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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Continents redesigned and zone ideas

WoW is not a true projection of areas allowing for expanded versions of current lands.

Azeroth continents:

Northern Plaguelands zone from Northern Lordaeron and an area south of Ghostlands which is moved north (but added to world so no loading screen). Ironwood Forest zone east of Northern Plaguelands with forest troll tribes named in RPG. Amani Wilds zone a northern part of peninsula northeast of Ironwood Forest and east of Ghostlands and Eversong Forest.

Balor a island zone west of Westfall. A larger (East) Crestfall zone added northwest of Tirisfal Glades.

  • Balor home to Stormwind naval base (south), inland former human and War2 habitation with vagabonds and location of half-orc/half-draenei internment camp (north) who look like blue and blueish orcs with some having fairer features (some are in revolt as part of questing).
  • (East) Crestfall has Kul Tiras and Lordaeron historic influence, now a significant presence are the undead of the Forsaken and the Scourge remnant.

A zone east of Redridge Mountains added that looks like the closed zone map area pre-Cata, with Gnoll Wood, saberon, Temple of the Damned (Warcraft II), a human fort and some neutral goblins with mercenaries.

Tol Barad Peninsula renamed to Terenas Stand (added to world with Tol Barad so no loading screen).

Upper Gnomeregon zone (separate zone from Dun Morogh) from New Tinkertown and area west of that.

Echo Isles zone as a full larger zone completely retconed pulling from War3 elements.

Kezan continent almost horseshoe shaped with Mount Kajaro on eastern part of that horseshoe (open part facing north northeast). Inside the horseshoe a zone filled with small islands. Kezan location on map southwest of Booty Bay and east of Timeless Isle.

Plunder Isle, Hiji and Tel Abim all single zones across the South Seas.

  • Tel Abim home to a (mostly) human kingdom formed from Arathi (old human land) sailors who discovered a island with post Sundering night elves which they conquered and who are subjects of their kingdom. Island has hozen, many half-night elves (with unique race name) and goblin merchant visitors. Wastewander humans are originally from here. Inspired art from Diablo II's Lut Gholein.
  • Plunder Isle a pirate kingdom made by rebel Kul Tiran sailors lead by Duke Falrevere. Remnants of jungle troll habitation, magic and some inhabitants.
  • Hiji has jungle troll paladins called Freethinkers with a temple to Shirvallah, as well as blood trolls. It is revealed that blood trolls are in fact undead troll vampires.

Just for flavor:

More Emerald Dream introduced in some (any) way.

Additional Dragon Isles isles.

Other remnants of Draenor like Outland:

Farahlon was a large region with netherstorm being just it's southern tip, making a large lush Feralon continent the size of Outland to the north.
Ogri'la not just a name of a faction but a region/zone/small continent located west or south of Outland.
Warsong clan island zone in the Nether east of Hellfire. East of it a Nether dragon zone (considered outer parts of Outland).
A remnant of Draenor were the Summoned Old God gets fully manifested with arakkoa and pale orcs.
A remnant of Draenor that's turned into a necromantic region with large number of undead of the dead world. Perhaps Deadlands and Haven of the Damned are part of it. Could be under influence of the forces of the Shadowlands.

Black Morass swamp zone from Tainted Forest, Red Reaches and area south of Zul'Gurub.

West of Stonetalon Mountains added to Stonetalon Mountains with pandaren town, some centaur, and more of the same thematic as current zone.

Seething Shore zone, larger then battleground showing whole island, Tol'vir inhabited. Junker Isles zone south of Uldum/Tanaris, thematically similar to Mechagon, remnants of a titan facility, includes pre-cata South Seas islands as northernmost islands, Tol'vir inhabited, Pygmy origin (Sand gnome). Locations of Ahn'Qiraj forces, southern storm giants.

Odynheim (Halls of Valor lore) and Helheim zones, teleportation between different zones similar like Argus (one of the zones a expanded Fields of the Eternal Hunt).

If larger parts of continents can be moved apart to make new zones in between existing zones: Thandol Span expanded into zone that looks like Thandol Valley. Zul'Dare zone in Baradin Bay. Expand the horizontal middle of the Loarderon continent (moving northern zones north) having more area for: Aerie Peaks mountains zone (north of Hinterlands and south of Plaguelands), Alterac Mountains reintroduced as larger zone (with large Alterac Fortress taking up a large part of the zone (inside of which is a Alterac Citadel instance with War3 Legion remnant), War2&3 orc remnants and many Dalaran Mage towers), and Silverpine Forest divided into two zones (adding Arevass river) with zone in the south still called "Silverpine Forest" and the zone in the north called "Tirisfal Forest" (with few vrykul ruins, some forest trolls and a order of death knights that want to scourge the living).

Subterranean zones somehow accessible without loading screens (maybe across multiple layers/floors above one another at least partially). Underground "continents" then being:

Nazjatar Depths are bellow the Rift of the Eye of the Mealstrom. N'Zoth was the Old God primarily in the Depths of Ancient Kalimdor prior to the Sundering and his prison and former underground domain were flooded forming the Nazjatar Depths. The Rift of the Maelstrom is the area that is the entrance to the Eternal Palace raid (or only a part of the Rift) and the Eternal Palace and Last Prison are part of the Nazjatar Depths. Nazjatar Depths are the main base of the naga civilisation not the Nazjatar above the Rift.

