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Image of Guénon
Gender Male
Race(s) Jungle Troll (Humanoid)
Level 85 Elite
Class Hunter
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darkspear Trolls
Former affiliation(s) Goroscream Forces, Guénon's Forces, Himself but Horde-aligned
Occupation Adventurer
Location See Locations
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown
Companion(s) Gorossauro (pet)
Gorescream (pet)
Yoza (flying mount and advisor)



WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

Meeting civillization

Guénon has no recollection, all that is known about his life story is that, in his amnesia, this troll, that seems to be around 19 years old -though not even he can confirm it-, lived as a wild beast at the Echo Isles, having a Bloodtalon Raptor as his hunt's partner. Certain day, Guénon and his raptor were found by a female shaman in the middle of the wilds of Echo Isles, as the Darkspear Trolls evacuated from the island during Zalazane's revolt. Guénon was more wild than all the tigers and raptors of the isles, and his aggressive nature made the woman leave him behind in fear. Zalazane's voodoo magic attracted Guénon, the wild troll sensed danger in the dark magic that was surrounding the isles, and in his fear, Guénon and his raptor charged against Zalazane, but the path to him was blocked by a contingent of Hexed Trolls. Guénon roared and charged at one of the trolls, piercing his victim's chest with his abnormal tusks -which were deformed by his life away from all people- while Gorossauro lacerated the same target's face with his claws, but the duo's ferocity didn't scare the Hexed Trolls, those mindless humanoids attacked Guénon and his raptor, even though they didn't manage to kill the duo, the trolls did expell them from the isles by scaring their wild minds with shadow magic. Guénon and his raptor swam in godspeed away from the islands, roaring in fear from the dark magic they witnessed.

Upon arriving at Durotar's shore, Guénon and his raptor decided to take a rest. Minutes later, they were found by Zjolnir, the raptor handler of the recently founded Sen'jin Village, Guénon seemed aggressive to the other troll but Zjolnir used his experience with the wild to calm Guénon down.

Zjolnir felt pity of Guénon's current state, and decided to take him and his raptor to Sen'jin Village, there, Guénon learned to socialize and speak. Guénon gained a decent set of clothes, his tusks were arranged, he also became capable of speaking Zandali and Orcish -even though he speaks Orcish in a more rudimentary version of the average troll accent-. Now being able to speak, Guénon named his raptor Gorossauro.

The life of Guénon and Gorossauro got a lot better since those days and in retribution, the jungle troll pledged his services to the Darkspear tribe, even though he was not official member. He began trainning alongside Gorossauro in the ways of the Hunter, a path that fits his link with the beasts of the wild.

After months of unstoppable training, Guénon became a crafty ranged fighter.

After that, Guénon did nothing aside from playing minor roles in the events toward the Classic World of Warcraft. But it was during this time that Guénon befriended the furbolgs from Timbermaw Hold and gave aid to the Forsaken House of Barov, making Alexi Barov with such a huge debt to the troll hunter that he would only be able pay years later.

The Burning Crusade

The Dark Portal Opens and Capture at Outland

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Guénon was back to Orgrimmar from a mission at Tanaris and decided to stop by the inn, there, he saw a group of four orcs talking about demons spawning from the Dark Portal.

Guénon learned much about the history of the Horde and hearing the words "Dark Portal" being used to speak about a modern event called his attention. The troll interrupted the orcs' conversation, asking what was happening at the Dark Portal, only to hear a whole collection of insults never said before.

Gamon, a tauren who suffered serious bullying from almost every adventurer that passed in Orgrimmar, decided to lend a hand to the troll hunter, and explained him what was happening at the Blasted Lands. After thanking Gamon, Guénon decided that he and Gorossauro should join the fight against the hordes of demons. By taking a portal to Stonard after bribing a mage, Guénon stole a wolf mount and -with his raptor on his shoulders- ran as fast as he could to the Dark Portal, starting to do battle against the demonic invaders as soon as he arrived.

After a long and exhaustive battle, the demons were pushed back and the battle was taken to the Stair of Destiny at Outland. In a moment of the conflict, Guénon and Gorossauro were captured by a trio of Felguards and both were sent to the Pit Commander, the Annihilan decided that they should be sent to Tempest Keep so they could be used as a bargain if a dire future took place.

But the demons that were bringing Guénon and Gorossauro to the keep didn't even manage to leave Hellfire Peninsula, they were killed in an ambush coordinated by a small Illidari group. Kortoh Stripribs, who was the group's leader, ordered the naga of the team to warn Illidan Stormrage that Outland was being assaulted by creatures from Azeroth as the rest of the group took them as prisoners to Dragonmaw Fortress.

At the stronghold, Guénon met many other prisoners, among them were many Kael'thas-loyal blood elves, rebel Murkblood broken miners, and a suspicious high elf. Guénon asked what was that prison for, why wasn't he and his newfound prison mates killed, the situation was made clear by Bagul'ete, the leader of the imprisoned Broken.

Bagul'ete told Guénon that Zuluhed the Whacked had developed a method of making the netherwing drakes easier to tame, this method consisted of taking the newborn dragon whelps and give prisoners for them to fight against, this way they would follow a path of bloodlust and would see the races of the prisoners as enemies -after their constant attempts to kill these whelps-. This way, only the strongest whelps would survive and the Dragonmaw would have the fiercest air force of all Outland. Zuluhed was just waiting for the number of prisoners increase until his desired quantity to set the plan into motion.

