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Alliance Crest Server:Bloodhoof Europe


Chimera is a guild with a strong focus on end-game raiding, while still retaining the sense of fun and friendship and the room for doing things other than just raiding for its members.

The guild was born on July 24th 2007 as a merger between Axiom Knights and Ginnunga, two guilds with a history older than World of Warcraft itself, that had both seen several of its members leave the game and thus leave them ill-equipped for end game raiding. Many of its members are veterans of several older MMORPGs.

The Burning Crusade

On its first raiding night, Chimera successfully downed three new TBC raid bosses never before killed by the individual guilds.

Eventually, Illidan Stormrage and his Company (Kael'thas, Lady Vashj) have faced obliteration by the band of 25.

During Sunwell times, Chimera decided to focus on raising armies of alts, enjoy the lavish riches of the Outlands and prepare for the next coming of the Lich King...

Wrath of the Lich King

In WotLK, Chimera revisited Naxxramas for some oldskool fun and said "Hiiiii... Dieeeeee!!!" to Kel'Thuzad in December 2008 - Shortly after, Sartharion with all his drakes were tickled to death by a band of 25 lunatics...

And then came Ulduar... and gone... Yogg-Saron's reputation proved lesser than his predecessor (C'Thun) clearing the way for Algalon (10man) as a realm 3rd. He also gifted us with a  [Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings] to shine in glory in the hands of our fellow priestess...

In the Trial of the Crusader festival, Chimera streamrolled the dancing bands of babbling baboons to the end. In Heroic modes, Anub'Arak fleed in sheer terror as he saw Chimera coming in and borrowed deep into the ground leaving all the rest into their doom. What a coward...

Coming next, The Lich King, to some still Arthas Menethil (??), demanded our surrender. Instead, we broke his Frostmourne and we took  [Shadowmourne] as a trophy for our guild members in 25 and 10 (normal + heroic) versions of the instance.

Halion appeared and some point and disappeared shortly afterwards leaving some purplz epixx behind... never heard news of him again...


Chimera is now preparing the army to invade The Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent and Throne of Four Winds shortly.

News of the impending doom and the clarion of victory shall be heard throughout Azeroth in a short time...


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