Uncrowned Banner.jpg
Main leader Council of Shadows
Secondary leaders Neutral  Jorach Ravenholdt
Alliance & Horde Rogue Shadowblade
Alliance  Tess Greymane
Horde  Garona Halforcen
Neutral  Taoshi
Neutral  Fleet Admiral Tethys
Neutral  Valeera Sanguinar
Race(s) Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
GnomeGnome Gnome
GoblinGoblin Goblin
HumanHuman Human
Night elfNight elf Night elf
OrcOrc Orc
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
TrollTroll Troll
WorgenWorgen Worgen
Character classes Rogue
Capital Hall of Shadows
Theater of operations Dalaran, Broken Isles
Affiliation Armies of Legionfall
Status Active

The Uncrowned are a secret organization of rogues who claim to be "the slayers of kings, the downfall of empires, the unseen blades that write the true history of this world."[1] Their leaders, the Shadows, form the Council of Shadows.[2][3] The Uncrowned fight the Burning Legion alongside the other class orders during the demons' third invasion, and their order hall is the secret Hall of Shadows located in the sewers of Dalaran. Some members of the Uncrowned include members of Ravenholdt, SI:7, and the Bloodsail Buccaneers.



A rogue adventurer freshly arrived in Dalaran was given an urgent message carried by a Ravenholdt Courier, whose masters gave strict instructions to deliver it as quickly as possible. Once read, the letter had to be destroyed. The message was from Lord Jorach Ravenholdt, requesting the adventurer's presence in the Hall of Shadows at once. The rogue was to enter the Glorious Goods storefront, alone, after having made sure they weren't being followed, and utter certain words to Red, who would show them the way.

The adventurer thus went and whispered the words "the raven calls" to Red, to which he replied "and we will answer from the shadows" as a part of the wall to the left swung open, revealing a hidden corridor. As the hero adventured within the dark halls, Milton Beats appeared out of the shadows, exclaiming that only a fool walked into the Hall of Shadows unaware. As Beats realized whom he was talking to, he apologized, and let the rogue pass. Whispers from the residents of the Hall of Shadows increased as the hero advanced, who gathered from Jes'rimon that the orc Garona had already spoken of them.

The hero activated a secret door by pulling a triggerable torch down, and entered the Chamber.[4]

Fleet Admiral Tethys says: Ah! There's our final member. Welcome to the crew!
Valeera glances in your direction.
Taoshi says: Don't worry, they're friendlier than they look.
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: I'm pleased you chose to heed our call. We've discussed inviting you into our ranks for some time.

The Final Shadow

The Uncrowned are the slayers of kings, the downfall of empires, the unseen blades that write the true history of this world, exclaimed Lord Jorach Ravenholdt. Seated before the adventurer were the Shadows, the council which aimed the blades of the Uncrowned wherever their will demanded. They had brought the hero there that day with an offer: seat as the final Shadow and help them lead the Uncrowned. All the questions would be answered, they had but to sit. And so they did.

Valeera Sanguinar says: Smart choice.
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: We are the Shadows, leaders of the Uncrowned.
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: We employ a variety of methods to ensure the safety of Azeroth... and to secure our rightful place within it.
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: Not the least of these methods is secrecy. As our titles suggest, we prefer to stay in the shadows.
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: But the events at the Broken Shore have forced our hand. We haven't the time for subtlety.
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: We invite you to this table because we are confident you have the skills it takes to face this threat directly... and to prevail.
Lord Jorach Ravenholdt says: Settle in, then we can discuss the details.
Princess Tess Greymane says: Good to have a new face at the table! I was getting tired of Tethys's ugly mug... No offense, Tethys.
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: None taken... so long as ye don't insult me face!
Taoshi says: I've heard many tales of your accomplishments. I can't imagine half of them could be true. (If the character has not quested in Pandaria)
Taoshi says: It's good to finally see you again. I have missed our adventures together. (If the character has quested in Pandaria)

Ravenholdt then gave the hero an insignia that would mark them as a Shadow. They were to always carry it with them.[5] The Uncrowned had been looking for someone who could operate outside these halls for quite some time. The new hero was the answer to that search. They would be the blade in the dark that vanquished their foes. In order to do so, the adventurer required weapons capable of striking down the Legion's best. Greymane, Tethys, and Valeera each had devised plans to obtain weapons worthy of the tasks to come. The hero would hear each before proceeding and recovering an artifact of legend.[6]

Honoring Success

All had gone as planned, the hero's new blades were a testament to that. Though Ravenholdt reminded them that they would demand a great deal of them in the weeks and months to come, they would take a moment to celebrate a job well done. And so he proposed a toast. Everyone joined in raising a glass not only to their newest Shadow, but to the dawn of a new era for the Uncrowned. As they drank, Tethys felt something was off with the beverage. The Shadows became dizzy, and their vision started to darken.

Princess Tess Greymane says: Vanessa...?
Vanessa VanCleef says: They say I died in the Deadmines. Fools! It's all too simple to mimic the effects of death when your assailants' minds are addled with neurotoxins.

Vanessa VanCleef, daughter of former Defias leader Ewin VanCleef, appeared at the doorstep. She addressed the hero, who had recuperated while everyone else was still disabled. Vanessa was favored to become the final Shadow, yet despite the Council's assurances, every single one of them put their lot in with you instead!}}


  • During Legion's alpha, Mathias Shaw was a Shadow of the Uncrowned instead of being their "enemy" impersonated by Detheroc. An orc called The Hood was also present as the leader of the Shattered Hand. It is possible that Shaw and the Hood were both there as Alliance and Horde representatives respectively. They were later removed in a patch that also added Tess Greymane.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

It seems that the Uncrowned are ready to kill in order to protect their secrecy, as evidenced by the dead Unwary Adventurers in their class hall.


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