Guénon said that he wouldn't be sacrificed and that something should be done about it, he proposed that all prisoners united under a single purpose and started a rebellion. Bagul'ete said that several attempts were made before and they all failed, but Brazon Silverstar -the leader of the imprisoned blood elves- quickly replied, saying that the rebellions were never unified, the blood elves were allies of the Burning Legion because of Kael'thas, and the Murkblood refused to work alongside the followers of their race's corruptors. In his thoughts, Guénon was surprised to know that he would have to work alongside his enemies, but he accepted it.

This time, the Broken and Blood Elf leaders were so enraged with the Illidari -mainly the Dragonmaw Clan- that they would accept any alliance to achieve freedom, but they still refused to be led by one of their former enemies. Guénon was always a soldier, he never led anything, and wasn't willing to learn it because failures to do so would bring harsh consequences, thus, he didn't even offer himself to lead the rebellion, instead he tried to convince them that both led the charge together. Guénon tried to convince them for weeks, but it was in vain.

Seeing that the troll had no success, the high elf revealed his true identity as the nether drake Horzinaku, he was ordered by the Netherwing Patriarch to disguise himself as a humanoid only to be imprisoned by the fel orcs and lead a massive but organized rebellion, the Patriarch was well aware of the previous riots and he considered that a successful rebellion would be of great help in the Netherwing's struggle against the Dragonmaw Clan. Horzinaku offered himself to lead the prisoners in their fight against the orcish marauders, Bagul'ete and Brazon Silverstar accepted, stating that having a powerful draconic beast leading them would assure the rebels true victory.

Dragonmaw Prison Break

See: Dragonmaw Prison Break

Guénon and his pet played a vital role during the Prison Break, the troll began the fight at the back of Horzinaku, then he hopped to an enemy drake's back, killing the drake's rider and stealing his weapon, said drake was then submitted by the troll hunter. Guénon provided great support to Horzinaku during the aerial battles.

During most of the battle among the ground forces, Gorossauro was the only one who was being able to bring casualties to the Dragonmaw by using a hit-and-run tactic against them, slicing one of the shaman in the back and subsenquently subjugating another and using him as a meat shield against the other shaman's spells.

Eventually, Guénon and his colleagues were victorious and parted ways after achieving freedom.

Rescue on the Ledge

Shortly after the Dragonmaw Prison Break, Horzinaku asked a small favor for Guénon, the Dragonmaw Clan had imprisioned his mate at Netherwing Ledge, a Veridian Netherwing Drake named Yoza, deep inside the Netherwing Mines, and said that Guénon would be well rewarded if he saved her. Guénon was so grateful for Horzinaku uniting the prisoners and making the escape possible, that he quickly accepted, but he recognized that he would not be able to do this alone, so he asked Horzinaku to bring aerial support for the assault.

While Horzinaku tried to convince some of his brethen to join the attack, Guénon wandered all around Shadowmoon Valley, looking for forces of the Horde to help him, he eventually found Shadowmoon Village, recently occupied by the Kor'kron forces, Guénon spent some time in the village and after some weeks he gathered a considerable number of adventurers willing to attack Netherwing Ledge.

After two months preparing the battle strategies, the assault team met near the Black Temple, Guénon and Gorossauro hopped on Horzinaku's back and the army advanced to Netherwing Ledge.

The drake's aerial attacks were enough to distract the Dragonmaw forces outside the mines, while the Horde adventurers landed to give some casualties to the enemy, Guénon and Gorossauro entered the mines to save Yoza themselves. Inside, Guénon met more Murkblood Broken, they asked the troll what was going on and Guénon explained the situation, the Murkblood miners made an alliance with the Netherwing dragonflight in order to get rid of the Dragonmaw thus they started a riot and fough their foremen, some Broken -already insane because of so much work- even left the mines to do battle with the Dragonmaw.

Guénon and Gorossauro found Yoza at the heart of the mines, they were about to remove the last of her chains when they were interrupted by a Dragonmaw Skybreaker, he was supposed to ride Yoza once she was properly subjugated. After a brutal fight, the Fel Orc was defeated and Yoza was free, she then flew outside the mines with Guénon and his pet raptor on her back.

After seeing Yoza, Horzinaku ordered his forces to retreat, the Horde adventurers hopped on the back of the Netherwing drakes, whereas the unfortunate Murkblood were defeated, with the survivors enslaved once again. Guénon, Gorossauro, Horzinaku and Yoza flew to Shattrath City, where the draconic couple could live in peace as refugees. Horzinaku thanked Guénon a lot and gave him  [Sen'jin Beakblade Longrifle], which he found in the corpse of one of the Horde adventurers that died in the conflict.

The gun was extremely powerful and Guénon was pleased, after that day, the troll and the drake parted ways.

Lesser actions during the War in Outland

Guénon started looking for members of the Horde at Terokkar Forest, he eventually stumbled upon Stonebreaker Hold and was then directed to Shadowmoon Village, where he stood to do battle against the demons of the Burning Legion and the Illidari.

Though Guénon only fought against the Legion and Illidari forces all around Shadowmoon Valley, he didn't take part in the battle against Illidan Stormrage at the Black Temple. Guénon decided to return to Azeroth after the fall of the Betrayer.

After leaving Outland and the Blasted Lands at Azeroth, the troll hunter forgot the way to Stonard and got lost in the Swamp of Sorrows, thus being unable to be aware of the events at Zul'Aman, and much time later, the battle at the Isle of Quel'Danas. Both Guénon and Gorossauro were about to lose their hope when they were found in a deplorable state by a Broken Exile, the degenerated draenei took the duo to the Harborage, where Guénon and Gorossauro were fed with their available food and had their wounds healed.

