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BFA as a whole or things to classify in other sections

Work in progress.

  • Blood god/blood plague/Hakkar/G'huun
  • Tortollans: no background or connection to Un'goro or Tortolla
  • Drust : no background. use pale human models, concept art looked like vrykul, no background or connection to humans or vrykul.
  • sethrak : no background. created by sethraliss? trolls transformed by Sethraliss? (Blowgun of the Sethrak) Cracked Stone Tablet
    • Faithless vs Devoted. Don't learn the name of the Devoted as an organization until Quest:Zunashi the Exile
  • nazmir vs zuldazar, zul'nazman, capitals
  • Alliance don't learn much about Uldir
  • Krolusks in Zandalar/Vol'dun are very fitting. Krolusks appearing on Kul Tiras, the completely opposite environment, much less so.
  • The Hall of Communion and the Chamber of Heart are literlaly the same thing, even the layout is the same, and they have the same function and purpose. They probably forgot about the former so they inadvertently "re-did" it.

Kul Tiras

World building

  • Kul Tiras got visitors from all over the world regularly[1][2]
  • Lots of villages and towns

Meeting the Horde

Pride of Kul Tiras

  • The ritual I must conduct is written on a scroll. To gain access to it, you'll have to break through the dark energies the fallen tidesages have placed around it, with the power of the storm. This relic can be used to pull purified power from the enslaved elementals. Not only will you be gaining the means to our end, you will ultimately be freeing these spirits from corruption. Defeat the enslaved elementals and then call their power into the relic.[7]
  • The ritual which allows safe passage to Fate's End is a closely guarded secret to keep the curious from venturing there and suffering the same fate as the condemned. I have never conducted it before, but there is a scroll with instructions. It is held in the Shrine of the Storms. To access the scroll, use the staff you have empowered to break the dark energy surrounding it. Collect the Ritual of Safe Passage and bring it to me.[8]
  • A [50] Opening the Way - Scroll of Safe Passage - (...) the Abyss
  • The Blighted Lands? Why... I thought that was only a legend used to frighten children.[9]
  • Ulfar initially doesn't want to help with Thros because it's fine as long as the Drust are not involved. But Gorak Tul shows up and, thus learning of the Drust's return, he accepts to help. Except in the very next quest he gives, he says "Travel to Gol Osigr where the ancient Drust have awoken from their slumber". Impossible knowledge/contradiction.
  • Katherine says Clearly the Drust have no interest in keeping their prisoners alive. We cannot let this fate befall Jaina... but the Drust actually did keep Jaina alive for Light knows what reason, instead of killing her when they got her.[10]

Time elements
  • I've spent a lot of time as a guest of the Harbormaster...[11]
  • Given the state we left [Tol Dagor] in[12]
  • but since [Harlan] is dead
  • Fate's End : We tried to settle there once, but each settlement disappeared into the mists, every soul never to be seen again.[13]
  • Since time immemorial, the Drust have used runes to shape their magics. (...) It is likely that some still exist at the site of his final battle, buried under years of soot and snow. (...) no matter how deep the ages have buried them.[14]
  • His bones remain at the site of his demise, now buried by the years. (...) the years have drained it of its natural potency.[15]
  • Yesterday, I believed this place to only exist in tales and legends, and now I stand a footstep away from it... I just hope that at least some of those tales were exaggerations...[16]
  • My heart is whole for the first time in many years.[17]


Forgot to take notes during leveling, would have to do Drustvar again.

  • The entire village of Fallhaven is frozen, the home of Helena Gentle is even further out into the woods, you're alone, you sit on her chair and are magically immobilized, but she gloats and runs away instead of killing you[18]
  • After freeing the villagers of Fallhaven from being frozen, the Mayor goes "what is this, what happened?" and says he thought he would never awaken from that cursed state. But the cutscene showed the villagers continuing whatever they were doing when they got stuck (for example the person showing off their sausages kept waving their sausages as their were un-stuck, the guy pushing the wheelbarrow continues on, etc.), as if they were oblivious to it and had no idea.
  • Red wedding. Lucille went to Alex's grave regularly, but Alex's body left on the altar a couple dozen meters away. Blood still red. Nobody cleaned up. Ring = Alex's memories, but memories can't be his because he wasn't there. Assassin is killed, skeleton remains there, with the orders, but adventurer was not there back then (" 'let's make the adventure re-live the past', but once they went down that road, and started giving stuff to the adventurer to do, they kind of forgot the adventurer wasn't actually supposed to be there for real in the past".)
  • Waycrest Manor : Cleardawn and player discovered that Gorak Tul had returned during questing, and even fought him, and Cleardawn then tells Lucille. But when doing the dungeon, Lucille : "Gorak Tul?! How is this possible? My ancestors defeated you ages ago!"[19]
  • Should have used gnolls instead of troggs. It's a human zone, they behave like gnolls, but they are not gnolls. Troggs are usually found in dwarven/titan-y places.
  • Never explained what Thros is, its origins. Contradiction between BlizzCon and Live.
  • The timeline with the drust druids and gorak tul doesn't make sense.


  • Emily Mayville was a witch rejected by the Coven because she was too weak



  • While the fleet is "simply" only missing (nobody knows why it didn't return, but they do try to retrieve it, meaning they know that it's still out there or that there's a great chance it is)[20][21] ..there's still a grave for Tandred.
  • Take path with Taelia and Tideguard, she sacrifices herself to let player and Taelia reach destination.. where everybody is already waiting because they took another path.[22]
  • Final cutscene itself was confusing as to whether Azshj'thul the Drowned = Sam, or if Azhj'thul = inside Sam, or Sam = sacrificed to summon Azsh'thul. It's actually option #2 it seems, but Taelia still calls Azsh'tul both "monster" and then also "Sam". When killed, she kneels before Azhj'thul's body and goes "oh Sam he's gone.."[23]
  • Stormsong telling us that he was giving the fleet to Azshara: if he hadn't, we probably would've waited to gather the Storm's Wake to assault the Shrine and it would've been too late for us, the only reason we didn't is that Brother Pike felt pressed to intervene alone, "oh boy he's going to give the fleet to Azshara, we don't have time to wait for the Storm's Wake, let's go together"[24]
  • Fort Daelin: "On the western coast, Fort Daelin is under siege by the naga. Brutes pummel the stone walls even as harpoons drive further into the walls above them. Without aid, the levee holding back the sea will plunge the fertile valley into the naga-infested depths."[25]
    • This is never actually brought up in-game, despite the quests having been built around it. Pride of Azshara is fought from the levee.
  • Deadwash, never mentioned that they live in the drained area, except for the revealed treasure, and they call it a lakebed.
  • Lots of villages and farms, nice for worldbuilding, and zone feels bigger, but:
    • Tidesage/Main storyline with Pike is nice but ridiculously short, only a small fraction of Stormsong.
    • Naga stuff completely unrelated to the main story, Queen Azshara makes an appearance but it's not tied in any way to what she's doing with the tidesages or anything else in Stormsong. Should have been meshed with the rest of the ongoing story and expanded upon. As it stands, it's a small questline completely unrelated to the rest of Stormsong.
      • Buff says "Summoning Her Wrath - Summoning a Wrath of Azshara..", but actually summons the Pride of Azshara[26]
      • Overall odd. Naga should have summoned the Pride of Azshara much earlier, and a bit further, in the sea, and then have it charge the fort and wreck it. "Let's conduct a very long and powerful summoning ritual during which we are vulnerable right in front of the enemy's reinforced military fort. There's no way this could go wrong."
    • always going to yet another farm or village and helping with some boar problem or something, gets boring. Have to go to yet another farm or village after you just finished with another one.
    • Quillboar mesh with nothing. Could've perhaps been tied with Horde (giving them a reason to invade now, because as it stands the quillboar invading is happening now just for convenience), but not.
  • As a consequence, zone feels incoherent and not well tied together. Horde here, tidesages there, quillboar here, 15 villages and farms, naga at some point.
  • Tortollan questline is fun, insightful regarding their culture, but full of typos,[27] like many of the Stormsong side questlines.


