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Alnerigo "Flamehowl" Suncaller


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NeutralAlnerigo Suncaller
Image of Alnerigo Suncaller
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Class Warlock
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Occupation Pyromancer
Status Alive; living with his cousin.
Relative(s) Cousin: Antharios Sunflame

Character Description

"I'm like every elf. Tall, skinny, and as my dwarf friend tells me, I can't hold my drink." - Alnerigo Suncaller

Alnerigo Sunflame (nicknamed "Flamehowl" later on in his life) is a blood elf. He isn't very muscular, but he is quick, in both body and mind. He uses these to great advantage later on in life.

His worgen from has black fur, and wears black robes most of the time.

Character History

"My past? It is long, but as I came to realize, living long doesn't necessarily mean experiencing much. There is much I haven't yet seen, and I intend to." - Alnerigo Suncaller

Alnerigo Sunflame is a Blood elf Pyromancer. He was born in Quel'thalas well before the beginning of the Third War. He lived quietly, studying as a mage, but he always had an affinity for fire. After a period of time, he journeyed to the city of Dalaran for instruction. While he was there, Quel'thalas came under attack by the Scourge.

He left Dalaran and became a mercenary, fighting for the Horde during the War in Silithus and the Opening of Ahn'Qiraj. He spent close to six months there after the threat was over. Later Alnerigo journeyed through the Dark Portal and entered the service of the Scryers as an assassin and and arsonist, targeting higher up supporters of Kael'thas.

He stayed in Outland during the war against the Lich King, and only left when rumors surfaced of a great Cataclysm in Azeroth. He journeyed back into Azeroth for a short period to combat Legion forces in the Blasted Lands and Twilight's Hammer infiltrators in his native land before returning to Outland, staying there for twenty years.

Usage in A20

"I return. My mind was once addled. I worked for some bad people, did some bad things. But now my mind returns, and those people will regret what they made me do." - Alnerigo "Flamehowl"

Image of Flamehowl
Gender male
Race Worgen
Class Warlock
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Occupation Pyromancer
Status Alive
Relative(s) Cousin, Antharios Sunflame

He returned twenty years after the Cataclysm and participated in several defenses against Deathwing's forces in the Eastern Kingdoms. He sold his services to the people of Stromgarde, when they came under attack by two people, an orc warlock named Dag'rema and a worgen named Blackbite.

Alnerigo contracted the Worgen curse and was transformed into a worgen, loyal to Blackbite. He gave himself the name Flamehowl, and helped her with her schemes. This continued until Blackbite overthrew her dark nature and became pure again, forcing them into combat with Dag'rema. Flamehowl fled with them, until Blackbite committed suicide.

After realizing his love for her, he was left desolate, and fled. He went into hiding for 15 years, returning when news came of a hunt for Dag'rema. He followed the orcish warlock with a band of fellows, both old and new, and eventually tracker her to her base in Silithus. There she was captured and taken to Dalaran, her power shattered.


"What are my powers? My name should be a tipoff. Fire. I am fascinated by it. It calls to me, and I listen." - Alnerigo "Flamehowl"

Alnerigo is essentially a warlock, but avoids the Shadow as much as he can. Alnerigo prefers to use fire-based abilities. His favorite abilities are large walls of flame, sometimes engulfing the whol hallway he prefers to use them in and various explosions of a fire based nature. He will also, when provoked, combine shadow and fire, and will loose large walls of shadowflame. Alnerigo avoids these as much as possible, as they label him a warlock.

He will also, when pressed, create several portals and move between them, hurling blasts of fire at his target as he moved. His favorite number to use is thirteen, as it keeps his opponent guessing as to where he'll come out next, while leaving too many to watch at one time.

Lastly, he will use ritual magic for things requiring too much power for himself. Generally, he reserves this for destroying powerful magical artifacts or teleporting over long distances.

The Orebeards

AllianceOrebeard Clan
Main leader Fundaen Orebeard
Secondary leaders Forthin Orebeard, Funden Orebeard, Fundaen Orebeard
Membership 50
Race(s) Dwarf
Capital Orebeard Estate (Ironforge), Funden's Estate (Stormpeaks)
Theater of operations Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend
Status Active

The Orebeards are a clan of many dwarven families, centered in Ironforge, although members live as far away as Northrend. They are a warrior family, each father spending time in the military.


"We fight. What else is there to do?"
"Blacksmithing, ye dolt."