Much time later, an orcish merchant arrived from Stonard in order to do business with the Broken, he found Guénon and Gorossauro living among the draenei and asked the troll what was he doing there, Guénon explained everything to the merchant, the orc then decided to guide him back to the Horde, after Guénon thanked the Broken one last time for their help, the orcish merchant took the troll and Gorossauro back to Stonard and then paid them a wyvern ride to Grom'gol Base Camp, where Guénon and Gorossauro took a zeppelin back to Orgrimmar.

Wrath of the Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Scourge Invasion

Guénon was resting near the gates of Orgrimmar with Gorossauro, both were watching the adventurers of the Horde practicing their skills in brutal duels for several hours, suddenly, a female orcish warrior called the attention of the duelists, yelling that the Warchief was in the middle of a fierce argument with his Mag'har advisor, Guénon and the other adventurers quickly rushed to the Valley of Honor, where a meeting between Thrall, Varok Saurfang, Garrosh Hellscream, Sylvanas Windrunner and Grand Apothecary Putress was taking place.

Guénon and the other adventurers arrived at the nick of time, just when Garrosh challenged Thrall to a mak'gora. The orcs ran inside the Ring of Valor with a huge crowd following them, Guénon ordered Gorossauro to wait for him outside the arena, and followed the group. Luckily, Guénon found a seat very close to the center of the arena, and managed to watch the duel closely, his immense focus on the fight would only be broken after he heard the disturbing voice of the Herald of the Lich King, subsequently, he heard sounds of intense fighting coming from outside the Ring of Valor, Thrall and Garrosh even decided to settle their matters with each other later and both left the arena to see what was happening, once again followed by the great crowd of Horde adventurers.

Guénon was surprised once he left the Ring, in such small time, Orgrimmar was being overwhelmed by undead beasts of all variaties, he noticed that Gorossauro wasn't where he was supposed to be, the troll hunter got worried and rushed to the Valley of Strength, when he looked to the roof of Orgrimmar's bank, he saw his raptor locked in combat with an abomination, Guénon rushed to his aid, but the abomination grabbed Gorossauro by his tail and threw him at Guénon's face, bringing both hunter and pet to the ground. The Abomination wasn't slow like others of it's kind, it rapidly charged at the duo, but it was intercepted by Garrosh, who quickly turned the undead golem into a pile of fleshy fragments in a matter of seconds, Guénon tried to give his thanks to the mag'har, but Hellscream immediately charged at a group of ghouls and zombies.

A frost attack from the sky almost hit Guénon, luckily it fell a little centimeters away from him. When the troll hunter looked to the sky, two frost wyrms were aiming blasts at him, Guénon began to shoot the mighty undead dragons while running from their breath attacks, while the troll was distracted attacking his foes from the sky, Gorossauro fought the adversaries of the ground, killing every undead that tried to attack him or Guénon with his sharp raptor claws. Guénon ran out of ammo, without any means to retaliate the frost wyrms' offensives, the troll could only run while desperately seeking ammunition in an Orgrimmar in turmoil. In this mean time, Guénon had to resort to melee attacks by smashing the mindless undead with his gun as Gorossauro lacerated them.

Guénon then began to collect every metallic objects that fitted his gun in order to make new ammunition, luckily, Guénon found a dead goblin engineer, and while looting his corpse he found many explosives, Guénon swiftly put the metal shards and the explosives inside his gun and aimed in one of the frost wyrms that were attacking him and fired a point-blank [Explosive Shot] right on the beast's skull, exploding it's head in several pieces and bringing it's inactive corpse to the ground -crushing many undead beneath it- in front of the Auction House's entrance, the stroundous noise of the falling beast called the attention of many, mainly Garrosh Hellscream, who yelled that he wanted to talk with the hunter after the invasion was over, Guénon made a positive sign with his hand and proceeded to use his remaining "pseudo-ammo" against the second frost wyrm, this undead dragon -however- kept flying from one side of the valley to another while firing frost attacks at Guénon, the troll couldn't even aim at the beast. But the frost wyrm's advantage came to an end when the Troll Roof Stalkers ensnared it with nets, the frost wyrm resisted for a time but the nets proved too strong and it fell in front of the entrance of Orgrimmar's bank, killing many Scourge zombies and Horde defenders in the process.

Guénon, Gorossauro and many of Orgrimmar's grunts focused their attacks on the beast, it was finally destroyed by an [Explosive Shot] in the chest, the resulting explosion consumed half of the beast's body and the flying bones hit many undead invaders and living defenders. The troll liked so much the results of this shot, that he adopted the Explosive Shot as his new ultimate attack.

Without ammunition once again, Guénon tied his gun to his back with a small leather cord he found in the ground, and took two one-handed axes from the corpses of two dead grunts, he now rejoined the battle making constant use of traps and melee strikes side-by-side with Gorossauro.

Much time later, the Scourge Invasion came to an end, Orgrimmar was once again safe.

All citizens, soldiers and adventurers of the Horde were united around Thrall and the other figures that attented to the meeting, after much consideration, the Warchief declared that the Horde would go to war, with those words, many warcries could be heard from the crowd that witnessed this event.

Garrosh took his leave by walking among the huge of wall of people that surrounded the group, in his way, he stumbled upon Guénon, and whispered that he wanted to see the troll among his men at Northrend, doing the same to other adventurers that proved their worth in his way.

Guénon and Gorossauro spent days at the inn of Orgrimmar, waiting for the Horde to finish it's preparations to war. When the Horde fleet was assembled, Guénon alongside his pet and many other brave adventurers of the Horde entered the ship and they sailed to Northrend.