Character creation/customization options

Blood elves and Night elves playable by both factions same as pandaren (for NE see below).

Kul Tirans become part of the human race and Nightborne part of the night elf race as body types/shapes (can be changed in barbershop same as genders or as hunched orc option). Some appearance options could get cross pollinated (between different body types) but not necessary.

Undead body type: the undead with Kul Tiran male and female animation rigs from Maldraxxus.
Playable undead are the Necrolord race(/Blighted undead/Maldraxxi skeleton/Deathborne) from Maldraxxus being spread to Azeroth by the Scourge, with the Forsaken being a faction of the race that originated in the Shadowlands.
Elves body types crossing looking like File:Ysera (Cataclysm).jpg, File:Nozdormu Elf.jpg, File:Vyrin Swiftwind old.jpg and File:Adon.jpg.
Human body types "thin" (1 or 2) and "wide" (1/2 or 3).
Vrykul body type for the human race, same look as vrykul but regular human size.
Azotha is the vrykul word for humans. Drust were azotha who used druidism in an attempt to regain the size of the vrykul (when large looked similar to shapeshifted Thornspeakers and Gorak Tul).
If azotha established then there could be azotha (humans) in other still unexplored expansion lands (with different cultural and physical features).
Troll male body type "wide" that looks like a ice troll or forest troll.
Dire troll, Dire orc and undead Wight body types.

Heretige talents - choose the cultural heretige of your race, baseing what racial ability you have. Can be changed in-game by visiting a NPC with the knowledge of the desired heretige talents (or changed at the barbershop for gold). Human and night elf get the allied races racial abilities as heretige talents, in addition Zandalari troll [Embrace of the Loa] is now considered a heretige talent (but affects just the one ability rather then the other two). Heretige talents not for all races but only where appropriate. One heretige talent option would be Wildhammer heretige talents for dwarves.

Highmountain tauren and Mechagnome to be merged into customization options for gnome and tauren giving those races their racial abilities as heretige talents.

Each race with multiple voice overs to choose from.

With some inspired from RTS voice overs, as well as from pre-Cata goblin NPC voice overs.

Would like Dracthyr race-class combo to be by choosing the evoker class you have options across all other races but lorewise they would be visage forms and you don't have their racials traits, the only unique custimisation they would need is dragon eyes for majority of race visage form options, note the dragon eyes already from current Dragonflight visage forms, with perhaps human and blood elf/void elf the currantly ones represented having additional class specific custimisations geting those additional options on opposite genders. Surely the lore fact of the class truly being a Dracthyr and not having the racials of your chosen race visage would be enough for it to still be a specific "race-class combo" feature.

Retcon: Void elves expanded into more of an actual race by merging Wretched and Felblood elf lorewise as being void elves (part of the story about that to be found in Northern Plaguelands). With Wretched being the first generation of void elves emerging in the aftermath of the Third War (making and showing void elves as more numerus). The Felblood elf options give a lot of exotic colors to the race, and the Felblood's wings are retconed into being similar to Void elf heretige armor wings. Lorewise Felbloods would have learned (void) vampirism from Outland Voidwalkers in the Netherstorm.

Wretched body type added for void elves (with undead animations).
Further expanding lore: The Highborne night elves that landed in Tirisfal Glades that were driven insane got corrupted by dark forces beneath the Whispering Forest and were turned into void elves. Most managed to free themselves of corruption using artifacts of Tyr after which their skincolor changed to a pinkish hue and they formed the kingdom of Quel'thalas in the north (at that time they stopped calling themselves quel'dorei kaldorei and for their noble bloodline called themselves sin'dorei quel'dorei, establishing the blood elf name at that previous time so making clear the blood elf race name alongside the high elf/highborne one from the beginning, Sin'dorei is already in Lament of the Highborne which is from before the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas).
Void elves also originally existed among the night elves of ancient Kalimdor that sought power from the void and ended up dwelling in the depths of Azeroth and in Ny'alotha.
In modern times Druids of the Flame are night elves that were turned into void elves (same skintone as red felblood elf).
Void elves could also have appearances similar to File:Aodh Witherpetal.jpg and File:Varethos.jpg, as the Emerald Nightmare has it's origins in the void.

Gnome to have beard, eyebrows, hair style, pointy nose option and floppy ears option like Narmak Doomratchet.

Appearance option ideas:

