World of Warcraft: Great Beyond

For eons since Zovaal's defeat, the Shadowlands had changed, for which a number of infinite planes had grown strong and the Covenants had worked closely together into preventing anima droughts from ever happening again. Without an Arbiter, new souls, who arrive in the infinite city of Oribos, are judged by the Attendants Tal-Inara, Roh-Tahl, Kah-Delen, and Kah-Sher. After been judged, souls can choose where to go within the Shadowlands or find peace in Luminar, for which a gateway had been made for them to enter. Even several residents within the Shadowlands can enter and leave the Maw, which has recently changed and continues to remain in its current state without having to grow strong than before when Zovaal nearly fulfilled his role.


Map of the Shadowlands.

Although the world map for the Shadowlands (pictured right) depicts the realms of the Shadowlands on a flat plane, this is only a top-down view. In reality, the Shadowlands are an infinite three-dimensional space, and Revendreth is the zone that is lowest down and closest to the Maw. Similarly, while Maldraxxus appears to be adjacent to the Maw, it's not being directly affected by it in the same way that Revendreth is.[1]


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Beings of death are known to be ancient and powerful in the Shadowlands, and it is dangerous to meddle in their own infinite planes of existence. When Odyn peered into the Shadowlands, he saw some of its inhabitants: souls in torment, the husks of the dead, ghostly wraiths with no face, and others with no form, all made of death itself. This was enough to frighten even him.[3] Many beings in the Shadowlands are souls of deceased mortals, some of which have been transformed to serve a new purpose, such as the kyrian of Bastion. Other creatures—such as dredgers and stewards—are endemic to the Shadowlands and are naturally born from the magic of Death to serve the different realms and help facilitate the process of the afterlife.[4][5] The various races of Ardenweald are born from the infinite realm itself, such as the Tirnenn coming to be same time as the dream trees came about and the faeries springing from the ground.

If a being of Death is killed on the mortal plane, their essence returns to the Shadowlands to be reformed, similar to how demons reform in the Twisting Nether.[6] However, if such a being—either the soul of a former mortal or a native being of the Shadowlands—is slain or destroyed in the Shadowlands, their essence is sent to the infinite realm of Amelior to be reformed. While their previous energy then disperses and joins the greater whole of the magic of Death, new energy and physical forms are given to the ones that were slain in the Shadowlands.[1][7][8] It is also said that Kyrians and Venthyr, who have perished in the Shadowlands, can also descend to Luminar. If a "workforce" creature like a dredger or steward dies, another member of the same race will eventually manifest to take the place of the one that was killed.[4][5] If a being in Ardenweald is killed, its soul becomes part of the forest and wait for eons to reform, similar to how beings are reformed in Amelior. A person that is still alive when they cross the veil into the Shadowlands, however, has a tether to their homeworld that might nudge them back to life when killed there.[9]


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