  • My lord seldom leaves our holdings along the northern coast, and visitors are expressly forbidden. For most, tidesages like myself are their only connection to the house proper. Lord Stormsong usually delivers orders through proclamations posted throughout the valley[28]
  • Aquatic magic, runes [29]
  • Pike can teleport [30][31]
  • The Brineworks supplies most of House Stormsong's weapons[32]
  • Pike opening his mind to the currents during Ritual of Release and feeling presence of Reid, innermost circle[31]
  • Pike feeling a terrible darkness nearby, listen to the tides for answers.[33]
  • Handyman Gareth never really trusted tidesages, "I mean, have you seen their banners?"
  • Tidesages have long guided lost souls at sea[34]
  • Tidesages summoning barrier to protect boat, maintained by tentacles. Pike rains down vengeance upon the grasps, thanks to  [Abyssal Beacon], pretrifying the tentacles.[34]
  • Tidesages raising skeletons (Brittle Sailor, Risen Bloodhound)[35]
  • Focusing Rods placed on the boat for Pike to destroy it.[36]
  • Pike lightning[37]
  • Sagehold is where all tidesages study to wield the sea's power[38]
  • Only bridge to Shrine is opened with the  [Rod of Tides][39]
  • Stormsong is more powerful the closer he is to the Shrine[22]
  • Same thing for Pike.[40]
  • Sergant Calvin of the Stormsong militia knows of goblins[41]
  • Militia retreated to the east[42][43]
  • Naga may have attacked Thresher's Wharf before[44]
  • We tortollans grow up hearing the stories of Loh, a tortollan who had many adventures.
  • it's bad luck to kill a tortollan[45]
Stormsong's actions
  • first, blockade in the Highland Pass between Boralus & Stormsong, preventing trade
  • militia/military no longer takes care of Brennadam, only shows up to take the food and leaves
  • Brother Addington killed because dissent, laborers being worked to death[46] killed by another tidesage[29]
  • Militia uses harvest golems to intimidate laborers[47]
  • Stormsong's official goal revealed. Conquering kul tiras, building a lot of ships.[48][49]
  • Addington Shipyards. People building lots of ships, on orders. Then tidesages arrived, slaves bound to anchor totems with tidesage magic, work to death.[50][49]
  • tidesage initiates were nowhere near ready to wield our sacred implements[30]
  • Addington slaves were building a different kind of ships, but they never saw the blueprints. Blueprints were also encrypted with a cipher, a sort of organic/Old God-y cipher.
  • Omen came from the Shrine of the Storm. Could feel strongly something dark stirring. Pike saw Lord Stormsong aboard the ship, with n'raqi and k'thir and void-enslaved sailors.[33]
  • Barrier surrounding the boat. Tidesages using forbidden magic to summon extensions of their will, these grasps are what maintains the barrier. Myriad souls trapped in the decks of the Abyssal Melody that would have disappeared into the Shrine.[34]
  • Killed the Stormsong defectors[51]
  • They once protected our flagships against even the fiercest storms. Ever since we settled here they have instead kept the Shrine of the Storm safe. It seems Lord Stormsong has turned their power against us. I can feel their energy radiating out even from here, protecting his forces from our magic.[52]
  • Real goals revealed, delivering the fleet to Azshara.[53]
  • Stormsong wanted to "Fool! We must return to the sea, and Queen Azshara will grant us the power to do so!"[54]
Time elements
  • Lord Stormsong (...) hasn't been to Boralus in months.[55]
  • Stormsong's military used to thin out the population [of saurolisk], but they didn't show up this year.[56]
  • The militia hasn't been on patrol in days![57]
  • Brennadam Citizen - We have trusted in the guidance of the tidesages for generations. The sea grants them wisdom, I'm sure of it.
  • Brother Pike says: House Stormsong changed when the fleet failed to return.
Brother Pike says: When I search the water's surface, I encounter a dark storm that clouds my vision.
Brother Pike says: Lord Stormsong now forbids such rituals. He focuses instead on building new ships.[58]
  • Moving to Sagehold before Lord Stormsong hears about the Abyssal Melody's destruction[38]
  • When Lord Stormsong sent the first orders, not all followed. Defectors were killed. Renegarde Tideguard, Tidesage Defector[59]
  • Reach Stormsong at the Shrine before his followers fall back to defend him[22]
  • Taelia says: Was Lord Stormsong always this cruel?
Tideguard Victoria says: Not at all. He was so kind before the whispers took him.
Tideguard Victoria says: It was his father who guided us to this valley, many years ago.[22]
  • Lord Stormsong says: You think you stand in my way, but Kul Tiras's fate was sealed long ago.[22]
Lord Stormsong says: Give them a taste of our new allies' power.[22]
  • The bridge that once crossed this span is the only land route to the Shrine. It appears Lord Stormsong has sealed it to buy himself more time.[60]
  • They once protected our flagships against even the fiercest storms. Ever since we settled here they have instead kept the Shrine of the Storm safe.[52]
  • Stormsong recently sealed the Tempest Gate to buy himself time to finish his ritual. Used the Dead Ringer and the souls it contained to open it.[61]

  • Some of these quilboar are clearly lookouts. Those horns make it obvious, almost like I could see their task floating above their heads.[62]

  • Sourtooth has been a folktale in these hills for years. "Sourtooth, you can smell his breath from miles away".[63]
  • Been shooting quillboar all my life, since my pappy gave me my first gun.[64]
  • We've not heard anything from the coast since the Horde attack started. Seabreeze Village. [65]
  • piglets: We could use those pigs, and I'd rather have them with us rather than face a bloodthirsty one in a few years[66]
  • The death of the matriarch means the next generation of boars will be delayed.[67]
  • When the naga force first arrived, there were a handful of the local fishermen on boats[68]
  • We were holding off the naga up until the latest attack[69]
  • In recent days, giant spiders have begung crawling out of the cellar underneath the southern mill[70]
  • Lately, the wolves have been terrorizing my flock. They weren't an issue until the giants moved in and pushed them out[71] The hills have grown increasingly more dangerous lately[72]
  • The Irontide attacks us each day, and there's a Horde army heading this way too. It won't be long before the whole town has to flee.[73]
  • An Irontide captain "Calico McGee" has been trying to scare us off for days now, but it's not working. He's ordered his men to lock everyone up and sell us as slaves! They've brought enough chains for everyone![74]
  • A few years ago I tried to join the Irontide. They said I wasn't "Irontide material", not cruel or heartless enough! So I teamed up with Nedly and Moxie here in Deadwash, and we started looking for treasure on our own.[75]
  • We've been holding the Irontide off for days, but now they've brought in an ettin for reinforcements. We can't let him attack the town. A few of my best men just went up the hill to try and kill him.[76]
  • The workers are digging day and night out there to find the lost treasure.[77]
  • The workers are complaining about elementals coming into the area while they're digging for treasure. Just this morning, I had two people crushed to death! It's slowing down the hunt![78]
  • My last time in Tol Barad I had to leave in a big hurry, but I grabbed a few gadgets on the way out.[79]
  • Tol Barad, Tol Dagor, Stormwind Stockades, I seen em all![79]
  • These Irontide Raiders think they can just come in and take the treasure we've been hunting for months![80]
  • Tortollans have roamed Azeroth's depths for millenia, yet never has a land walker journeyed with us.[81]
  • vrykul-tortollan: a nice hat I acquired in a trade from a tall fellow some years ago. Said he was from "up north".[82]
  • tortollan: the days of the pilgrimage[82]
  • Ai'twen saved many tortollans during the great perge of the Inky Grotto.[83]
  • During a visit to Pandaria, I witnessed the citizens of Halfill defeat atatcking hozen by flinging the hozen's excrement back at them[84]