Arrival in Northrend

The Horde fleet arrived at the shores of Borean Tundra, Garrosh ordered his men to build a encampment to mark that the "first signs of the mighty fist of the Horde upon the disgusting Scourge". After the construction of the outpost was complete, Garrosh ordered the members of the Horde's military to protect and watch carefully the shore where they landed, the mag'har overlord then turned his attention towards the ships that brought the "valuable volunteers", Hellscream roared and ordered that they left their ships at that moment, after all adventurers were assembled, Garrosh divided them into many different groups, these groups would scout the proximities of Garrosh's Landing.

Guénon's group was the last to be created, and was the one with least members, with three people only -four if you count with Gorossauro-, whereas the other groups had five members each. But there was a reason for it, Garrosh was moving deeper into the Tundra alongside a portion of the Warsong Offensive army to find a suitable place to build a stronghold that would serve as the center of Horde operations at the region, and he wished to bring a few "civilian volunteers" with him, thus he chose Guénon -and Gorossauro, consequently-, a Forsaken rogue and an Orc hunter -that had no pet- to escort him alongside the main army.

Garrosh eventually found his desired spot, and after days of work from the peons coming from Garrosh's Landing, the Warsong Hold was fully built. The first days of the stronghold were of great prosperity, but suddenly, the supplies from Garrosh's Landing stopped coming. Overlord Hellscream sent a small Horde contingent to the shores to see what has happened, but days passed and they never returned.

Garrosh got angry and called his own military "incompetent", he then decided to call forth once again the aid of adventurers, and Guénon was among them. Garrosh called a group of five adventurers -Guénon was among them-, and sent them to Garrosh's Landing to deal with whatever threat they found.

Guénon and his group arrived and found their former base in ruins and engulfed in mist, they bravely entered the mysterious fog only to find lots of Horde corpses -military and adventurers alike- and strange "green giant humans", apparenty being the responsible for the massacre, the group retreated to give the information to their Overlord.

Upon arriving at Warsong Hold, they found the base heavily under attack by the undead nerubians, the stronghold was built right on a section of their underground tunnels, leading the Horde into a trap. Guénon managed to give Hellscream the news from Garrosh's Landing amid the battle, the Overlord got seriously mad and roared that the Horde's arrival at Northrend wouldn't be a fiasco, fighting the undead using only his blind rage.

After twelve hours of unstoppable fight, the Horde got the upper hand, although the nerubian invaders weren't defeated that day, the Horde managed to get the situation under control and the Scourge was totally expelled from the inside of the stronghold, having to stay in the proximities of their pits connected to the underground.

With the nerubian invasion under control by the Warsong Offensive, the adventurers were given new missions in different parts of the Tundra to accomplish.

Two days later, a goblin in a flying machine landed at the top of Warsong Hold, he was a courier of the Steamwheedle Cartel. The messenger told Garrosh that the Steamwheedle goblins also managed to set foot on the continent and that the newly built town of K3 was open for business, even giving Hellscream a map showing how to get to the Storm Peaks.

Garrosh, still enraged by his recent bad luck, wanted to focus on the dominance of the Borean Tundra and said he had no time for business missions, but Varok Saurfang took the map from Hellscream's hand and said that the Horde would send their own messenger with the expedition's positive reply. Saurfang dismissed the courier, who took his flying machine to bring his message to the Alliance. With the Warsong Offensive busy in keeping the nerubians at bay, High Overlord Saurfang called Guénon and ordered him to deliver the Horde Expedition's reply to the goblins of K3, giving the map to the troll hunter afterwards.

The Ravenous Jormungar

Guénon managed to successfully arrive at the Storm Peaks, but on his way to K3, he and Gorossauro were separated by a sudden snowstorm. Guénon said to himself that he couldn't go to K3 without Gorossauro. After three days of search he managed to find some raptor footprints on the snow, those footprints led him to the Hibernal Cavern, where a small war between Ravenous Jormungars and Icemaw Bears ensued. Gorossauro's presence was somehow accepted by the Jormungars and the raptor decided to enter the fray on their side, Guénon did the same in order to save his lost friend, indirectly contributing with the problems the Hyldnir frost vrykul were having with acquiring mounts.

After the battle, most Icemaw were decimated, and Guénon was grateful for the Jormungar having accepted Gorossauro in their cave, and was ready to leave when he noticed that one of the worms was following him ever since his arrival.

Guénon named the Jormungar as Gorescream and she became his second companion, Guénon then delivered his message to K3 and took a loaned wind rider back to Warsong Hold.

Borean Terror: Kel'Thuzad

To fully comprehend the rest of Guénon's story, see:Borean Terror

Guénon and other adventurers of the Horde received information that Kel'Thuzad was assembling a huge Scourge army at Borean Tundra, to prevent this, they united themselves under the troll hunter's leadership, after hiring some volunteers, such as the servants of the Barov Family from the Eastern Kingdoms -Alexi Barov was in debt with Guénon- and some Timbermaw Furbolgs, a militia force was created, which Guénon personally called Guénon's Forces.

After weeks of preparations in secret, they launched their attack against the Scourge army in Borean Tundra. This conflict was a massacre, and Guénon's Forces were utterly destroyed in the end, most of their members turned into mindless zombies of the Scourge.

Even with the surprise backup from the Netherwing couple Horzinaku and Yoza, Kel'Thuzad emerged victorious, and Horzinaku was killed and then consumed by the risen members of Guénon's Forces.

At Warsong Hold, Guénon refounded the Guénon's Forces alongside Yoza, Kredo the Ghost Furbolg Shaman, Gorossauro and Gorescream.

Rise the Goroscream

Guénon refounded Guénon's Forces with a single purpose: to better serve the Horde in a independent way and to bring those who suffered around Azeroth a new home and life within the Horde. Thus, Guénon set out in a journey around all of Azeroth, seeking members to recruit.

