventurers defended Southshore. With huge armies on both sides, the conflict was balanced.

In order to gain the upper hand for the Forsaken, Helcular the necromancer began to raise the dead enemies into mindless skeletons. At the same time, the Forsaken unleashed their powerful blight upon Southshore, it's green smoke consuming all life around it. The blight was so powerful, that the Goroscream had to get out of town to survive.

In order to escape death, the survivors of the Alliance sounded the retreat, but the Goroscream surrounded Southshore, killing all escapees that managed to leave the town, while the Forsaken did the same with those still inside it. With the Alliance at Southshore obliterated, the Forsaken claimed the town for the Undercity, Guénon accepted to leave it under undead control since they were also members of the Horde.

After leaving a small portion of the Forsaken army at Southshore, the undead and the Goroscream advanced to Dun Garok, in order to eliminate all dwarves there. The battle was fast and unfair, the Forsaken-Goroscream army heavily outnumbered the Dun Garok dwarves, and thus, they were wiped out in no time, after this victory, the Goroscream Forces parted the Forsaken and advanced to the Hinterlands.

The Peak of Aerie

The Goroscream's next victim was Aerie Peak, with Falstad Wildhammer on his way for Ironforge to take part of the Council of Three Hammers, Aerie Peak was left temporarily leaderless. With such a small time in hand, the Goroscream quickly attacked the outpost, the battle was intense, as many Wildhammer reinforcements came by air, but this wouldn't last long, Captain Bonehook ordered that all Warlocks present in the Goroscream army opened several summoning portals to quickly summon reinforcements directly from Goroscream Hold. Bonehook's plan worked, many anti-air units, such as hunters and spellcasters, and even the shaman Kredo, were summoned by Bonehook and the other warlocks. With faster and better prepared reinforcements led by Kredo, Guénon's army won and the Goroscream dominated Aerie Peak. Kredo convinced Guénon to be benevolent to the Wildhammer survivors and the ghost furbolg allowed them to escape and even healed their wounds after the dwarves agreed to never return.

After repairing the damaged buildings, a portion of the army that fought in the battle returned to Goroscream Hold and were substituted by better prepared soldiers thanks to the Warlocks' summoning portals, which were kept open to serve as a connection between Goroscream Hold and more distant lands.

Guénon and Kredo ordered the Goroscream troops to stay where they were and both went back to Goroscream Hold through the portals, there, Guénon appointed Kortoh Stripribs to be the leader of the Goroscream Army throughout the rest of the war.

Stripribs was surprised and honored with Guénon's orders, and quickly took a portal to Aerie Peak and began to organize the Goroscream Forces.

Supreme in the Hinterlands

After seizing control of Aerie Peak, the Goroscream under Kortoh Stripribs expanded their influence over the Hinterlands, with soldiers of the militia patrolling all parts of the region. Hiri'watha, a former Witherbark settlement, was dominated by a small Forsaken-Goroscream expedition and became a research station for the forces of Lordaeron, later, the Goroscream sealed a pact of non-aggression with the Vilebranch trolls by helping them drive off the Witherbark from Shadra'Alor. The Goroscream then attacked Quel'Danil Lodge, making the surviving high elves prisoners.

Stripribs knew, however, that the Witherbark trolls would be useful for their next assault, unbeknownst to the Vilebranch, he secretly helped the Witherbark tribe to evacuate the population from Zun'watha.

Kortoh was so surprised with the Goroscream's success at the Hinterlands, that he returned to Goroscream Hold to ask Guénon if he could send a whole new army for his next advance because he wished to leave the current one in the region to secure Goroscream supremacy. Guénon, also greatly surprised with the results of the assault, answered Kortoh's request. Guénon named Captain Bonehook -strongest of the Goroscream Warlocks- the Overlord of the Goroscream Forces at the Hinterlands.

Attack at the Highlands

After maintaining their supremacy over the Hinterlands and accompanied by the escaping Witherbark, the Goroscream Forces advanced to the Arathi Highlands, Refuge Pointe was no hard work for the might of Guénon's forces. The warlocks who composed that raid created more summoning portals to create more connections to Goroscream Hold, while making Refuge Pointe to Guénon's liking.

Kortoh led the Witherbark refugees to Stromgarde Keep, where the rest of their tribe resided. Stripribs then gave weapons and extra supplies to the Boulderfist ogres, Witherbark trolls -also reinforced by their escapees from the Hinterlands- and even the Syndicate in exchange of them destroying the remaining Arathor resistance there, the Goroscream couldn't give them manpower reinforcements because Kortoh had ambitious plans for the next attack, and for that, he needed a full army.