Facial hair:
Eyebrow options for orcs, trolls, goblins, draenai, blood/void elves and others. Orc options to include eyebrows like: War2 Gul'dan, War2 Kargath Bladefist and Blademaster. Night elf eyebrow option that splits into 3 that looks like Lunara from HotS.
Draenai eyebrow plate options similar to their forehead plates seen on Nimaasus the Implacable.
Detach sideburns from beard for pandaren and gnome.
Detach sideburns from hair for troll and goblin.
Beards for trolls and goblins.
Draenei and Lightforged draenei detach sideburns and moustache from beard, similarly separate tendrils to outer, inner and a central tendrils.
Dwarf beard shaven option, and goatee.
Detach mechagnome beard from moustache option.
Long beards for humans.
Tattoos and body paints:
Grimtotem face and body paint for tauren.
Blood/void elves face and body markings including paint and tattoo options, including a number of different Farstriders/Elven Ranger (Warcraft II)/Alleria Windrunner face and body paint options and File:Blood Elf Warlock concept.jpg tattoos.
Blue tattoos for Zandalari like on MoP NPCs.
Detach mag'har orc war paint, tattoo and scars from skin color. Also maybe the rocky outgrowths on the black skin color. Make all these also available to the regular green orcs.
Goblin grime options like Handclaw fan concept art.
More orc war paint colors like Handclaw fan concept art.
Mechagnome more paint job colors. Maybe color wheel option for the paint jobs, as well as shine choice.
Night elf male tattoo colors and more markings options on both genders.
Nature's blessing appearance options, customization that acts like tattoos:
For night elves like keeper of the grove hands and also talons like File:NightElfAssassinBySamwise.jpg and Druids of the Talon. Also body vines like on dryad arms, maybe dryad like vine underwear option.
For trolls primal fur (like RPG art and HotS minion). Maybe dinosaur scale primals for Zandalari.
Skin color:
Bleach white skin for mag'har orcs.
Lightforged man'ari appearance options for Lightforged draenei including red and purple skin colors (this would make Lightforged more unique from regular draenei, with a story for them similar to Lothraxion).
Void elf partially-corrupted skin tone options, along corrupted and uncorrupted skin tones, with color option for both corrupted and uncorrupted parts separately as well as the pattern option (such as regular blood elf tone most of the body but with darker shades around eyes and appendages (legs, arms and ears), but also other patterns, so a regular humanoid with skin patterns).
Spiritwalker skin colors for tauren. Long fur of Highmountain tauren available to regular tauren and short on Highmountain tauren.
Partially green skin for blood (and void) elves like this HotS skin, and other skin tones with slight unnatural colorations.
Regular hair colors for void elves taken for blood elf colors (same as the skin color transfer).
Goblin mohowk hair style like sappers from Warcraft 2 and 3. Also some goblin hairstyles like on barbershop posters File:Barbershop Poster2.jpg/File:Barbershop Poster1.jpg.
Blonde hair color for orcs like War2 Kargath Bladefist.
Female pandaren, female worgen and male worgen should have the "fur" hair option like pandaren males similar to bald options on other races.
Hair color for pandaren that has two options dark and light, that are based of the chosen skin color. Maybe the binary option can be chosen separately for facial hair, or separately for eyebrows, moustache and beard (and sideburns if separated from beard). Current female pandaren "hair color" option name changed to "hair streak color".
Highmountain tauren male separate hair from facial hair, same as male tauren in 9.0.1.
Separate hair streak color option for the new troll hair styles.
Worgen male hair styles, current "hair style" renamed to sideburns.
Female Draenei and Lightforged draenei with forehead plates on their heads like File:Draenei Female art.jpg and Doommaiden.
Demon hunters to have horn color options.
Barefoot option for pandaren without the current sandals.
Color options for hoofs on tauren and draenai, color options for troll nails.
Gnomes to have hairy feat option like hobbits, and draenai to have hairy around hoofs option like Argent Braggart in Hearthstone.
Separate pandaren ears option from current face option.
Detach mechagnome ear upgrade from face upgrade.
Troll ear shape options, example: females having long ears like elves or males, males having short ears like Kazra'jin.
Elf ear shape should be available on all elves in all shapes: upward/backward, short/long, straight/bent in all combinations. Including ears that point more to the side like on in-game dryads.
Orc, goblin, troll, elf and draenei races to have option of red/flesh color inside ears (1/2/3), acts as overlaid texture so implimented the same way as tattoos
Eye options:
Purple, red and white glowing eyes as well as regular human-like eyes for blood elves (like Ranger Scouting/Warbringers: Sylvanas high elves).
Glowing red/yellow/purple/white eyes for orcs/goblins.
Dr. Boom yellow outside the iris on eyes for goblins. Yellow outside the iris on eyes for trolls and orcs like Berserker Scouting/Vol'jin/Runed Orb HS and AU Grommash.
Yellow eyes for Zandalari like on MoP NPCs.
Green and red glowing eyes for trolls like WC2 forest trolls 1/2. And shadow hunter yellow glowing eyes for trolls like in WC3.
Mechagnome eye color option should also change the color of the mechanical eyes.
Bleeding Hollow hollow eye option like AU Kilrogg Deadeye.
Spiritwalker blue eyes for tauren like in Warcraft III.
Night elf green eyes like Malfurion and pink eyes like on their [Cat Form].
Glowing eyes for (Dalaran) humans.
Purple eyes for draenei like Velen and Nimaasus the Implacable.
Face features:
Tauren nose shape separated from face option, with the face option being just the taurens face texture.
Detach mechagnome chin upgrade from face upgrade.
Undead nose option showing nasal holes (like on maldraxxus mad scientists).
Dental color for orcs and trolls.
More tusk options for orcs like: metal tusk (like AU Blackhand) or 4 tusks (like Thrall/AU Grommash) and other tusk options.
Trolls with no tusks option (like Troll Axethrower/Troll Batrider).
Mouth (lip) shape for goblins.
Chin shape options for orcs, tauren and trolls.
Nose options, including Peter Dinklage style for dwarves and gnomes.
More extensive "face shape" options for all races...
Undead skin tones (in a significant variety) for all races for death knights. Also more DK eye colors: purple, green, blood red and fire red.
Perhaps unlock death knight options later for other classes in-game (with the Shadowlands expansion patches being the perfect opportunity) as well as living eye options for death knights. This would include giving the dark ranger look to hunters.
Mummy skin(tones) for troll and zandalari troll races, or mummy body wrappings as a separate option.
Body options:
Upright posture option for undead, male worgen and male troll. Blood/Void elf upright standing/walking posture.
Worgen tail option. Pandaren male tail option.
Additional undead skin types: anatomically correct protrusions (like a fan-made idea from WoD time:, body with stitches making it look similar to a abomination or Bloody Mary, skeletal limbs option (basically limb option similar to mechagnome), as well as maybe a partial banshee themed one with a ghost like glow around the bones (the glow color can be chosen). Maybe options for changing skin type for each type of body part.
"Body shape" options, as in variations of the body of the current models (may be problematic for some current armor and animation interactions).
Troll male "wide" option for the forest troll and ice troll look.
Smaller stomach option for Kul Tiran so their body shape looks like Rexxar or Maw guards.
A few different body height options.