At Stranglethorn Vale, Guénon met several jungle trolls who were exiled from their tribes and were now living a precarious life, among them the warlock Bonehook. Guénon promised to aid them with healing of wounds and shelter if they joined his forces, the jungle trolls were so grateful that they embraced Guénon's cause.

Guénon stumbled upon a considerable-sized group of Forest trolls during walks around Lordaeron, these forest trolls were expelled from the Amani tribe many years ago and now lived together so that they can survive, among them was the rogue Jo'ao. After a long discussion among the members of the group, the exiled forest trolls decided to join Guénon's Goroscream Forces.

At Tirisfal Glades, Guénon asked for financial support from Alexi Barov, who gave him money and servants to build the faction's stronghold, thus, in no time the stronghold was built somewhere in the Western Plaguelands, Guénon named it Goroscream Hold.

Guénon attempted to recruit the Dreadmaul tribe into his forces, but failed, however, he found a Fel Orc walking around the Blasted Lands, Guénon prepared to attack him but he said he was a mercenary, this fel orc mercenary was Kortoh Stripribs, now no longer a member of the Dragonmaw Clan. Neither Guénon nor Kortoh remembered each other -it was Kortoh who ambushed Guénon's captors and sent him to the prison of Dragonmaw Fortress- and thus the troll hunter hired his help, Kortoh was to train the warriors and rogues recruits of the militia. The news of Kortoh joining a Horde-aligned faction reached Outland, and many fel orcs who wanted to be accepted by his former brethen left the planet seeking the group that accepted Stripribs, they eventually found Guénon and the troll hunter accepted them, many Netherwing drakes were brought by those fel orcs that came from the Dragonmaw Clan.

His forces grew much more than he expected, renamed it the Goroscream Forces and declared that their activities have begun. Meanwhile, the Nexus War started but the Goroscream Forces weren't ready yet, Guénon still had to organize his forces in order to go to Northrend. Thus, Guénon decided to send Bonehook the warlock to represent the Goroscream in that war.

Shortly after the end of the Nexus War, the Goroscream Forces were finally ready to advance to Northrend. After leaving a portion of their manpower at the Western Plaguelands to protect Goroscream Hold, the Goroscream Forces advanced to Northrend to join the War against the Lich King.

Guénon and his Goroscream played minor roles in every battle against the Scourge that the Horde was involved, with a few exceptions, where their participation was more decisive...

The Siege of Naxxramas

After several battles against the undead, Guénon heard that the Alliance was preparing to lay siege on Naxxramas, while the Horde was ready to attack Azjol-Nerub. Although the Goroscream was to aid the Horde, Guénon wished to help the Alliance, so that he could have his revenge against Kel'Thuzad. To grant Goroscream participation against Azjol-Nerub and attack Naxxramas, Guénon left Kredo in charge of the advance against Anub'arak at the main section of Azjol-Nerub and the Twilight's Hammer at the Old Kingdom, while he, Yoza, Gorossauro and Gorescream, attacked Naxxramas alongside the Alliance.

The adventurers from the Alliance -under the banner of the 7th Legion- were almost ready to invade Naxxramas when Guénon landed with his small team, at first, a human priest, Brother Michael, rejected Guénon, stating that they had no time to lose with Horde "whelps". Guénon, although indignated, said that he was there to help and that he had important matters to settle with Kel'Thuzad.

After some time pondering, the Alliance accepted the troll and his companions in their ranks. Guénon and the Alliance adventurers attacked Naxxramas with energy, hours and hours spent destroying quarter after quarter, until the path to Sapphiron's Lair was open.

Not even the frostwyrm's might was able to stop the strength of the combined might of the adventurers, mainly Guénon's shots and Michael's magic, and the path to Kel'Thuzad was finally revealed.

The adventurers were finally face-to-face with the Archlich, Guénon picked up his gun and pointed it to Kel'Thuzad. Yoza roared with anger, both her and the troll were ready to have their revenge against Kel.

Kel'Thuzad didn't even rememeber who Guénon or Yoza were, and laughed at them, Michael Saintangel started charging a [Smite] spell, but was frozen by the Archlich.

Kel'Thuzad attacked the whole raid with a Shadow Fissure, consuming half of the Alliance's forces in darkness and killing them, with exception of Michael, because he was inside an icy prison and was free because it was consumed by the fissure. Michael and Guénon started running around Kel's room and attacking him with everything they could, Gorossauro climbed on Kel'Thuzad's back and started slashing him, part of the Lich's corporeal form started to collapse because of Gorescream's Acid Spit and burn because of Yoza's flame. Meanwhile, the remaining Alliance adventurers hit Kel'Thuzad with all their weapons and spells.

This time, Kel'Thuzad was fighting an entire army by himself, with Guénon laughing at him for the Archlich was facing a similar situation the troll had back at Borean Tundra, Guénon's laugh angered Kel, and he unleashed a strong ice spell, which frozen every single soldier in his room.

Michael repelled the ice encasing with [Power Word: Shield] and dispelled the prisons at his partners as fast as he could. Kel'Thuzad, angered by the Priest's persistence, pierced the human's chest with one of his chains, before dying, Michael dispelled Guénon's icy prison and used a mighty healing spell using his remaining forces, making Kel'Thuzad's freezing fury in vain.

The lich was angry and desperated, so he decided to raise every killed men into undead, he succeeded, in a matter of seconds, the Alliance had to fight their former "brothers" alongside the Scourge's Archlich.

Guénon and Yoza remembered when the members from Guénon's Forces were risen as undead and started consuming Horzinaku, these memories made both troll and drake enraged and stronger. Gorescream used her Acid Spit to corrode the icy prison encasing her, while Gorossauro destroyed his prison with his blood-hungry claws.

