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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

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A list of organizations created by Morec for story purposes. Also check out my Neutral, Horde, and Alliance-alligned Roleplaying Characters, as well as the locations I've created.


Demon's Eye Clan

Demon's Eye Clan
The Demon's Eye Clan banner.
Leader IconSmall Orc Male.gif Grand Warlock Curho Demoneye
Other leaders IconSmall Orc Female.gif Lak'tuk Demoneye
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Man'ari Female.gif Sil'thosara (Presumed)
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Clan color Red and Black
Domain Felwood and Desolace
Status Active
Membership 30+
Alignment Chaotic evil
"Gal'tak Man'ari'kei!"
— "All hail the Demon's Eye!"

The Demon's Eye Clan is made up of the strongest former members of the Burning Blade, and even a few defectors from other clans, and is led by the Grand Warlock Curho Demoneye. They are just as zealous as the clan from which they originate and are far more effective when it comes to getting work done. Because of Curho's distaste for demon's he cannot control, the group once had no members of the more intelligent demonic races (i.e. nathrezim, eredar, satyr) but due to the clan's failings this has changed in more recent times. Despite his personal disdain for them, however, Curho commands that his servants still work alongside these races, as well as other organizations that serve the Burning Legion.


After returning from Outland sometime after the Shattering, Curho Demoneye denounced the Burning Blade as a "group of crazed but incompetent idiots, that's only purpose is to serve as fodder for the countless adventurers that work to undo the Shadow Council's work." He renounced any allegience he had to the clan and, after gathering a number of others to follow him, formed a new more powerful clan to "clean up the mess the Burning Blade created." This clan - which Curho named Demon's Eye after himself - spread out to every one of the fronts that the servants of the Legion operated on, and works with the other sub-cults of the Shadow Council, even the Burning Blade, to ensure the Legion's goals are met.

The clan is small, but the few individuals that it is comprised of are highly powerful and fully loyal to the cause of their Chieftan and the wishes of the Shadow Council and Burning Legion.


As the Demon's Eye failed to bring about the change and growth of the Shadow Council Curho desire, the warlock chieftain began to grow desperate. He attempted to spread his power into Ashenvale as a means of trying to take some of the threat of elven incursion off of Jaedenar and maintain the Legion's control of the vile hold, relying on select members of the scattered satyr tribes to act as his eyes and ears in these parts. As the situation only became more dire, though, he started sacrificing the weaker, more fallible members of his clan in rituals to allow the summoning of or communication with of demons of the Legion. Among his new allies, it is known that a gan'arg now serves as the clan's chief engineer, and it is rumored that an Eredar sorceress now acts as his chief adviser, and possibly a third direct commander of the clan. Curho still attempts to cling to every scrap of authority over his clan that he can in the wake of these desperate actions, though for how much longer he can remains unclear.

What is clear, though, is that even as the other servitors of the Legion fall and die around him, even as the forces of the likes of the Cenarion Circle close in on what very little remains of their holdings in Felwood and Desolace and his attempts at growth int Ashenvale falter before his eyes, Curho will not go down without fighting to the very bitter last.

Known Members

Name Class Role Location Status
IconSmall Orc Male.gif Grand Warlock Curho Demoneye Warlock Warlock Chieftain Jaedenar, Felwood Alive
IconSmall Orc Female.gif Lak'tuk Demoneye Mage/Shadowmage Second-in-Command Strahnbrad, Alterac Mountains Alive
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Man'ari Female.gif Sil'thosara Warlock Consultant, Third-in-Command (Presumed) Twisting Nether Alive
IconSmall Fel-sworn.gif Gramash Bonebreaker Fel-Sworn Curho's Bodyguard Jaedenar, Felwood Alive
IconSmall Orc Male.gif Hrol Shieldsplitter Warrior Lak'tuk's Bodyguard Strahnbrad, Alterac Mountains Alive
IconSmall FelbloodElf Male.gif Marriweather Morningsworn Hellcaller Curho's Chief Advisor, Chief Ambassador Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest Alive (Presumed)
IconSmall FelOrc Male.gif Mekthorg the Wild Blademaster Clan Enforcer, Marriweather Morningsworn's Bodyguard Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest Alive (Presumed)
IconSmall Human Male.gif Phillip Salem Assassin/Spymaster Chief Assassin and Spy Unknown
Mists of Pandaria Corpse in Jaedenar
Mists of Pandaria Dead
IconSmall Orc Male.gif Benrag Felchewer Warlock Chief Summoner Mannoroc Coven, Desolace


IconSmall OgreMage2.gif Terr'Dreg Mage (Terr), Warlock (Dreg) Benrag's Apprentice Mannoroc Coven, Desolace


IconSmall OldDeathKnight.gif Karng Soulsplitter First Generation Death Knight Chief Necromancer, Ambassador Unknown Undead
IconSmall Orc Female.gif Magatha Bloodburn Warrior Clan Enforcer Shok'Thokar, Desolace Alive
IconSmall Orc Male.gif Drarth Bloodburn Warrior Clan Enforcer Shok'Thokar, Desolace Alive
IconSmall Goblin2 Male.gif Bazil Change Steam warrior Chief Technician Jaedenar, Felwood
Mists of Pandaria Corpse in Jaedenar
Mists of Pandaria Dead
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Gan'arg.gif Zurtuos Engineer Chief Technician Jaedenar, Felwood Alive
IconSmall BloodElf Female.png Glori'ann Felsun Subjugator Slavemaster, Ambassador Thunder Axe Fortress, Desolace Alive
IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Err Thrallhoof Fel-Sworn Slave, Glori'ann Felsun's Bodyguard Thunder Axe Fortress, Desolace Alive
IconSmall DarkTroll Female.gif Hah'soo Primal Clan Enforcer Dreadmist Peak, Northern Barrens
Mists of Pandaria Corpse in Jaedenar
Mists of Pandaria Dead
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Satyr.gif Xelvian Demonbranch Fel Druid, Fel Corrupter Chief Corrupter on Azeroth Demon Fall Ridge, Ashenvale Alive
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Satyr.gif Zetxia Mounted Warrior Clan Enforcer, Xelvian Demonbranch's Bodyguard Demon Fall Ridge, Ashenvale Alive
IconSmall FelOrc Male.gif Retch the Tainter Beastmaster, Fel Corrupter Chief Corrupter in Outland Scalewing Shelf, Blade's Edge Mountains Alive
IconSmall Human Female.gif Alley Lake Fel Corrupter Corrupter, Retch's Apprentice Scalewing Shelf, Blade's Edge Mountains Alive
IconSmall Human Female.gif Sinthia Goldsmith Fel Corrupter Corrupter, Retch's Apprentice Scalewing Shelf, Blade's Edge Mountains Alive
IconSmall DragonNether.gifIconSmall HighElf Female.gif Yanayaku Nether Dragon Prisoner Unknown Alive

Gramash Bonebreaker

"Katra zil ogar Kyree!"
— Roughly translates to "Suffer and die insect".
Gramash Bonebreaker - Fel-sworn Bodyguard

Whether Gramash Bonebreaker was a fel-sworn dire orc before his meeting Curho or if the Grand Warlock forced him to become that kind of creature is unknown, just as is the circumstances under which they met. Gramash is a massive and powerful servant of the Legion, able to break the skulls of even such thick-headed races as ogres with minimal effort. He is powerful and deceivingly fast, but not very smart, relying on his master, Curho, to give him his instructions on a need-to-know biases. Despite his lack of intelligence, he protects his master with disturbing zeal.

Gramash stands at thirteen feet tall and weighs one-thousand-two-hundred-fifty-four pounds - all of which is muscle. His skin is bright red and his eyes are glassy from the over-taint of fel. His tuks and bones on his spine have become mutated into spikes and he wears spiked armor as a form of both offense and defense, a defense that is only furthered by his tough-as-stone flesh. His pain tolerance is far beyond anything short of a demon. He can speak very little, but can say broken sentences in a mixture of Orcish and Eredun.

Hrol Shieldsplitter

"I will slice you in half down the middle and leave your bleeding sides for the vultures!"
— Hrol Shieldsplitter
Hrol Shieldsplitter - Warrior Bodyguard

Hrol Shieldsplitter began his life as a simple warrior of the Blackrock clan, but following the death of Rend Blackhand and the Black Dragonflight joining their forces with those of the Old Gods, he fled the spire out of fear. Heading north through dwarven lands he eventually reached the Arathi Highlands, where he met and attempted to rape and kill Lak'tuk Demoneye. Before he could do any such thing Lak'tuk had beaten him into an almost lifeless pulp with her magic and gave him a choice: "You can die for your crime of assaulting the daughter of the great Curho Demoneye, or you can serve as my slave and live until I no long have need of you." Hrol chose slavery over death. He chose his last name due to his ability to split even magical shields down the middle with a single swing of his mighty axe.

Hrol stands at seven feet three inches and weighs three-hundred-twenty pounds. His skin is grey like many Blackrock orcs, and although he appears blind he is fully cpable of seeing. His black hair if spiked and he wears a combination of black chainmail and leather armor. His axe is almost as tall as him, but he has no trouble wielding with it when he can grasp is shaft with both of his hands. He can speak Orcish and Common.

Marriweather Morningsworn

"Aranal, ledel!"
— Marriweather Morningsworn
Marriweather Morningsworn - Advisor and Ambassador
Marriweather before his felblood transformation

After Kil'jaeden's defeat those blood and felblood elves not captured and executed for their betrayal of Silvermoon fled to one of two places in order to try and save their lives: Outland or Felwood. With the blood elf Glori'ann Felsun traveling with him Marriweather Morningsworn fled towards Felwood. Given his appearance and the distance between Quel'thalas and the corrupted portion of Ashenvale, Merriweather and Glori'ann arrived some time after the end of the War Against the Lich King. A short time later Curho Demoneye returned and began the formation of the Demon's Eye Clan. Seeing a possible tool he could use to gain power within the Shadow Council, Marriweather joined the orc's cult, but soon realized that Curho was no mere tool. He was a far more powerful and ambitious warlock than even Marriweather himself, and so the felblood elf gave up his goals and fully pledged himself to Curho's cause. Curho dispatched Marriweather to Outland to serve as an Ambassador to the other demon-worshiping cults there in order to attempt and gain their allegiance. Marriweather has not been heard from since.

