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This article is a player character biography page for Edward of Emerald Dream Europe created by Sl2059.

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Baron Edward Rothschild
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Title Highlord of Stormwind,Prince of Gilneas,Heir to the throne of Gilneas,Leader of the Champions of Gilneas.
Gender Male
Race(s) Human/Worgen
Class Celestial Paladin,Paladin,Warrior
Affiliation(s) Alliance,Stormwind City,People's Militia,Valiance Expedition,Argent Crusade,Shattered Sun Offensive,Army of the Light,The Celestial Dawnstar,Westfall Brigade,Kingdom of Gilneas,Gilneas Liberation Front,7th Legion,Nobles of Gilneas
Location Westfall,Gilneas City,Stormwind City,Grizzly Hills,Rajhmesses
Status Alive
Relative(s) Theodore Furlbrow,Verna Furlbrow(adopting parents),Private Furlbrow("brother"),Archibald Greymane(great grandfather),Genn Greymane(grandfather),Mia Greymane(grandmother),Liam Greymane(uncle),Tess Greymane(mother),Baron Rothschild the 2nd(father),yet unnamed uncle,yet unnamed sister.
Mentor(s) Aesindor Dawnstar,Genn Greymane
Companion(s) Colonel Troteman,John J. Keeshan,Aesindor Dawnstar


Edward Rothschild is the son of 2 Gilnean nobles who went on a vacation to the Stormwind Kingdom at the interim of the Second War.After hearing that Genn Greymane is isolating Gilneas and building the Greymane Wall,the couple and their newly born child finished their vacation early in order to reach Gilneas before the isolation.Unfortunately,his parents were attacked by gnolls led by Hogger on their way back.although they managed to survive and reach Gilneas in time,their son was captured by the gnolls and presumed deceased. Edward was found by some Stormwind Guards after the gnolls abandoned it,and was sent to the Stormwind Orphanage. Edward was adopted there by Theodore and Verna Furlbrow,they couldn't bring a child themselves,and they decided to adopt one.although 2 years after the adoption they gave birth to their own biological son.the day Edward was adopted,Blanchy,the horse of the Furlbrows,gave birth to her own foal which later became Edward's mount. Edward and his brother grew up and Edward became a Deputy in the Stormwind Army and King Varian's Messenger,while his brother became a Private.

Celestial Paladin

Edward came to the Exodar to bring an invitation to a Meeting of the Alliance Leaders in Stormwind to Velen.While in the Exodar,Edward noticed a weird draenei,and had a feeling it wasn't a real draenei...He followed the draenei to the Isle of Quel'Danas,suspecting he might be a spy,Edward's Suspects were true,the wierd draenei was actually a blood elf.but he learned he was a friend and not a foe.He was Aesindor Dawnseeker,The leader of the Quel'Thalas Offensive,and a student of Nobundo who uses a Orb of Deception to visit Nobundo. He was impressed at Aesindor's Power and started to train to be a Celestial Paladin Under Aesindor.

Pumpkin Man

It was Hallow's End,Edward,who didn't see his family for quite a while,delivering the messages for the King,received word that the Defias Brotherhood has taken over his family's farm,he stopped anything he was doing and rode to Westfall to reclaim the farm and bring the thieves to justice,but when he arrived he found the farm filled with Defias thieves,a great fog,and a single ripe pumpkin.the earth began to shake and Edward tried to his own of the skills Aesindor taught him to kill alot of defias at once,and a 2 lightnings struck the ground,one hitted the farm,killing all the defias,slightly injuring Edward,and the pumpkin...that now looked like a Jack-O'-Lantern,Edward,who was famished,ate the pumpkin.He recieved special Powers,and he became the superhero Pumpkin Man!(as with all superheros,Edward kept his identity as pumpkin man as a secret).The Second Lighting created Raging Chasm.

Gilnean Worgen Baron

After the farm was reclaimed,Edward spoke with his parents,and found out that he was adopted.Edward then left,and made his way to Gilneas.although isolated behind the wall,Edward used his powers to reach the other side of the wall.He found his biological father,and became known as Baron Edward Rothschild.He fought against the worgen in Gilneas until being bitten.although later,with the help of Krennan Aranas,he maintained control over his worgen form.After the forsaken invasion where he fought valiantly,he fled to Teldrassil with his family,but when Genn Greymane went to Stormwind,Edward and his new family,went with him to Stormwind,where they settled,and Edward was able to keep his biological family,his adopting family,his position as the King's Messenger,and his studies under Aesindor all together.


