What if Blizzard made a Warcraft III remake using WoW models and assets?


You start with five peons. The peon model exists, being the playable orc model with ragged clothes.

You start with a Great Hall. The Great Hall model exists (there is one next to Orgrimmar).

There is a gold mine near your base. Several gold mine models exist, including an orcish one. The model is only the interior and the entrance, so the rest of the mine would need to be raised terrain. This would make it hard to select. This page assumes you can only click on things made of one asset.

Your peons go to chop down trees. Tree models exist, including some that have animations of being felled.

You build a Barracks. The Barracks model exist (such as the one in Razor Hill).

You build a War Mill... wait. No War Mill equivalent exists. The Warsong Lumber Mill comes close, but it is massive, and is built into the terrain like the gold mine.

Orc Burrows exist.

Altar of Storms exist, but they are the Warcraft II ones. The Warcraft III one exist in files left over from the alpha.

Watch Towers exist.

Strongholds exist, though they look different (like Warcraft II's Barracks). The Warcraft III one looks like WoW's Great Hall.

Voodoo Lounge has no equivalent.

Spirit Lodges I think become the main building on the Spirit Rise.

The Beastiary has no equivalent.

The Fortress had an equivalent in Grommash Hold, but the hold was built into the surrounding mountains, and had no backside, and is missing a tower (assuming the idea behind it was an upgraded WoW Stronghold, which is symmetrical and has four towers).

The only unit that could not be replicated is the Demolisher, which has little in common with its WoW successor.