Marriweather's skin is a dark grey and his hair is green, as are his fel-tainted claws of fingers. Two horns sprout from his forehead as do a pair of black, raven-like wings. He stands at thirteen feet tall and weighs one-hundred-eleven pounds. The robes he wears are purple, green, and black in color He channels his spells mostly through his skull-adorned staff to increase their power but is fully capable of using his hands to cast spells if circumstances cause his weapon of choice to become unusable. He can speak Thalassian, Orcish, Demonic, and Common.

Mekthorg the Wild

"Once I've hacked off your limbs, I may hang your body from our battlements."
— The one sentence of Common Mekthorg knows.
Mekthorg - Blademaster

Having survived the multiple attempts on his life for the meager treasures he had amassed throughout his life, Mekthorg the Wild was still very much capable of proving useful to Curho when the Grand Warlock came to Outland looking for followers. Demoneye accepted the fel orc's pledge of allegiance and used his help to bring down the mighty Yanayaku. When he returned from Outland, Mekthorg - along Gramash - returned with him, but his stay there would be brief. Mekthorg was assigned to protect and guide Marriweather Morningsworn through Outland as the felblood elf sought to gain power and territory for the Demon's Eye Clan there. Prefferring the harsh and desolate lands of Outland over the lush and living lands of Azeroth anyway, Mekthorg was glad to return. Like Marriweather he has not been heard from since.

Mekthorg stands at seven feet ten inches and weighs two-hundred-thirty-eight pounds. He wears red leather armor and carries with him a typical blademaster sword. His skin his bright red and his tusks and spikes on his body have gown long because of the taint of fel flowing through him. He is leanly muscled like most blademasters and is still faster than he appears. He can speak Orcish and knows one sentence in Common.

Phillip Salem

"I will serve the Legion until I die. You will not live to see that day."
— Phillip Salem
Phillip Salem - Assassin

Phillip Salem was a simple man of Theramore, discontent with his life and status however he left the city to find new oppertunities. He showed no signs of being anything special, but upon arriving at the Felwood-Ashenvale border - too scared to actually enter it - he was attacked by Demon's Eye Clansmen and brought him to Jaedenarr to be sacrificed to the demons. Curho, however, sensed the discontent within the human and gave him the chance to prove himself to one of the lower subcults of the Shadow Council - having no intention of letting a weakling like him join the Demon's Eye Clan, however. Phillip accepted, thinking that he could make an escape this way, but as time passed the Durnholde Syndrome began to take hold of his mind - as the the power of the demons within Jadenarr - and he willingly joined their ranks. Through demonic training he became a powerful assassin and spy, and once Curho realized just how powerful he had become, he offered the human a place within the Demon's Eye Clan. Phillip accepted.

Though he should have declined. Returning to Jaedenar after an assassination mission, he was ambushed by Gramash, beaten into submission, and brought to Curho. The Grand Warlock then sacrificed both him and Hah'soo in a ritual to gain contact with an Eredar lord. Because of his deep-seated devotion to the Legion's goals, his soul greatly aided Curho's success.

Phillp stands at six feet two inches and weighs one-hundred-ninety-nine pounds. He wears typical assassin leathers that conceal most of his appearence, letting only part of a tanned face and his blue eyes be visible. The daggers he carries glow green with fel poison, ensuring that, against most beings, even the slightest cut will lead to certain death. Unless he can help it, of course, Phillip makes sure that he gets more than "the slightest cut" on his targets. He dislikes the blood elf assassin Talah with a passion, as Curho pay her to assassinate a target just as often as he will call upon Phillip to do so. Because of this he sees her as an obsticle to gaining further favor in the eyes of the Legion's masters. He can speak Common, Orcish, and knows a few words in Eredun.

Benrag Felchewer

"Katra zil shukil!"
— "Suffer and perish", said to his enemies.
Benrag Felchewer - Summoner

Benrag Felchewer was present within Jaedenarr when Curho returned. Benrag had never liked the younger orc, having found him to be loud, overconfident and have his sense of "honor" as a twisted mockery of what the Burning Blade was about. Despite his feelings, he knew that Curho was powerful, and by joining the young orcs clan he knew that he could rise up in favor amongst his masters in the Legion. Benrag was named Chief Summoner of the clan due to his proficiency with bringing demons into the mortal plane, and was dispatched to Mannoroc Coven where his skills in such could be best served. He has no intention of serving Demoneye for long, however, and has reached an "understanding" with Karg Soulsplitter; together they will take Demoneye down, claim control of the clan, and then let the chips fall where they may.

Benrag is six feet five inches tall and weighs four-hundred-ten pounds. Although much older than Curho, Benrag has aged gracefully, leaving him with a somewhat youthful appearance although his attitude is that of a much older orc. He wears dark red and grey robes and although he walks with a staff he is perfectly capable of walking without it. Although he does not keep demons by his side at all times he can summon any of his minions in a heartbeat. These minions include his imp Jaligak, voidwalker Satakorh, his succubus Jal'bethia, his felhound Kar'Karak, or his felguard Galthoanoin. He can speak Orcish, Common, Demonic and Darnassian fluently - although it is unknown where he learned the language of the night elves from.


"We kill you with what Master Benrag teach us!"
— Terr and Dreg together.
Terr'Dreg - Apprentice of Benrag

The ogre apprentice of Benrag Felchewer since his birth, Terr'Dreg shares in his dislike for Demoneye. He is not as skilled as his master in summoning demons yet, but may very soon be. His greatest advantage lies with his great strength and fact that both of his heads are skilled in different magical ways: arcane spells come easiest for Terr while Dreg finds his powers in the abilities of demonology. His heads also bicker less and cooperate more than the heads of most two-headed ogres. They traveled to Mannoroc cover with his master, where he awaits Benrag's order to set his grand takeover plan into motion.

Terr'Dreg is seven feet four inches and ways some nine-hundred pounds. His skin is a light blue and the heads on each of his eyes are yellow with markingns of the same color all over his faces. He wears a simple ogre loincloth and the mantle and spaulders of ogre magi. He is slow when it comes to moving because of his great weight, but he can cast spells as fast as anyone else - even faster because of his heads ability to cast spells independent of each other. Terr'Dreg can speak Low Common, Orcish, and Eredun.

Karng Soulsplitter

"I confess: I miss the days of the Old Horde. But good things tend to come again in time."
— Karng Soulsplitter
Karng Soulsplitter - Death Knight and Necromancer

Karng Soulsplitter is one of the few surviving death knights of the Old Horde. He was badly damaged durring the second war by the efforts of paladins but was able to escape combat and find his way to Kalimdor along with a number of Legion servitors. When these Leigonaries made their home in Felwood he did too, but remained hidden deep within the Shadow Hold while he worked on healing his grevious wounds. By the time of the Dark Portal's openening and the Alliance and Horde pushing through it he was fully healed, but it was not untill Curho's return after the Shattering that he truely became involved in battles once again. He never pledged any loyalty to Demoneye, but he did agree to work alongside his clan as if he were a member. Curho knows that Karng does not trust his leadership, and Curho trusts Karng just as little. Wether or not the Grand Warlock knows of the death knight's pack with Benrag, however, remains to be seen.

Karng's orcish features were dark green flesh, light brown hair, glowing red eyes, eight feet tall, and weighing some four hundred pounds. In the body he now possess, however, Karng only has one of these features remaining; his glowing red eyes. He now stands at six feet three inches, weighs one-hundred-three pounds, and has no hair and very little skin due to decay. Although his clothing give off the illusion that he is heavily muscled, this is just an illusion. Underneath his red and black leathers and robes is the boney body of what was once a mighty knight of Stormwind. The truncheon he carries is gold and black, the green jewel created by Gul'dan located on the pommel. He can speak Common, Orcish, and Eredun.

The Bloodburn Siblings

"We serve the Legion, the makers of the Horde. Let all who stand against it, the Shadow Council, or the Demon's Eye Clan know pain before their deaths."
— The Bloodburn sibling's Creed.
Drarth Bloodburn - Strength
Magatha Bloodburn - Speed

Drarth and Magatha Bloodburn were raised by Blackrock Clan-orc parents who, instead of staying with their clan in Blackrock Spire, defected to the Horde under Thrall, but later found themselves despising it because of their strong moral ties to the Old Horde and left. They reached Felwood and joined up with the Shadow Council cultists there, where their twin son and daughter - Drarth and Magatha - were born and raised in the pressence of demons and warlocks. They were not bad parents, but the demonic forces watching the children mature had more sinister plans for them. Upon reaching the age of thirteen the twins murdered both of their parents, and were raised the rest of their lives by the warlock community there. They were molded into fine and blood-thirsty warriors loyal to the Legion, and Curho, while forming the Demon's Eye Clan, recognized and knew that because of this they would make excellent servitors. He convinced them to serve him, and then sent them to Shok'Thokar in Desolace to deffend the land and give his Clan eyes and ears within Southern Desolace.

Both of the Siblings have grey-colored skin and wear and weild identicle axes and armor. Drarth's head, however, is shaved bald while Magatha puts her black hair up in a series of topknots. Drarths eyes are red from demonic corruption while Magatha's - while being equally as corrupted - are grey in color. The two compliment themselves in battle; Drarth is signifigantly stronger than his sister whereas Magatha is surprisingly quick, even in her plate armor. Drarth stands at six feet eleven inches and weighs six-hundred-thirty-eight pounds. Magatha stands at six feet eight inches and weighs six-hundred-nine pounds. Both can speak Orcish, Common, and some Eredun.