  • Our master beneath the tides will guide us all to victory![85]
  • She will... take you... too... (I know not what darkness took your mind, sister, but it will torment our people no longer)[85][30]
  • They await in the depths...[86]
  • Can you not feel the great one deep below? By her will, we shall be whole once more! (Those voices offer only lies!)[31]
  • (first mention of Tidemother)[31]
  • Long has my order listened to the sea to guide our ships and our people. Gentle whispers, imperceptible to most. Over time, the whispers... changed. At times they were demanding, even violent. We attempted to guard ourselves against them, to resist them, but I fear we may have failed.[33]
  • My soul for the ancient one![35]
  • I drink in the infinite void![35]
  • The writhing shadow comes for me![35]
  • I hear the voice! The thousand truths![35]
  • I will live eternal in the abyss.[35]
  • The drowned dream consumes me![35]
  • I am blind no longer![35]
  • It is too soon. He has not yet drowned in the master's glory![87]
  • The stars fear our ascension.[88]
  • The circle... I see the circle![88]
  • Beneath the tides... waiting... calling...[38]
  • Sails in the fog, a light below in the darkness, water rising, given form, the pain..[51]
  • I saw the truth... in the depths.[51]
  • Wavespeaker Reid says: The depths spoke of your coming... and your demise![89]
  • Wavespeaker Reid says: The fleet... will be hers.[89]
  • Image of Lord Stormsong says: House Stormsong will rule this drowned realm. The Tidemother's wrath will ensure it.[89]
  • Lord Stormsong says: And it is I who will deliver us to our glorious future beneath the tides.[22]
  • Samuel Williams says: Endless shadow... a thousand arms...[22]
Samuel Williams says: Four eyes... the end... she rises![22]
  • Samuel Williams says: Writhing... twisting... the whispers...[85]
  • I journey... beneath... the tides...[85]
  • The currents wash you into the abyss.[85]
  • Samuel Williams says: [Shath'Yar] TIDES OF BLOOD! RISE! RISE![61]
  • Azshj'thul the Drowned whispers: The sunken realm welcomes your yawning souls.[23]
  • Azshj'thul the Drowned whispers: No light. No escape. The forgotten king returns.[23]
Azshj'thul the Drowned whispers: My fall is but a beat in the heart of the infinite abyss.[23]
  • Vol'zith the Whisperer whispers: Darkness roots. Pestilence spreads. The doorway is open.
Brother Pike says: By the Tidemother!
Brother Pike says: Do not listen to its whispers! This horror will try to twist your souls!
Vol'zith the Whisperer whispers: I reside within your lungs!
Grasp of the Sunken City : (Blood pours forth in the depths.) or Beneath the tides, your truth awaits.
Vol'zith the Whisperer whispers: I will await you... in the dark...
Queen Azshara says: You dare to interfere in my affairs? What makes you think you can oppose my will?
Queen Azshara says: Enjoy this victory. It will be your last.[40]



  • Officer Jonan literally tells us the whole plans of the mutineers in detail, then realizes he shouldn't have. We thus know everything and how to stop them.
  • You never go inside Proudmoore Keep at any point. It's just a big doodad. Meanwhile in Zuldazar, Dazar'alor is a fully functional, and visitable, palace.
  • Irontide practice hazing[92]
  • He raises parrots that make great messengers. Some are even big enough to ride![93]
  • Flynn crush on Taelia[94]
  • We built that gate with the finest steel from the Waycrest mines... And it just came apart like paper...[95]
  • One of the greatest hunting sports amongst the nobles of Boralus is the stoat hunt. [...] Their fur is soft and much loved amongst the nobles.[96]
  • My life is equestrian. I'm not a fighter. I could maybe take a trogg or two, but not a whole tribe.[97]
  • Tortollans love eel juice (venom) : It gives us a burst of energy, and puts a spring in the step of even the oldest tortollan.[98]
  • Border Guard at Anglepoint Wharf - Mind the road, traveler. Something strange lurks in Drustvar's shadow.
  • We have read the tides, and never before have I seen them in such turmoil. They call to the tidesages, begging for help. A debilitating sickness is running rampant amongst the villagers, and it comes from the sea.[99]
  • We need your blessing to go out for our hunt!Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • Blesses you with Favor of the Sea
  • Roughnecks practice hazing[100]
  • As we turn into the busy season, Kennings Lodge is looking for recreational hunters to assist with fulfilling the ever growing list of orders from Boralus.[101]
  • This lodge serves as the largest supplier of furs and leather to Boralus.[102]
  • You know what those small goblins say, time is money![103]
  • The cliffs here are well known for the crystal clear ice which forms at their base, and even more so for the elementals that are responsible for such. The hunters in my lodge use shards from the primal bodies to keep their stock frozen for transport.
  • Waycrest Guard dude in Tiragarde helping at Greystone Keep,[104] invited by Skyheart to teach how to tame hawksCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag[105]
  • Most folks workin' for the Ashvane Trading Company don't know how rotten they are, or don't have any other choice.[106]

Time elements

  • The sirens in this tideway have drawn countless ships to their doom.[109]
  • I'm Jane. I was a sellsword serving on a merchant vessel before the sirens dragged us in.
These folks fished me outta the tideway, gave me a nickname, and have been like family ever since.[110]
  • Ever since Harlan started fancyin' himself an admiral, his Irontide guppies been struttin' around like they own the place. Forcin' other crews to swear loyalty to Harlan, beatin' on us what can't defend ourselves. Freehold was never a safe town, but at least it was free.[111]
  • Freehold used to be open to anyone, but now it seems the Irontide Raiders have declared themselves the owners. They're locking the place down and turning away anyone who isn't part of the crew. Fortunately, they're also hiring.[92]
  • This bourbon is one hundred years old.
  • I am barred from entering [Freehold]]. It seems this town is not so "free" anymore.[112]
  • Name's Venrik. I been scrapin' out a living here in Freehold for years.[94]
  • Flynn used to be a regular back when he... well I shouldn't say too much. A man's past is his own.[94]
  • The captain of the Irontide Raiders, Harlan Sweete, has it in his tiny head that he's in charge of Freehold now. He's been forcing the smaller crews to pledge their loyalty, and littering the whole town with his damn recruiting posters.[113]
  • Flynn doesn't like to talk about this, but he used to captain his own crew. With Harlan as his First Mate. The two had a falling out after a messy job and Flynn lost all taste for freebooting. Just disappeared one day. Harlan took the nastiest of the crew and formed the Irontide Raiders.[114]
  • The attack on Daelin's Gate has already begun[114]
  • Daelin's Gate has protected the southern channel for decades[115]
  • Pirates haven't dared attack this gate in years, and never with such a large force.[95]
  • Cyrus taught Taelia how to deal with thugs, bullies, and "scum" like pirates. When they hit them, they would hit back twice as hard.[116]
  • we're not at full strength here. Many of our soldiers recently left for Boralus on new orders. It's like they knew just when to hit us...[117]
  • Lady Ashvane and Katherine Proudmoore have been close friends for years.[118]
  • He's a maniac. The things I saw him do back in the day... that's why I left Freehold in the first place.[119]
  • has trusted Priscilla Ashvane as an advisor and a close friend for many years, even before they both lost their husbands at Theramore. She's heard the rumors about Ashvane, just like anyone. Whether by fear or loyalty, she's chosen to ignore them.[120]

  • 15th annual Norwington Equestrian and Hunt Festival[121][122]
  • Papa says that I can participate in the celebrations this year. They're finally teaching me how to ride![123]
  • I throw it every year to bring riders from all over Kul Tiras together for a grand celebration of the sport![124]
  • Take one of our lesson masters, Cooper. He's trained many a beginner in his day!
  • (I haven't felt such nerves for three hundred years!)[125] (tortollan)
  • My grandfather pushed [the troggs] back to that cleft years ago to build this estate. To think that they would attack in such force after all these years?[126]
  • This is going to be the most exciting festival in years! (...)
  • (...) Folks will be talking about this one for years!
  • A year ago I lost my daughter to the largest boar in the forest.[127]
  • A few days ago, a band of Alliance researchers that called themselves the "Explorers' League" took a continent of Kul Tiran soldiers to the old Drust ruins down the road. We haven't really heard from them since[128]
  • The locals and the league have been working together tae reclaim relics in this here cave up the hills.[129]