Stripribs' next target was Menethil Harbor, so that the Goroscream would be able to build a naval force.

The Alliance Counteroffensive

Meanwhile, the Wildhammer survivors spared by Kredo went in godspeed to Ironforge to ask for help, but the political turmoil was such that they decided to ask for aid from the humans of Stormwind. King Varian Wrynn, angry for Garrosh Hellscream's -supposed- sudden attacks to Alliance holdings, wished to counterattack as fast as possible, but his advisors forced him to send a letter to the Warchief asking for reasons.

Hellscream -although anti-Alliance- would never pay for a crime he didn't commit. Under Eitrigg's leadership, a small Horde contigent was sent to the gates of Stormwind to call the Alliance to react against the "damned monsters willing to bring shame to the Horde".

The King of Stormwind was surprised by the Warchief's reaction, but he refused to work alongside the Horde after the Wrathgate, but he was verbally defeated by Eitrigg's persistence, that was the greatest proof Wrynn needed to be certain that it wasn't the Horde attacking the Alliance's camps.

Both armies were assembled into the Alliance Counteroffensive, under the leadership of Major Mattingly and Eitrigg.

Saving the Wetlands

The Alliance went from Elwynn Forest all the way to the Wetlands, where they found the Goroscream laying siege to Menethil Harbor, the forces of Kortoh Stripribs were having difficulty in taking over the harbor due to the huge resistence coming from all inhabitants -military and civilians- plus the Dark iron dwarves that invaded Menethil Keep. After eight hours of unstoppable conflict, the Goroscream met their first defeat, the surviving warlocks destroyed their own portals to prevent the Alliance from using them, only to be killed by Eitrigg's agents right after it. Kortoh was gravely wounded but retreated with his surviving men to Refuge Pointe, with the Alliance's Counteroffensive coming after them. The Goroscream Hunters left several traps to hold the Alliance's advance, seeing that the Alliance was distracted in tracking Stripribs, the Dark Iron dwarves seized the opportunity to take even more parts of Menethil Harbor for themselves, in order to hold them off, a part of the Counteroffensive had to leave the main army to protect the harbor from the forces of Horghast Flarecrazed.

This massive distraction allowed Kortoh to reorganize the Goroscream Forces at the Arathi Highlands.

Reclaiming Refuge Pointe

After arriving at the Highlands, Eitrigg called upon the Horde at Hammerfall to aid in the battle, while Major Mattingly assembled the survivors from Refuge Pointe and some lost Wildhammer dwarves from Aerie Peak. With the Alliance coming with an even bigger army, Kortoh knew he would meet defeat and ordered that half of his army returned to Goroscream Hold by the portals, after the evacuation was complete, Stripribs destroyed all warlock portals. Even with imminent destruction coming for the Arathi Goroscream, Kortoh had to hold the Alliance as much as he and his troops could, so that the remaining Goroscream-controlled areas could be reinforced. The Counteroffensive finally arrived, the orcish bloodthirsty roars called the attention of the Goroscream at Arathi, it was when Stripribs and all Arathi Goroscream finally noticed the Horde forces working alongside the Alliance.

Kortoh was broken inside himself, the faction that he worked so hard to help, the faction he worked so hard to redeem with, was coming to destroy him and all those who shared the same cause. Stripribs became immovable, the Goroscream Forces at Arathi became pratically leaderless and were quickly obliterated and Kortoh Stripribs was taken prisoner, being unable to warn Guénon of Hellscream's agents.

After reclaiming Refuge Pointe to the Alliance, Eitrigg wanted to execute Kortoh because of his demonic body, but Major Mattingly said that he would be sent to the Stormwind Stockades, a small party left the army to return to Stormwind with Stripribs.

Meanwhile, the Arathor resistence at Stromgarde Keep began to lose the force to hold the small piece of territory they still controlled over the fortress, they sent an emissary to Refuge Pointe to ask for help -they didn't know it had been taken over by the Goroscream and then taken back by the Alliance-, without much time in hands, Major Mattingly sent supplies to the Alliance at the keep, luckily these supplies were able to match those brought by Stripribs to the Syndicate, Boulderfist and Witherbark, and the Arathor managed to at least maintain their control over their own portion of Stromgarde Keep.