And many race ideas. Can be added as regular races and start in Exile's Reach or as allied races:

Horde Ogre (with both genders sharing (most of) the same animation set), Stonemaul clan lore. Battle beasts from HotS (search "battle beast" on - are the racial mounts of Stonemaul ogres found and trained in caves below Dustwallow/Barrens.
Alliance Furbolg (with both genders sharing (most of) the same animation set), Barkskin Furbolgs lore, loyal to night elves.
Horde Forest troll from Raventusk tribe (alternatively added as customization option for the regular Troll player race, wide male body type and skin colors).
Alliance Krokul race by adding Lost ones appearance options and Wrathguard appearance options (make wrathguard lorewise be man'ari krokul) to Argus krokul model (meaning having: feet, jaw and back appearance options) but make them lorewise be Nobundo's followers in Exodar.
Alliance Frostborn and Horde Taunka
Horde Fel orc
Horde Mok'nathal race with same animations as Kul Tirans.
Horde Hobgoblin
Ogre animation body type as well as regular goblin animation body type (with regular goblin body type having access to skin colors not allowed for regular goblins, with gilgoblins being a heretige talent (described above) which has a visual aspect of adding gills).
Alliance K'thir
Transform between human form out of combat same as worgen, Tandred Proudmoore and others stuck Kul Tiran fleet members were secretly turned into K'thir and that is revealed. K'thir can be demon hunters meaning playable Cthulhu like characters.
Alliance Ascended dryad
Night elves that have ascended to becoming dryads, have two forms like playable worgen and show in night elf form for any activity that they can't appear as four legged dryads such as siting on chairs or riding most mounts. Dryad to also be used as a name for the male keepers of the grove.
Not sure what else the Alliance could have, here are some ideas:
Alliance Man'ari eredar - from some demonic faction allying itself with the Alliance for some greater purpose. Perhaps led by Val'zuun.
Alliance Primal (Night elf) worgen - from a faction in the Emerald Dream.
Alliance Earthen?
Alliance Bog beast? (made with same animations as modern dire trolls and dire orcs)
Alliance Wolvar? (more possible if Furbolg made playable as they have the same animations)
Alliance Flamewaker? (to be allied to Dark Irons that are part of the Alliance, possible if Naga made playable as they have the same animations)
Both 32.png Both factions:
Tuskarr (df version, personally would like hands and feet to look more flipper-like like their wotlk model, perhaps as an option)
Drakonid (a wingless drakonid race that can be all classes, df previews seem to show drakonid that use draenei animation rigs, a version that's a wingless version of dracthyr that can wear all armor, perhaps two body types or even two races)
Naga (the classic ones, make it happen)
Murloc, Ethereal, Kobold, Satyr, Sethrak, Tortollan, Saberon, MoP races and so on...
Maybe murloc race with second body type same as jinyu and ankoan, with customization features available for both on both body types, many different fish and frog/amphibian features, maybe a murloc has features that looks kind of like Krag'wa.
Saberon race possible option of two forms like worgen, with multiple races: orcs, mag'har orcs, trolls (tigon), zandalari trolls, night elves, humans and even tauren (saberon with horns). Maybe saberon were originally orcs that practiced druidism that turned themselves into saberon after worshiping a saber cat wild god, and then recently spread to other druidic races, like [Claws of Shirvallah], some could have been present since troll ancient times.
As nature fae spirits to be expanded so they are not just "good satyr", expanded (more then the current NPCs) from visual elements seen on (many) animals and other nature fea spirits (Runestag, Spriggan and others): ear, tail, horn and feet options available to look like from different animals and nature creatures, leaf, bark, different furs, scales and/or feathermane body element options, maybe branch like horns, body runes like Runestag. Base skin color should not just be the current white color, there should be a wide range of colors.
Maybe sylvar race with the spriggan second body type, with spriggan being a diminutive form of the "sylvar" nature fea spirits (with all (or many) of the different options above).
Maybe even have the playable race be called "Fae" have it have the third body type faerie, alongside sylvar and spriggan just being names of body types. All body types to have customizations visual elements of each other.