  • They break numerous gadgets and gizmos per day.[130]
  • Recently a large gam of sharks has moved into the shallower water in the harbor.[131]
  • Okri Putterwrench says: I only require a few more minutes, Rosaline. With the help of the enhanced harpoons, you shall triumph over your quarry![132]
  • Nauseated Villager says: My stomach hasn't felt this good in days![133]
  • Julian Nichols says: I haven't received any fresh ingredients in days! How am I supposed to make my famous deep fried threshadon without fresh threshadon fins?[134]
  • Aaron Gutier says: I actually received a shipment a few minutes ago! Want to take a look?[134]
  • Ginger Freelin says: You know, I haven't seen that Stormsong kid in a few days. I wish they would put somebody more competent in charge of this place, but who am I to say?[134]
  • In all my days, I have never seen such an illness.[133]
  • When the town fell, I got separated from my charge (Brannon)[135]
  • By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late. People had been acting strange, but I thought nothing of it. After all, they seemed to still be doing their jobs. While inspecting some of the cargo, this grub jumped out in an attempt to latch onto my face. I managed to take it out, but it was too late. All of the shipments are infected. Take this torch. Destroy them.[136]
  • The leadership has fallen, selling their own souls as well as the souls of the workers to some darker forces. I will not give in. Overseer Bates surrendered the guard in his hunger for power. Show him that he is a fool. ("Overseer Bates: The leader of the guard, he surrendered his underlings to the dark forces that have overtaken the wharf.")[137]
  • Brannon Stormsong says: Now I must return home. My uncle and his tidesages in Stormsong Valley may have more information about this dark magic.[138]
  • I'd ask you to shower, but frankly none of us have done that in weeks.[139]
  • Boss Tak traveled "most of the world" since Cata, before settling in Kul Tiras
  • This poor soul's been dead fer ages.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • Give me a few months, and I'll have this place whipped up into a six star resort in no time![140]
  • With recent delays, I've decided to take a trip out here to see if the Holtons need my assistance.[102]
  • As we turn into the busy season, Kennings Lodge is looking for recreational hunters to assist with fulfilling the ever growing list of orders from Boralus.[101]
  • The traps we've set up in the field require routine maintenance checks. Some of them are fairly old and will spring at incorrect times. If only we could get more funding for these sort of supplies.[141]

  • The overgrown lizards from down on the beach decided to swarm the camp suddenly. We're used to dealing with one or two each week, but it seems like the whole brood came up the cliff.[142]
  • Injured Marine says: They were probably planning this out for months. Skyheart was out on a routine munitions check at the camp when the revolt started.[143]
  • Injured Marine says: I took a bullet from a man I considered a friend. I remember him saying something about an upcoming increase in pay...[142]
  • Injured Marine says: A few days before the attack I noticed some questionable individuals meeting with a few of the mutineers. I should have informed someone.[142]


  • There was a mishap when we were loading the most recent shipment for the Southwind Station. Apparently some paperwork meant for the dockmaster was left behind. He can't hand over deliveries to the couriers without it, but the next cargo ferry won't be departing any time soon. Do you think you could deliver it by foot? The ferry dock is just a short ride down the road.[144]
  • A friend of mine, a fellow military courier, had a job at Greystone Keep. The fort lies just outside of Boralus, so I would've expected him to be back by now.[145]


  • Ashvane Foundry, freeing slaves, finding Ashvane's notes, Azerite production
  • Bridgeport, smuggling Azerite under Proudmoore Admiralty's nose. Azerite (bombs) everywhere.[146]  [Chemist's Notes]
  • The Maiden's Virtue = smuggling vessel. Crashes due to sirens.[107]
  • Found connection between Ashvane ('s weapons) and Freehold's Irontide pirates.[148]
  • So the Irontide Raiders are bringing the various outlaw crews together for a big job using weapons provided by the Ashvane Company.[149]
  • Flynn gets captured.[114]
  • Harlan reveals, once Ashvane takes the throne, he gets to command the fleet[114]
  • Arrive at Vigil Hill, where citizens are already evacuating
  • Entire Irontide fleet repelled, bringing news of Ashvane's treason to Proudmoore.[118]
  • Ashvane brought to justice, Katherine willing to speak to Genn

  • Arrive at Anglepoint, children and people are falling ill, apparently because of something related to the sea, need to find cure
  • The sea cannot offer its guidance when it is in such pain. I feel as if one of my senses is blinded.[150]
  • Tainted shipments, mindbenders controlling workers and spawning worms[151]
  • Brannon kidnapped by former tidesage Brother Conway who made a deal with Old Gods.
  • Director Deepwarden, leader of the cultists
  • Viq'Goth attacks, defeated, Anglepoint saved
  • Director Deepwarden says: You are too late! You cannot stop the tide that rises before you!
  • Director Deepwarden says: Uq naggwa... our master... comes for you...[152]


  • Ten thousand gold to whoever brings me their heads![114]
  • This hero is one of the finest champions of the Alliance, Katherine. If anyone will be able to recover Jaina it will be them.[153]
Boss appearances

Tirasian sayings

  • It worked? Well, I'll be a kraken's uncle! (fletcher's hollow?)
  • The best face is a friendly one[21]
  • For Kul Tiras![85]
  • Sea to sea, ashes to ashes, tide to tide[154][155]
  • (...) Pirates! The scum of the sea!
  • Fair's fair[156]
  • Merciful Tides![157]
  • Tides preserve me![47]
  • Tides bless you![47]
  • Send me bones to the sea[85]
  • Thank the tides[85][115]
  • I'm going down with the ship[85]
  • May the abyssal depths welcome your weary soul.[85]
  • The sea will wash you away![85]
  • The waves judge not your surface.[85]
  • Hear the storm's song, and know peace.[85][30]
  • Return to the storm and know peace.[158]
  • Tidesages preserve me[159]
  • Tidemother... what have we come?[31]
  • The sea will wash you away![35]
  • "the storm awakens", code for Storm's Wake[51]
  • By the sea's foamy beard[41]
  • Choppy waters ahead.[160]
  • Tides guide you.[160]
  • By all the gods of the sea[161]
  • Where there's a gill, there's a way[162]
  • Like stabbin' fish on dry land![162]

How's that fer chummin' the waters?[162]

  • Tides take me[163]
  • Like shootin' fish in a barrel![163]
  • Before they met me they were as dry as the sands o' the shoreline at low tide
  • By the TidesCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • Take that, ya bilge-suckers![164]
  • You found my precious little sea star![165] (his daughter)
  • Thank the sea[166]
  • Well throw me a hammer and call me Nancy!Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • In the name of the sea![134]
  • don't want to dirty your delicate house cat hands[167]
  • son of a bear[168]
  • A rich house cat is willing to pay top dollar[169]
  • Look at what the house cat draggined in!
  • you're one of the top dogs here[170]
  • My death does not stop the change in the tide.[171]
  • BastardsCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • these annoying cloud jerks[172]


Work in process

Time elements
de blood trolls have pestered our people for generations[173]
  • Adventurer is known:
  • Amani Thug says: I been hearin' of ya, <name>! Killing ya gonna make ma hero.[174]
  • Doomsayer Volkini[175]
  • Distinct lack of skyscreamers. Pterrordaxes basically stole the skyscream model, and all skyscreamers are replaced with big or small pterrordaxes.


Work in progress.




