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Guild:Drunken Parrot (Stormrage US)


Drunken Parrot.jpg

We are a fun, helpful, casual and very social guild on that welcomes mature WoW players lvl 20+ and their alts. We are on Stormrage, US and we are FOR THE ALLIANCE! We have a tabard, 4 bank tabs, vent & an incredible website all for our member's enjoyment! For our 70s, we have 3 guild arena teams and we're also casually raiding Karazhan. We hold weekly guild-wide events, and post news/events every Monday. Thatshot is the guild leader, and our officers are: Darthbeer, Maitai, Mickael & Smurphi.


<Drunken Parrot> was formed by Thatshot & Maitai in June, 2007.

Guild Progress