Bazil Change

"Which machine should I kill you with? So, so, so, many ways to kill you, so, so, so many machines to do it with."
— Bazil Change
Bazil Change - Technician

Bazil Change is a goblin that dosn't care about money, or fame, or women. He was exposed to the teachings of the Shadow Council at a young age when he stumbled upon the diary of one who had attempted to flee the Broken Isles on a make-shift raft, only to drown and be washed up on the shores of Kezan. He studied and was facinated by what he read in the diary, and combined it with his machine-making ability. His family did not like what he was doing, and disowned him in the hopes that would knock some reason into him. All it succeeded in doing was embittering him to his family and driving him away, taking his fel-powered machines with him. He learned of the Legion forces in Felwood and traveled there with his inventions. After managing to impress Curho Demoneye with his machines, the Chieftan of the Demon's Eye Clan offered him a place as head technician and instructed him to build more of these devices for future Demon's Eye warriors. Within the deepest reaches of Jaedenar, Bazil scrambles for resources to do just that.

Unfortunately, his mad scrambling for resources too often proved fruitless, and this in conjunction with his self-centered war machines only served to irritate Curho more and more as the months passed. By the end of the Cataclysm, he was sufficiently finished with Bazil's failed efforts and sacrificed him in order to summon a replacement: Zurtuos.

Bazil stands at three feet two inches and weighs fifty eight pounds. His body was badly burned by Fel flames while working on one of his machines, so he invented a suit of armor, fueled by the residual fel, to make up for the damage he revived. His face was untouched, however. Although he prefers to use his machines to fight his enemies if he finds himself unable to reach them he is strong enough to fight them back, while continuing to retreat towards his nearest working device of course. He can speak Goblin, Common, Orcish, and knows a few phrases of Eredun.


"Rikk, rikk..."
— "Work, work..." in Eredun, Zurtuos
Zurtuos - Replacement Technician

Summoned as a replacement for Bazil Change when Curho grew tried with his failures, Zurtuos was tasked with a different charge than Bazil had been: instead of designing war machines for the Demon's Eye's use, he was to bolster Jaedenar's defenses with turrets, walls, and the like made out of all the fel-infused iron he could muster. Curho wants the Felwood home of his clan to become a fortress on-par with the likes of Hellfire Citadel, but Zurtuos has had little luck in finding the needed fel iron resources on Azeroth. Unlike Bazil he does not divert resources towards his own pet projects, but even so the resources needed a few and far between. For this focus, Curho is grateful, but his lack of patience with demons may prove costly for Zutuos if he cannot succeed in greater proportions than a few scraps of metal and demonic explosives soon.

A regular-sized gan'arg, Zurtuous' only major mechanical augment is his right arm - which he has turned into a metal monstrosity, perfect for bending and shaping the fel-corrupted iron he works with into the proper shapes needed for his various inventions. His left hand has remained unaltered, and is as nimble and quick as would be needed for more precise tinkering. His skin is a pale sickly brown and he moves like a gorilla because of the great weight of his metal arm. He can only communicate in Eredun, but Curho and his associates can understand and command him well enough in the demonic language.

Glori'ann Felsun

"I'm going to have fun cutting you, I just know it!"
— Glori'ann Felsun
Glori'ann Felsun - Subjugator

Glori'ann Felsun traveled from Quel'thalas to Outland, promising her priest-based family that she would start a new home for them there. She joined with Kael'thas' forces upon reaching them. It was here she saw her people's beloved prince had sided with the Burning Legion, but thought to herself "the Prince knows best." If she had wanted to maintain any bit of the person she was before reaching Tempest Keep, however, she should have fled. Working along side the demons began to have an effect of her. Gradually she turned from her healing, priestess ways to the shadowy realm of torture and enslavement. Goaded and supported by her demonic overseers, she become proficiently crueler and sadistic as time passed and renamed herself Felsun in honor of her new Legion masters.

After Kael'thas' defeat in Tempest Keep she traveled with his remaining forces back to Quel'thalas to steal M'uru from her fellow blood elves and then to the Isle of Quel'danis where she continued to pry her new trade. After Kil'jaeden's defeat she fled to Felwood alongside Marriweather Morningsworn and was accepted into the Demon's Eye Clan and named its chief subjugator. She works with the fel orc fel corrupter Retch the Tainter to break the nether dragon Yanayaku's will and corrupt her with demonic magic to make her a loyal servant to Curho.

Glori'ann stands at five feet two inches and weighs ninety-seven pounds, with light orange hair tied in a bun on the top of her head. She wears a viel over her mouth and a black leather jerkin. She is not skilled in direct combat and does not draw upon the powers of her former priestly trade any more, leaving her to depend on others, usually her slaves, to defend her while she makes an escape. She can speak Thalassian, Common, and Orcish.

Err Thrallhoof

— His only word to anyone that his mistress orders him to attack.
Err Thrallhoof - Slave

Err Thrallhoof was a tauren member of the Grimtotem tribe that chose to continue to side with Magatha after her attempt to take over thunder bluff and the tauren people. He was among those aiding the Alliance in Stonetalon, but an attack from the Horde seperated him from his group and forced him to retreat into the nearby Desolace. Here he saw a lone blood elf woman walking among the sand and decided to kill her in order to vent his frustrations. Unfortunately the woman he tried to kill turned out to be Glori'ann Felsun, and she was not alone. Demons and Burning Blade servitors descended upon him and would have killed him if Glori'ann had not called them off. This was not an act of mercy, though, she simply needed a slave with his kind of strength. Through a combination of multiple, agonizing torture sessions and demonic runes designed to give one control over a peron she managed to break his will and turn him into the perfect strong-armed slave, as well as turning him into a Fel-sworn to further increase his physical power. He deffends her with his life, now not being able to do anything but.

He stands at eight feet six inches and weighs four-hundred-twenty-four pounds with demonic runes covering up potions of his Grimtotem tattoos and parts of his body that were shaved bald to carve the runes into his flesh easily. His horns are still intact and his wounds have healed with time, although a side effect of the runes carved into him causes him to bleed without warning. Bandages have been wrapped around his arms and chest to counter this. Other than that he wears leather armor on his shoulders and legs and can speak Taur-ahe and Orcish.


"Da Legion gonna be da death av dis world!"
— Hah'soo.
Hah'soo - Primal

Hah'soo is a dark troll primal in service to Demoneye. What possessed her to leave her life amongst her people - wherever they are - and join with the Shadow Council is unknown. Regardless of this, though, she is one of Curho's most loyal followers. He sent her to Dreadmist peak to keep an eye on and defend the Burning Blade cultists that dwell and work up there. Although he sees them as weak, useless fodder, he knows they are still loyal and devoted Legionaries in a world that has too few of them. Hah'soo left and sends reports back to Curho whenever she can.

Sadly, those reports can far too infrequently, and her presence had far too little an impact - for better or for worse - on the warlocks of Dreadmist. Curho called her back to Jaedenar one day, where he, as he had done with Bazil, sacrificed her in a demonic ritual along with Phillip Salem. This time, however, Curho did not summon, but merely contacted one of the many demons within the Twisting Nether. Her death led to the Demon's Eye Clan's contact with an Eredaress named Sil'thosara.

Despite being a dark troll, Hah'soo's body is shaped more like a cat because of her nature as a primal. She is lean, weighing only one-hundred-twenty pounds, and tall, standing at about six feet six inches, and prefers to travel on all fours. Her facial features are extremely feline, and her eyes, ears, and teeth have all begun to shift to being much the same. Her body is also covered into an extremely thin layer of cat hair that is her own and her fingers and toenails have become much like cat claws. She hisses when in danger but has also adopted many of the traits of cats, including a hatred - and maybe even fear - of dogs that extends to even worgen. She can speak Zandali, Orcish, and Common.

Xelvian Demonbranch

Xelvian - Fel Druid.


[[|thumb|left|Zetxia - Fel Rider.]]

Retch the Tainter

"All life can be touched by Fel. All life can be consumed by Fel; I have proven it time and time again."
— Retch the Tainter
Retch the Tainter - Fel Corruptor

Retch the Tainter was a fel orc lost without Warchief Kargath Bladefist or Lord Illidan to command him. He was highly intelligent for fel orc and realized that the Alliance and Horde would quicklky overwhelm the deffenses of Hellfire Citadel, however, and fled. He retreated into the Blades Edge Mountains where he continued to ply his warlock-like trade: corrupting all of the wildlife in sight with Fel magics. Curho found him during his travels through Outland and knew that one with such capabilities was next to essential for spreading the Legion's influence. He quickly conscripted the Tainter to his side, Retch glad to have a purpose once more. He assisted Curho in capturing the nether dragon Yanayaku and preforms dark expiraments in corruption upon her alongside Glori'ann Felsun to attempt to fufill his new master's wishes. How he reaches the dragon to work alongside the blood elf is unknown, however, as he spends most of his time in the Blades Edge Mountains, continuing to corrupt the ecosystems of the mountains with further doses of fel power.

Retch stands at eight feet ten inches and weighs a good six-hundred-ninty-eight pounds. He has red skin and rigid spines coming from his back, face, and arms. His tusks and teeth have also grown into demonic fangs. Unlike many of his fel orc kin he is decivingly intelligent, and can cast spells like the greatest of warlocks. Not only is he proficient in magic but he also is as strong as any normal fel orc. He can speak Eredun, Common, and Orcish.