Time elements



  • Zuldazar introduces the main enemies found on the continent, blood trolls and blood cultists (for Nazmir), sethrak (for Vol'dun), and the Alliance (for the War Campaign). Also introduces the whole of Zandalari culture, the loa, the dinosaurs, the villages, the ports and the fleet, the practices.
  • Zuldazar is thus both the introductory zone, and the finale zone with the reveal of Yazma, Vol'kaal and Zul's betrayal, the mogu coup, and the Zulian rebellion. Timeline-wise, things probably go : Nazmir > first half of Zuldazar + first half of Vol'dun > second half of Zuldazar + finale of Vol'dun.

  • Zul & Vul'jamba questline was awesome. Zul is an amazing villain in here. Same in the Stormwind scenario. The guy foresees everything, and could predict every minor step of the plan. And, ultimately he carefully manipulated you into doing his bidding, you basically eliminated the one threat, the one person who could've warned people about Zul, for him.
  • Port of Zandalar questline awesome too. Well crafted narrative, involvement of the lesser troll tribes with each getting their own district, Yazma meddling with our affairs.
  • Short Jani questline was great worldbuilding, and fun.
  • The Pa'kura vs Druids rivalry is great worldbuiding and very funny.
  • During our quest we keep alternating between Raal and Loti. Loti giving you the power of her loa is seen as a "big move", and Raal decides to do the same. The back and forths are fun.
  • Gonk appears to be a huge badass. I was sent to save Gonk and the other loa, but when I show up, the bastard has literally killed everyone by himself. There's blood and corpses everywhere. Pretty cool sight.
.. And now he's eating their corpses. Metal.
And then he basically just told me that he's all good and that I should rather go help the other loa. He's going to kill the troll cultists all by himself. He literally did not even need my help.
All with his smug ass, sexy voice.
Gonk best loa.[176]
Meanwhile Pa'ku fell into a trap and was being sacrificed, had to save her ass. She sounds pissed.[177]
  • Zandalari fleet feels absolutely massive. It was already docked within multiple ports and harbors, but just did a questline where there was even more docked at two more islands (Isle of Fangs, Tusk Isle), with multiple captains and flagships.
  • Kaja'mite on Zandalar was interesting. Smart gorillas. Good use of goblins. However, questline ended very abruptly. Kill the mean gorilla king, bring the friendly gorilla guy to the village and then.. it ends.
  • Warbeast Kraal is great as well, there's even a ton of dinosaur gear and equipment including some being crafted and being put on dinosaurs.
  • Rezan questline is very cool. Confrontation with Bwonsamdi. Rastakhan getting his vengeance on the Atal'zul, who also stole his flagship. Freeing Rezan, who then goes on a rampage.
  • Zuldazar finale similar to Nazmir one: huge army, supported by many loa, very cool to witness. Rezan getting torn.
  • There's a huge disconnect between how the tablet presents Loti and other Zandalari, and how she is/they are in reality. The tablet says that she spearheaded the movement of worshipping different loa, but her lines and the Raptari Druids's lines are all about how Gonk is the best and the other loa suck, when they should apparently be in favor of serving different loas.
  • Pa'kura have on-click lines like "Rezan keep your strength" when their gossip text say other loa suck. Forgot to remove their generic on-click lines.

  • Zul's ultimate defeat didn't do him a really great service, specially since he's supposed to be able to foresee literally everything. Blizz has a tendency to do that, create characters who can predict everything, but then the adventurer shows up and suddenly things don't go according to plan anymore. Everything could technically remain the same, but it just would've been better if Zul had died of his own accord. If he had foreseen his own death and knew it was necessary for his plans to succeed. Instead of just getting killed like a newb. Kind of like Kil'rogg in WoD. Or if he had died at the Zandalar finale, that would've probably been better than getting rezzed just to become a lootbox in Uldir. Hell, even in Uldir there wouldn't really be a need to change anything, just change his Death lines to something like "Just as foreseen.." and that would've still been perfectly consistent. But instead, his lines are about how he foresees your defeat or whatever but then nope you win.
  • "Habutu and Zolani can take you there" but Habutu already left earlier, only Zolani remains (and she does take you there).[178]
  • Loti and the player "learn" that Zul wants to raise Dazar in H [10-50] The Full Prophecy, but Rastakhan already knew and had already stated so before this quest, when launching the attack.
  • Odd thing about Atal'Dazar, Alun'za is just minding her own business in her own corner of the dungeon, cleansing some blood corruption. We didn't need to go towards her at all. In fact, the whole layout of the dungeon makes it so we don't really need to do any of the bosses, we technically could just go straight up to Yazma and kick her ass. Though I guess we do want to cleanse the dungeon of Zul's forces. However, Alun'za isn't part of them.. Are we the bad guys ?


  • Goal is to earn Rastakhan's trust and access to the fleet[179]
  • Three plotlines
  • The student of Zul, witch doctor Vol'jamba, took the Gurubashi enclave as his own
  • Zul says he must be stopped, because he saw a possible future with rivers running red with poison, dead filling the streets, and the Jambani asserting themselves as the new rulers of Zuldazar.
  • This is a lie. Vol'jamba actually saw the doom of the empire caused by Zul, but Zul has been discrediting him and manipulates us into taking him down.
  • Vol'jamba killed.
  • Investigate Harbor of Zandalar, Jakra'zet[180]
  • Guards are missing. Trolls of lesser tribes taking advantage of the unprotected merchants.[174]
  • Crimson cultists and blood magic[181]
  • Serious allegations: Jakra'zet refused to patrol the Harbor, Yazma's spies didn't warn of the evil beneath the city, and Zul didn't foresee blog magics festering under their noses.
  • Punish the Amani and Sandfury troublemakers, kill their leaders
  • Investigate Zanchul because of dark magic[182]
  • Yazma's spies have said there are blood cultists in their ranks. Rastakhan charged Loti with tracking down troll guilty of practicing blood magic.[183]
  • Use totem to reveal hidden crimson cultists
  • Go to Raal. Says Zandalari have been giving in to blood magic since the northern wall to nazmir fell (recently)[184]
  • Ritual within Zanchul driving pterrordaxes mad[185]
  • Guardians within Zanchul are corrupted by crimson cultists
  • Kill the dire troll and stop the ritual. Pick a loa.
  • Zul "lost control" of his mogu, who are taking control of Warport Rastari.[186]
  • Kill mogu, retrieve Kaza'jin's trinkets, kill the mogu leader's lieutenants[187]
  • Kill Kao.
  • At Zanchul, Habutu is attacked by Yazma's blood magic. Zul impales Rastakhan. Pa'ku arrives to save him, and brings him back to Dazar'alor.[178]
  • Zul's forces tried to attack Dazar'alor, but the Horde repelled them.[188] Zanchuli Betrayer corpses everywhere.

Side quests

  • Zul's traitors and some mogu trying to take the Zandalari ships from Captain Grez'ko. Must protect the harbor and the fleet.[189][190]
  • On Isles of Fangs, kill Warlord Xiar, light up the tower, retake the Breath of Pa'ku[191]
  • On Tusk Isle, go to Rezan's Claw to destroy the weapon the mogu plan to use to attack Zuldazar. The weapon is Reo'kah.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • First kaja'mite find since the Lost Isles[192]
  • These Zandalari were sitting on a huge deposit of it all these years. And they abandoned it just because of a few talking gorillas.[193]
  • Kaja'mite made the gorillas intelligent, and with intelligence came war. Pacifist gorillas persecuted by other gorillas.[194]
  • The friendly gorillas are empowered by Azerite, in addition to Kaja'mite.
  • Killed the king, returned to the village, abrupt end.
  • One of the handlers at Warbeast Kraal is missing. They need all the hands they can get for the large hatching expected this year.[195]
  • Turns out he died because of a raptor attack. You take the Direhorn Hatchling with you and bring it to the Kraal.
  • Kill the excess diemetradons
  • Feed the hatchling[196]
  • Teach it how to fight[197]
  • Make it grow with the growth potion, fight Pinky the devilsaur, naptime.[198]
  • After intro scenario, Alliance soldiers survived. Baine concerned they may get a foothold, but also that Forsaken might get "overzealous", sends you to watch over both.[199]
  • They had been told to prevent any survivors from gaining a foothold. But "far more of them than expected" survived.[200]
  • Kill humans, get food for the Zandalari and goblin, find poison bugs for goblin
  • Intelligence gathered indicates that the Alliance already has footholds on the island. Sabotage their boat so they can't escape and kill their Captain who's leading the evacuation.[201]
  • Nesingwary has come to participate in the Great Hunt[202]
  • Kill all kinds of beasts, but when you return, participants have been murdered.
  • Nesingwary kidnapped, find clues, find him
  • Turns out he isn't the prey, he's the bait. Player is the prey.[203]