Most Orebeard youth join the mercenary group Stormcross, which was founded by Funden Orebeard. The less combat oriented generally run the financial side of the family, making sure the clan always has enough money to buy food, ammunition, etc. Several members also run a mining company specializing in saronite and titansteel ore. A blacksmith owned by the family then forges the raw materials into weapons and armor to sell or use.

About ten members have also set up a farming community in the Arathi Highlands, set into a small plateau in the mountains. This move allowed them to avoid the invasion of the Forsaken and remain free. They keep their heads down and their business to themselves.


"We go way back. At least, that's what they tell me. I never paid much attention." - Fuldis Orebeard

The family started up by their founder, Forthin Orebeard during the War of Three Hammers. Forthin established himself as an artisan blacksmith. He married and had three children, who went their own way. Eventually, the Second War started. Several of the Orebeards went to war. The family aided them, giving supplies to the Alliance until the orcs were driven back.

Once the Third War started was when the Orebeard family started its martial tradition. A dozen of the young dwarves of the family went to war, including one Funden Orebeard, who established the mercenary group Stormcross soon after. He then married and had a son, named Fundaen, the current patriarch of the family. They have several members participating in any major conflict currently raging on Azeroth.


Image of Kishkumaen
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Rogue
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Occupation Assassin
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown

Kishkumaen is the quintessential rogue, a career killer and espionage agent.


"You don't need to know my history. If you did, you might feel sorry for me, and I don't want that when I slide this knife through your ribs." - Kishkumaen

Kishkumaen was born in Goldshire, and lived a relatively normal life. At the age of sixteen, however, he found himself with no money on the road and was stopped by the Defias. He was severely beaten, but eventually returned to Goldshire. Once there, he bought a knife and returned to the Defias' camp, and killed the four Defias thugs in their sleep.

As he returned to Goldshire, Kishkumaen realized he enjoyed killing. He went to a master of shadows, who trained him over the course of several years (paid for by the money he took from the Defias) in the acts of stealth and assassination.

He came out of his training and right into the war in Northrend. He helped the military uncover a number of cultists in their midst, and also did some low intensity fighting in the Grizzly Hills, which instilled in him a hatred for the Horde, and Worgen as well.

Once back in the capital of Azeroth, he heard that the Worgen had joined the Alliance. Outraged, he went with the army to Tol Barad to escape from the Worgen. He spent much of his time there, forcing the Horde away from Tol Barad.

Usage in The Killing Games

Killing for SPORT!? What madness is this? - Kishkumaen

In the Killing Games, Kishkumaen was told that if he killed all other participants he would receive a large sum of money. Unable to resist, he acted and almost killed several people on the list, but was forced off. He then heard that the Master of the Games would pay none of them. He became very angry, and joined a group heading to kill the Master of the Games (which turned out to be the people he attacked in the first place).


No image available
Gender Male
Race [[Pseudo-Faceless one]]
Class Shapeshifter
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Occupation Anarchist
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown


"You cannot describe me. To describe me is to describe madness..." - Khaz'goroth

Khaz'goroth inhabits the body of a dwarf (later a human) with close to the same features as his original, Khaz Stumpfoot. He has a braided brown beard and most of his hair drawn into a ponytail. He often wears a long brown coat to cover the tentacles that protrude from his back.


"I was born of flesh, blood and darkness, and thus do I serve..."

Khaz'goroth started as a drop of water containing the essence of the Old Gods, which implanted itself in a dwarf named Khaz Stumpfoot. Khaz'goroth was put into a coma, where the essence gained strength. It eventually split from the host and grew into the creature it is now in the depths of Ironforge, where it preyed on travelers.

Eventually, he left Ironforge to go out into the world. His goal? Chaos.


"I have no need for magic, or for what is known as the Light. I have my own abilities."

Khaz'goroth has very powerful, shapeshifting abilities. He can shift to animal forms, open holes in his flesh or grow larger on the flesh of other living things almost at will. However, this does take energy, which is replenished through blood.

He uses a shotgun and a newly developed pistol. While he has small amounts of shadow magic, he hardly uses it, preferring to kill his enemies with his hands.

Usage in RPs

Khaz'goroth has seen major use in the Aftermath RP, where he joined the warlock Dag'rema to cause chaos. When she was killed, he was captured by the Kirin Tor. Passing his essence into a human, named Matthew, he let the dwarf flesh die. He took control of Matthew and destroyed the human's mind, placing his own in its place. After this was done, he used his newly found magic to travel to Ahn'kahet, where he was trained by the Forgotten Ones.