Retch's Apprentices

"Beautiful, air-headed, and lazy, but with some potential... Maybe Retch could beat some sense into them."
— Curho's impresson when first meeting the two women that would become Retch's Apprentices.
Alley Lake - Retch's Apprentice
Sinthia Goldsmith - Retch's Apprentice

Alley Lake and Sinthia Goldsmith were students to the warlock trainer Sandahl in Stormwind. They learned very little, however, mostly using their good looks and general promiscuity to pass their courses. Their training dragged on, however, for while Sandahl was more than happy to pass them in the minor courses for "personal favors" from them, he was wise enough to know they were no where near ready to progress into the higher levels of demonic knowledge. The two women quickly became fed up with the slow pace - not understanding it was for their own protection - and decided one night that they if they wanted to learn more they could not rely on those warlock trainers accepted by society. The next night they left their lodgings in the Slaughtered Lamb and took the first boat to Ratchet they could seduce their way onto. From there they traveled to Jaedenar, arriving just a few days after Curho's return from Outland. Despite the potential he could sense within them, Curho considered killing them because they were a waste of it - and still does to this day - but instead decided to send them to Retch, hoping that the fel orc and the harsh Outland landscape and lifestyle would be enough to refine them into something half-useful. They continue to learn slow, despite the fact that Retch holds nothing back in their teachings, and still whore their way through most of what they do. Retch, however, has never been happier.

Both women stand at about five feet six inches, weigh one-hundred-twenty-one pounds, and have golden blond hair. Both wear a simple green robe with matching shoulders and a purple and white veil, and both have a peircing just above their left eye. Of course, both women are extremely busty as well. From what they have managed to learn from Retch, they can cast simple fel spells and corrupt small plants and animals. They can speak Common, and are being instructed in Eredun and Orcish - although they are not learning much.


"Insolent, meager insects! You dare to attack me! I will spread your corpses across the mountains for the wildlife to feast upon once I have slaughtered the lot of you!"
— Yanayku's words upon being attacked by Curho Demoneye and his allies.
Yanayaku - Prisoner
Yanayaku's high elf form

Like Err Thrallhoof, Yanayaku is not a true member of the Demon's Eye Clan but a slave to it. While Curho was exploring Outland in search of power he could use to further the aims of the Legion, he and three fel orcs that had joined him after his arrival - Retch, Gramash and Mekthorg - found the powerful but young Yanayaku in the peaks of the Blades Edge Mountains. Curho, seeing a possible tool in the dragon's arcane nature, decided to capture and expirament upon her in order to make her his slave and mount. The dragon was no easy catch, however, and all of the adventurers Curho had hired to help him were slain - or, at least, appeared to be to the warlock. To Curho, however, the price was worth the reward, as the nether dragon was beaten down and captured by him and his true allies shortly after the adventurers' deaths. Yanayaku then vanished, never to be seen again. Only three people know where she is at this time: Retch, Glori'ann Felsun, and Curho Demoneye himself.

Yanayaku's high elf form stands at six feet four inches and weighs ninty-seven pounds. It wear blue clothing and has blue hair and eyes. She can speak Draconic and Common.

Bloodhowl Pack

NeutralBloodhowl pack
Bloodhowl Pack.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Bloodhowl
Secondary leaders IconSmall Worgen Female.gif Blackbite
IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Painfang
Membership 10+
Race(s) WorgenWorgen Worgen
Base of operations Jeret Family Manor, Gilneas[1]
Theater of operations Gilneas
Affiliation Independent
Status Disbanded

The Bloodhowl pack was a group of worgen formed after the Bloodfang pack's ransacking of Greymane City. After all of the members were either cured or killed the pack was no more, Bloodhowl, his siblings, and the other surviving members all forgetting about it.


When Ivan Jeret was bitten by one of the worgen and transformed into one shortly afterward his worgen side gathered several other cursed Gilneans and formed a pack of his own. Later on he met up with his infected brother and infected his sister with the worgen curse and with them claimed the manor home of the human Jeret's as their base of opperations, terrorizing and infecting or killing the remaining humans daily.

Their power quickly came to an end, however, as Gilnean worgen-hunters captured Krista Jeret and administered Krennan's cure to her. She went on to assist the hunters in capturing her brother Blaine, who helped with capturing Bloodhowl and many other members of the Bloodhowl Pack and in the administration of the cure to them all. With their human sides in control again, even if just to an extent, the surviving and former members of the pack went their seperate ways.

Known Members

Name Human Name Class Role Status
IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Bloodhowl IconSmall Human Male.gif Ivan Jeret Warrior, Tainted one (presumed) Packleader Alive
IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Painfang IconSmall Human Male.gif Blaine Jeret Rogue, Fighter Second-In-Command Alive
IconSmall Worgen Female.gif Blackbite IconSmall Human Female.gif Krista Jeret Mage Third-In-Command Alive
IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Ragehowl IconSmall Human Male.gif Alexander Kalligan Alchemist, Fighter Dead
IconSmall Worgen Female.gif Moonhowl IconSmall Human Female.gif Elizabeth Mary Soldier Prime Mate Dead
IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Nightmane IconSmall Human Male.gif Jeremiah Gordan Commoner Alive
IconSmall Worgen Female.gif Lighthowl IconSmall Human Female.gif Casey Brown Commoner Alive
IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Duskfang IconSmall Human Male.gif Austin Brown Commoner Dead
IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Snarlpelt IconSmall Human Male.gif Timothy Oxworth Soldier Dead
IconSmall Worgen Female.gif Frenzy IconSmall Human Female.gif Unknown Tainted One Secondary Mate Dead

Alexander "Ragehowl" Kalligan

Not to be confused with [[Alexander Kaligan]].

Elizabeth "Moonhowl" Mary

Jeremiah "Nightmane" Gordan

Casey "Lighthowl" Brown

Austin "Duskfang" Brown

Timothy "Snarlpelt" Oxworth



Main leader IconSmall Undead Male.gif Vrem Dartskul (Presumed)
Membership Unknown

ForsakenForsaken Forsaken undead
Undead elfUndead elf Undead elf
IconSmall San'layn Prince.gifIconSmall San'layn Queen.gif Darkfallen
IconSmall DwarfDeathKnight Male.gif Undead dwarf

IconSmall Val'kyr.gif Val'kyr
Character classes Hunter, Epic marksman, Engineer, Lightslayer, Alchemist, Dark Apothecary, Val'kyr, Gunman, Dead shot, Scout, Dark ranger, Darkfallen, Mage, Aristocrat, Commoner, Infiltrator, Warrior
Base of operations Aghal Manor, Eastern Plaguelands [2] (Formerly); Undercity, Tirisfal Glades
Theater of operations Azeroth
Affiliation Forsaken, Shadowheart Disciples (Allies)
Status Active

The Necrohunters are supposedly a group of Forsaken hunters, marksman, gunmen, and many other classes that serve the Banshee Queen and Forsaken by hunting down and slaying the living throughout Azeroth. There is some speculation to whether or not the group actually exists, though, as although the Forsaken hunter and marksman Vrem Dartskul is the known leader (for those who choose to believe in its existence) he is sometimes reported to be traveling alone, and other times reported to have a number of fellow Forsaken assisting him in his hunts.


After returning from Gilneas, repossessing the corpse of Sithia Frozenbone from the Scarlet Crusade, and splitting paths with the death knight Morec, House of Rivendare, Vrem sought out as many like-minded individuals among the Forsaken as he could. He gathered them together and gave his proposition; a faction underneath the Forsaken that would serve to stretch the arm of the Banshee Queen while ensuring that she would be unharmed by their actions.

This group would consist of the hunters and murders that were those Vrem had gathered together and would have a single, unifying purpose above any of their own goals; the death of the living and destruction of their civilizations. For the most part, the Forsaken that Vrem had gathered agreed immediately. In time, Vrem became acquainted with the Forsaken Bishop Amanda the Shadowheart and eventually proposed the idea of combining their two organizations. Amanda was hesitant, but was able to reach an accord that successfully bound her's and Vrem's organizations as allies. His interests in siding with her, however, fell less on their shared ideals on the superiority of undeath and more on the fact he and his organization were scraping for coppers and needed funding - Vrem believed that the Shadowheart Disciples would be able to supply them with that funding.

For some time there was no hard evidence to support the existence of the group – which conspiracy theorists said was only further proof of their existence. By the fall of Deathwing, though, there had been enough murders in areas where Vrem and his companions had also been seen for most people to accept the belief that the group does exist.

New Alliances

It was also around this time that the Necrohunter's and Disciples' Alliance began to fail. Since the Alliance-Horde war spread to the recently rediscovered Pandaria, however, the ties between the two groups seem to have been strengthened; their base of operations, Aghal Manor, has also burned to the ground. Vrem and his associates, however, now spend less time hunting the living and more time providing security for Vala'Sin Seeker's embalming operations - perhaps because the Necrohunters now receive their funding from him. Within the circles of the Necrohunters and Disciples both, though, it is known that Agustus Pall pulls the strings of this massive joint opperation

Known Members

Name Class Last Known Location Speculated Current Location Preffered Prey Status
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Vrem Dartskul Hunter, Epic marksman Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Ashenvale, Kalimdor Worgen Undead
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Mortiky Slaughter Gunman, Engineer Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Ashenvale, Kalimdor Night elf Undead
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Alrissa Bonepierce Dead shot Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Ashenvale, Kalimdor Human Undead
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Mike Twist Scout Ruins of Gilneas, Eastern Kingdoms Hillsbrad Foothills, Eastern Kingdoms Undefined Undead
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Mary Maranda Apprentice Apothecary Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Undefined Undead
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Samantha Maranda Lightslayer Scarlet Monastery, Tirisfal Glades Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Followers of the Holy Light Undead
IconSmall DwarfDeathKnight Male.gif Faldrun Jawtaker Dwarf sharpshooter Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands Wetlands, Eastern Kingdoms Gnomes Undead
IconSmall UndeadElf Male.gif Dark Ranger Halinar Dark ranger Andorhal, Western Plaguelands Hillsbrad Foothills, Eastern Kingdoms High Elves Undead
IconSmall UndeadElf Female.gif Dark Ranger Mariel Dark ranger Sepulcher, Silverpine Forest Twilight Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms Undefined Undead
IconSmall San'layn Queen.gif Alara Blud Darkfallen Plaguewood, Eastern Plaugelands Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Non-Worgen Undead
IconSmall San'layn Queen.gif Aria Blud Darkfallen Plaguewood, Eastern Plaugelands Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Non-Worgen Undead
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Jerrim Bonez Mage, Dark Apothecary Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Undefined Undead
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Fineous Aghal Aristocrat Brill Graveyard Brill Graveyard None Dead
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Arkham Commoner, Butler Aghal Manor Unknown None Undead
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Gabriel Belmont Mounted warrior Aghal Manor Undercity Undefined Undead
IconSmall BabyLich.gif Susie Lenley Commoner, Infiltrator Brill, Tirisfal Glades Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undefined Undead
IconSmall Val'kyr.gif Foljah Val'kyr Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Undecity, Tirisfal Glades Undefined Undead

