Order Form Ancient Leader Problem
Druid of the Claw [Bear Form] Ursoc Lea Stonepaw and Koda Steelclaw Two leaders, one for the druid order hall and one for everyone else
Druids of the Talon [Flight Form] Aviana Skylord Omnuron
Ashen [Cat Form] Ashamane Delandros Shimmermoon Redundant with Druids of the Vale
Druids of the Antler [Travel Form] Malorne Sylendra Gladesong
Druids of the Fin [Aquatic Form] None None They are stupid
Druids of the Moon [Moonkin Form] Elune Isoraen Nightstar?
Druids of the Scythe Pack Form Goldrinn Alpha Prime
Druids of Lore [Incarnation: Tree of Life] (lore) None Elothir Title of Elothir, but he has so many students that it is clearly a nameless order
Druids of the Vale [Cat Form] Ashamane Thaon Moonclaw Redundant with Ashen
Druids of the Valley [Incarnation: Tree of Life] (war) None Elerethe Renferal Title of Renferal, former Druid of the Grove
Druid of the Grove [Incarnation: Tree of Life] (war) None Elerethe Renferal and Rensar Greathoof Former order of Renferal, now short for "Dreamgrove"