The battle proceeded, with the Alliance in disadvantage, every men killed represented one more Scourge zombie to fight. Guénon, used his [Volley] shot and destroyed a large group, Gorescream entangled the Scourge around her with her mighty body, while Gorossauro cut the zombies' bodies with a hit-and-run tactic.

Thinking that the party should end, Kel'Thuzad used another Shadow Fissure, this one killing every single member of the raid, Guénon, his friends and the Alliance adventurers met demise...if not for one thing: Michael's corpse woke up later than the others, now undead, he protected himself with another [Power Word: Shield] -blocking Kel'Thuzad's offensives against him- and revived as many Alliance soldiers as he could. Michael, although revived, wasn't under Kel'Thuzad's control, so he ressurected Guénon and escaped using a hearthstone before he fell to the lich's undead mind-controlling powers and became the raid's latest enemy. Guénon then ressurected his pets, but none of the risen soldiers were able to revive Yoza.

Feeling the pain of another loss to the Scourge, Guénon enraged even more, he began to put as many bombs and bullets as he could inside his gun, preparing the ultimate shot. Meanwhile, the Alliance and Guénon's pets started fighting Kel'Thuzad again, buying time for the troll hunter to prepare his attack. After considerable time, Guénon's gun was ready to shoot, so he fired the strongest [Explosive Shot] that anyone there has ever saw. All the bullets and explosives inserted were fired at the same time and the chain reaction of explosions that hit Kel'Thuzad was so strong, that his corporeal form was completely destroyed, he disappeared with a final cry of pain, vowing that the Lich King would present all those who fought him with their graves.

The battle was finally over, Guénon had his revenge, the Alliance defeated Kel'Thuzad. After giving a long hug in his pets and crying for such an important victory, Guénon proceeded to see Yoza's corpse...

The Alliance survivors, in retribution for Guénon's help, aided him in transporting her corpse to the Path of the Titans, where she was buried.

After a ceremony in her honor, a gnome gave Guénon a Flying Machine, so they could fly back to their base, and so they did.

Weeks later, a Scourge Expedition found Yoza's corpse and raised it's corporeal half as a frost wyrm.

From that point on, Guénon and the Goroscream Forces wouldn't play any relevant role in the war until the final battle.

The Fall of the Lich King

The time for the final assault at Icecrown Citadel had come, and Guénon, using the Flying Machine given by the gnome, entered the fray with ground support of Gorossauro, Gorescream, Bonehook, Jo'ao and Kortoh Stripribs and the rest of the Goroscream soldiers and extra aerial assistance from the Goroscream fel orc dragonriders.

The battle proceeded intense, and the Scourge received aerial reinforcements from Frost Wyrms, one of them was Yoza. Yoza attacked the Alliance-Horde forces mercilessly and viciously, leading the frost dragons to great victories in small time. Yoza met Guénon once again, the troll and his former advisor engaged an intense aerial combat.

Guénon eventually won, hitting the frost wyrm in the head several times in a row, she fell to the ground, the troll landed by her side and left his Flying Machine. Yoza was dazed, not only because of the amount headshots she received, but she was also lost in memories of her past life with Horzinaku.

The troll got face-to-face to her, thinking she was dead, he put his hand on her skull-like head, stating that she was a powerful ally and that the Goroscream would never forget her. After feeling Guénon's warm hand on her cold skull, Yoza remembered when Horzinaku and Guénon saved her from the Dragonmaw and finally came to her senses, free of the Lich King's grasp. Yoza quickly flew high into the sky, with a powerful roar, she told the troll -in a death knight-like voice- that she was a fool of letting herself be turned into this, and then she came to the ground, saying that "Yoza was back into service".

Happy for having his advisor back, Guénon hopped on Yoza's back and Kortoh Stripribs took the Flying Machine.

When the Ashen Verdict announced the beginning of their assault inside Icecrown Citadel, Guénon gave the command of the ground units and his pets to Kredo, the command of the aerial force to Yoza, with Kortoh Stripribs chosen to be her second-in-command. Guénon then ordered Jo'ao to lead a small party of Goroscream Hunters and Rogues to the Frozen Halls to aid Jaina Proudmoore and her forces in invading that portion of the citadel. Guénon then charged alongside adventurers from both Alliance and Horde, plus the combined Argent Crusade-Knights of the Ebon Blade army.

After dealing with the absurd amount of Scourge in the citadel and surviving a fight between gunships, Guénon and the remaining Alliance and Horde adventurers arrived at the Frozen Throne. After Tirion Fordring and the Lich King exchanged insults directed to each other, the battle began, the Lich King freezing his nemesis in an ice tomb.

The fight was intense, and when the battle went inside Frostmourne itself, Guénon wasn't there, after receiving a fatal blow, Guénon feigned his death as his troll regeneration healed him, thus, he avoided being sent into Frostmoure. When he had been enough healed, the troll tried to fight with the Lich King alone.

Arthas' heavy armor made hitting Guénon a hard work for the troll hunter was pretty agile. However, although Guénon shot the Lich King with all his might, the Lich King eventually managed to cut the troll's chest and kick him in the belly, quickly bringing the troll back to the ground, Guénon was knocked out and the Lich King executed him, but not in time to absorb his soul...

The adventurers managed to break free from Frostmourne just in time, proceeding with the fight, the Lich King got distracted by the heroes of Azeroth and didn't make another attempt to absorb Guénon's soul. In the wake of Arthas' wrath, the Lich King killed all adventurers and prepared to raise them as champions of the Scourge. But Tirion managed to break free from his Icy Tomb and shattered Frostmourne, the unleashed spirit of Terenas Menethil II reviving all the adventurers -including Guénon- with a [Mass Resurrection] spell afterwards. Guénon was back to life and mad at Arthas, and took part in the combined final blow done simultaneously with the other adventurers with his signature [Explosive Shot].

