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A quick word from Blizzard

This player is the greatest World of Warcraft player who ever lived. He won the game the moment he stepped into Elwynn forest in March of 2006 - despite immediately getting lost looking for the kobolds - and has continued to win ever since. He almost broke the game, he's so frickin' awesome. Jeez, we should just give this guy a free account. Oh, and his own aardvark mount, too - he definitely needs an aardvark mount.Blizz.gif

Well, there you have it folks, straight from Blizzard in a blue post. I'm frickin' AWESOME.

Personal Info

I'm an older WoW player, born in 1974. I started playing in late March, 2006.

I've been married since 1999 and I've got three kids, all born between 2001 and 2004. The kids have had their own shared account since 2014. My wife heavily played up to Cataclysm, then fell away. My mother and stepfather play on and off.

Our family guild, "Stimmers", is from the term for the repetitive behaviors of autistic people. My middle daughter is autistic, and WoW gave my wife and I something fun to do together that doesn't include finding a special needs babysitter. :)

I bounce back and forth into and out of the game. I like it, but don't care to pay $15 a month when I'm not active. Sometimes I'm active here, sometimes not. You know how it goes.

I have World of Warcraft (Livejournal Community) to thank for steering me towards this wiki in the first place. Sadly, that community is dead now. I'm Rufus Honker IV on Blizzard Watch.

After several years of not playing in the spring, I finally got What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been on June 24, 2014.

Wiki Experience

I. LOVE. WIKIS. Information should be free!

I'm on TVTropes (Also Pittsburghmuggle), and Wikipedia (Varkman). I'm the administrator of my family's genealogy wiki.

Here on WoWpedia

I've been editing since 2006 on here (I followed over from WoWWiki, and never looked back. Ugh... Wikia..).

  • My proudest contribution is starting the Timeline (World of Warcraft) page. I had been looking for a history of WoW as it applies to the experience the players have being fans, a way to keep track of milestones both ingame and out. After no one else added anything like it, I realized that if you want something done, you've got to do it yourself. Being a huge fan of history, it's nice keeping note of what is big so other players can think "Hey, when was World of Warcraft on Jeopardy?" and find out.
  • I also started the baby aggro page.
  • I created World of Warcraft (Livejournal Community) to memorialize what was once THE Livejournal community for WoW.
  • The userbox about taking long breaks!
  • Stormwind Guard collection, helping you play the part of Stormwind's finest!

Primary Characters

Name Server Started Race Class Use Profession 1 Profession 2 Lvl
Monongahela Eitrigg Bc icon.gif IconSmall Human Male.gifHuman PriestPriest Main Tailoring Enchanting 100
Pemberton Eitrigg WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Human Male.gifHuman WarriorWarrior Alt Alchemy Blacksmithing 100
Zando Eitrigg WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Human Male.gifHuman WarlockWarlock Alt Engineering Mining 96
Proxima Eitrigg Cataclysm IconSmall Human Male.gifHuman HunterHunter Alt Mining Herbalism 100
Geraldine Eitrigg WoW Icon update.png IconSmall Human Female.gifHuman Gold.pngBanker Bank Tailoring Engineering 20
Planck Shu'Halo Mists of Pandaria IconSmall Troll Male.gifTroll ShamanShaman Alt Blacksmithing Mining 100


Each character has its own individual story, which you can read at the links in the table. Some cross paths - Zando and Pemberton are cousins, Monongahela and Pemberton have met the Troll Planck.

All my Alliance characters, in my head - share the same Darenor garrison. Pemberton is the commander who stays in the garrison. Monongahela is the diplomat. Proxima hunts for food and looks after the mounts. Zando is engineering and general maintenance.

Guild History

  1. I joined The Blaque Companie on Eitrigg back when I was new - I didn't even realize I'd joined a guild! It was a small guild and the others were never on when I was, but I stuck with it through level 50 when I jumped ship and joined E N D E R.
  2. E N D E R was a HUGE guild filled to the brim with teenagers. It wasn't so bad until I dinged 60 (Level cap at the time) and each time I signed on my chatbox would go purple with "can you run me through" msgs. I left and joined a small guild that a few ingame friends had invited me to named Forestsong.
  3. Forestsong started to grow, then we merged with another guild to form:
  4. Dirty Deedz I was promoted to officer, and Dirty Deedz grew considerably until some of the leadership decided to split. At this point I decided to take a break from WoW for four months, returning in November of 2007.
  5. In January 2007 I joined the Nacho Ninjas, but left a few months later on good terms - I just felt like the guild was getting too big and guildchat was being spammed with loot from bosses I'll never see.
  6. I was a member of the Archangels of Chaos until lack of activity in the guild made me move on.
  7. I'm now a member of Grumpy Old Farts, which I have been returning to after breaks from WoW.