Mortiky Slaughter

"If the Horde wont let me supply my people with weapons in peace, then I'll kill untill there is peace. Peace and undeath."
— Mortiky Slaughter.
Mortiky Slaughter - The Engineer and Gunmen

Mortiky Slaughter's history is nothing special; a soldiers of the Forsaken with a knack for machines. He aided the Forsaken in the War against the Lich King, after which he retired to the Undercity to oversee the construction of the Forsaken's war machines. He found the constant watch of the Kor'kron Guard and their ever-increasing limitations on his work - especially on any catapults even remotely similar to the ones used by Putress at the Wrathgate - to become ever-increasingly unbearable and infuriating. After the Forsaken's assault on Gilneas, Mortiky was all but about to start sluaghtering the orcs. But Vrem Dartskul approached him before the engineer lost what was left of his sanity. The marksman offered a way for Mortiky to rid himself of the orcs; by joining him as one of the Necrohunters. The engineer was more than happy to accept and supply Vrem with all of the supplies and weapons he could get his hands on. Mortiky Slaughter is notable as the first of the two Forsaken most commonly seen within the company of Vrem.

Mortiky stands at five feet eight inches, weighs one-hundred-thirty-two pounds, has purpled skin due to undeath, glowing yellow eyes, and no hair or lower jaw. Despite the fact he is missing a tounge he can still speak - deditacing this ability to the fact he has a "very articulated esophagus. He wears mail armor and has a massive gun and backpack in which he carries various attachments for his and his allies' weapons and a number of machine parts to tinker with in his spare time. He can speak Gutterspeak, Orcish, and Common.

Alrissa Bonepeirce

"One shot. One kill. No mistakes."
— Alrissa's simple view of her job.
Alrissa Bonepeirce - The Deadshot

Alrissa Bonepeirce was a dead shot in life by the name of Alrissa Lail who's expertice with a bow earned her the nickname "Bonepericer." She was beloved by her family and respected by her colleagues for never having missed a shot in her life - which she knew was a lie, but was too humble to correct them. Her last mission sent her with a diplomat traveling to Darnassus from Stormwind, providing protection for him along with a number of guards. They made it as far as the edge of the Barrens when they were attacked by four undead: two Forsaken males armed with guns and a plague-dog and undead eagle. She managed to ensure that the diplomat and a few of his guards escaped back to Theramore with only minor injuries, she herself, however, was slain when the plague-dog ripped out her stomach. Vrem spent the rest of the day sewing her back together before finally forcing her to drink a potion made from distilled Val'kyr essence. Alrissa was reborn as Forsaken and, after some motivation from Vrem twisted her mind, she joined him in the Necrohunters. When the diplomat returned with a much larger escort, not one of the living survived. She is notable as the second of the two Forsaken most commonly seen in the company of Vrem.

Alrissa stands at five feet two inches, weighs one-hundred-eight pounds, and has skin turned green and hair turned violet from undeath. Her lips and some of her skin have fallen off over time, leaving the center of her face with only graying-bone and a few stitches to keep the rest of her skin in place. She wears dark-color mageweave armor like she did in life and still carries the same bow she used before her death. She still misses shots, but has found that a lack of pulse or heartbeat allows her to aim with just that much more precision. She can speak Gutterspeak, Orcish, and Common.

Mike Twist

"You keep me informed of the living's movements, and I will ensure all of them die."
— Vrem's agreement with Mike.
Mike Twist - The Scout

Mike Twist was a Lordaeron native and scout in life and after his death. He supplied the forces of the Forsaken with much needed information about the movements of the Alliance and Scourge throughout his service to the Banshee Queen. Vrem approached him because of a need to have more information on the movements of the living, both their enemies and their allies, and promising him greater glory in his service to the Banshee Queen for doing so. Knowing Vrem to be the most loyal Forsaken to Sylvanas there ever could have been, Mike agreed to supply him with all the knowledge he needed. The two have met and irredular intervals since to trade knowledge with which they can both better serve their Queen. Although it is speculated that he is not an official member of the Necrohunters, his assistance to Vrem makes him an invaluable ally regardless.

Mike stands at four feet six inches, weighs only seventy-five pounds due to decay, and has lost much of the flesh on his face. He wears black leathers in order to best sneak around enemy formations and spy on them to gather information. He attempts to avoid conflict, but is skilled with throwing knives and combat daggers if the need to fight arrises. He can speak Gutterspeak, Goblin, Thalassian, Orcish, Taur-ahe, Zandali, Draenei, Dwarven, Gnomish, Common, Darnassian, and Nerubian.

The Maranda Sisters

"The thinker and the do'er, and both as deadly seperate as they are together."
—Alara musing over the capabilities of the Maranda sisters (Mary and Samantha respectively).
Mary Maranda - The Alchemist
Samantha Maranda - The Lightslayer

The Maranda Sisters, Mary and Samantha, were mere commoners before the Plague of Undeath took their lives. Under the influence of the Scourge they became merciless killers, and when Sylvanas began to free the undead they served her with all of their regained freewill out of gratitude. Samantha took and used what the Scourge had inadvertently taught her; how to kill and how to hate the Light. She became a Lightslayer under Ilius's teachings. Mary retreated into the Undercity, where she became fascinated with the apothecaries' workings with potions and toxins. She begin to study the art of alchemy and was taken as an apprentice of Apothecary Zinge. When Vrem returned to the Tirisfal Glades from Gilneas and began to put together his Necrohunters he knew that having an Apothecary would benefit the group greatly, but if it was an Apothecary of renown it may jeopardize the Banshee Queen. He enlisted Mary to aid him, and Samantha joined as well once she learned of the group from her sibling.

Since their joining, Mary has begun a tutelage under the watch of Jerrim Bonez and more recently started working for Vala'Sin Seeker's embalming fluid company. Samantha's loyalty has shifted from Ilius to Amanda the Shadowheart's Shadowheart Disciples - for whom she now acts as their sole Lightslayer.

Mary's skin has turned green and her hair has turned violet with undeath and her lower jaw - all skin rotted off of it - has to be sewn back on regularly. She stands at five feet three inches, weighs one-hundred-ten pounds, and wears the robes and carries the satchel of an apprentice apothecary. She has no skill with weapons, relying on her potions to keep her safe and aid her allies. Samantha was once beautiful, but decay has stripped her of most of her looks. Time has worn her face down to the bone and took her nose from her. Her skin has become sheet white in death but her hair has maintained its dirty-blond color. She is also fairly tall, standing at six feet three inches, and weighs ninety-three pounds. Samantha wears a mix of leather and plate armor and is not only stealthy but fast on her feet, using these skills in conjunction with his talent for killing with knives to be a deadly assassin for the Forsaken. They both can speak Gutterspeak and Common.

Faldrun Jawtaker

"I love the sound of there 'eads when they pop."
— His explanation for hunting gnomes.
Faldrun Jawtaker - The Sharpshooter

Faldrun Jawtaker was a dwarven rifleman in the service of Prince Arthas when he traveled to Northrend to try and destroy Mal'ganis. After Arthas joined the Scourge and left them to die in the cold, Faldrun traveled with Baelgun Flamebeard into the depths of Azjol'nerub. When Arthas and the Crypt Lord Anub'arak ventured down into the depths they slew Fladrun along with most of Baelgun's forces. The dwarves attempted to burn the bodies of their dead, but Faldrun's corpse rolled off of the pile, leaving it charred back but not destroyed. The Lich King's Plague reanimated him as one of the Scourge and forced him to serve, but once the Arthas fell at the Frozen Throne Faldrun found his will freed. Truding through the snow he encountered the Forsaken and joined them. He was among the Forsaken troops that assaulted Gilneas, and may have inadvertently sparked the idea of the Necrohunters in Vrem's mind with his banter about the Forsaken's greatest soldiers.

Faldrun's flesh is black from the smoke and flames the licked his flesh and natural decay, but his beard has somehow managed to remain a vibrant orange. He wears simple black leather armor and carries with him a shotgun and ammunition for it. For some reason he dislikes gnomes with a passion, killing them for sport and taking their lower jaws as trophies. He was questioned why once, only to reply with "I like the sounds their heads make when they pop." He stands at three feet thirteen inches, weighs one-hundred-fifty pounds, and can speak Dwarven, Gnomish, Common, and Gutterspeak.


"Endala finel endal!"
— Said to some he is about to kill.
Halinar - The Dark Ranger

Halinar is a fairly new dark ranger - and Forsaken in general. A ranger from the Quel'Danil Lodge in the Hinterlands, Halinar was slain by agents of the Forsaken expiramenting with the poisons of the Hinterlands and his corpse was dragged back to the Tirisfal Glades for reanimation. After being ressurected, Halinar was a bit... uncooperative. After some time in the depths of the Undercity, however, he emerged as a dark ranger loyal to Sylvanas Windrunner and no others. This proved to make him difficult for Vrem to persued to join the Necrohunters, but Halinar, after deciding that he would be serving Sylvanas directly by extention, agreed to assist the marksman and his allies. However, he holds no loyalty to Dartskul whatsoever.

Halinar's eyes are glowing red and his skin is deathly pale while his hair has maintained its deep red color. He wears typical dark ranger leathers and carries a pair of shortswords along with his bow. Although his best skills are at range, he had no hesitation about fighting blade-for-blade if his enemy gets too close. He stands at six feet four inches, weighs one-hundred-thirty-three pounds, and can speak Thalassian, Common, Orcish, and Gutterspeak.


