AllianceThe United Exiles
Server Moonglade Europe
Type Family
Armory The United Exiles Armory

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Void Reaver down for the first time.

The Unites Exiles is a casual Alliance guild on the server Moonglade EU.

Who are The United Exiles?

We're just one small happy family. Getting hugely expanded is NOT our objective. Because believe it or not it will destroy this kozie sentiment about our small happy and Happy family. Yes we are small in members but BIG in our hearts. We help, respect and care for each others. The United Exiles is our happy home.

That is our true identity and we do NOT intend to change it whatsoever.


Raiding is not our major priority. However we do raid the small places. Rushing to get bigger so we can raid the big ones wont happen. We WONT jeopardise our family for raiding purposes.

The United Exiles Bc icon.gif raid progression


Karazhan Attumen the Huntsman & Midnight Moroes Maiden of Virtue Opera Event The Curator
July 29th, 2007
Terestian Illhoof Shade of Aran
August 21st, 2007
Netherspite Prince Malchezaar
August 27th, 2007
September 18th, 2007
Zul'Aman Nalorakk Jan'alai Akil'zon Halazzi Hex Lord Malacrass Zul'jin
30th of August, 2008
Gruul's Lair High King Maulgar
October 22nd, 2007
Gruul the Dragonkiller
December 10th, 2007
Magtheridon's Lair Magtheridon
April 18th, 2008
Serpentshrine Cavern Hydross the Unstable The Lurker Below Leotheras the Blind Morogrim Tidewalker Fathom-Lord Karathress Lady Vashj
The Eye Al'ar Void Reaver
Febuary 26th, 2008
High Astromancer Solarian Kael'thas Sunstrider
Battle of Mount Hyjal Rage Winterchill Anetheron Kaz'rogal Azgalor Archimonde

Notable members

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