  • Story splits
  • Rally loyal Zandalari at Zanchul[204]
  • Trying to contain the fighting in Zanchul and not let it spill out into the other terraces[205]
  • Free Loti, who is being broken with a dark ritual, her soul bound to a fetish
  • Free Raal with Loti, who is being corrupted and whose connection to Pa'ku is being used to weaken the loa[206]
  • They feel their loa being attacked. Check on Gonk, save loa. Then we are asked by a follower of Shadra to save her loa.[207]
  • Yazma consumes Shadra. We kill Vol'kaal.
  • Help wounded Rastakhan at Zeb'ahari[208]
  • Despite his numerous loa blessings, Rastakhan is not healing, and is dying. Find out what's wrong.
  • Turns out it is more than a physical wound, his very soul was hurt.[209]
  • Zul's Atal'zul followers found Zeb'ahari very soon, and attack the innocent villagers. [210]
  • Turns out, the Loa-Speaker Kihara was the one who called Zul's dogs[211]
  • As you save villagers, Zeb'ahari gets more populated
  • Jol's remedy healed Rastakhan's flesh, but his spirit is still lost. Dere is only one thing stopping him now. Death. He is walking in Bwonsamdi's shadow. For most, dere would be nothing to be done. But... he is bound to another loa. A loa who gives life to his faithful. You must call on Rezan, loa of kings, and ask him to claim back Rastakhan's soul.
  • Rezan confronts Bwonsamdi, brings Rastakhan's soul back, you put it back in his body[212]
  • Kill the traitors on Rastakhan's Might, the flagship attacking Zeb'ahari[213]
  • Chronicler To'kini force to reveal to Atal'zul how the Drakkari sacrificed their loa. Zul en route to Rezan.[214]
  • Save Rezan's idols, kill Zul's forces at Rezan's temple[215]
  • Free Rezan, Rezan wrecks everything, escape the temple to Scaletrader Post[216]
  • Zul pulled all his forces to his temple, Rastakhan gathered an army at the Zocalo, about to march on Zul[217]
  • Kill everyone at the Temple of the Prophet, and also try to find additional elements to Zul's prophecy[218]
  • Assault Atal'Dazar, Rezan dies.
  • Atal'Dazar dungeon, go back to Dazar'alor


  • Zul foresaw Vol'jamba wouldn't die by his hands[219][220][221]
  • "The Sight" refers to the ability to foresee events[222]
  • Izita's Spirit says: Da Other Side be open to us.[223]
  • De Gurubashi have earned a reputation for betrayal and weakness. Their activities in Zul'Gurub will be a stain on our records for generations to come.[224]
  • De Zandalari are above de use of slaves. We are strong, capable. De very existence of mindlsaves in dis great city is insulting.[224]
  • Zuvembi brew is a witch doctor's most insidious concotion. It takes the will of those who breathe its fumes. It's low magic, relying on ancient cantrips and recipes known only to witch doctors of a certain skill.[225]
  • Zul's gift of Sight is so poweful, he undid all the preparations that Vol'jamba had made by foreseeing the future. Always one step ahead. Zul basically countered his counters.[221]
  • Zuldazar = city
  • I can return my focus to de city. Zuldazar has languished while I was aways.[226]
  • [Tal'gurub] in dis great city[224]
  • H [10-50] Send the Signal!
  • Dazar'alor = temple
  • Zul foresaw us reading  [The Word of Zul]
  • In Zuldazar, the practice of blood magic is forbidden. Giving in to it leads to hearing voices. It's an infection that spreads like a disease if not purged.[181]
  • Sacrificing is the practice of de lower tribes[181]
  • There's a code that only Rastakhan, Zolan and Habutu can read.[227]

  • There are only four hundred and thirty two citizens ahead of you.[228]
  • You mistake me for one of de merchants? I am a warrior! Higher caste, mon.[229]
  • De loa are not de sharing type[230]
  • Warport Rastari = the primary port for the Zandalari fleet.[231]
  • Most of our ships were out when de mogu came, but Rastari is still an active fortification for de city.[231]
  • You are no Zandalari, but your spirit burns with a passion I have not seen in many years.[232]
  • I am de wavebinder. It is through me dat de loa bless our ships.[232]
  • De mogu army grows with each passing moment thanks to their animated stone warriors.[233]
  • Zul was forbidden from bringing the mogu here, and from resurrecting the Thunder King in Pandaria[233]
  • Subjugator Zheng, a slaver dat would make de Kul Tirans blush.[187]

  • Dey are trying to cast down our loa, claiming dem to be false gods. Dey have turned to de old ways of blood, sacrifice, and subjugation. I cannot even begin to say how offensive dis is.[234]
  • Zanchuli Betrayer says: Betta hope... I don't... regenerate...
  • Both Loti and Raal could feel that something bad was happening to their loa[176][235][177]
  • Gonk has saved Loti's life many times
  • Dey are doing something to Pa'ku. Something old and terrible, smelling of de old ways.
  • Shadra was consumed? I have heard of such heresies in Zul'Drak, but to hear of it in Zuldazar...[207]
  • Zandalari fleet has wavemasters[236]
  • Warbeast Kraal is important to de empire. All de beasts dat haul our goods, carry our armies, and fight our wars are born and bred here.[237]
  • Even beasts destined to carry loads must be trained for battle[238]
  • Dennis Grimtale's Journal worldbuilding
  • And an MU Thunderlord orc
  • My king is blessed by de loa in ways your kind cannot imagine. He has been given long life, swift healing, and strength beyond most trolls. But still, he lingers on death's door. I can practically hear Bwonsamdi laughing. Two of his most trusted menders are with him. Go and find out what is taking so long.[209]
  • Rastakhan says: I can still feel de touch of de Other Side[212]
  • Windcaller Ula'jan, responsible for moving Rastakhan's flagship[213]
  • Our loa give us many boons, and we repay dem in worship. Offerings, sacrifices, and idols are our tools to earn favor, but dey are much more to our loa. Dey are sources of strength. Zul's dogs have begun to corrupt de great golden statues dedicated to Rezan. Even now, I can feel his power dwindling. Stop dem. Cleanse de idols to de great hunter.[239]
  • Rastakhan had read of the horrors of Zul'drak, and the results of these acts[216]
  • three of their eldest loa (rezan, gonk, pa'ku)[217]

Time elements

  • I warned against such arrogance many years ago, but we see how well he listened.[220]
  • Rastakhan = one of the oldest trolls alive[240]
  • For de first time in centuries, we have allowed non-trolls to set foot on our shores and peddle their wares.[174]
  •  [The Word of Zul]
  • I oversee hundreds of vessels dat land and leave every month from dese docks, and I make sure every one of dem ships on time.[241]
  • I have been saving dis messenger beast since de Thunder King rose. It would seem its day has finally arrived.[242]
  • You! It is you! Zul described you to me once. In perfect detail. You even have dat... thing... on your face. Just as he described. Tell me, is it true? Have you brought me his word? Years ago, when he returned with our fleet from exile. He described his vision of dis day when de world would bleed, and he described you in great detail.[175]
  • Pa'ku, one of the oldest of the loa.[243]
  • blood magic comes from de old ways, and our people have only been giving in to its allure since de walls fell on our northern border[184]
  • A few years back, dis whole land shook during de Cataclysm. Our northern gates fell, and swarms of blood troll savages poured through.
Dat was when we got our first taste of real blood magic. Not dat petty nonsense practiced by de lesser tribes.
Not a week goes by dat we do not see some Zandalari turning to blood magics learned from those heretics in Nazmir.[184]
  • How it made it all de way to de apex without us catching it is something I am sure Raal and I will be arguing about for de next year.[244]
  • Rastakhan hasn't spoken to Rezan in many years[245]
  • Garza was lost long ago[236]