New race class options for current playable races:

Demon hunter Demon hunter: Human, Orc, Troll, Zandalari troll, Void elf
Druid Druid: Dwarf, Dark Iron dwarf (maybe racial stone like shapeshift forms)
Monk Monk: Goblin, Worgen, Lightforged draenei (so made available for all races)
Paladin Paladin: Gnome, Mechagnome, Worgen, Undead, Highmountain Tauren, Night elf, Void elf (Twilight Knight, if they can be priests they can be paladins), maybe for all races
Shaman Shaman made available for all races
Warlock Warlock: Zandalari troll, Night elf, Mag'har orc, Pandaren, Kul Tiran
Evoker Evoker should be made available for all races with lore of either: 1. new Dracthyr being made that choose visige forms of existing races or 2. mortal races that are turned into Dracthyr (that would still have Dracthyr racials in both options, would prefer if first option was avalable at launch)
And others?...
Draenei and Lightforged draenei should probobly never have warlock options, would it be justifiable in the lore? Perhaps replacing draenei warlocks racials with new ones as fallen draenei (not fully man'ari but still fallen from the light), and giving those alternate racials to some other classes as alternate options (maybe shadow/void themed having an oposite version like the Naaru).

Panderen character skin reworked so they have paws visible in their hands similar to reworked worgen and vulpera.

Druid forms to have barbershop options for eye color, fur/skin colors and racial features like tauren horns. [Moonkin Form] options of having heads of different birds: a proper owl head, raven head, eagle head and maybe others. If ogres are made playable who have the same body rig as wildkins then an option to show armor in Moonkin form, also I think the zandalari Moonkin form shares animations with female worgen so gear could also be shown on that version.

Skeleton body type on all races (could be made available with a update to the skeleton model of the player's corpses) showing as much gear as possible (with mechagnomes an example not having to show all). Maybe unlocked in-game, with the Shadowlands expansion being the perfect opportunity for that.

A druid cat form lynx option like loa Halazzi similar to this - - or with more elements from real life lynxes.

Altered voice overs, and non-altered voice over option for all death knights.

Maybe playable race name "Draenei" and "Lightforged Draenei" changed to "Eredar" and "Lightforged Eredar".

Any character can be chosen if it is created at level 1 or level 10 (with the hero classes having the level 8 option as well) as the up to 10 is the new player experience, as long as a account has at least one regular character leveled to 10. Any character created at level 1 can start in any of the classic open world starting zones as options.

Random lore

Introduce a concept of "flesh-shaping races" that would include creatures like Maldraxxi, drust, n'raqi, aqir (including qiraji), nerubians, naga, kyrian, devourers and fleshshaped Mawsworn (like the necromancer and husk variety). Races that in one way or another flesh-shape their own race into a variety of forms, explaining their large variety of types in lore with a definition similar to titan-forged races.

  • All qiraji should in fact be a faction of the tentacle faced aqir, they just have their face hidden under their clothing/armor, meaning qiraji that were shown are four differently shaped forms of aqir. Then Harbinger Skyriss is an example of a aqir outside Azeroth.
  • Shapeshifting is a temporary form of flesh-shaping, as it's temporary it requires less magic then permanent flesh-shaping, with there being a danger of some shapeshifting to permanently become flesh-shaped into their shapeshifted forms.
    • Azotha is the vrykul word for their human desendants. Drust were originally a faction of humans/azotha who used shapeshifting of druidism in an attempt to regain the size of the vrykul (when large looked similar to shapeshifted Thornspeakers and Gorak Tul). But now have become a cursed "flesh-shaping race".
  • Many dragonkin are also flesh-shaping races, with them also prominently using shapeshifting and also coming in many forms and flesh-shaping "ascending" mortal races into dragonkin (as shown with Dragonmaw Ascendants and Maloriak, as well as RPG dragonsworn).
  • Nathrezim can inhabit a body of another or feed upon the energies of creatures to shapeshift into them, their flesh-shaping abilities are based on what energies they fed off, being able to change their appearance in many ways, with some having a tail like Warcraft III, or some without wings that look more like Denathrius.
  • Silithid are a "flesh-shaping race" of animals/beasts created by their qiraji/aqir masters.
  • "Flesh-shaping races" is distinct from "flesh-shaped races" that are races originally formed by powerful fleshshapers and don't exist in wildly different forms, with races shaped by the mogu being the prominent example of being "fleshshaped" being just a past attribute not a current definition of the prominent race characteristic. Races that were formed into flesh like titan-forged races affected by curse of flesh or orcs, ogres and their ancestors who got changed into flesh over time are also to be considered flesh-shaped races.
    • Ogres with their distinctive variety are also a partially "flesh-shaping race", as their variety can be shaped from birth, by magic or even by becoming bigger and partially rocky over time. Also there should be a variety of ogre with 4 hands like Goro in Mortal Kombat.

Frost vrykul in Northrend are mortal vrykul transformed into kyrian aspirants. The kyrians of Bastion were formed by Kyrestia the Firstborne who defected to the cosmic force of Death from the original kyrian angels of the Light. Val'kyr are factions of kyrian ascended, just made by Helya, Eyir or the Scourge.

There are Lightforged draenei with wings for draenei that came to serve the angels in one way or another.

Full name of Iron dwarf race made by Loken is "Iron Army dwarf". Iron Army dwarves and giants were originally made by Loken to help the Iron vrykul as crafters with building settlement, with Thor Modan and other places in Ancient Kalimdor being inhabited by all the Iron Army titan-forged races. Frostborn were Iron Army dwarves affected with the curse of flesh, which is the cause of the first war between the earthen and the iron dwarves in a 3 sided war, because Frostborn were the first titan-forged to be effected by the curse of flesh after being formed from Iron Army dwarves when they became the first to craft with saronite.