"Band'or shorel'aran!"
— "Prepare to say farewell", said to some she is about to kill.
Mariel - The Veteran

Mariel has been a dark ranger in the service of the Banshee Queen since the Forsaken's inception. She has served as both a gaurdian of the Undercity and an officer on the field of battle during the War against the Lich King. After the fall of the Scourge she then went on to continue to safeguard the lands of the Forsaken and ever served a soldier in the Battle for Andorhal. Vrem conscripted her to assist the Necrohunters due to her long-standing history of faithfully serving the Banshee Queen and her military knowledge. She accepted, but continues to serve the wishes of the Banshee Queen more than she hunts the living. She recently was stationed within the Twilight Highlands to serve as another ambassador of goodwill to the living races of the Horde.

Mariel's eyes glow blood red, and her blond hair his complty hidden underneath her cowl. She is skilled with a bow and the shadowy powers of the dark rangers, using skeletal minions to hold enemies as bay while she shoots arrow after arrow into them. She also will drain the life of any enemies that dare get to close to her, fatiguing them but making sure that she remains in top fighting condition. She can speak Orcish, Common, Thalassian, and Gutterspeak. She stands at five feet three inches and weighs one-hundred-thirteen pounds.

The Blud Sisters

"They thirst, and you're kind are the only decent meals around."
— Vrem, taunting his prey with mentions of the Blud sisters.
Alara Blud - The Huntress
Aria Blud - The Murderess

Alara and Aria were two blood elf sisters that Vrem, Samantha, Mary, and Halinar captured and then set free in Plaguewood with the intention of hunting them down and killing them. The two sisters managed to put up a good chase, but eventually they were both caught and killed by the undead. Mary then administered a potion made in conjunction with Val'kyr-based magic, ressurecting the two blood elves into undeath. Something about the potion, however, transformed both of the sisters into blood-thirsty Darkfallen-like creatures. Seeing a useful tool to further the Forsaken's cause, Vrem had the Maranda sisters take the two undead elves back to the Undercity for training and initiation into the Necrohunters.

Both sisters are skilled fighters and have some magical prowess but have been taught to get in close to their enemies where their fangs and sharp nails can be used to tear out opponents' necks. They thirst for the blood of almost any living humanoid, the blood of worgen disgusting them almost to the point of illness. They're quick, crafty, and deadly, preffering to attack together but not at all hesitating to seperate when it is best, and worst of all; very, very hard to kill. They are almost perfect killing machines. Both, however, have their own unique approaches; Alara is much more patient while Aria is extremely violent. The two are practically identical, however; both standing at five feet three inches and weighing one-hundred-five pounds each. Both also have red hair, glowing yellow eyes, and roughly the same facial features. The only difference between the two are their skin tones (Alara's having become very pale in undeath while Aria's has darkened from rot) and their outfits (Aria dressing much more conservatively while Alara shows a bit more skin). Both sisters have an extreme aversion to garlic for some reason, possibly the remmnants of their once-living pasts manifesting itself in this strange loathing. They can speak Thalassian, Common, and Gutterspeak.

Jerrim Bonez

"Plague, poison, acid, airborne toxic events... So many ways to kill, so little people to try them on."
— Jerrim's mussings.
Jerrim Bonez - The Apothecary

In terms of age before death, Jerrim Bonez is perhaps the oldest of all Forsaken. A mage of Dalaran and patron of the sciences both in life, Jerrim's death came at the hands of the necromancers assisting Arthas in his conquering of the magical kingdom. Those same necromancers resurrected Jerrim shortly thereafter and, as a cruel joke, left his mind fully intact - albeit within the body of a puppet. Freed by Sylvanas during her coup, he pledged his knowledge of science - which had grown during his enslavement by watching his so called "masters" experiments with the plague - to the creation of the Forsaken's Blight. A goal which he helped achieve alongside Grand Apothecary Putress. Once Putress' betrayal were made public, however, Jerrim turned against his former colleague and sabotaged a number of his defenses, allowing the Alliance and Horde to prevail against him and Varimathras with ease. Sylvanas came to learn of this and granted him pardon for his actions, Vrem Dartskul also noted this when offering Jerrim a place in the Necrohunters. Among the living, however, there is a rumor that Jerrim's servitude to the Banshee Queen and even his last-minute betrayal of Putress were both merely acts to postpone his death. A death which may be inevitable if the rumors are true and he intends to overthrow the Banshee Queen and take power for himself.

His time is currently spent instruct his new apprentice, Mary Maranda, and continuing to work on developing the now supposidly-defunct Blight alongside the other members of the Royal Apothecary Society. Recently, he also seems to have fallen under the employ of Vala'Sin Seeker's embalming fluid company.

Jerrim Bonez stands at five feet twelve inches and weighs one-hundred-thirty-eight pounds. The hair he has left stands on edge from exposure to far too many chemicals that altered the behavior of even dead tissue and has deformed his face heavily and further tainted his already putrid flesh. He wears purple and other dark clothing and must use a staff to walk due to his brittle and crippled bones, however these do not stop him from being a potent spellcaster and, like many dark apothecaries, his touch itself is toxic to the living. He can speak Gutterspeak, Commmon, and Orcish.

Fineous Aghal

"I may be undead, but I am not one of you! Leave my grounds at once or I will have your forcibly removed within the next minute!"
— Said to a Forsaken representative attempting to gain his allegiance for the Banshee Queen.
"I do not know what killed Master Aghal, but Master Dartskul had nothing to do with his death."
— Arkham, defending Vrem.
Fineous Aghal - The Aristocrat
Arkham - The Butler

Although not a native to Lordaeron, Lord Fineous Aghal was a rich and reclusive noble during his life, and after his death and reanimation he remained as much. Despite being freed from the grasp of the Forsaken by Sylvanas he completely rejected any notion of joining the Forsaken, returning to his mansion to sit on his collected wealth. There he remained until he unfortunate and mysterious demise: his and the bodies of most of his servants torn to pieces, though Fineous' head remained intact - which allowed investigators to identify him. The man to alert authorities to his death was the Forsaken Marksman and Hunter Vrem Dartskul, who had also been mysteriously named sole inheritor of the Aghal mansion and all of his fortune. According to rumor Vrem then turned it into a secondary base of operations for his Necrohunter group - the primary one being within the Undercity itself.

The only surviving servant of the massacre at the Aghal manor, a butler named Arkham, testified that "Mister Dartskul" was innocent and not the cause of the deaths. Without any hard evidence to charge Dartskul with they were forced to let him go. Arkham remained within the Aghal manor, doing what he had always done; keeping the place as tidy and clean as possible for its inhabitants. He is fairly senile, and may not even know about his new master's favorite "pastime activity." His location and status since the destruction of the Aghal Manor, however, are currently unknown.

Fineous Aghal wore Gilnean clothing and monocle and had a heavily receding hairline and a slacked jaw. His skin had a slight bluish-purple tint to it as well and he stood at four feet nine inches, weighing one-hundred pounds exact. Arkham styled his hair in a mohawk for some unknown reason and wears simple commoner clothing. His face has a slight green tint to it although the rest of his body is pallid from undeath and he is five feet three inches, weighing one-hundred twenty pounds. He had a lower jaw before Vrem and his allies took control of the mansion and cannot speak without it. Vrem claims that the butler "misplaced it due to his failing memory". Both Aghal and Arkham can speak only Common.

Gabriel Belmont

"I live and die for the Banshee Queen."
— Most likely to say.
Gabriel Belmont - The Warrior

Gabriel Belmont was a simple soldier of Lordaeron during his life, and after his death be served as just another footsoldier before being freed from the Lich King's grasp. As one of the Forsaken he continued to serve as a soldier, but one extremely loyal to Sylvanas. From the Plaguelands to Icecrown and then back to Andorhal he has fought for his Queen. Vrem approached him because of his strength, skill, and loyalty to Sylvanas. Gabriel agreed to aid the hunter and moved his supplies from the Undercity into Aghal Manor, where he stayed when not hunting the living and remaining Scourge of the Eastern Plgauelands until the Manor burned down - at which point he moved his supplies back to a new residence in the Undercity. He may be a relative of Deathstalker Commander Belmont, but a possible relation through blood has never been investigated.

Gabriel wears plate armor and weilds a might battle-axe, which he weilds with deadly force from the saddle of his undead steed; Skullhoof. He has short-cut green hair and the scars of putrid boils and festered wounds on his face. He stands at seven feet tall, weighs one-hundred ninety-four pounds. He can speak Common, Orcish, and Gutterspeak.

Susie Lenley

"Did I do good, Papa?"
— Susie looking for Vrem's approval.
Susie Lanley - Daughter of the Forsaken

Little Susie Lenly was only a child when Vrem and his allies attacked the caravan she and her family were in. They left no survivors and were unable to resurrect any of those slain into Forsaken for whenever they were resurrected they lashed out at Vrem and his allies, refusing to accept their new existence. Susie Lanley, however, did no such thing. Something about the potion used on her must have twisted her mind, for she not only accept she was undead and giggled about it, but she also began to see Vrem as her "papa." Vrem cares for her only as he does his pets, however, and uses her to bait traps for the living and occasionally gather information because of how human she still looks.

As time passes and Susie mentally matures, Vrem and his associates have been rebuilding her, like some kind of tiny abomination, out of fresh bits and pieces from women and girls they kill on their hunts.

Susie stands at two feet two inches and weighs thirty-one pounds and still wears the pink and white dress she did at the time of her death - although it has become stained with the blood of others. She still has blond hair and the skin on her face still has some color - although that rapidly fades as time progresses. The fingers on her hands are bony and sharp, and Vrem as taught her the best ways to kill with them; either ripping out the living's throat or going to their heart. She can speak Common.