  • I have been waiting to see de king for days now. You would think he would be more interested in what de goblins are doing in these lands.[246]
  • H [10-50] Kaja'mite? Kaja'must!
  • This is so exciting! The first real potential kaja'mite find since the Lost Isles. Kaja'mitewas discovered on Kezan thousands of years ago, and we goblins mined and refined it. Some experts say that kaja'mite is what gave the goblins our incredible intelligence in the first place. The Zandalari use kaja'mite too. For some reason. Probably for rituals.[247]
  • These Zandalari were sitting on a huge deposit of it all these years. [193]

  • dey are expecting a large hatching dis year[195]
  • big hatching of diemetradon this year[237]
  • the pterrordaxes to de north have been laying lots of eggs recently[248]

  • Wildtusk has withstood years of attacks by young hunters that are overeager and underskilled. None could take him.
he has been watching dese hills for years long past[249]
  • Thunderlord dude: None know big game hunting like my kin. Mastery of the hunt, passed down from parent to child, for generations.
  • Those two have been fighting for supremacy as long as can be remembered.[250]


  • Loa above! (= god dammit)[220]
  • Vol'jamba says: Dere is a special place on de Other Side for you![220]
  • May da loa's blessings rain upon ya![224]
  • Loa watch over you[251]
  • Dat sneering, vile raptor zealot[252]
  • bent-tusk nose-breather[184]
  • Dey will answer to Bwonsamdi soon enough[232]
  • Atal'Shadra Bloodletter says: I be seein' ya on da other side...
  • foul-tusked[236]
  • Hordemon[253]
  • Fishermon
  • Headhunter Jo says: Say hello to Bwonsamdi for me
  • loa willing[254]
  • Bwonsamdi can keep her[211]
  • Zul and traitors are often called "snakes"[218] - probably due to Hakkar



  • Blood trolls and Ateena saying "G'huun" left and right, so Zandalari should be familiar with that name, yet Talanji had no idea who or what G'huun was.[255]
  • Ateena pulls an "enough!" once [256]
  • Ateena pulls an "enough!" twice[49]
  • Ateena pulls an "enough!" thrice[257]
  • Ateena pulls an "enough!" for the fourth time ![258]
  • Ateena finally defeated after the fifth try[259]
  • Talanji doesn't even know what loa are in Nazmir,[99] not even Bwonsamdi.[209]
  • Images of each loa show up, but Hir'eek already uses his blood-corrupted model
  • Weird that Hanzabu didn't "repair" the Zo'bal Ruins before.
  • Valjabu has been separated from Theurgist Salazae since "forever", but it looks like Gee'dae the Cursed has captured him recently.[260]
  • Mother bargained her child's soul in exchange for eternal life, and gets mad when we find the child because it would ruin the bargain, but we find her "resting" in a sarcophagus since then.[261]
  • Devs completely forgot about (Zandalari) troll regeneration. Jo'chunga has to drink healing potions to recover from just a fall.[262]
  • Jo'chunga probably didn't have to return on foot, could've jumped on the bat with you. Titanic all over again.
  • Rokhan and his troops arrived faster to Zul'jan on foot than Talanji on the boat[263]
  • AMOD is ridiculously small, barely the size of a normal goblin shredder. Given the importance of the thing, and what it's capable of (treated basically like a WMD), it should be at least boss-sized.
  • necromantic torches in Bwonsamdi's temple lighting up with necromantic effects when you approach them are pretty cool
  • bats using bat idles (suspended to stuff)
  • tortollans are awesome
  • lot of Voice Acting
  • Darkspear troll spotlight, they're everywhere. Many shadow hunters. Use of (fire) mojo.
  • Talanji is really involved in everything, including strategy and actual combat or manual tasks. Proper leadership.[263]
  • Gob Squad is great.
  • Questing is great. The goals are clear and interesting (recruiting the loa), each coming with its own plot. There's a mystery to be solved, regarding blood trolls and their blood god. Nice and diverse use of NPCs and factions. Fun and interactivity.
  • Finale is amazing.
  • Ending version of Zul'jan is great, all the NPCs we met are present and doing thematically appropriate things (fire shadow hunter burning mounds of blood troll corpses, witch dunctor guy healing other guy, Bwonsamdi dude doing something with a body, etc.)
  • Talanji's speech, loa you recruited showing up to hear it.
  • Assault on Zul'Nazman, the loa helping you feels epic.
  • Starting with Bwonsamdi, inspecting relics, find trace of a Bwonsamdi worshipper
  • Hanzabu leads us to Zo'bal Ruins, help him kill some blood troll witch, helps us contact Bwonsamdi
  • Work for Bwonsamdi to gain his favor
  • Ateena attacks Bwonsamdi in his own temple. Player makes a pact with Bwonsamdi.[49]
  • Get disguised as blood trolls, help Jo'chunga in Zalamar
  • Learn that Hir'eek has been corrupted by G'huun[264]
  • Kill Hir'eek.
  • Talanji arrives to Zo'bal. Rokhan and her convinced the Horde to send more reinforcements.[265] We tell her about what happened with Bwonsamdi and Hir'eek.[266]
  • Follow the tortollan pilgrims to meet Torga
  • Torga is dead, killed by the blood trolls. Call upon Bwonsamdi to contact Torga's spirit and learn what happened.[267]
  • Kill blood trolls, weaken the herald of g'huun, etc.
  • Kill Jungo, Torga reincarnates[268]
  • Everyone goes to Gloom Hollow where we reunite with Rokhan, tell him what happened with Torga, Horde reinforcements still not arrived, but he's got a lead on Krag'wa[269]
  • Blood trolls have set up a large camp nearby and have been sending a small force to da isle south of here, Frogmarsh.[270]
  • Voodoo Priest of Krag'wa informs that blood trolls are moving on Krag'wa and plan to feed him to G'huun[270][271]
  • Blood trolls killed all of krag'wa's followers[272]
  • Help krag'wa regain his strength
  • Kill all the blood trolls and undo their assault[273]
  • But, they will come back in larger numbers soon unless their dark god is stopped.
  • Naga too attack Krag'wa's children to feed off their mana[274]
  • When de blood trolls are defeated, I have no doubt many Zandalari will come to worship him [Krag'wa]][275]
  • They were about to drop anchor when naga swarmed the ship.[277]
  • Rescuing the team, securing a location for base at Forlorn Ruins, kill the naga boss Lord Slithin, rebuild the AMOD, go back to Gloom Hollow[278]
  • Reactivating titan keeper Hezrel to help us using the Heart of AzerothCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • Discover that corruption comes from an Old God. Ateena fights and then "enough!" 's again.
  • Everyone goes to Zul'jan, to deploy the AMOD against the blood trolls.
  • The Battle of Bloodfire Ravine, in Zul'Nazman. Blood trolls are very well defended. Artillary strikes on their barricades.[279]
  • Ateena is killed, Taloc falls into Uldir[259]
  • Hezrel didn't participate, he was busy looking for the corruption, asks us to go into The Underrot[280]