  • Frostborn after being changed by the curse of flesh used death magic to survive the cold of the north and this was what gave them their distinct blue appearance. Some of the recently made Iron dwarves of Loken could also get affected and new Frostborn could come into existence from them, same as they originally formed.
  • Frost giants and storm giants were curse of flesh formed from some of the larger iron giants and mountain giants/stone giants, an example of a large giant under construction is Narvir's Cradle. With maybe there being smaller frost giants and storm giant from smaller titan-forged giants. Titan-forged mountain/stone giants on Azeroth were formed by earthen by carving them from the mountains themselves. Ettin and trogg are descendant from those who the curse of flesh further flesh-shaped into new monstrous forms.
  • In the Titan (language) and Dwarven (language) the earthen/dwarf races are called Uldar and not earthen or dwarf (like night elves and trolls call themselves "Kaldorei" and "Zandali"), with prominent titan-forged facilities they built being named after them. Further named Khaz'uldar for Ironforge/Wildhammer dwarves, both Vrykul'uldar and Loken'uldar (Loken dwarf) for Iron dwarves and Saron'uldar originally for Frostborn who later call themselves Northrendar, with those dwarves affected by the curse of flesh also called as Saron'uldar and Yogg'uldar by the non flesh dwarves.
    • "Goroth Modan" is a dwarf region in the hidden parts of Azeroth where another group of curse of flesh earthen fled, a culture not affected by gunpowder and modern tech. Maybe a farther isle of the Dragon Isles where non corrupted black dragonids tried to help them and have develaped a dragonic centric culture.

Tol'vir and mogu as well as wendigo (and bat-like gargoyles) were originally among titan construct on Azeroth called gargoyles/stoneborn, but with gargoyles/stoneborn being made for more factions in the cosmos (not just by venthyr) and hidden areas of Azeroth, making a possibility for other inventive gargoyle races or characters (both of flesh or stone). Such as Cathedral Gargoyle.

Maw guards and Maw casters are "Mawsworn revenants". Drust constructs and wicker constructs are revenants made by drust spirits. Elemental revenants are formed by imbuing elemental spirits into armor.

Spirts sleeping in wildseeds in Ardenweald are present in the Emerald Dream in dreamform. The spirits seen at the end of the Emerald Nightmare raid are dreamforms of dead characters located in the Shadowlands.

There is a unique race of large gryphon that look like art from Warcraft 2 File:Gryphonrider.JPG (build in WoW on top of drake animations) that are tamed from tallest peaks by the most skilled Wildhammer dwarf gryphon riders.

Retcon: Kilrogg Deadeye is alive and his Bleeding Hollow clan is part of the Horde in the Badlands (in place of current horde bases there). Kilrogg made it back through the Dark Portal by being transported by a large eye of Kilrogg in an attempt to lead the remnant Horde forces in Azeroth against the Alliance. The Kilrogg that was killed in Auchindoun by Danath in the novel was an illusion.

Retcon: Orcish dragons created from the dragon eggs of Alexstrasza are: dragons that were changed in their unhatched eggs to function for the orcs purposes, they look the same as Dragon (Warcraft II) being as green as orcs and having two legs, and now some wonder as wild animals on remote peaks or Khaz Modan and Azeroth, while others are tamed as the ultimate beasts of war. Only some of the Horde forces were orc dragon riders of red dragons (as seen in post Warcraft 2 lore).

Vampire cults exist in Azeroth's history (vampire trolls (blood trolls), vampire vrykul, vampire elves and other vampires) formed as part of Old God forces in the period of their imprisonment.

Draka in Maldraxxus is actually Griselda Blackhand flesh shaped into Draka. Griselda serves Ner'zhul who still exists more then the remnant in the Maw. Alexandros Mograine still serves Ner'zhul as he is still bound to his iron will as do other former members of the Scourge that were sent to the Shadowlands. Ner'zhul attempting to steal powers from the eternals. This story would conclude with him partially succeeding in stealing some of the powers from the eternals before he is stopped and he escapes, to where well that is a story for another time...

The Arbiter as seen is Oribos is a machine run from the a realm Craftenium in the Shadowlands where time moves much faster. It is here that the real Arbiter resides and where souls (including the most inventive) are chosen to be sent to be transformed to serve her Purpose, these souls can only leave the realm by inhabiting mechanical creations called attendants. Craftenium has been attacked which is the thing that disabled the Arbiter (with a long war being raged while fractions of the time pass by in Oribos). Korthia to potentially be a part of Craftenium that was pulled into the Maw?

King Dazar in the period after BFA becomes a leader of a order of Zandalari death knights part of the Horde.

There is a Ironforge order of dwarf paladins called "Light of the Mountain".

Maybe playable elemental race similar appearance to Warcraft I art (1/2)? They would be human(oid)-like phantom creatures related to a specific one of the 4 elements or exotic combinations, formed from mortals (souls) pulled into the elemental plane (pulling partially from War3 revenant lore). An option with no legs but floating like a elemental revenant or having a elemental cone-like lower body alongside legs options.


Planes: there are 6 main realities and the pocket realms of the Eternal Veil in the Warcraft universe.