"Seier til den Forlatt!"
— "Victory to the Forsaken", yelled if she is engaged by the Forsaken's enemies.
Foljah - The Reanimator

As one of the Val'kyr left leaderless after the fall of the Scourge, Foljah aligned herself with the Forsaken and the Banshee Queen. She served in Deathknell, resurrecting the dead to join the Forsaken. Because of the need to be able to do this as well was quickly becoming more and more obligatory to the Necrohunters, Vrem sought a Val'kyr to join them. Foljah, who had been moved to the Undercity by this time, agreed to assist him, but because of the closeness of the Val'kyr to Sylvanas it become clear that a more subtle method of her assisting them would be necessary to keep the Dark Lady as unaffiliated with the group as possible. With the assistance of Mary Maranda a potion derived from Val'kyr magic was created, supplies of which were secretly added to everyday before being shipped to the Aghal Manor. Since the destruction of the Manor, however, the shipments have stopped, leaving the matter of how Vrem is resupplying his stock, and if Foljah is still allied with the Necrohunters, a mystery.

She stands at nine feet three inches tall with a wingspan of thirteen feet - each wing approximately six and and a half feet in length. Because of the ghostly nature of the Val'kyr she weighs next to nothing. She is not a fighter, but can create enough magic to slow and harm her enemies long enough for her to flee or have her allies kill those attacking her. She can speak Gutterspeak, Vrykul and has learned to speak a fairly broken Common.

Shadowheart Disciples

HordeShadowheart Disciples
365px-Arsenic alchemical symbol svg.png
Symbol used by the Shadowheart Disciples (Speculated to be used by the entire Cult of the Forgotten Shadow)
Main leader IconSmall Undead Female.gif Amanda the Shadowheart
Membership 100s
Race(s) IconSmall Undead Male.gifIconSmall Undead Female.gif Forsaken
Character classes Shadow Priest, Warlock, Shadow Ascendant, Dark knight, Lightslayer, Shadowmage, Necromancer
Base of operations Brill, Tirisfal Glades
Theater of operations Tirisfal Glades, Plaguelands
Language(s) Gutterspeak
Affiliation Forsaken,
Cult of the Forgotten Shadow,
Cataclysm Necrohunters (Allies, Presumed)
Status Active
"Through my respect of my enemies, I will not fall to them. Through my unfailing tenacity, I will never be halted in my goals. Through my vast power, I will destroy all who attempt to prevent me from gaining more. Through my compassion for my people, the Forsaken will stay strong. Through all of these, I will become Death."
— Amanda the Shadowhearts's daily prayer and the Creed of her disciples.

The Shadowheart Disciples are a branch of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow, formed and led by Amanda the Shadowheart. It claims to simply bring together those with like-minded ideals about the future of the Cult and the Forsaken through the truest nature of the Shadow, but those who distrust Amanda believe this sub-cult of her creation is both a means of protection for her while she preaches her anti-living rhetoric and one to gain power and standing within the cult; something that she is known to be heavily interested in above most else.


Amanda the Shadowheart formed the Shadowheart Disciples soon after being given her own church within Brill to preach out of. By doing this she worried a number of the more-powerful Shadow Priest, but they felt confidant that the populace of Brill would either decide that her ideals would get them into a bad situation with the living members of the Horde or would not like the idea of answering to someone other than the Banshee Queen and those she or her people elected to govern them.

Unfortunately a small number of those Forsaken dwelllng in Brill joined her immediately - the first among them being those that would be come to known as Hannah Soultouched, Maria the Lightbender, and Hansel Shadowfel - and began to learn from her ideals and power, as well as convincing others to join the Disciples as well. By the time the other Shadow Priests decided to send a Lightslayer to assassinate her, it was too late. She was too well-protected and had gained too much power. The Lightslayer was returned to them in a 6 inch-by-6 inch box.

The cult continued to grow until it finally peaked at one hundred-something members. This happened just shortly before the Forsaken began their campaign to take control of Gilneas, mere months after Amanda's resurrection. Again a Lightslayer was sent in an attempt to eliminate her, but no body was ever returned this time and Amanda continued to preach to the people of Brill about the glory and superiority of undeath and the Forgotten Shadow.

Sometime after the Forsakens' initial invation of Gilneas, Vrem Dartskul approached Amanda the Shadowheart with an offer; an alliance between her Disciples and his group, the Necrohunters. At first Amanda was hesitant to accept the marksman's offer, but after some discussion she decided that she and Vrem had the same ideals. She agreed to lend him her support, but only in minor amounts of funds and the assistance of herself and the Disciple's members when they were in the same area with the Necrohunters. Vrem agreed to her terms and the two parted ways.

New Alliances

Recently, however, both individuals have been seen in the company of the undead half-elf Vala'Sin Seeker, and rumors about ties to a Forsaken politician named "Agustus Pall" are growing in number. The reasons for this are, as of yet, unclear.

The typical scene of a worship service at Amanda the Shadowheart's chapel


The sub-cult is divided into six teirs of membership, with the first being the lowest and the sixth being the highest: the congregation, first teir; the initiates, second teir; the acolytes, third teir; the devotees, fourth teir; the adepts, fifth teir; and the ascendants, sixth teir. Members move up through the ranks of the Disciples by being progressing in their studies or by doing something of great value to the sub-cult - as determined by the cult's leader, Amanda the Shadowheart.

Known Members

Name Class Skill Standing Location Status
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Amanda the Shadowheart Shadow Priest, Necromancer (Presumed) Shadow Founder and Leader (Sixth Tier) Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Hannah Soultouched Shadow Priest Souls Sixth Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Maria the Lightbender Holy Priest Light Sixth Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Hansel Shadowfel Warlock Destruction Sixth Tier Undercity, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Shade.gif Wallace Blacknight Shadow Ascendant Stealth Sixth Tier Unknown Undead
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Salvia Suffergrasp Shadow Priest Shadow Fifth Tier Eastern Plaguelands Undead
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Damion Plaguemoore Dark Knight Arms Fifth Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Claudia Stitch Dark Knight Protection Fifth Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Undead Female.gif Samantha Maranda Lightslayer Various Fifth Tier Tirisfal Glades Undead
Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Undead Female.gif Sithia Frozenbone Shadowmage Frost/Shadow Fifth Teir Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall UndeadTroll Male.gif Mal'nat Witch Doctor/Shadow Priest Shadow Fourth Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Sander "Shadowbringer" Blakam Warrior (Actual)
"Dark Paladin" (Self-proclaimed)
Fury (Actual)
Shadow (Self-proclaimed)
Third Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Cultist Female.gif Claria Rotless Mage Arcane Second Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Vargul.gif Halric the Reanimator Necromancer Necromancy Fifth Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Undead
IconSmall Undead Male.gifIconSmall Undead Female.gifIconSmall Shade.gif Shadowheart Ascendant Varies Varies Sixth Tier Tirisfal Glades, Plaguelands Varies
IconSmall Undead Male.gifIconSmall Undead Female.gif Shadowheart Adept Varies Varies Fifth Tier Tirisfal Glades, Plaguelands Varies
IconSmall Undead Male.gifIconSmall Undead Female.gif Shadowheart Devotee Varies Varies Fourth Tier Tirisfal Glades, Plaguelands Varies
IconSmall Undead Male.gifIconSmall Undead Female.gif Shadowheart Acolyte Varies Varies Third Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Varies
IconSmall Undead Male.gifIconSmall Undead Female.gif Shadoheart Initiate Varies Varies Second Tier Brill, Tirisfal Glades Varies
IconSmall Undead Male.gifIconSmall Undead Female.gif Shadowheart Congregation Varies Varies First Tier Tirisfal Glades, Plaguelands Varies

Hannah Soultouched

The Mistress of Souls

Maria the Lightbender

The Enslaver of the Light

Hansel Shadowfel

The Master of Fel

Wallace Blacknight

Salvia Suffergrasp

The Lady of the Shadows

Damion Plaguemoore

The Dark Knight

Damion is monstrous in size, standing at just under seven feet and weighing two-hundred-fifty pounds of pure muscle - and though rotted some of it may be, it leaves him no less strong. Damion sometimes shrinks himself down via hunching and keeping his limbs as close to his main body as he can, which, along with his concealing and heavy (though he does not notice nor is limited by the weight) plate armor, gives him the illusion of being anywhere from a few inches to a full foot and a half shorter - depending on how much he shrinks himself and the point of view of the onlooker. His eyes are dead and lifeless, without even the yellow glow common among the Forsaken. Though he does not speak often, he can converse in Common and Gutterspeak with ease.

Claudia Stitch

The Abomination.


The Mummy.

Sander "Shadowbringer" Blakam

The Trailblazer.

Claria Rotless

Halric the Reanimator

The death of Arthas left many of the Scourge's more intelligent minions unemployed, including great numbers of Necromancers that refused to serve the usurper Bolvar. The majority of these dark spellcasters chose to remain loyal to the memory of the Lich King they knew, continuing their work withing the Plaguelands or darkest recesses of Northrend; a select few, however, threw their lot in with the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas. Of course, stipulations on the usage of necromancy put on these spellcasters by the greater Horde, as well as the lack of the Lich King to supplement their powers, has resulted in their bodies falling into a state of decay and collapse. Halric is one such of these undead, and it shows; he is rotten through and through, a desecated, twitching, malformed corpse, but he is still a powerful master of dark magics. Why he has chosen to ally himself with Shadowheart is anyone's guess, but the Bishop is more than happy to have someone of his power in her ranks - even if he is kept under close watch, even by her.

Shadowheart Ascendant

The Shadowheart Ascendants

The sixth tier of the Shadowheart Disciples are the Shadowheart Ascendants, the highest ranking among the subcult. Most of those who reach this ranking are followers that have ascended into the ghostly form of the Shadow Ascendants. They then travel to unknown locations as directed by Amanda, spying on and assassinating her enemies from the darkness. Those that still have their corporal forms when they reach this rank do so because they, instead of becoming one with the shadow, have done something truly noteworthy for the cult and are awarded the rank by Amanda. Ascendants are not required to instruct any of the underlings, and those who became Shadow Ascendants to reach this rank do not. A handful of those that still have their zombie-like bodies, however, do teach the adepts, devotees, acolytes and initiates about the highest and grandest powers and skills of the Shadow; but only as they see fit.