Once the Lich King was defeated and after hearing Bolvar Fordragon's warning, Guénon ran outside Icecrown Citadel to destroy the remaining Scourge with his Goroscream Forces.

Zalazane's Fall

As Guénon and his forces prepared to leave Northrend at Vengeance Landing, Kredo found a poster talking about the recovery of the Echo Isles. The furbolg called his attention, and after analyzing the poster, flashes of his life as a barbarian troll at the isles came to his head. Mainly the day he had to leave the island because of Zalazane's Hexed Trolls. Guénon was also in debt with the Darkspear Tribe, after all, it was thanks to them that he met life-in-society, so the troll strongly felt he needed to participate in that battle.

Guénon took Gorossauro and ordered Kredo and Yoza to watch over Goroscream Hold while he didn't return.

When the battle was finally over, Guénon helped the Darkspear in building their new home at the Echo Isles, and left.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The Fall of Goroscream

After the fall of the Zalazane, Guénon returned to Goroscream Hold at Western Plaguelands. Once he received news that the Horde had a new warchief, the troll travelled to Orgrimmar to see what plans Garrosh Hellscream had for the faction. Though neither Guénon nor Garrosh saw each other during the troll's stay at the Orcish capital, Guénon found out that Hellscream had expansionist plans for the Horde.

With this in mind, Guénon devised a plan to ensure Horde domination at northern Eastern Kingdoms, so that he could ensure that Garrosh wouldn't mess with the Goroscream's exisence.

The Goroscream advanced and claimed the Alliance-Argent Crusade base of Chillwind Camp for the Horde, later, he gave reinforcements for the Forsaken assaulting Southshore, and conquered several other Alliance bases.

The Alliance soon heard about it and prepared a counteroffensive, since those "Horde" attacks didn't have Hellscream's authorization, the warchief sent Eitrigg and Horde agents to aid the Alliance Counteroffensive, and thus, the Goroscream Wars started. The Alliance's counterattack was massive and the Goroscream Forces met several defeats and the battle was taken to Goroscream Hold. The Goroscream Forces resisted valiantly against the Alliance but they were utterly destroyed, Yoza died, Gorescream died, Kortoh was sent to the Stormwind Stockades...the only survivors were Guénon and Gorossauro, the troll almost collapsed when he saw what had become of his militia, but Kredo's words managed to calm him down a bit and give him a new mission: to join the ranks of the Darkspear Trolls and help Vol'jin in preventing the Horde from collapsing thanks for the tension risen by Garrosh. With Gorossauro in his arms, Guénon departed for his new journey, and Kredo finally managed to rest in peace, going to the Spirit World.

Return to the Horde

The Horde Agents left the Alliance Counteroffensive before they could reach Goroscream Hold, so Guénon was unaware that his own warchief gave support to his militia's demise, this made him accept his new journey. Since he covered his face with a  [Snowserpent Mail Helm] during the Goroscream Showdown, there was no way to recognize him without the helmet.

The troll hunter and his Bloodtalon Raptor made their first stop at Orgrimmar, he saluted the Warchief at Grommash Hold and pledged his services to the Horde, only to be driven out by the Kor'kron Elite Guard under Hellscream's orders, because he was a troll. Angry at his new warchief and not believing that he fought so hard in an allout war to please "a bastard Brown Abomination", Guénon and Gorossauro went directly to the Sen'jin Village, he was greeted by Zjolnir, the only one who remembered him. After spending some time talking about a part of his adventures to Zjolnir, both trolls went to the Echo Isles, so Guénon could formally introduce himself to Vol'jin. The Shadow Hunter distrusted Guénon at first for he thought he came from nowhere and couldn't remember him as a Darkspear troll, but Zjolnir told the Darkspear chieftain how he found Guénon in the day of Zalazane's revolt.

Vol'jin felt pity of Guénon for all he passed in that time and praised Zjolnir for what he did, the troll chieftain quickly remembered the day that Guénon brought some of his Goroscream to help the Darkspear Trolls during Zalazane's Fall, and as a mean to give his thanks to the hunter, Vol'jin accepted Guénon as an official member of the Darkspear tribe, even giving him a new outfit and a bow for him to use during the battles to come.

Duties for the Darkspear

Shortly after becoming a true member of the Darkspear tribe, Guénon was given several tasks to accomplish.

Dealing with Northwatch

Soldiers from the Northwatch Expeditionary Force arrived at the shores of Durotar and have seized control over Kolkar Crag and Tiragarde Keep. With the orcs of Razor Hill and the Valley of Trials having to deal with other problems such as Water Elementals at the Scuttle Coast, the Burning Blade clan and the quillboar, it was -and still is- up to the Darkspear trolls to deal with the Alliance threat.

Vol'jin's first task to Guénon was to take part in a Darkspear task force of 25 trolls led by Tortunga that would advance against the small Alliance at Kolkar Crag and prevent them from building a full base camp dangerously near the Valley of Trials and Sen'jin Village.

With Gorossauro by his side, Guénon joined Tortunga's force and they took a boat to Sen'jin Village in order to prepare themselves for the advance and to better protect the village from possible raids against it. Zjolnir supplied them with raptors while some Darkspear orcish adventurers -the orcs coming from the Valley of Trials- decided to aid Tortunga's men.

<<<Work In Progress>>>

Hour of Twilight

Guénon took part in the final battle against Deathwing and his minions by defending Wyrmrest Temple from the attacks of the Old Gods' forces.