  • The 6 main realities formed by cosmic forces are:
    • The Primal realm
      • Contains the Light realm and Void realm portions, inbetween the pure Light realm and Void realm exists the Eternal Veil, with any place in the veil where these forces interact with each other or other forces being called a Twilight Realm, these portions of the veil are the only way other creatures can interact with the two original primal forces.
    • The Great Dark Beyond, known as the physical reality and mortal realm.
    • The Shadowlands
    • The Eternal Wildlands or Endless Wilds (needs better name) representing Life, nature and animalistic emotions
      • Some of the infinite Life domains: The Emerald Dream (originally formed by Azeroth's world soul), a Balance realm of Elune (perhaps Elunaria), domains that embody darker animalistic emotions of fury and rage.
    • The Constellar realm representing Order
      • Molten Eternium Sea and Magnetic Chasm are found in the realm of Order and The War (War of Order) is (primarily) fought in that realm between some titan-forged that journeyed there believing it to be a promised land and the Constellar-forged natives that have their own goals for the titan-forged as well as for the rest of the cosmos.
    • And the Twisting Nether representing Chaos (Disorder)
  • These main planes are separated and kept apart by the Eternal Veil which is the fabric between realities.
    • The Eternal Veil houses within it the 5 non primal realities and outgrouths of the primal realm. but also battling for power with other realms
      • Originally there was a cosmic force of Balance fighting for preserving the veil, after it became dominant in contrast to the two original forces a great internal conflict emerged and Balance split into 4 cosmic forces, and that conflict formed the physical reality in-between the 4 forces.
    • The Eternal Veil houses all the pocket dimensions and mindscapes/dreamlands (non permanent unstable pocket dimensions that are outgrowths from another realm) that where either banished into it from a reality or crated from the veil itself.
    • When a character is on one realm and seen entering another he is partially in the veil between the two (1, 2, 3).
    • There are timeways and the multiverse that can exist along all of the realities in the Eternal Veil, timeways are separated by threads of the Eternal Veil called the Infinite Veil that separate and link the multiverse.
      • Timeways are formed from the Eternal Veil copying a reality.
        • There are time rifts/pockets as minor universes.
        • The Caverns of Time (which are more then the bronze dragon realm) exist in the Infinite Veil connecting different parts of the multiverse.

The Bastion of Twilight is located in the realm of Ny'alotha (as it bears some similarities with the Ny'alotha, the Waking City raid).

Dark ancients Lycanthoth and Nemesis are from Ny'alotha. Originally Hakkar the Soulflayer was a dark loa from Ny'alotha.

Note: the fact that Hakkar is connected to the Old Gods can be taken from Shade of Eranikus and Eranikus, Tyrant of the Dream.

G'huun and his spawn are not unique creatures to Uldir, the G'huun type of creature came from Ny'alotha, and G'huun specificly became powerful because of the Fetid Devourer which was made from dark loa that where experimented upon as represetetive of the power of the Old Gods.

"Felwilds" is the Twisting Nether chaos version of the Eternal Wildlands (like Ardenweald is for death and dark ancients are for the Void). Felwild is the home to imps and demonic beasts. Felwilds were formed from parts of the Eternal Wildlands pulled into the Twisting Nether.

Eye of Eternity the former personal domain of Malygos is located in the Constellar realm. Aluneth (entity) is from the Constellar realm.

WCOnH logo.png Hades is where an orc's soul descends into for judgment when he dies, and his essence is divided into good and evil.[1]

  • This is a realm in the shadowlands created for the orcs that drank the blood of Mannoroth where the demonic parts of their soul is sent into the Twisting Nether, they were made only partly demonic so they could pass through the original Dark Portal. Fel orcs are fully demonic and their soul goes directly into the Nether.

The cosmological chart should have Chaos (instead of Disorder) and Darkness (instead of Shadow). As chaos is disorder and darkness by it's name separates it form the Shadowlands which are the realms of Death.

Professions and Class Accessories

Make Enchanting and Inscription appear jointly and take up one slot on the Professions tab where they still need to be learned and skilled up separately. Also add the long asked for "Woodcrafting" profession (bows and staffs as well as junk) as a partner profession with Leatherworking, learned and skilled up separately but taking up a single joint Professions tab slot. Maybe there are other examples for these smaller partner professions for some of the other ones as well?

Make gathering professions secondary but make those professions that need materials from a specific gathering profession give additional materials (similar to how Tailoring gives bonus drops on cloth).

Class accessories as new tab in the Collections interface adding: from current Glyphs that change the cosmetics of class abilities, druid forms, quivers and other class cosmetics a permanent unlock that can be changed inside the Collections interface.

Bestiary profession can collect beasts in the world similar to the way hunters now tame pets. Beast types have different abilities that players can fight for a challenge (spawned by players from unlocked beast types in arenas or found in the wild). Bestiary mounts that make any of the collected tamed beasts into mounts (with choice of saddle and mount armor on some beast types), with customizable Bestiary mounts system separate from the Collection mounts system. The added abilities to beasts with the profession are made available to hunter beast companions (with hunters having Bestiary profession from character creation).

Make Riding a secondary profession, were you choose a active Mount equipment, Jousting as an ever-expanding system players can take part in in multiple specific locations (against NPCs as well as in PVP). Achievement based skills for  [Flight Master's Whistle] skill for different locations (and access to a locations Flight Map from it), and Pathfinder Achievement progress seen collectively within. Mule skill that summons your mount as a vendor to sell junk (similar to existing things but still).

Summon small boats on the water with different cosmetics from different professions.

Tameable nerubian flyer and nerubian spider (maybe to be named nerubian crawler) as part of the Spider hunter pet family.