Shortly After his return to Stormwind from Gilneas,He discovered someone murdered his adopting parents and Old Blanchy,He and Horatio Laine discover that the Defias Brotherhood are rising again and that they are the ones who murdered the Furlbrows.He ventures to the Deadmines to avenge the death of his adopting family.

Death of Blanchy Junior

Edward trusty mount,Blanchy Junior(foal of Old Blanchy) died while Edward was adventuring with Aesindor,becuase it ate too much pumpkins. Edward gave up his Pumpkin Powers after this incident,and engineered himself 2 new mounts to use,A  [Flying Machine] for air use,and a  [Mekgineer's Chopper] for ground use. Edward was also greatly promoted in the Stormwind Army,from Deputy to Highlord.


Edward together with Prince Anduin Wrynn unmasked Major Samuelson.Edward was promoted to the King's Right Hand,A role that included:

The Truth of his origin

Some time after the promotion,on Edward's 26 Birthday,Edward's Father,Baron Rothschild,revealed to him the truth.he is not only the son of the richest gilnean noble,he is the son of Princess Tess Greymane!.He revealed that since Edward's kidnapping by the gnolls,Tess blamed his father for his "death".Because he was the richest gilnean noble,she couldn't disown him because it will result in deep financial problems for Gilneas,So she set a restriction order against him to stop him from exiting his domain in Gilneas,and changing her family name back to Greymane.And till the forsaken Invasion of Gilneas,he was living with Edward's sister(who was younger than Edward,and was also the daughter of Tess,but she was disowned from her princess title).Edward,after hearing the truth,went to speak with his mother who was in The Howling Oak in Darnassus].She was so happy to see him,and to learn he is alive,After their meeting,Edawrd and his mother sailed back to Stormwind,where she forgave her husband,canceled the punishment,and then,they went to speak with Genn,to let him know that his beloved hero who fought for Gilneas during the forsaken invasion,is actually his grandson,and the rightful heir to Gilneas,if they are ever to reclaim it,He was then crowned as the Prince of Gilneas. Edward was given 3 gifts by his grandfather Genn,a  [Blacksmith Hammer] to use as a Blacksmith and Engineer,a sword Genn himself made(The Great Sword of Greymane,waiting for a family member worthy of having it),and Liam's old gun. He is also told of his second uncle,older than Liam or Tess,who was the heir before Liam,but gave up his title as prince due to his father's refusal to help Lordaeron.He fled Gilneas during the Second War to become the right hand of King Terenas.This uncle is alive in Stormwind,after he escaped Lordaeron when Arthas murdered Terenas. Edward then went to speak with this uncle,introducing himself,telling him the news about Gilneas,the death of Liam,and finally he convinced him to speak with Genn.

The Great Sword of Greymane- TheGreatSwordOfGreymane.png

Rise of the Rothschilds

(more info in Rothschild Family)

Edward's father,heard that his father,Baron Rothschild the 1st died in the age of 100.Edward and his father were invited to the funeral,held in the city of Alterac,home of the Rothschilds,where they discovered the family's faith.After the 1st baron was buried,the family began to try and slay Edward and his father,claiming them to be "traitors".At the last minute,Aesindor and forces of the Dawnstar rescued Edward and his father.After the rescue,In Rajhmesses,Aesindor,Edward,and his father began to debate on what should be done with the Rothschild Family.

Champions of Gilneas

(will be expanded soon)

The Champions of Gilneas is a group made out of the best soldiers in Gilneas.They are led by Edward and their purpose is to reclaim gilneas from the forsaken,Protect it,And destroy all even who seeks to cause troubles in Gilneas(they are all referenced to people or characters from the Victorian Era of England).Also,In one of his adventures,Edward found some unusual tiny raptor bones,and with the use of his archaeology skills and some eldritch magic,He brought to life a  [Fossilized Hatchling].

Fossilized Warplate

(will be expanded soon)

More Archaeology adventures with his Fossilized Hatchling cause Edward to notice a strange phenomenon.When getting closer to the Maelstrom,his eyes burn in a strange turquoise light. With the Help of Duncan Miccit,a Gilnean Worgen Royal Guard,who is a former Jewelcrafter and Archaeologist,An Ancient secret was discovered...


As Pumpkin Man