Shadowheart Adept

The garments of a Shadowheart Adept

The fifth tier of the sub-cult are the Shadowheart Adepts, the second highest ranking of the Disciples. Like the devotees they are free to come and go as the please, but tend to stay within the chapel, continuing their studies. The sit by the altar from which Amanda preaches during worship sessions and then return to the cellar of the chapel to continue their studies. Occasionally they will leave their studies on hold for a time to instruct the lesser members of the Disciples in the ways of the Shadow.

Shadowheart Devotee

The garments of a Shadowheart Devotee

The fourth tier of the sub-cult are the Shadowheart Devotees, acolytes who have mastered their powers and themselves enough to advance further into the studies of the Shadow. The front rows of pews are reserved for these followers, and they may come and go as they wish after services have concluded. All the devotees are in charge of is overseeing the progress of the acolytes and initiates, as well as accepting new initiates that seek to fully join the cult.

Shadowheart Acolyte

The garments of a Shadowheart Acolyte

The third tier of the sub-cult are the Shadowheart Acolytes. These members serve as ushers during church services, rotating through their members to do this while those not serving sit within the congregation alongside the initiates. These members assist the initiates with their manual duties in the chapel, as well as instruct them on higher points of the Shadow while they themselves are taught even more secrets by those higher than them.

Shadowheart Initiate

The garments of a Shadowheart Initiate

The second tier of the sub-cult are the Shadowheart Initiate, the newest and weakest members of the Disciples. These members stay within the congregation during worship service and also stay behind after the service has concluded to clean or repair the chaple and run errends for the higher ranking tier members. They are also instructed on slightly more refined points of the Forgotten Shadow than what Amanda preaches during church sessions but those ranking higher than them. Most of the Disciple's members fall into this teir.

Shadowheart Congregation

The first and lowest tier of the sub-cult are simply the Shadowheart Congregation, those that come to Amanda's chapel to attend worship services but do little else. Although this seems nothing like candidacy for any group, Amanda considers any and all visitors to her church as a full member of it in an attempt to lure them into staying. Being not full-fledged members, however, they know nothing of the sub-cults innermost workings. There are, however, exceptions; such as Vrem Dartskul (should the rumors of the Necrohunters prove to be true), and, to a slight extent, Shadow Priest Urdish.

The Council of Seven Heads

NeutralThe Council of Seven Heads
Main leader None
Membership 7
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Base of operations Unknown Location in the Dread Wastes
Theater of operations Pandaria
Affiliation Old Gods, Sha
Status Unknown

The Council of Seven Heads is an organization comprised of seven individuals, never more, never less, who have been "chosen" by one of the Sha and bears their corruption as a power to further the wills and goals of the Old Gods - though who it is they serve is unknown to them, they simply hear their orders and obey.


Known Members

Name Associated Sha Class Status
IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Chun Violence Mage Alive
IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Ji'ja Embersnout Anger Warrior Alive
IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Lin'tao Misttaken Despair Wardancer Alive
IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Tao'Qui Doubt Dark shaman Alice
IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Kui'Kuia Fear Priest Alice
IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Fui Lowcoat Hatred Rogue Alive
IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Xia the Prideful Pride Transcendent Alive


Ji'ja Embersnout

Lin'tao Misttaken



Fui Lowcoat

Xia the Prideful


Draenei Vault temp2.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Director Haavcai
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Reclaimer Kayava
Membership 20+
Race(s) DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Broken Broken
Character classes Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Engineer, Hunter
Base of operations Exodar
Theater of operations Primarily Outland,
Wrath of the Lich King Azeroth
Language(s) Draenei
Affiliation Exodar, Naaru, Alliance
Status Active

The Sha'porosei, meaning "Fortunate of Light" in Draenei, are an organization within the draenei devoted to reclaiming lost relics of the Draenei history. While their actions sometimes put them at odds (though very rarely physically) with the Explorers' Guild because of their view that Draenei relics should stay in the hands of the Draenei people, they are, ultimately, good people. As time passed their attention and goals became divided, while some wished to continue the hunt for relics while others instead wanted to learn more of the world they now called home through traveling in it.


Known Members

Name Class Role Location Status
IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Director Haavcai Paladin Co-Founder, Head Archiver Exodar Alive
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Reclaimer Kayava Death Priestess Co-Founder, Head Relic Hunter Various Alive
IconSmall Broken Male.gif Erubo Wisewind Shaman Assistant Archiver Exodar Alive
IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Uuylain Shardlight Mage Head Artificer Exodar Alive
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Muriti Hunter Relic Hunter Various Alive

Director Haavcai

Director Haavcai.jpg

Erubo Wisewind

Erubo Wisewind.jpg

Uuylain Shardlight

Uuylain Shardlight.jpg


Muriti and Pincer

Sons of Lordaeron

AllianceSons of Lordaeron
Main leader Cataclysm IconSmall Human Male.gif Franklin Williamson (Official, Figurehead)
IconSmall HalfElf Female.gif Maria Spellsong (Actual)
  Formerly IconSmall Human Male.gifIconSmall Worgen Male.gif Alexander Kaligan (Official, Figurehead)
Secondary leaders IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Rallian Rightwind (Quel'thalas)
Wrath of the Lich King IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Puglish Lightstone (Arathi Highlands)
Cataclysm IconSmall Human Male.gifIconSmall Worgen Male.gif William Gallish (Gilneas)
Membership 100s
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
High elfHigh elf High elf
Half-elfHalf-elf Half-elf
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
GnomeGnome Gnome
Cataclysm WorgenWorgen Worgen
Character classes Priest, Paladin, Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Ranger
Base of operations Theramore Isle (Formerly)
Wrath of the Lich King Lightbringer Reach [3]
Cataclysm Light's Dawn Cathedral
Mists of Pandaria Stormwind
Theater of operations Lordaeron
Arathi Highlands
Cataclysm Quel'thalas
Wrath of the Lich King Northrend
Cataclysm Gilneas
Language(s) Common, Thalassian, Dwarven, Gnomish
Sub-group(s) Cataclysm Goldenfang Pack
Cataclysm Anwa'dorei
Affiliation Kingdom of Theramore, Stormwind, Alliance
Status Active

The Sons of Lordaeron were formed a few years after the Scourge conquered most of the Northern Kingdoms by Maria Spellsong, though leadership and credit for its creation was officially granted to Alexander Kaligan (leadership later being passed to Franklin Williamson). Though small initially, the Sons gained massive boosts in numbers during the War against the Lich King when they joined in the campaign in Northrend and when the Forsaken launched their Invasion of Gilneas. The Sons of Lordaeron have a simple goal: the total removal of the undead and demonic presences from the northern lands, and the kingdoms returned to their rightful, living owners.


Known Members

Name Class Role Rank Location Status
IconSmall HalfElf Female.gif Maria Spellsong Paladin
Leader (Actual)
Crusader (Official)
Highlord (Actual)
Lightbringer Reach Wrath of the Lich King
Plaguelands Cataclysm
IconSmall Human Male.gifIconSmall Worgen Male.gif Alexander Kaligan Warrior Maria's Bodyguard
Former Leader (Figurehead)
Highlord (Official, Formerly)
Commander (Actual)
Lightbringer Reach Wrath of the Lich King
Plaguelands Cataclysm
IconSmall Human Male.gif Franklin Williamson Paladin Leader (Figurehead) Cataclysm Highlord (Official)
Commander (Actual)
Stormwind Mists of Pandaria
IconSmall Human Male.gifIconSmall Worgen Male.gif William Gallish Priest Leader in Gilneas Cataclysm
Leader of the Goldenfang Pack Cataclysm
Commander Gilneas Alive
IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Rallian Rightwind Ranger Leader in Quel'Thalas Cataclysm
Leader of the Anwa'dorei Cataclysm
Commander Quel'thalas Alive
IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Puglish Lightstone Paladin Leader in Arathi Highlands Cataclysm Commander Arathi Highlands Alive
IconSmall Human Female.gif Olivia Millian Mage Undefined Crusader Arathi Highlands Alive
IconSmall Gnome Female.gif Wittsy Bittersprocket Rogue Undefined Crusader Unknown Alive

Alexander Kaligan

Not to be confused with [[Alexander "Ragehowl" Kalligan]].
"The dead have no place walking."
— Alexander Kaligan
Alexander Kalligan face.jpg
Alexander's human form
Alexander's worgen form

Franklin Williamson

Franklin Williamson.jpg

Franklin Williamson was a young squire to a paladin when Arthas Menethil suspended Uther's band of the Knights of the Silver Hand. As with many of the order, though, Franklin was unwilling to obey the royal command while the Scourge threat spread across Azeroth, and so continued to work against the massing undead - and train himself in the ways of the Light. When the Prince of Lordaeron himself began to lead the Scourge against them, Franklin fought back against the undead he unleashed across the kingdom, but in the end he and those he traveled with were forced to fall back. Deciding that Lordaeron had become a lost cause, they fled for Stormwind - though Franklin knew that, one day, he would return. When word of the Sons of Lordaeron reached his ears in the dawn of its creation, he joined without hesitation in the hopes it would be what allowed him to retake his home.

It was after the Cataclysm that he learned the truth of the Sons' leadership - but the that point he was so deeply entrenched in its mission he didn't even give it a second though. Because of the actions of Alexander Kaligan, though, he was informed that the sons would need a new figurehead leader to rally them against their common foes, and Franklin accepted the nomination.

William Gallish

Leader of the Goldenfang Pack

Goldenfang Worgen

William Gallish rallies his Pack in the Light's Dawn Cathedral

Rallian Rightwind


Pilaam Lightstone

Olivia Milian

Wittsy Bittersprocket