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Hi, I'm Sky2042 (a.k.a. Sky), your friendly neighborhood administrator. If you need help with templates or tables or whatnot (rules?!), hit me up. Leaving a note on my talk page is desired if you want to reach me, though I encourage those of you with questions to use the IRC channel or to go poke another of the admins. Have a look at some of my subpages, which can be found using the prefix index function.

My WoW account expired on February 12, 2007. My main character is a human mage named Skyfire on Shadowmoon. I did not know about Skyfire, Skyfire, Skyfire, or any of the various jewels which include the word Skyfire (which came after my name did, tyvm).

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I use AutoWikiBrowser for automated and semi-automated editing on my bot account, SkyBot.

To do

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clean up Spawn, Profession trainers by skill, Category:Battles; add info on Spirit's Song; kill off {{Guildprogress ally zgaq}}; deprecate T:Ref (unnecessarily heavy), fix Help:Talent articles/Preload, kill off bad footers, fix up the mess of Blacksmithing articles; fix up the small right ToCs on profs articles; move navbox on profs from top to bottom. Convert talent pages to User:Hobinheim/Talents or WP:Sandbox/Talent Tree Boilerplate, find more images for Featured media, tweak {{RPG}}, SVGs!

Watchlist "Todo" Other stuffs not up there in legible form yet: Chromie Evocation (formulas) Formulas:In combat Frostwolf List of mage stamina gear Mage Gear for Tanking Krosh Firehand Mage PvP Mage area of effect locations March of the Scourge Mechanar Pet abilities Quest:A Plague Upon Thee (Horde) (1) Quest:Gann's Reclamation Quest:Medivh's Journal/Chain Quest:Quell the Silverwing Usurpers (Neutral) (1) Quest:Return to Thunder Bluff Quest:Success! (Horde Quest) Quest:True Masters of the Light Quotes of Warcraft III:Human Alliance Race Icons Riders on the Storm Shamans as tanks Spell:36622 Stats and Numbers - Magical Resistances Sun Eater vs. King's Defender The Great Stick of Death Timeline (unofficial),

Template:Baggins Template:Elinks-item/dev Template:Gems Template:Infobox battlegroup Template:Navbox/core Template:Navbox/test Template:Newcomment Template:Nocat Template:Questbox Template:Questlong/dev Template:Stub/Explanationcss Template:Tnavbar Template:User PvP rank/test Help:Creating a quest article Category:Action figures Category:Guild Progression Category:Quest givers Category:User:Spektrum Server:Altar of Storms US Server:Spirestone US


  • Finish fixing transclusions of main space quest pages in main space, and subtemplates such as Quest:X/Quest chain.
  • Figure out pywikibot so can use to begin moving the quest pages around
  • more SMWness, and consider bot changes to all relevant templates, as well as laundry lists of changes for infoboxes
    • Change "name" (in NPCbox, for example) to something else so we can call infobox instead of custom building
  • New battlegroup templates
  • Find a way to use lists for Navbox instead of table. Not likely to be successful.


  • There is a damage cap on fear. What's your max HP? - Eternalagony
  • All paths are seen through the prism of fate. - Starcraft 2 - Void ray
  • How do you shed gf aggro? I don't know Invisibility, and Feign Death and Vanish are out of the question - Sky2042
  • Dissertation (read: good read) on leadership on Wikipedia. Dated 2005 or 2006.

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