Varian Wei NoBackground.png
Alliance This user plays as a member of the Alliance.
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif
Ui-charactercreate-classes demonhunter.png
This user plays as a night elf demon hunter.
IconSmall NightElf Male.gif
Ui-charactercreate-classes druid.png
This user plays as a night elf druid.
Zul'jinWallpaperCrop1.PNG This user plays on the European Zul'jin server.
Inv misc head dragon black.png This user prefers to PvE.
This user has taken a break from playing WoW Icon update.png, but plans to continue someday.
Trade Engineering.png This user would like Tinker to be a playable class.
"Anduin, I now believe as you do. That peace is the noblest aspiration. But to preserve it... you must be willing to fight!"
Varian Wrynn