Guénon and Gorossauro fought fiercely against the unending waves of Faceless ones and twilight cultists who tried to lay siege to the temple, there was a moment however, in which Guénon thought he was going to lose his life - he was disarmed by a twilight rogue and paralized alongside Gorossauro by the magic of another cultist, but in the last second, he was enveloped by a [Power Word: Shield] spell and healed from all his wounds, with the cultist pair being quickly obliterated by three waves of [Holy Nova]. The troll had his life saved by no other than Archbishop Benedictus from the Church of the Holy Light.

Benedictus said that he was there to help the Dragon Aspects in their battle against Deathwing, and that he was ordered to create a small defense force under his leadership, and attempted to recruit Guénon. Guénon, feeling in debt for having his life saved, gladly joined Benedictus' defense team, composed of about sixteen adventurers -eight from the Alliance, and eight from the Horde-.

The group's strength was formidable, they even managed to successfully open a hole in a huge wave of minions of the Old Gods and went somewhere near to the entrance of the maw of Shu'ma, a powerful Forgotten One. Upon arriving at the proximities of such deplorable creature, Guénon and his colleagues were prepared to bring a great victory for the proud defenders of Azeroth, but it was all a trap...Benedictus revealed himself as the Twilight Father and rooted the group by summoning small tentacles. The former archbishop said that it was his plan to bring together all those "powerful heroes" so that he could kill them all at once, the same way he did with many others before them. Guénon was enraged with the human, and yelled at him, Guénon asked why didn't Benedictus let him die before, Benedictus said that he had to be convincing and that Guénon's example and enthusiasm served as the greatest reason for the other accessions after his.

The Twilight Father started channeling a massive Spell fire twilightfire.pngWave of Twilight as many lesser Faceless ones and tentacles started to surround the rooted group. Gorossauro, nervous and infuriated because of his imminent death, entered in a killing frenzy, the tentacles that imprisoned him were cut down by his bloodthirsty teeth and claws, the raptor then set Guénon free.

In a flash, Guénon was with his bow in hands and Gorossauro on his shoulders, before Benedictus could take any action he was shot by Guénon's [Silencing Shot], interrupting his channeling and preventing from using any other kind of spells for a small period of time. Surprised by the troll's actions, the Faceless ones quickly charged against the adventurers, who broke free from their tentacles since the power that called them from beneath the earth -Benedictus' magic- was temporarily cut off.

The heroes quickly organized themselves and even considered killing the Twilight Father, but they were vastly outnumbered, there were too many beasts for them to face, they decided to retreat by opening a hole in the wall of Faceless ones and tentacles that surrounded them. Guénon and his comrades escaped from the Twilight's Hammer, retaking the base of Wyrmrest Temple from the Old Gods' ground forces.

They were, however, unaware that the Twilight Father had quickly reassumed his identity as Archbishop Benedictus and successfully seized control over the Chamber of the Aspects, underneath the temple itself.

The Twilight Father would only lose his grasp over the chamber after Thrall's arrival and the human's eventual death at the hands of the World Shaman and another group of adventurers.

After the obliteration of all of Deathwing's forces at Dragonblight, Guénon remained at the temple alongside a huge contingent of adventurers, soldiers and dragonkin to ensure the security of Wyrmrest.

Guénon took no part in the direct conflicts with Deathwing himself.


WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

Sen'jin Village, Durotar (After being introduced to civilization.)

Timbermaw Hold, Felwood (Visiting and befriending the furbolgs.)

The Bulwark, Tirisfal Glades (Helping Alexi Barov.)

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Orgrimmar, Durotar (At first, resting from a mission. Later, returning from Outland.)

The Dark Portal, Blasted Lands (Fighting against hordes of demons during The Dark Portal Opens.)

Dragonmaw Fortress, Shadowmoon Village (Imprisoned.)

Shattrath City, Terokkar Forest (Alongside Horzinaku and Yoza after saving the latter.)

Shadowmoon Village, Shadowmoon Valley (Fighting against the Illidari and Burning Legion forces.)

The Harborage, Swamp of Sorrows (Sheltered by the Broken exiles.)

Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Orgrimmar, Durotar (Defending the city during the Scourge Invasion.)

Garrosh's Landing, Borean Tundra (Arriving alongside a group of chosen adventurers to aid the first Horde forces at Northrend.)

Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra (Defending the stronghold. Leaves to the Plains of Nasam but returns after the Borean Terror.)

Wintergarde Keep, Dragonblight (Seeking to join forces with the Alliance adventurers about to assault Naxxramas.)

Icecrown Citadel, Icecrown (Fighting the final battle against the The Lich King.)

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Goroscream Hold, Western Plaguelands (As master of the hold.)

Darkspear Isle, Durotar (After the destruction of the Goroscream Forces.)

Zul'Aman, Ghostlands (Fighting against the Zandalari threat.)

Mount Hyjal (Fighting against the forces of Ragnaros.)

Wyrmrest Temple, Dragonblight (Fighting the final battle against Deathwing and his minions.)

Guénon's Gear

Guénon's gear changed from time to time, here are the pictures and the lore behind each one...

Patch Changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Removed from Classic, Outland and Northrend locations. Added to revamped Classic and Cataclysm locations as a level 85 Elite NPC with 1,100,512 health and a focus bar.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.0.3 (2008-11-04): Added in Northrend locations as a level 80 Elite NPC with 353,000 health and 120,000 mana.
  • Bc icon.gif Patch 2.0.3 (2007-01-09): Added in Outland locations as a level 70 NPC with 10,955 health and 3,200 mana.
  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.2.0 (2004-12-18): Added in Classic locations as a level 60 NPC with 3,000 health and 1,325 mana.