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Rajhmesses(Pronounced Rajh-amses) is The Lost City of the Tol'vir,meaning "Born of Rajh,Construct of the Sun".The City was held by the Neferset and was the home of Siamat,Lord of the South Wind And what remained of the Neferset after The Fall of Neferset City.The City was freed from Siamat and the Neferset by Aesindor Dawnstar,his student Edward Rothschild and the combined forces of The Celestial Dawnstar and Ramkahen.The City was gifted to Aesindor by King Phaoris for all he did for the Ramkahen.Aesindor established Rajhmesses as the new headquarters of The Celestial Dawnstar,and he now resides there,his seat is the former sanctum of Siamat,The Sanctum of the South Wind.

The Zones of Rajhmesses

  • The Warlord's Garrison-The Barracks,formerly General Husam's domain.Now Salhet the Tactician's Domain,Used for soldier training.
  • Oasis of the Fallen Prophet-The Stables,formerly Augh(and his pet,Lockmaw)'s domain.It is now used to house and take care of all the mounts,pets,animals and companions of the Celestial Dawnstar.
  • The Trapper's Enclave and Terrace of the Augurs-the streets of the City,holding the various services such as Inn,Harbor(allows the use of ships to travel to various important locations),The Artifact's Room and more.
  • Sanctum of the South Wind,formerly the seat of Siamat,Lord of the South Wind.Now it is the personal chamber of Aesindor,from here he leads the Celestial Dawnstar when he is not adventuring with Edward.

The City

Map of the City

The Animals that live in The Trapper's Enclave

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