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Server Medivh US
Guild Leader Bloodreaver
Levels 80
Type PvE
Accounts 50 +
Armory Serenity Armory

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Page last modified: 2018-04-28

More than a guild name, Serenity is the basic principle upon which our guild is founded. Every member of Serenity is to be treated with the same respect and courtesy no matter what the rank in the guild. That is not to say we don't have our fair share of playful banter.

Serenity is a casual raiding guild. The average guild member of Serenity works five days a week, and has a family that demands attention. As such, our raids reflect the fact that a majority of our members do not have the time or inclination to raid hardcore. Our raid leaders are people who volunteer for the job. The raid leaders are pretty free to setup their individual raids as they see fit. In general, our raids last three hours a night (longer periods have proven counter-productive) and we use the /roll method for determining who wins epics (tried DKP and found it to be more drama than it was worth). We do not impose any class spec upon our raiders, and try to make our raids as open to the guild as possible. However, we do understand that there are certain levels a raid must meet in order to be successful. Raiders that do not meet that level are encouraged to pursue upgrades through lower level raids and instances.

Serenity also contains several guild members who are more interested in PVP than raiding. Past attempts to have a regular PVP night or group failed due to a lack of interest from the guild as a whole. That's not to say we don't enjoy whooping on Alliance in the battlegrounds and the arena, but we do so more spontaneously.

Serenity does not openly recruit members. Membership is granted by sponsorship. If you are interested in joining, you are encouraged to hang out with our members and get to know us. If you would like more information about this policy, or if you're looking for a way to meet some of our members, contact one of our officers.


Serenity was originally formed under the name Gang Green by a bunch of real life friends and some cool people that they met in WoW. Hazzard was the original guild leader and retained that title for a couple of years, creating a fun, casual atmosphere with the help of the guild's officers.

PuG Raids - Once most of the oldest members reached level 60, talk of raiding began to circulate. But with the casual atmosphere, there weren't enough dedicated raiders to fill a 40 man raid. Gang Green attempted a few co-op Molten Core raids with another Medivh guild, but personalities and expectations didn't quite mix. So Hazzard decided to sponsor a PuG MC run, with invitations open to any level 60 with an attention span of a few hours. Ads were posted on the Medivh forums, and on September 6th, 2005, he led a group half filled with strangers into the core. After stalling for a bit on Magmadar due to a high turnover of new people, the PuG raids slowly turned into Gang Green only raids as the PuG players began to ask for guild membership. The ranks of Gang Green swelled, and on March 26th, Ragnaros went down completing their first end game raiding experience.

MC Giveaway Run - With Molten Core officially on farm status, Gang Green ran weekly raids. The holidays proved difficult however with a lack of attendance, so Hazzard decided to try another crazy idea - an MC Giveaway run. A contest was held on the Medivh forums looking for one member of each class to be dragged through the weekly run with all class loot handed over to them. Applicants were simply asked to explain why they should be chosen, and Gang Green's leadership voted for the most worthy. 8 people were chosen and on April 14, 2006, they were led into the core. It was a wonderful experience, not only for those lucky 8. Members of Gang Green, and indeed those of Medivh as a whole, volunteered in droves to help run the winners through, even though they would not receive any loot. The feared attendance problems were not a problem, and the raid cheerily plowed through the instance. When Ragnaros appeared, there was an audible gasp over teamspeak as the new players saw him for the first time. Everyone involved would remember that night.

Reformation as Serenity - Gang Green moved on to attempt other raid instances, completing ZG and moving partway through AQ (20) and BWL. But trying to balance the casual atmosphere with a raiding guild proved too difficult. Arguments over loot and raid invitations caused endless drama, which eventually became too much for the leadership to bear. Hazzard handed the reins over to Pseudocow and Stumbly to jointly attempt to keep the guild together, but the atmosphere didn't change. So on August 14, 2006, Gang Green disbanded. Hazzard reformed the guild under the name Serenity, inviting many of the old members but retaining only one guild rule, the one that still stands to this day. Don't mess with the Serenity.

Serenity has been relatively drama-free since its inception, with a leadership that is much less tolerant of drama, to the delight of all of its long-standing members. Hazzard led the guild until November 21, 2007 when he decided to retire and hand over leadership to Bloodreaver, the current guild leader. Over the years, they have found a way to tentatively balance being a casual guild with regular raids, and Serenity retains its peaceful atmosphere.

Raid schedule

Raids are scheduled at the whim of the raid leaders. They have been scheduled via signup posts on the guild forums, but since patch 3.0.2, they are more likely to be organized via the in-game calendar. Guild members are advised to check both places periodically or ask an officer to see if there is anything of interest to them. Raids usually run from about 7 or 8 pm to 11 or 12 pm EST, and are usually run on weeknights. Loot is usually distributed via /rand amongst the interested parties, but the rules are subject to change by individual raid leaders.

Serenity has sponsored cross guild raids off and on throughout its history. Non-guild members should check the forums or contact an officer to see if there is any current cross guild raid activity.

Guild rules

The only guild rule is - Don't be a jerk aka don't mess with the Serenity.


Guildmaster - Figurehead, or Officer+1. Contact him if you have any problems with Serenity or its members.


Officers - Administrative peons. Contact one of them if you have any questions about or problems with Serenity or its members.

Darthcorpse, Donnie, Hatchetjob, Hazzard, Mordsith, Pseudocow, Rhodora, Theor, Tokk, Xebec

Guild Bankers - Financial peons. Contact one of them if you need something from the guild bank.

Anneke, Bear