  • Talanji is able to use scrying to discover the presence and location of different loas[99]
  • She can also create "phantoms" to see events that transpired in the past.
  • She can also create totems to cleanse blood magic from an area[281]
  • Shadow Hunter Narez says: I be goin' ta find Krag'wa... I knew he be more than a legend.[99]
  • Dese undead are an affront to Bwonsamdi. We can't rest until we make dis right.[282]
  • Da torches used ta be our way ta show dat we be deliverin' a spirit ta Bwonsamdi.[283]
  • Ya did good, I can tell Bwonsamdi be pleased by ya releasin' his followers.[284]
  • Ever since da spirits have begun calling upon this "G'huun" me temple has been covered with the unbearable taint of the undead. Da undead be an abomination, but da bloodstones that create them be powerful. They could be of use ta Bwonsamdi. If you wish ta show me your fervor, then cleanse me temple of their filth and bring me their bloodstones.[285]
  • Da spirits of da faithful flock to me temple. You see them out there, yes? They come ta enter da Other Side an join my realm. However, spirits who've turned der backs upon Bwonsamdi, they too have come to me temple grounds. Dey praise one called "G'huun", and spread der blood magic desecration across da Necropolis.[286]
  • There be spirits whose prayers sing if something called "G'huun", dey pay me homage no more.[287]
  • Bwonsamdi "betrays" the bargain he made : Keula's ma'da be foolish ta tink she never gonna pass on to da Other Side, but now dey be together an' I be havin' two more souls in me realm.[261]
  • Dese blood trolls and their "god" G'huun, dey be far more of a threat than I realized.[49]
  • Dere are drudges around de camp who have been tied up as part of a ritual. Dey get beaten as a test to make dem stronger. Any who fail de ritual are sacrificed. De ones who succeed are allowed to fight de Zandalari.[288]
  • It is not allowed to kill loa[262]

  • Blood troll women are the ones with the most freedom to move around[289]
  • De blood troll women are in charge of de war parties, so you will need to look like one. Trust me, dis will work!
  • Dere! You have de spirit of a blood troll within you. De magic will transform you when you get near their village.
  • Among de blood trolls, de females are de leaders.[290]
  • Servant of G'huun heard of the adventurer[291]
  • Other blood troll heard about adventurer[231]
  • I be strong in da fire mojo. I can be impartin' some of me connection to da fire to ya ta burn dem mounds.[292]
  • De last barrier... will fall... and G'huun... will be free...![293]
  • dere is a chance dis won't work. Voodoo isn't a science, you know.[294]
  • the road to Vol'dun is only for criminals[295]
  • The women in that tribe [Natha'vor] actually eat the men... and anyone else they can get their hands on.[296]
  • How many bodies... did ya eat... ta get dis power?[231]
  • Ya better... not eat me... ta get... my power...[231]
  • Da whispers tell me ya flesh be givin' us power![231]
  • Da whispers... said flesh be... makin' us strong...[231]
  • How... da flesh... supposed ta give me... power[231]
  • Da mawfiends... just wanted ta make... one... more...[297]
  • Tortollans have better hearing than us[298]
  • Dey really be pickin' Torga clean, even eatin' his meat. Dat be dark, even for me. Da souls of dese blood trolls be corrupted by eatin' a loa. Somethin' ya should be rememberin' for future reference. Dese souls be worth a lot ta me, more dan just da normal souls of dese blood trolls. Get me da corrupted souls of dese blood trolls and I be callin' da spirit of Torga to ya.[299]
  • Krag'wa reference to Illidan I will unleash the rage of ten thousand years upon them![272]
  • I feel like myself again, back when I had hundreds of followers pouring their faith into me. My power will fade, but the trolls shall learn to fear Krag'wa once more![300]
  • All me life, I wanted ta see Krag'wa[301]
  • Naga magic thirst quotes : [302]
  • Crawgs are frogs transformed with blood magic[303]
  • Rokhan not hyped that the Horde reinforcements are just goblins[276]
  • Patch says: Fifty thousand gold pieces to the first one who gets to that deployment point![304]
  • [Talanji's troops] without a chance to even get any sleep or have a decent meal.[306]
  • Crawgs have poison glands in their bellies [307]

Time elements

  • Ages ago, Bwonsamdi had a temple here in Nazmir.[209]
  • Dis monument looks like de shrines to Bwonsamdi in Zuldazar, but is much more ancient.[209]
  • I not be knowin' why Kel'vax chose ta forsake everyting we believed in centuries ago... but here we are.[308]
  • The Deathwalker family, living in Nazmir and serving Bwonsamdi, had their son corrupted by Nazmani Heretics (who had a blood aura), and G'huun.
  • I have been guarding dis sanctuary since it was first built. And I will do so until it crumbles to dust.[309]
  • Many pilgrims used to stay here on their way to de Necropolis.
It is quiet dese days... Not good. Not good at all.[309]
  • For dis to work, I must chant de words of old.[310]
  • Ever since da spirits have begun calling upon this "G'huun" me temple has been covered with the unbearable taint of the undead.[285]
  • My precious Valjabu always told me he didn't care dat he took de vows of a priest... we would be together forever. Well, my time came to pass, and I knew I'd not be able to go on without him. I came back and have been waiting in dis spot for... it seems forever, and Valjabu never showed! I've been walking around dis world for far too long.[260]
  • "I'll be right back," she said. I'm a good girl, I wait. I wait and wait, I'm not sure how long I've been waiting here for.[261]
  • Little window showing the objective NPC said she's been gone for "generations"
  • Da rite of binding be old, old mojo. Old as da world itself. With dis mojo, when ya kill something, Bwonsamdi gets their soul. If ya accept dis rite, we got a deal.[49]
  • I grew up hearing stories of de savage blood trolls. But dis is worse den anything I was told.[311]
  • I did wicked things in my youth and I've been living with de shame ever since.[312]
  •  [Sweetleaf]
  • Dere is ancient mojo throughout dis place... who knows what it used to be?[313]
There are ancient Nazmani statues sinking, with ancient fire mojo in them, that you absorb.
  • De blood magic is strong in dis place. It does not take a witch doctor to feel it in de air... it's everywhere...[314]
  • We make this pilgrimage to Nazmir once every few years. Sometimes it's five years, other times it could be twenty, all depends on when Torga's ready to tell a tale.
We hear whispers and rumors that Torga has stories to pass on to us, and that's when we begin our pilgrimage. We come here, sit down, and listen to every story Torga has to say, then we pass those stories along to anyone else we meet.
You should count yourself lucky. It's rare to see so many of us gathered together like this. That's a story in itself if any of your <race> friends care.[315]
  • Of course, this could all fail spectacularly and make my terrible day even worse.[231]
  • Tortollans dealt with blood ticks in the past[298]
  • Also dealt with blood trolls during their previous pilgrimage[299]
  • Okay, you want to kill the herald of a blood god? We can figure something out. Lucky for you, I've heard stories of this sort of thing before.[316]
  • Of course. I've got scrolls older than you are! Kisha, have a look through my stuff.
  • Lashk also has a scroll written in the Old Gods' language.
  • About the fate's hand scroll: Be careful, it's ancient!
  • Lashk says: It's been ages since my heart burned with such fire. For Torga![317]
  • I've been visiting Torga for years. He told me stories of powerful scrolls, one in particular that he said was meant to be used to put a loa's spirit to rest.[268]
  • say: I will unleash the rage of ten thousand years upon them![272]
  • Long ago when the trolls began listening to the whispering darkness, I instilled portions of my power into the totems that surround my lair.[318]
  • I should have done this long ago as my followers were being murdered, but the blood trolls were always too strong.
  • I have been hungry for so longer[319]
  • I can now be instilled with my power of old[300]
  • the frogs were meant to feed our magic for years![302]
  •  [Ancient Titan Relics]
  •  [Damaged Core]
  • Rokhan's been around for a long time, Princess. He ain't gonna die to some blood trolls![263]
  • Jol the Ancient says: It has been seven hundred years since I have made it. I should like to see you remember something older than your grandfather's grandfather.[320]


  • (Goblin) It beat the ship harder than a foreman beats a lazy peon[277]

To do


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