The Rejection of Southshore

With all preparations done, they went to Hillsbrad Foothills in order to reclaim and reconstruct Southshore, but when Eitrigg saw that it was under control of the Forsaken and not the Goroscream, he rejected the attack, as they were waging war against an illegal force, which was not the case of those from Undercity.

Major Mattingly insisted that Southshore belonged to the Alliance and that the town should be retaken, upon realizing that there could be no deal, Eitrigg and his agents left the Alliance Counteroffensive and took a zeppelin back to Orgrimmar -those from Arathi Highlands returned to Hammerfall-. Mattingly considered this an act of treason and sent a report to Varian Wrynn regarding this.

Days later, an emissary was sent by Wrynn with his reply, the king said that he would give armaments to the Stormpike dwarves and would send all reinforcements needed, but all this would only be done after the Goroscream Wars ended. In the end of the letter, Varian ordered the Alliance Counteroffensive to advance directly to Aerie Peak.

The Battle for the Hinterlands

Suddenly, Wildhammer and Human gryphon riders infested the skies of the Hinterlands, bringing down the few Goroscream air units in the region, but having difficulties with the Goroscream hunters.

In the ground, the Alliance came from Hillsbrad Foothills, and due to Aerie Peak's proximity to the frontier between the two regions, the battle was quickly taken to the base. The Alliance quickly entered Aerie Peak but the Goroscream repelled the invasion using their strongest warriors to hold the allied ground forces with huge shields -creating a wall- as spellcasters -behind the shield wall- shot their soldiers and rogues used a hit-and-run tactic, thus, the Alliance was outside Aerie Peak again with a huge wall of shields blocking the way, not even the gnomish steam warriors could break through that impressive blockade. Meanwhile, Overlord Bonehook channeled a massive summoning portal, he ordered his soldiers to hold the Alliance as much as they could for he was about to summon the ultimate reinforcement. The strategy was effective for long hours, but when the Alliance's gryphon riders concentrated their assaults only at Aerie Peak -they were attacking other regions of the Hinterlands dominated by the Goroscream-, cracks began to open in the wall of soldiers.

It seemed that the Alliance would finally manage to enter Aerie Peak, but the Gryphon Riders were given a new challenge, from Bonehook's portal came Yoza and the Goroscream Netherwing drakes brought by the ex-Dragonmaw fel orcs from Outland, the dragons led by Yoza proved to be too much for the Gryphon Riders to handle, the Alliance was forced to retreat to the Arathi Highlands.

There, the allied forces built temporary blockades in the frontiers between the Highlands, Hillsbrad Foothills and the Hinterlands, Major Mattingly had to quickly think of a plan to deal with the draconic forces unleashed by Overlord Bonehook, the Goroscream would recover sooner or later.

A strike of luck

Deathwing, Aspect of the Black Dragonflight, was wandering around the Eastern Kingdoms after his invasion to Stormwind, setting on fire all huge settlements he saw in his way.

A few hours after the Alliance's complete retreat, the Black Aspect was flying around the Hinterlands, Deathwing attacked Jintha'Alor, Quel'Danil Lodge, and in the end: Aerie Peak.

In a matter of seconds, the whole of Aerie Peak was on fire, Yoza and her Netherwing tried to resist Deathwing's attacks, but they were quickly burned as the Aspect of Death left the Hinterlands.

Most of the Goroscream Forces at the Hinterlands were concentrated there, regrouping for a counterattack against the escaping Alliance, a counterattack that would never happen because it was engulfed in flames. Only Overlord Bonehook, Yoza and a few lucky soldiers survived.

The damage done by Deathwing couldn't be measured, in instants, the Goroscream lost their control over most of the Hinterlands.

The Counteroffensive's Counter offensive

The news arrived to the Alliance Counteroffensive through a high elf prisoner that escaped Aerie Peak during it's turmoil, Major Mattingly became excited once he heard the words of the elf, and quickly organized the army and invaded the region once again.

Without the necessary manpower to resist an allout attack from the Counteroffensive and being unable to summon reinforcements -all portals were destroyed by Deathwing-, Overlord Bonehook became desperated and started sacrificing the surviving soldiers and prisoners to start a dark ritual with their blood, Yoza tried to stop Bonehook but his despair became insanity after he started his rampage. Seeing that the Hinterlands were already lost, Yoza left Aerie Peak and went to Goroscream Hold to give Guénon the bad news.

The Goroscream soldiers and Alliance prisoners who escaped Bonehook's madness decided to put their differences aside and find shelter deep into the Hinterlands.