Water Dragon mount for monks.

Felbats of all colors available as demon hunter specific mounts.

Change armor from cloth, leather, mail and plate to light, medium and heavy by having turning both leather and mail into medium armor. Inscription should be able to make runic armor that is light or medium so characters can have the visual fantasy like the RPG classes Runemaster and Inscriber. With tauren (and other races) monk NPCs put in-game to represent runemasters.

New classes

Tinker class specs: Inventor (crazy tech), Mechanic (mechanical suit), Sapper (explosions and acids/chemicals) and Apothecary (alchemist healing spec).

  • Gazlowe's Greasemonkeys and Razak's Roughriders are examples of what could be.
  • Explosives throwing don't have a long range, does damage to the player if aoe on oneself (not other friendly players), can get mortar talent for longer range.
  • A robot companion for Mechanic (tank spec) and as an option for others, the robot companion can be ridden (can be jumped in and out of) but it has the same abilities as a companion and the player can use their normal abilities on top from it, when in the suit damage is split between player and companion (proportion based on spec and talents). Mechanic tank spec largely based on repairing the mech either inside of it, or form the outside.
    • Robots that can be ridden as an option on higher levels with smaller summoned robot types initially available.
  • Options to summon small robots (and turrets) based on spec.
  • Have the option to have melee weapons, ranged weapons or caster weapons, a choice which gives only very few of their damage abilites, different abilites based on choice. Caster weapon wielder would fulfill the techno mage fantasy.
    • Options on higher levels for these abilites to not be viable in contrast to other damage abilites.

Bard class specs for all 3 roles.

  • Warcraft Bards unleash the psionic potential locked within every conscious mind, be it with music, song or dark whispers.
  • Have the option to have melee weapons, ranged weapons or caster weapons, a choice which gives only very few of their damage abilites.
    • Options on higher levels for these abilites to not be viable in contrast to other damage abilites.

No more then 15 character classes in-game, with most of the fantasy/gameplay variety added as more customization into these 15 classes (13 current and 2 above).

New specialization concepts

  • Dark ranger spec for Hunter.
  • Wild spec for Priest (uses bow, basically primarily like Priestess of the Moon, also elements can be taken from priestess of the tides/sea witch).
  • Tank spec for Shaman.
  • Wildshaper spec for druid (shapeshifts into different forms in combat, Wildshaper forms learned from beasts in the world in a similar way hunters tame pets).
  • Warden spec for Rogue, antihero cop being able to use some of the dark power of things they need to imprison.
  • Blademaster spec for Rogue, gain ability to wield two handed blades (sword and axes, and also two handed glaves), blademasters are rouges as they are lightly armored and can go into stealth (can have Bladestorm alongside Warriors), can use their own type of Mirror Image.

Renaming and reworking current specs and classes:

  • Demonology renamed to Summoner and reworked (but summoning and minion mechanics need to be highly improved):
    • Summoner includes Necromancer and more aberration summoning for Warlock:
      • Collect dark minions/companions (with a system of collecting like hunter pets) across 3 groups (demons/undead/aberrations) but they have a load out of abilities, with different things available as options for different pet families.
  • Death knight specs from Blood, Frost and Unholy to Dark Guardian, Harbinger (or Harbinger of Doom) and Overlord.
    • Harbinger also has death knight fire magic.
  • Infiltrator spec for Rogue by merging Assassination and Subtlety into a complex specialization with more customization.
  • Demon hunter class renamed to Demon slayer or just Slayer. Class to be expanded with additional spec(s) and to move beyond being the Illidan class somehow. Maybe making Spectral Sight and Eye Beam abilities and blindfold optional somehow.
    • Perhaps touched by different cosmic forces, with slayer versions viewing things in different other realms to gain power (similar to Illidan viewing the demons, explaining the glowing eyes/blindfold feature of the class). Easier to make new specs based on an expanded fantasy. With a sacrifice that changes much of ones soul taken in new wider context.
    • Spec Vengeance renamed (just don't like the Vengeance name specific for the tank) maybe to Spellbound.
  • Mistweaver to Transcendent and Windwalker to Wardancer.
    • Bone crusher and Primal/Ursa totemic ideas for lore and abilities added to these specs (so the class fantasy is expanded).
    • Monk class renamed to Fighter
  • Fury spec renamed to Goliath and Arms spec renamed to Weaponmaster for Warrior (a personal naming preference, also has berserker fantasy not be so closely tied to one spec).

Heroes of the Storm animated Warcraft character trailers

Heroes of the Storm This section concerns content related to Heroes of the Storm and is considered non-canon.

As it appears Heroes of the Storm trailers page will get deleted (Forum:Hearthstone content on Wowpedia) and i don't want to sift through videos again to see which ones have unique animations (and voice overs) I'm putting it's content on my user page here.

Mrforesttroll (talk) 10:16, 2 November 2018 (UTC)

There are numerous animated videos for Heroes of the Storm featuring Warcraft characters.

As these videos are set in the Heroes of the Storm Nexus they also feature characters that are not from the Warcraft universe.

Animated trailers for Warcraft Heroes:

Animated trailer for the Alterac Pass battleground:

Unique animations as part of hero spotlights for Warcraft Heroes:

Cinematic (featuring the Lich King as one of the characters):

Other animated trailers centering on Warcraft characters:

Note that many other videos not listed here that are not centering on Warcraft characters also feature Warcraft characters.