Inspired by a problem with Template_talk:Races#Messy_Template, I plan to organize a bunch seemingly duplicate pages that are not really duplicates, but should be far more interconnected than they are. Some merges and splits will be needed. It is not just about "animals".



  • Burster (TBC manual lore; Other three linked from here; are they Worms?)
  • Bone worm (Bone Wastes; Have slightly different model with bones)
  • Sand worm (Ouro, WRPG lore; Main race?)
  • Dune worm (WCIII critter)

Done... No?

Warcraft II - Giant Turtle, Giant sea Turtles, giant Sea Turtles... WTF?

Warcraft III - Sea Turtle (Under that, "Giant Sea Turtle" and "Dragon Sea Turtle")

MG lore - Sea turtle, page 17, (Dragon turtle under it)

DF lore - Shares MG idea of ST & DT subtype. Sub is made from "giant turtle"

Gwennyth Bly'Leggonde's quests call the big ones "sea turtles". Somehow they were near Nordrassil?

So... I dunno.

  • Stone keeper (Magic & Mayhem lore (titans' assistants). mentioned in the HPG. Acheras the Custodian is a stone keeper. Archaedas' model name. Stone Keeper's Shards)
  • Stone watcher (Magic & Mayhem lore (titans' guardians). List accurate. Again, their nature varies)
  • Stone guardian (Archaedas, at least one type of his minons, and the guys in Un'Goro Crater. Fixed)
  • Golem (regular golems, may need split between WCIII, titan (WoW), and other)
  • Stone golem (Magic & Mayhem lore, MG note, latter seems to be a description rather than a race: "Golems of stone, metal, straw, and even flesh exist")
  • Vanir (titans, also some unknown creature opposite of the storm giants. Seems to presume things with bronze-colored 'titan' model are this)
  • Titanic watcher/titanic keeper/keeper ("watcher" and "keeper" are labels of the guys around Ulduar, possibly other things. Needs citation. May be powerful stone watchers and/or stone keepers)
  • Stone giant (all mobs with this name are the tree-colossus "wood giant". Archavon the Stone Watcher's model name. Archaedas is a "giant of stone". Fixed)

  • Kraken (model "krakken," fish-like, North Sea Kraken and related)
  • Leviathan (model "leviathan," squid-like, likely actually called a kraken, most lore seems to be about them)
  • Leviathan (a hydra)

Day of the Dragon says the Aerie dwarves/wild dwarves/mountain dwarves(?) = Wildhammer dwarves and the Hill dwarves = Bronzebeard/Ironforge dwarves. The latter terms were not there. I dunno.

Lands of Mystery says "The dwarves split into three clans: the Bronzebeards (mountain dwarves), the Wildhammers (hill dwarves), and the Dark Irons (shadowy, wandering sorcerers)."

Falstad Wildhammer calls the dwarves of Ironforge hill dwarves when clicked on, and himself an aerie dwarf, which fits with DotD.

The magazine groups them into Dark, Mountain, and Hill, like the RPG.

The dark dwarves (despite that term never being used before or since) are clearly dark iron. So, it then comes down to assigning the remaining two terms to the remaining two clans.

Mountain has been used for the Ironforge dwarves somewhere beyond the RPG... A [25-30] Fervor of the Frostborn, and something earlier.