Aerie Peak was emptied by Overlord Bonehook's madness, the warlock started a dark ritual with the blood of the fallen, twisting his body and eliminating what remained of his mind.

When Major Mattingly's forces arrived at Aerie Peak all they found was a void terror-like creature in the middle of a base on fire, once Bonehook saw the Alliance Counteroffensive with his multiple eyes, he roared and charged at them and the fight started, at first there was no hope of victory against such a bulky monster filled with fel energy, the Alliance warlocks' attempts to [Banish] him failed, there was no way to stun, root, nothing could incapacitate it. Until paladins managed to scare him with [Turn Evil], with the beast constantly compelled to flee, the Alliance managed to finally lend decisive blows against the demon. When Bonehook was near death, a small glimpse of sanity sparked in his mind and he broke free from the crowd control, becoming immune to it. With his death imminent, he sacrificed a portion of his remaining life force create a shield to protect himself as he channeled a summoning portal connected to Goroscream Hold. But he was weak, and so was the shield he created, Bonehook was killed by a combined wave of holy magic spells, however, the demonic energy inside his body was so strong that it alone continued channeling the portal, keeping it open even after his death.

But he was weak, and so was the shield he created, Bonehook was killed by a combined wave of holy magic spells, however, the demonic energy inside his body continued channeling the portal, keeping it open even after his death.

Major Mattingly didn't know how much longer the portal would last, thus he decided to leave the rebuilding of Aerie Peak and Quel'Danil Lodge for later, the Alliance Counteroffensive took the portal, prepared for the final and decisive battle.

Goroscream Showdown

The Alliance ends up in the entrance of Goroscream Hold, and were welcomed by a huge contingent of the Goroscream's Elite Guard, after a small skirmish, the Counteroffensive defeated them and the Alliance Steam Warriors exploded Goroscream Hold's door, starting the invasion.

Upon hearing the sounds of fighting outside of his stronghold, Guénon put a  [Snowserpent Mail Helm] to hide his face from them, and alongside Gorossauro, Gorescream, Kredo and his Honor Guard, he went to the Entrance Hall, with such a small force but immense power, the Alliance was once again outside Goroscream Hold, Major Mattingly was hit by Guénon's [Explosive Shot] right in the chest, wounding him gravely and knocking him unconscious and making Guénon open a malicious smile, then shout that this shot "was for General Stripribs". As a group of Draenei shamans tried to wake Mattingly up and heal him, in the mean time, the Goroscream remnants turned the tides of the battle.

To make matters worse, a blast of frost came from the gates of Goroscream Hold, freezing a considerable number of Alliance soldiers, it was the frostwyrm Yoza, in her twisted goblin form. Yoza joined the battle, her frost attacks combined with the might of the elite of the Goroscream Forces made the Alliance consider demise, as half of their forces became dust and they were tired of their previous battle, whereas the local defense force was well prepared and rested.

That was when the Alliance Warlocks and Mages decided to mimic the Goroscream strategy, they opened summoning portals and capital city portals and brought massive reinforcement with them. Luckily, Mattingly woke up at the same time of the reinforcements' arrival, he managed to reorganize and gain the upper hand amid the chaos.

Yoza started to get worried, for the Goroscream's numbers were slowly reducing. Yoza roared and transformed into her original draconic form, ordering all Goroscream soldiers to go back inside and bolster their defenses. Guénon said that he couldn't afford losing her again, Yoza said that she missed Horzinaku and wouldn't care to die in battle if she managed to give a final help to the troll's cause. Guénon felt that this would be a second Borean Terror, and went back inside with his people. Kredo summoned eight Greater Earth Elementals to aid Yoza and thanked her for all she had done and went back inside.

With blue flames floating away from her eyeholes -like tears-, Yoza roared and charged with the elementals, Warlord Roggar -a Furbolg Warrior- sent a [Shockwave] against the Alliance -stunning most of it's forces- before retreating.

After a long skirmish, she was defeated and destroyed alongside the elementals, and the Alliance was now inside Goroscream Hold once again.

Upon looking at Yoza's corpse and the elementals' remains, Guénon told himself that he wasn't supposed to be a leader, he dropped his weapon and took a few steps to Major Mattingly.

