What is this page about

This page is here to keep track of WoW Icons that are not used by anything such as Spells (player abilities), Achievements, or Items.

Note that
  • each image will have a link to the icon ID on Wowhead
  • the other purpose of this article is to remove the unused icons from Special:UnusedFiles. Let them be used!
    • Monster items are not considered as the icon being used
  • some icons may look exactly the same as another one, although it may contain a slight coloration difference
    • hence the Wiki software not detecting some duplicates
  • {{Elinks-Icon|}}
Total unused — 4,640



This section may seem empty, but there is a lil' beast hiding here.

Warcraft III

Icons that were changed again after its initial addition to Reforged. (Pretty much the actual icon was changed in someway instead of just the border)

Adventure Guide

Icons no longer used in the Adventure Guide.