"There's Caleb. He used to try to get me to pay him gold for protection before I told him about the wards I had inscribed on the building that caged the guardian elementals. Long story, but quick resolution." - Sand, Neverwinter Night 2.

"Do you realize the power you might hold? When the world of flesh is beneath you, even creatures mysterious and magical will fall!" - Irenicus formerly Joneleth Irenicus, Baldur's Gate 2

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And afterwards capitals, cities. Outland and beyond.

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Players can obtain what appear to be ioun stones,  [Tourmaline Crown] and  [Crown of Endless Knowledge]. Another form could be the  [Circle of Flame] and  [Crown of Destruction].

Favorite NPCs/Mobs



Mural by "breathing2004", amazing!

List of characters (Europe) :


IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngPriest Athrikus (Jewelcrafting/Mining)

IconSmall Goblin Male.gifWarlock Copperworth (Alchemy/Herbalism)

IconSmall KulTiran Male.gifDruid Corylus (Leatherworking/Skinning)

IconSmall VoidElf Male.gifWarlock Draeir (Inscription/Herbalism)

IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngPaladin Gathios (Blacksmithing/Mining)

IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngDemon Hunter Harellan (Skinning/Herbalism)

IconSmall Goblin Male.gifMage Horaka (Alchemy/Enchanting)

IconSmall Goblin Male.gifRogue Jorrik (Alchemy/Herbalism)

IconSmall DarkIron Male.gifShaman Khalkos (Alchemy/Herbalism)

IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifRogue Oreik (Jewelcrafting/Mining)

IconSmall Lightforged Male.gifPaladin Othaar (Blacksmithing/Mining)

IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngWarrior Rayek (Herbalism/Mining)

IconSmall Nightborne Male.gifMage Sotha (Engineering/Mining)

IconSmall Pandaren Male.gifMonk Stonestep (Leatherworking/Skinning)

IconSmall Troll Male.gifDruid Taneel (Tailoring/Enchanting)

IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngDeath Knight Teron (Inscription/Herbalism)

IconSmall Junker Male.gifHunter Theramin (Engineering/Mining)

IconSmall Highborne Male.gifMage Theras (Tailoring/Enchanting)

IconSmall Troll Male.gifShaman Vornal (Leatherworking/Engineering)


IconSmall Troll Male.gifRogue Alorantu (Inscription/Herbalism)

IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngDeath Knight Balac (Blacksmithing/Mining)

IconSmall BloodElf Female.pngMage Eonys (-)

IconSmall Undead Male.gifWarlock Garinol (Alchemy/Herbalism)

IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngMage Icarius (Tailoring/Enchanting)

IconSmall Undead Female.gifPriest Kalira (Alchemy/Herbalism)

IconSmall Goblin Female.gifShaman Krixil (Leatherworking/Skinning)

IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngWarlock Melinan (-)

IconSmall Troll Male.gifDruid Mithykyl (Jewelcrafting/Mining)

IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngHunter Relfthra (Engineering/Mining)


IconSmall Worgen Male.gifHunter Copperworth (Engineering/Mining)

IconSmall Gnome Male.gifMage Gaxim (Alchemy/Herbalism)

IconSmall Worgen Male.gifRogue Irminric (Leatherworking/Skinning)

IconSmall NightElf Male.gifDruid Jerrikar (Tailoring/Enchanting)

IconSmall NightElf Male.gifDruid Lorgalis (Jewelcrafting/Mining)

IconSmall Draenei Male.gifPaladin Othaar (Blacksmithing/Mining)

IconSmall NightElf Male.gifDruid Taneel (Inscription/Herbalism)