Guénon says: Let mah comrades be...
Guénon says: 'Cuz of me, many lifes ended, lifes dat could change da world, mon...all 'cuz of mah failed attempts on being leader.
Guénon says: Kill me but spare mah people, it's mah fault all dis happened, please...
Major Mattingly yells: It's also their fault because they accepted it, troll! You are all assassins, you're all the same!
Kredo says: Guénon! We didn't fight so hard for you AND the Horde to end like this!
Guénon says: Wha--?
Fel Orc Honor Guard says: Strength and honor, boss! Warriors of the Horde would rather die an honorable death in battle than surrendering and living in eternal grief!
Undead Mage says: We are here with you!
Kredo says: It's destiny, Guénon...all of us here were supposed to live all these disgraces, and your fall is not today, Guénon! The spirits told me!
Guénon quickly grabs his weapon.
Guénon says: If dat be da case...
Guénon roars and all of his forces charge at the Alliance.
Major Mattingly yells: You shall end just like your Red General! The Horde neglects you, fools!
Warlord Roggar yells: Use your mouth to breath your dying breath, human!!!

The remaining Goroscream locked themselves in a suicidal combat against the Alliance, Goroscream soldiers fell one after the other, Kredo was being victim of the paladins' holy magics, Warlord Roggar was turned into a burning corpse by the Warlocks and Mages combined fire magics. In a duel against Major Mattingly, Guénon got distracted and was stabbed in the chest by the human major. With blood spilling constantly and his conscience slowly abandoning him, Guénon fell to the ground.

Guénon couldn't take any action but look around and see the death of his allies, he strongly felt the pain of each Goroscream that died. The pain reached it's peak when he saw Kredo vanishing, he tried to concentrate his last strength to make a last act of service and finally die with honor, but he remembered that "his day was not that one", and thus, faked his own death.

The last one to fall was a Fel Orc Dark Shaman...when he fell, Goroscream Hold became the graveyard of a genocide. After spitting on Warlord Roggar's burned corpse, Major Mattingly and his men took a portal back to Stormwind to report the news of victory to King Varian Wrynn and begin the reoccupation and rebuilding of the formerly lost settlements.

Guénon's Awakening

A few hours after the Goroscream's defeat...

Guénon stands up with what remains of his living force, but quickly gets back to the ground.
Guénon says: Mah......people.....maaah...stronghold....a slaughterhouse...
Failing miserably once again, Guénon begins to feel the pain of his soldiers inside himself...
Guénon loses his voice for seconds and starts crying. Once he recovers it...
Guénon says: Why is mah day not today!!? Answer I, Furbolg!
Kredo appears.
Kredo says: Your destiny hasn't been fulfilled yet, Guénon.
Guénon yells: Kredo! I thought da paladins managed to kill ya!
Kredo says: Listen to my words so your doubts will finally vanish, troll...
Kredo says: All this tragedy was supposed to happen, all these people HAD to die.
Kredo says: Every single member of our army, with the exception of you, me, your pets and Yoza, would have done atrocities if they did not join us.
Guénon says: Wha--?
Kredo says: Kortoh Stripribs would be fighting as a mercenary for the Twilight's Hammer if I hadn't invited him to join us definetaly. The Fel Orcs who fought with us would have bolstered the armies of the Dragonmaw Clan that came from Outland to enslave it's Azerothian members.
Kredo says: With such a huge number by the side of Overlord Mor'ghor, the combined forces of the Dragonmaw rebels and the Horde wouldn't be able to free the clan from the Fel Orcs' corrupted rule.
Kredo says: The lost and disoriented jungle and forest trolls would've joined the Twilight's Hammer...
Kredo says: The Forsaken would leave the Horde because they had no faith in Sylvanas Windrunner's and Garrosh Hellscream's rules and join arms with the Twilight's Hammer.
Kredo says: My brethen, the Uncorrupted Furbolgs, would fall prey to the taint of Felwood and would wreak havoc at Timbermaw Hold. The corrupted ones would be used by the Burning Legion to lead that assault.
Guénon says: So...all dis time, I've be leadin' a full army of bad people?
Kredo says: Yes...
Kredo says: Me, Yoza and your pets were here to aid and guide you in your leadership, so you could rid Azeroth from all this evil.
Guénon says: But wha was I chosen to lead all dis crap!? Couldn't I have a normal life of a journeyman?
Kredo says: The spirits and the elements talked to me the day you went to Timbermaw Hold to call for our aid, they told me of the future to come, the Borean Terror itself, and the Goroscream Apocalypse. But they warned me that you were persistent and wouldn't give up even after such a massacre. They said you had the will that was needed to gather all those people I mentioned.
Kredo says: Combating all those evil beings seperatedly would prove uneffective and thus they had you put them all together to be destroyed.
Guénon yells: ya and ya ethereal friends used me as a mere tool! I can understand why the hell dose people died, but whatcha bout Yoza and mah pets!?
Kredo says: Their mission in life was accomplished, so they had no reason to remain living.
Guénon yells: Dis is madness!!!
Kredo yells: Do you think you're the only one to feel disturbed by all this!? I had foreseen everything, I had dreams about it, all these events haunted my mind through all this time, Guénon!
Kredo yells: You have to understand that all this nightmare was for a greater good!!!
Kredo kneels down.
Kredo says: My mission also over...
Guénon says: Wha--?
Guénon walks to Kredo and sits before him.
Guénon says: So...ya also be leavin'?
Kredo says: I wished to stay and help you to recover from this trauma, Guénon....but the Spirit World awaits me.
Guénon yells: NO! Ya be mah only friend remaining! I...I understand dat all dis was for greater good! I be not angry at ya, mon! Ya have to stay wit me! I need ya wisdom, Kredo!
Kredo says: There is one last....mission...I must warn you about...
Kredo says: The Horde is facing many political tensions thanks to Garrosh Hellscream's ascension to Warchief.
Kredo says: The Darkspear Trolls and the Tauren are doing their best to keep the Horde still in union.
Kredo says: You are to side with the tribe that gave you shelter and made you meet civilization, Guénon, you'll have to help Vol'jin and his people to keep the faction you fought so valiantly for united.
Guénon says: I...I understand...
Kredo says: Once you have earned your position among the Darkspears, you'll join the main conflict against Deathwing and his cultists.
Kredo starts to levitate and Guénon stands up.
Guénon says: Kredo...?
Kredo says: My time has come, old friend...I have to leave...Undeath is a nightmare, Guénon...and I'm
Guénon says: No...
Kredo says: Ah! Before I leave, the spirits are giving a gift for both you and an old friend to reward you for your brave efforts...
Guénon says: Gift? Old friend?
Kredo says: Answers will come in the right time, Gué of now...goooood....byeeeee...
Kredo's spirit dissipates.
Guénon stands still for a few seconds, and falls to his knees.
Guénon says: See ya later...ol' buddy.
Gorossauro's arms and legs start moving.
Guénon says: WHAT BE DIS!?
Guénon opens a wide smile and runs to his old friend, embracing the raptor in his arms.
Gorossauro unleashes a vigorous roar to tell Guénon that he lives.
Guénon yells: YA SURVIVED, MON!!! Gorossauro!!!
Guénon yells: So dis be da gift Kredo had for me...and ya!!!
Guénon yells: I would nevah be able to start dis new journey without ya, mah precious raptor!
Guénon stands up, with the alive-but-weak Gorossauro still in his arms, carrying the raptor as if he was carrying a son.
Guénon says: Let'sa go, Gorossauro...we have a new journey.
Gorossauro points the middle-fang of his left hand to Gorescream's corpse.
Guénon says: Yeah, mon...unfortunately, our dear Gorescream didn't have da same luck as ya...come, let dem rest.
Guénon throws his helmet to the ground and leaves Goroscream Hold with Gorossauro in his arms.

The Relentless

The Alliance thought the conflict was over, and thus, started to fully occupate their recovered bases. When the turn of Chillwind Camp came, all the small allied expedition saw as an abandoned camp, but when they got closer to it, the group was decimated by stealthing rogues.

These rogues were left there by Guénon to ensure Goroscream influence over the area in the beginning of the conflict, unaware of the Goroscream's end, the rogues kept doing what they were ordered to. And with the following weeks, the unawared Alliance kept sending people to Chillwind Camp, with no success in reclaiming the base. At first, they thought the expeditions were being killed by the Scourge forces in the area, thus, they sent stronger warriors for the camp. Once again, the rogues made another bloodshed, but one Draenei Paladin managed to survive, he went to Stormwind and said that the true assassins were the Goroscream Rogues, not the Scourge.

This time, the Alliance sent an even stronger expedition, with all members armed to the teeth, but that didn't scare the rogues, and another fight occurred. This time, the Alliance gained the upper hand, recognizing defeat, the rogues retreated to Goroscream Hold to ask Guénon for aid, but all they found were piles and piles of corpses, Guénon's one was nowhere to be found.

Upon finding Stormwind's crest in a dead human footman's shield, the rogues discovered the Goroscream was now defunct thanks to the Alliance. Consumed by hatred, they abandoned their duties with the Horde and created their own faction, dedicated solely on having revenge against the Alliance, thus, The Relentless were born.